First Encounter With my Maid At 20 – III

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She more open-up like doctor … No… Samir …. ( name she call show this ) the thing is different to judge your health. and that is ….. have you remember what you do after bath and coming out of washroom………… what is your state of dress-up…

Then, the scene that time flash to my mind …. Complete my bath flash the light of my Wardrobe to check my undergarment to wear………….

Ohhh … !!! God …….Shit… Shit.. You saw me …. “ Nude, totally Nude……. But how it is possible … while you are setting on sofa in lobby….. ……. Contine ……… 3 ………..

Then her face again getting red I notice but there smile on her face …as an instructor

Ji Samir…. I saw your whole “Without cloth ” the whole body nude and for that I beg sorry from God… As you are second male I saw the fully nude my son and second you … even I had not saw my husband fully nude… am sorry to God and you….

No … Pooja…….. ( more tricky ) … Pooja ji,…… don’t sorry for anything thing you attempt un-consciously … But how it happen… tell me that am so much crazy to listen from you doctor

“ Samir..Your room door was open very little … and when you flash the light it mark your presence in front of my eye while sitting so far in lobby am watching you and all your attempted actions …

(Every word she speaking, thrilling my whole body and It Stroke some sensation on my tool)

All that action you do …. The way you “ Rub and Massage ” your body oil all over then how you spray something all over under arms and under legs all…

(the way she describing all her was gaining same state as I watched her “ Red ” when I came out to pick phone call at that time….. now am in mood to Hit some naughtiness with her a doctor)

Hmmm ….. so that make your face and eye look different at that time ….. you don’t reply then
but how you conclude all about me just watching without cloth.

That true … but the way you massage” Body Oil ” their under on your part …. It React so Instantly to Gain full form … make me to judge …but my husband facing just opposite to this , and have some physical problem that was the difference, Even Doctor to whom I consult his problem diagnose some medicine to eat and oil to massage to avoid ant problem for future.
Whenever I massage him it react very late….

(Now her face and body reacting totally different… and totally supportive to plan running in my mind my tool was now in full motion so I cross my legs as I had not wear anything under my half pant…..before she catch my condition)
Ohh … so this make you doctor … ( we both laugh I just look into her eye she make them down)

So , Doctor Ji…. One more question then I can drop you at your home if you allow.. so this make your face and eye Red and … your Lips un – answerable … now I can give my judgement on your positon that time…. You must thinking about your husband that time and comparing both of us you must feel something wrong for us…. Reply me honestly then we can leave … to your home…..
(But I want her to do something cache which my mind expect from her to do just now and she react accordingly….Now she was little silent but she also fighting with the feeling which, A woman carry in-side Her and want to Explore without losing the time.)

She break the silence …. Yes I was comparing both of you and you look my stronger and healthy as compare to Him … but am loyal to him always so I decide to go home without answering. And back in my home I search for my husband , being Sunday he is not there, out with his friends and I make me Clam on keep busy in daily routine work at Home.

Ohh …. Pooja ….(Hit Straight….Hold her cold hand with my warm hands )
…you are a loyal and strong lady in you
………… (She was almost silent scratching the floor with her feet finger)
… but you should not kill the woman in side you and her feeling …..

(I plot Kiss on her hand hold in mine hands… now she almost close her eye,silent …. )

“Ohh..You saw me totally undressed … and imagne something which already you attempt for your husband… can you do guide me better way to treat as doctor in detail in same way..I can pay your fee… you are also getting late for your home now…….. so allow only 10 minute more out of your time … ….My Lady Doctor Pooja… (My mind play final stroke to hit her womanizer to clear all dought)

She finally reply with naughty smile..”Samir am a doctor with high fee and charge on bases of minutes..”
“Ok …. I agree to pay your fee .. Pooja …”
(Her smile more flirty….. now I feel relaxed on my committed action )
“Ok …. have your food first then I will do it for you after washing all utensil in kitchen …”
“But you will get late to you home … and your family will worried about you..”
“Do not worry I will manage …all that” …
Then she try to serve the food .. I stop her …
“One more thing I have to confess doctor” … “what is that” she ask surprisingly
“I had ordered some non-veg food from hotel .. before you and I buy that along with a “ Bottle of beer” to drink before that.. … you will get very late to home in all this so please diagnose your treat and I will manage food myself.. and Please don’t told about Beer bottle to my Mom she will kill me otherwise.
“Don’t worry about me for being late….Samir …. Bring your food to sever you”…
I handover all things I had brought, to her
She bring all ….. nicely and with glass to drink beer .. she had already practice in her home also with her husband…. in serving non-veg food and dinks
I ask her … “Doctor Ji …. How you like to have dinner together with me It will be honorable moment for me for to-night… (we are almost comfortable and friendly with each other now)

When she stop me for calling her “ Doctor ”…she prefer me to call her with name from my lips ”Pooja’’
“Pooja do you like no-veg to eat…. Or you are vegetarian ….”

She was serving food for me .. the beer in my empty glass … she had already open the bottle with opener before,I brought a plate from Kitchen for her to accompany me… during opening bottle some beer blow out on her suit she was wearing.

She served my plate ready and I served for her plate with non-veg as she don’t deny to eat.

We start taking dinner am side by sipping beer from my glass.. she watching me continuously
Then she ask….“ Samir why you are drinking beer as no one in your house have this hot drinks”
“Pooja .. I like the sips of chilled beer…specially its taste.. it increase my senses.”
“Hmm … That’s not true it smell not good then… how it effect senses ?”
“ leave it Pooja… you cannot be sure on its without having taste of it”

We finished the dinner in 10 minute as am more curious for next action we carry all utensil to kitchen and I keep the beer bottle lock with little liquid in it stored in refrigerator.. I came to room and wait for her …. She also finished kitchen and come into room…. Ask me for oil to use
“It might be in washroom or at Wardrobe please collect it..”

She go to washroom when she took more time …then I follow her in washroom and saw her cleaning her dressed suit with water as smell of beer dropped on suit creating problem to her. She at once standup on seeing me…and ask me to wait out-side there in mean time she will clean out some dirty patches of beer drops from her suit.
I came out while accrossing Wardrobe I saw my long T-shirt, which use to dress-up when in mood of half dressed .. turned back and say to Her, ”Pooja.. how ? you like to wear this long T-shirt of mine make you more comfort to clean your suit. (She flow me and lock the wash room door form inside she took 5 minute to come back… I just sopped blinking my eye when I saw her in my T-shirt)

“Gorgeous !!!!!! ” you look … my T-shirt now precious from me when you dressed it up on your body …….. Wwaaaaoo …. Pooja …. You look ultimate why don’t you dress western wear ….
(Her face now glitter with little shy and filled with naughty smile)

Lady Doctor almost ready to gave diagnoses to her patient lying on bed waiting for Her…

………………………. Contine ………………IV……………

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