Forcibly fucked in office party

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I had a lot of free time at home, so I just thought that why should not I do a job to kill time. My husband came that evening, and I talked to him about it. It was about 4 months after that incident. We where talking to each other quite frankly after a long time. My husband eventually agreed. Then, I asked him to look for a job for me, and I asked one of my friend, Sobia for a job as her husband belonged to a strong family background.

After 3-4 days, Sobia called me and told that she has found a job in a multinational company and told me that the company will soon contact me. They soon contacted me and called me for an interview. I told my husband about it, and he agreed to it. On day of interview, I asked my husband to drop me to that company where I had to go. He dropped me and wished me best of luck. I went in, they soon called me for the interview. There where three people, 2 of them where locals and one was foreigner. They took my interview as it was only a formality. Then, they said that they have selected me, and I can start working from next week. While going back, I saw a girl whom I thought I saw her. Then I got it, it was my university friend, Hira. She was also working here. We chatted for a while and then exchanged our numbers. Then, I came back home.

I told my husband that I got the job. He was happy and asked what post they gave me. I said marketing manager. He was a bit stunned and asked you are a doctor, and they have given u a post opposite to it. I said it was just to get me a job as Sobia would have talked to them. Then, he was satisfied. One day before joining, I called Hira just to ask her about the company and the environment there. She told me that everything is excellent there, and I will be having no problem working over there. I was quite happy listening to it. Then, she told me that it is a modern company, so keep your dressing modern. Then, she asked what post have they given me. I said marketing manager. She said WHAT????. I said marketing manager what happened???. She said nothing I was just asking, and her tone suddenly changed. Then, we hung up.

It was my first day to office. Everything was fine. My boss came to see me and introduced to the staff. I met Hira too. Then while having lunch Hira told me that my boss and some surrounding staff are always involved in flirting and having fun, so do be careful. I said it is ok. I can handle this type of situation. Then on Thursday, I got an invitation, it was company’s annual dinner on Saturday. While going back home, I asked Hira r u coming, she said yes. I said ok. Then on Saturday, I came back home from office and had short time to get ready.

I told my husband about the dinner, and he was also invited but he said that he was going to his friends place and will be late and told me to go back to my mom’s place after party and then come back tomorrow morning. I said ok. I went into the shower. Took a bath, then I wore black bra and panty and selected a fitting salwar kameez. It was a party dress. I reached the spot. It was a big party. Soon, I saw my boss. He introduced me to other executives of the company. Then, I took a soft drink there and came and sat with Hira. I saw Sobia over there too. We kept talking around then the dinner was severed. We had dinner. I was sitting with Hira, Sobia and other female office employees. The boss came and said come on I will introduce u to some of our customers.

I got up and was going with him. There were lots of executives. We meet almost all of them. Then, I was asked to sit on the executive’s table. Then, we chatted about the company. While I was having soft drink, hard drinks where also being served there. I had to go back home with Hira. Hira came to the table and said that I am leaving r u coming? I said yes I will come with u. Then suddenly, the boss spoke up and said my driver will drop u back home. There was something going on in my mind. I was not feeling comfortable. I said I have to leave as it is too late. My boss insisted and all the executives where on the same table, so I asked Hira to carry on. Boss’ driver will drop me.

Then while sitting there, Sobia came and joined us. Many of the guests were gone. Few people where left. There were only 4 men on our table. I started telling Sobia thank god u r here. She said this was the same situation, which happened with me. Then, she said relax today I am with you. Then, I got a call from Hira. She was calling me outside to the parking lot. As I got up boss asked me what happened??. I said Hira is calling me outside. I guess there is some problem. Boss said u sit I will check it out. Then, suddenly all the man were gone. I and Sobia where chatting. Sobia said it is boring, come on let us try alcohol. I said no. Then, she said I am with u over here, nothing is going to happen. As u told that was all planned by your husband.

