First-Time Sex with Another Man

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Well, I am typically not a prude or overly shy but at the same time, I am not an exhibitionist or pervert. So, the following account might explain a little why I did what happened.

I am currently 47 years old, have three children (two boys, one girl) and my husband and I have been married since a year after we graduated from High School. I still can remember when I first met Mark. He was a Hall Monitor in our school and my friend Robin told me she had a fellow she wanted me to meet. We had different lunch hours so, during my lunch, Robin and I wandered into the hall Mark was monitoring. We had a wonderful time talking with him and teasing him. At this time, Mark was a Junior and I was a Sophomore. After we left, I told Robin that I think I could fall in love with Mark. Well, time passes and Mark and I began to go out and did lots of making out; he would play with my boobs and finger me but we didn’t have sex; I was too refined for that; I was supposed to be a nice girl!

After I graduated, Mark and his friend wanted to take a long vacation and I wanted to make sure Mark would come back to me so one night I went to his house when his parents were gone and we ‘did it’. From that time until they left on their vacation, we were screwing any time we could – we both loved it. But I still was shy about my figure, my actions, afraid that someone would see us doing something inappropriate. If we went to the Drive-in, Mark would have his hands all over me but if we double dated, we would sit and watch the movie.

But, time passes and for almost 30 years we have raised three wonderful kids, moved several times, bought a house, and we were in our rut. I was still somewhat of a prude when around people. I wouldn’t let Mark play with my boobs or rub my butt when we were in public, I only wore a one-piece bathing suit, didn’t wander the house in my underwear. I knew that Mark wanted to do lots more sexual things but I was never up for it.

At one place I worked, I met and became good friends with Bryan. He was a manager in another department (I was in Accounting, he was in Product Development). Bryan is one month younger than I am, has a great sense of humor, and is good looking. Had I not already been in love and married to Mark, I might have had thoughts about Bryan. Mark and I would get together with Bryan and his wife Cindy quite often and we began to spend time in our hot tub; having some wine and talking until the wee hours of the morning. After several months of this, Mark took off his swimming suit and expressed how much more comfortable it was without the suit. (Mark and I would sit alone in the tub naked so I knew that it was much more comfortable that way.)

Soon Bryan and Cindy had their suits off so I soon became brave enough to remove mine. Immagine, sitting nude with other people and they weren’t teasing me! (After two kids, I felt that my young girl shape had left me.) This got to be a regular habit when they would visit our house; into the tub, off came the suits. After a while, we would wander out of the house nude. I took notice of Bryan, he was somewhat more slender than Mark but his penis was slightly longer but not as big around.

Bryan and Cindy moved to a town about 100 miles away so our visits were much less often but when we did get together, it was for the entire weekend – either their house or ours. When they visited us, we spent many, many hours in the tub but still did nothing but talk and sip wine. Bryan told me one time that they had joined a ‘nudist colony’ … but I guess now they are called nature resorts. Bryan invited us to join them as guests but I told him “no” since I certainly didn’t want anyone staring at my naked body. When I mentioned this to Mark, he began to pester me to accept güvenilir bahis an invitation. He said that I didn’t have to get totally undressed and that it could be a fun time. (I really think he just wanted to stare at naked young girls.) Well, after several weeks of cajoling, I agreed that we could go to the park.

The fateful Saturday arrived and we drove to the park with our camping gear in tow. We arrived about 10:00 AM on Saturday and got checked in, located Bryan and Cindy, and set up our tent in the spot right next to theirs. Within minutes, Mark was out of his clothes but I was still fully dressed. I finally agreed to take off my top. I’m not proud of my boobs, but not ashamed of them either. Besides, I saw younger girls with sets which were in way worse shape than mine. So, I wandered into the restroom, fully dressed, to remove my top. In the restroom, I began to talk to a nude woman who could tell that I was nervous. She related to me that she felt the same her first time but that within minutes, she felt that people weren’t staring at her. She convinced me to ‘remove it all’. After I got undressed, I headed back to our tent (with a towel wrapped around me) and placed my clothes in the tent.

