First time with a guy.


First time with a guy.Ive been meaning to write this for a while.Its an honest account of what happened. Nothing more or less…I always had thoughts of guys throughout school. Small crushes and id sometimes catch myself out second glancing got lads. But no more than that. When I was around 17 I remember I used to fantasise what it might be like with a guy, but those desires came and quickly disappeared – like most guys I presumed…In my late teens and early to mid twenties I had steady girlfriends and bits on the side too. Im no stud but Ive always seemed to get more than I probably should… Ive always been known as a bit of a man slag amongst my friends. And my penchant for anal sex is also well known too. I lived on a diet of 100% straight porn throughout this time too. Last year when I turned 26 Id just split up from my 19 year old ex-girlfriend. (Pictured). Months earlier I joined XHamster. Initially I joined just to save my fav straight vids. But naturally I started browsing different profiles… I was suprised at what people were willing to share and what they got upto to. It was at this time I started to watch gay porn too. Inexplicably. I cant remember how it came about now. I was happy with my ex but I watched more and more. Something stirred inside of me. Dormant desires. Repressed..? Im not sure. But I knew I wanted to try it. By the end of the year if possible…When I split up with my ex weeks later it was the catalyst I needed.I started speaking to guys on here doing the usual sex chat. And it was fun for a while but I quickly realised I needed more. So I created a profile on a gay dating site. Within a week a local canlı bahis guy had contacted me. He was older, passive, half decent looking and available so we started messaging each other. Eventully we started talking on the phone. (I remember the first time I needed 4pints just to answer the phone) I was sooo nervous. We chatted daily for weeks but I sensed something wasnt quite right. I stood him up twice. After that I wondered whether I was ever going to do it. And whether to just give up.Back to XHamster I came. And all that happened was my desires got stronger and stronger until I couldnt think about anything else. I was talking to guys but getting nowhere with a view to meeting them. And I was suprised how many ‘straight’ guys felt in a similar situation to me. The only thing we lacked was opportunity.So back on the dating site I had a fire in my belly to get the job done. I fired off some feelers and a 20year old lad replied. He had a cute face, nice smile and was quite chubby. He was passive. We got on well enough and I quickly told him I was looking to try sex with a guy. He said he was happy to help me… He reassured me what we did was completly up to me. At my pace. Looking back, I think this was what I needed to hear.I didnt live alone then, but I did have use of a house for a weekend. So I invited him to stay over and see what would happen. I arranged to meet at the local pub across the road first though. 1st reason for that was to give myself a final chance to back off if things didn’t go as I wanted. 2nd reason was of course to calm my nerves. Again, roughly 4 pints worth.John arrived, we shared an arkward handshake bahis siteleri and got drinking. He was bigger than I thought he would be (I guessed he was thinking the same) but all was well. He was pleasant enough.This was really it then…We got back, I opened 2bottles of beer, and turned the tv on. We sat together on the sofa and after an uncomfortable 30 seconds or so he squeezed up to me. We looked at each other and then John went to kiss me. I felt his stubble on my chin. It was strange to be but I knew it was to be expected. He quickly grabbed my crotch and to my real suprise (and maybe his?) I was absolutly rock hard. I remember saying something stupid like ”I guess I must like it then.” I rubbed his hard dick thru his jeans. It felt smaller than mine which came as a relief… He went for my belt and I didnt stop him. My cock popped out and his eyes lit up and he commented on the thickness. (Thats the one thing my cock has got going for it.) He took me in his mouth. I closed my eyes. I was back in familiar territory for a brief moment… I rubbed his cock and fumbled to get it out. Once I did I saw a small, quite pretty very smooth cock. With no hair in sight either. It was right about then I had a sudden urge to suck him. Id honestly never even thought about doing it before. But I shoved him back and licked and sucked his lovely pink bellend. I remember looking up at him with his cock in my mouth mumbling “This is crazy, this is crazy”. We laughed and I carried on. We morphed into a 69 on the lounge floor. Its great with a guy, its one of my favourite things now. We serviced each other for a good 15 minutes. güvenilir bahis Eventully John stood up, “Time for bed then?” he said. I knew what this meant.We went into his bag and took out lube and johnnys. He lay back on the bed and stretched to push lube in and aroumd his hole. I covered up. I was not nervous anymore. I know how to fuck arseholes. Im back in familiar territory again.I pushed my way in. Slowly at first of course. He was real tight. And it must have hurt; but I could tell he loved it. We fucked missionary for a while, then doggy. Altho I didnt enjoy it that much. I then asked him to ride me whilst facing me. What a view. My cock plunging in his hole with his beautiful small cock and tight smooth balls dancing in front of me. I knew I was quickly gonna blow if this carried on so I pushed him off me. I wanted to cum whilst I fucked him missionary.I told John I was going to fuck him til I came and he seemed glad. Looking back it didnt fuck him as hard as I have other guys since but I still worked up quite a rhythm. I was happy to see him wanking his hard cock as I fucked, and I exploded inside him. I must have filled the condom. I was exhausted.I was still real horny tho by what we’d just done and soon I had his cock back in my mouth. It was his turn to come now… I sucked and wanked him as if my life depended on it. He shouted for me to stop as he was cumming but I stayed exactly where I was and let him fill my mouth with his warm cum. It tasted ok, not as bad as I thought I might have.And I lay back completly satisfied, and shocked at all that i’d just done.We lay sweaty in each others arms and fell asleep.We arranged to meet again but because of my circumstances it never happened. I was real glad I tried it. And im glad I went about it the way I did. Im loving exploring with other guys at the moment. And I’ve much much more to learn!

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