I thought for a while and said yes after Sobias continuous convincing. Then 2 glasses came, and we started sipping it. We finished one, and it was looking like nothing has happened, so we called for a second one. While we finished the 2nd, my head had already started moving. Then, 4 men came along with my boss and a guest and sat with us. There names are Jamshed, Wasim, Shariq, and Khurram. We all were chatting. Then, I felt something on my feet. I saw it was leg of Khurram, and he was doing it deliberately. I started laughing and was again getting trapped. Then, I got a sms. It was of Hira saying be careful and take care. I replied her what r u saying??. I felt Khurrams hand on my thighs. He was pressing them and rubbing them. I was getting a bit into it, but I did not want it to happen. I caught his hand. He was still forcing his hand and was rubbing my inner thigh and was near my pussy. I was not feeling comfortable before, but later, I was also getting some enjoyment. Alcohol had also started working.

Then I got a sms again. It was from from Hira. She was saying they all want to seduce and enjoy u. Be careful of them and take care of yourself. Suddenly, I started understanding everything and felt a hand on my pussy. I caught his hand and told Sobia that I need to go to washroom. Then, while we both where heading towards the washroom, I told Sobia that I had too much alcohol and I am not able to control myself please drop me home. She said ok dear don’t worry I will drop u home. Then, I told her that Khurram was rubbing my thighs, and he even touched my pussy. She said did u like it??. I said I don’t know.

She said come on don’t be shy, if u want I guess u can have him. I said what r u saying Sobia. I am married, and I can’t betray my husband. Then, she told but your husband betrayed u and made u fuck his boss. I started thinking then I said what ever but I don’t want anything more. We entered the room, I went to the washroom. As I lowered my salwar and panty I saw that I was wet, and there were some stains on the salwar too. I wondered that wat am I getting into. I washed my pussy, and while washing, I was enjoying my fingers rubbing my pussy. Then, I washed my face. Alcohol was all over me. I just got out of the room, closed the washroom door, and was shocked.

I saw Khurram sitting on the bed with shorts and t-shirt. I asked him what r u doing here in a drunk voice. He said come on sweety, I will satisfy u completely. I hurried towards the door but it was locked. Khurram was showing me the keys. He stood up and came near me and said come on baby cooperate, u will be getting everything u want. I said please leave me, I am married. He said its ok and I know a lot about u. I said wat??. He said leave it u will know it yourself. Then, he caught my hand and pulled me towards himself and caught me hard. My boobs where pressing his chest, and he was kissing me. I could feel his dick on my thighs, and then, he forcibly took me to the bed and came over me.

He had got hold over me, and he was kissing me. He kissed on my lips for about 10 mins. His kiss was real passionate. Then, he started rubbing my pussy over my panty and salwar and I started moaning. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmm. With one hand, he was caressing my boobs, and we where having a great long kiss. Then, he got up and made me sit and was trying to take off my top. I was hesitating but it was off. Then, I laid back in my bra and I felt that my salwar was going down. I resisted but could not succeed. He was being too violent for a drunk woman. Then, I was been massaged on my pussy with my panties on and was feeling great. My boobs were caressed. I was been kissed and was getting hell of a massage. Then, he removed my bra and started licking my nipples. He was making me more excited by biting on my nipples. Then, he removed my panty and started fingering my pussy. I was not able to control my emotions and was moaning like hell. These things don’t happen with me when I am in bed with my husband.

He was inserting 2 fingers deep in my pussy. Then, he got up and opened his wallet and took out a tablet. I was u*********s but was aware whatever was going on. Then, he came near me and started sucking my boobs. As I moaned and opened my mouth, he put the tablet in my mouth and closed my mouth with his hand. I struggled a lot at that time but was not aware of everything, which was going on. Then, after 10 mins, he let my mouth open and climbs over me. Spread my legs wide towards sky. Then, he rubs his cock on my pussy. I was resisting but was not able to control myself. Then, he inserted his cock. I moaned loud in pleasure. He started giving me slow strokes. His cock was the biggest I had till that moment. It was stretching my pussy badly. Then, he started it hard and was fucking me fast. I was moaning like hell. I started to become more u*********s.