The four of us began to wander the park, first stopping at the Hot Dog stand to get a dog and a beer, next, we headed to the pool where we grabbed some lounge chairs which were out of the way and laid back and chatted. At this time I still had the towel wrapped around me. As we talked and I looked around, I became more comfortable and before too long, the towel was open and I was laying in the sun. I have to admit that the total freedom was amazing! I began to look around at some of the women and saw that they had saggier boobs than I and more rolls – all of this allowed me to relax even more. I also checked out some of the men and decided that Mark had a very decent ‘dick’ – nothing to be ashamed of.

Soon we wandered into the pool and I became braver; when standing close to Mark, I actually touched him under the water and he immediately returned the favor. After the pool, it was back to the tents for dinner and a game of cards. Since all of this took place in Southern California and since it was summer, the night was warm so after cards, we wandered back to the pool. By now, the pool was almost deserted and Mark and I cuddled. With the warm night, some romantic music playing on the outdoor stereo, and the stars above, this was a romantic setting. I nudged up against Mark and began to play with his dick, which soon became hard. And of course, he was fondling me rather intensely which I loved. All in all, the weekend I first had trepidations about turned into a very exciting and relaxing weekend.

Several weeks later we spent the weekend at Bryan and Cindy’s. As we drove up to their house, Mark began to ask what I would do if Bryan made advances to me; would I have sex with him? “Of course not! I married you for better or for worse; for richer or poorer. To love, honor, and to cherish.” Mark replied; “Wendy, I’m not talking about love, I’m talking about sex. In your mind, separate the two; love and sex are fantastic together but sex for simply ‘sex’ can be pretty damn good also.”

I know that Mark had been with other women while we have been married but I forgave him because I loved him dearly and knew that he loved me. However, I had never thought of sex as an animalistic act which is different from love. The two together are fantastic but they can be separate items also. In the end, I told Mark that I didn’t think I could have sex with Bryan but in the back of my mind, I was beginning to wonder – and beginning to separate love and sex.

At Bryan and Cindy’s, we went out to lunch and caught up on our traditional türkçe bahis gossip. Afterward, we headed back to their house and had our traditional game of card – and this time I really beat everyone else! I felt so proud. After the card game, we wandered out to their secluded backyard and had some drinks. The sun was warm so we all decided that we would work on our tans so slowly, off came the clothes. I had to admire both Cindy and Bryan – they did not have a tan line on them anywhere. I, on the other hand, had tan lines from my one-piece swimsuit and darker lines from wearing some short sleeved shirts and shorts. Mark was similar to me with very noticeable tan lines.

As the sun began to set, Cindy and I wandered into the house and prepared dinner. After spending the afternoon in the nude, it seemed ridiculous to get fully dressed so we each simply put on our shirts to make dinner. As I prepared the salad, Cindy began to talk. “I hope you don’t mind, Wendy, but I couldn’t help but notice that Mark’s penis is somewhat bigger around than Bryan’s; I’ll bet that feels good.” I was too embarrassed by this comment to say very much so I simply muttered an “uh-huh” and let it go at that, but I wondered to myself ‘I’ll bet Bryan’s extra length more than makes up for the girth, those longer strokes might feel good.’

When dinner was ready we called the guys in and had a great meal. After dinner, Bryan suggested that we head to their lower level and watch some movies. They had set the TV room as sort of a ‘party den’; today they had two queen sized air mattresses laid out on the floor so we could relax and watch the movie on their giant screen TV. Bryan inserted a CD and soon ‘Red Shoes Diaries’ began to play. For those unfamiliar with this series, Red Shoes Diaries was a series on Cable TV in the 1990’s. It contained sensuous love scenes with nudity as well as sultry, moody music. It was not an ‘XXX’ rated series but it was a turn-on and not so dirty that it offended me.

As we laid there watching the movie, all of us wearing only shirts, both the guys began to rub the backs of we girls. This was sensuous and felt good. I soon noticed that Cindy was responding to Bryan’s advances and soon I began to rub on Mark. As I laid there, I soon felt another hand on me rubbing my legs. It felt so good that I didn’t complain – I rather cherished it!

Before too long, both Cindy and I had lost our shirts and were getting full body messages. I looked over and Cindy had Bryan’s dick in her mouth. I don’t consider myself a voyeur, but this turned me on and I worked on Mark more vigorously. I soon was playing with and stroking Mar’s dick. At the same time, I felt Bryan’s hand working its way up my legs and soon he was working on my butt with some expert hands. All of this felt so good that I didn’t want it to stop.

Before the movie was over, I had Mark in my mouth and I felt Bryan pulling my legs apart. As I looked at what was happening, I saw that Mark was also playing with Cindy as I was blowing him. Bryan soon had my legs pulled apart far enough that he began to finger me and soon was eating me. All of this was overwhelming. Since I was in High School, I had never had anyone touch me there except Mark; it was both an almost uncomfortable feeling and a totally exciting feeling. I tried to think back to Mark’s words; ‘ love and sex are fantastic together but sex for simply ‘sex’ can be pretty damn good’.

Slowly I let myself relax enough that I could really enjoy Bryan’s touches. Pretty soon he grabbed my hand and began to gently suck on my thumb. Mark had never done this to me and it was oh so sensuous. While he did this he began to rub my boobs and finger my nipples; now I was getting really turned on. Slowly Bryan turned his body güvenilir bahis siteleri so that his head was at my midsection and his penis was near my head. I reached out and began to fondle his dick; I could feel that it was longer than Mark’s but I could also tell it was not as big around. Even before I touched him he was pretty hard but my touch made him hard as a rock. It was exciting to have someone else’s dick’ in my hands; something I hadn’t done since High School. Although Mark could get hard, he hadn’t been this hard for several years and I realized how much I missed that feeling.

I pulled myself closer to Bryan and began to lick him and as I did his dick began to twitch. All of this was simply getting to be too much for me and I found myself whispering in his ear “I want you!”. I looked over at Mark and Cindy was simply stroking him. I was amazed; I seemed to be the more aggressive of Mark and me. This is something I thought would never happen. From my request, Bryan turned around and again began to finger me. He spread my knees and slid his body upon mine. Slowly he moved his body up between my legs until his dick was rubbing my pussy. He moved back and forth for a while without going inside and the feeling was ecstatic! I almost climaxed simply from that feeling but then he entered me.

I had always heard women say “Size doesn’t matter’ but let me tell you, I could surely tell the difference. Mark’s bigger girth felt so much more filling but Bryan used long, slow strokes and that was also marvelous Slowly he rocked back and forth sliding his dick into and out of me. His strokes made me tingle inside; he sure knew what he was doing. I still love Mark with all my heart but I also totally enjoyed that longer penis sliding inside me.

I looked over at Mark and he and Cindy were finally screwing. I could tell from Cindy’s face that she was enjoying her self but I knew that she was getting the full feeling that Mark’s dick gave. Mark began to speed up his movements and soon he let out a sigh and collapsed upon Cindy. About the same time, Bryan began to pump more feverously and soon I could feel his hot sperm shoot inside me. It felt so good that I just collapsed as he fell on top of me.

All of us let out sighs and moans indicating that we were fully spent. What a relaxing, ‘complete’ feeling we all seemed to have. By the time we finished, the movie was over so Cindy rightfully suggested that we head to the showers. I had anticipated that Bryan would go with Cindy and Mark and I would head to the guest shower but as Cindy began to leave the room, she grabbed Mark’s hand and Bryan grabbed mine. They headed towards the Master bedroom and Bryan dragged me to the guest bedroom.

It was exciting to have someone besides Mark wash my entire body; Bryan didn’t miss a spot! After we all had our showers and a chance to calm down, we met in the kitchen and Cindy brought out some sorbet with some angel food cake. We talked for a while but seemed to avoid the topic of what had just taken place. After our dessert, we headed to bed – Bryan and Cindy together to the master bedroom; Mark and I together to the guest room. In bed, Mark asked if I was OK with what had just taken place. I assured him that I was great with it. He asked if I wanted to do it again and I said that I didn’t want to plan it but if it happened again, I would be fine with it.

The next day, as we drove home with the top down in the car and the breeze flowing through my hair, we had a chance to talk more. Mark asked what it was like to be in bed with Bryan since he was longer than Mark was. I had to admit that the feeling was very good but that I could now agree with him that love is love and sex is sex. The feeling was incredible (I didn’t tell Mark how good it was, simply said ‘very good’) but I assured Mark that he didn’t have anything to worry about; he was the one that I truly loved and sex with him was what I always wanted.

Thanks for listening,


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