Suddenly, the door knocked. I was not able to move. Khurram opened the door. I was feeling u*********s badly. Then, i suddenly felt more than 2 hands. I opened my eyes and saw that other 3 where standing naked in front on me. I looked at Khurram. He was also undressing. I felt like danger, so i tried to get up but my powers failed due to drinks, and then ,in a drunk voice i asked that what r they doing here. Khuram said just have fun baby don’t ask questions. Jamshed came and started giving me kiss. The other 2 came towards my boobs. His tongue was almost reaching my throat and spit flowing on my cheeks. But the kiss was superb. He really made me horny. When the kiss was over, I opened my eyes and saw that all the boys were naked.

Then, Khurram opened my legs wide and started fucking me hard. He started giving hard strokes. I was in real pleasure at that time. My pussy was burning at this moment. I was moaning like hell. At the same time, other 2 where sucking my boobs. My boobs have got red due to there sucking. Then, he cummed inside me. Wasim made me a stretched my legs wide and placed a pillow underneath my ass. And started fingering my ass. I was really feared at that time but my hands were in their hold along with my whole body. Then, he placed my legs on my chest to make my ass visible. Then, i felt something on my ass hole, and then a sudden push made me come back to this world. The pain was unbearable. All the guys came and caught me, and the Wasim was furiously fucking my ass. Tears were out of my eyes. Then, he was over.

Then Shariq came and took me to the washroom. Took me to the shower and started wipping me. He was fingering my pussy and ass, and he was pinching my boobs. Then, he started rubbing my pussy, which was real good massage after a hard fuck. Then, he laid in the tub and told me to sit. I was thinking everything is over. But much was there. Then he entered my pussy and it was deep inside. He started pumping it. He was slow and gentle giving me kisses and sucking my boobs.

After he cummed, he took me outside where everyone was again ready for the session. Then, Jamshed made me sit on his dick, and he started pumping me. I was still feeling pain. At same time, i felt my ass cheeks open. I resisted so Wasim caught my hands and Shariq inserted his penis in my ass. I was in lot of pain. They both started pumping me furiously, and I was screaming like hell. I was in deep pain and pleasure. I was shouting no please, no it will be painful. There was already a cock inside my pussy. It was real unbearable. Then, they started pumping very hard, and my wild moans where turning into u*********s moans. It was very, very painful. Then, they both cummed inside me.

This went on whole night, this was till I remember. Then, I woke up in the morning I was laying on the bed naked with marks on my body and swollen pussy and ass. I was really not able to understand anything. Then, by looking myself naked in an unknown room I started understanding. Then, feeling my body, whole sticky with there cum, I understood what would have happened. Then, I wore my cloths came out of the room. Driver was standing and said I will drop u. He dropped me directly to my home. I saw my husband sleeping. I quietly entered the washroom and washed myself and was crying for what has happened again. Then, I came out of the washroom.

I got an sms. It was of Hira asking if everything was fine?? I want to tell u something. I said wat?? She said if u can come to my house in the evening we will talk. I said ok. Then in the evening, she told me that in these parties some employees try to get an office girl for fun so that they can use her whenever they want. Hira told me that ur boss came outside in the parking lot and threatened me not to contact u. Sobia, ur friend was also working to seduce u and made u fuckable. She told me that she has heard that they use ecstasy pills, which makes a person u*********s in minutes. Then, she asked me how was I able to get of that mess. I could not tell her that I have experienced all wat she was telling me. I did not tell her anything and came back home. I got a call from Sobia. I started cursing her for what she did. Then, she told me that she was helpless as her husband (Shariq) wanted a girl and I was the easiest prey. Otherwise, he would have divorced me. Then, I hung up. Whatever happened was bad but was quite enjoyable. Complete satisfaction. Plz leave your comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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