Fred , Mary Again

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Fred awoke lazily the next day with the sun shining through his bedroom window. He immediately knew that he must have overslept because it didn’t get light in Spain at this time of the year until almost eight o’clock.

Nevertheless he still luxuriated in his bed. He turned over and took hold of his firm erection. Fred slept naked, always. He pushed his light covering off and peered down at himself, admiring his thick hard dick. He gave it a stroke and groaned softly. He stroked again, trying to remember why he mustn’t toss off and use up his spunk.

Of course! Mary had said she would come around again today! Yesterday came back to him in a flash. Had he really cum three times with her? Once deep into her gorgeous cunt and twice down her throat; he remembered with wonderful pleasure. Not bad for a sixty-one year old! One more stroke and then he jumped from his bed.

Fred had things to do before he could enjoy any more carnal pleasures. He quickly jumped into the shower, following this by eating a small breakfast. He dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, with pants and sandals. He did a quick inventory of his kitchen, fridge and larder and then set off for the local town in his Jeep. He wanted to get back before Mary arrived and found him absent. You never know, she might go elsewhere for her pleasures!

Having parked with the usual difficulty he set off for the main street shops. He only visited the big hypermarkets about once a month; his needs were much less now that he was only catering for himself.

On the main street he waited at the crossing for the lights to change. After a little while he realised that the ‘Green Man’ had changed at least twice; he was ogling the young girls in their skimpy clothes again. The Spanish girls were taking advantage of a warm sunny autumn day before they retreated into sweaters and jeans.

One girl on a motor scooter watched him looking at her ample breasts encased in a very small tank top, the bronzed upper slopes of her tits trying to escape the top. Sitting on her scooter at the traffic lights in her short cut-off denim jean skirt she gave every impression of wearing no panties. She gave Fred at big smile as the lights changed and she zoomed off. God, he thought, she seemed to like me looking at her!

The sight of young girls cavorting around in next to nothing reminded him of Mary’s young daughter Jessica. The last time he had seen her she was becoming a young woman, filling out nicely in all the right places. The thought of her, not to mention some of her school friends, playing, possibly naked, in his pool started his cock twitching again.

Fred soon purchased his requirements, including replacement brandy to replace yesterday’s depleted stock and also several bottles of Cava. He thought that young girls might like that in preference to brandy.

Fred had turned off the main road towards his home when he saw two figures walking in the distance. His excellent distance vision immediately identified them as female; one of them was certainly Mary. As he slowly approached them he admired both figures, Mary’s almost shoulder length dark brown hair sitting above her rounded brown shoulders with a waist to be admired and hips that promised much. Her companion was fair-haired, almost blonde, with curls and freckles. Both women were wearing small blue tops with shorts, Mary’s white and showing lots of bum while her friend’s pink pair was a little more modest. Fred pulled up alongside.

“Good morning ladies,” he smiled. “I’m pleased to see that others get out and about early so that they can relax for the rest of the day!”

The women turned to greet him. Mary he knew of course but he still took the time to admire her breasts as they thrust towards him, trying to jump out of the top of her tank top. Her friend actually took most of his attention however. Her top dipped between her large breasts to show ample cleavage with some of her freckles diving right down between her tits. They both gave him a big smile. Mary spoke.

“Hi there Fred, what a lovely day and a lovely greeting from one of my favourite men. I was just going to call at home then I am coming round to see you. Is that still all right? By the way, I want you to meet my friend Becky. She and her family have just moved here but they have been in Spain for two years now.”

Still openly appraising the women Fred answered. “Of course it’s still OK Mary darling, I’ll be home in five minutes. Nice to meet you Becky, very nice. Can I give either one of you a lift?”

Becky looked down at her breasts where Fred was looking and then smiled back at him, naturally pushing her bosom forward. Fred looked at Mary’s. She in turn looked down also then glanced up and down the street. Seeing no one around she reached to her top and pulled it down just sufficient to reveal one breast with an erect nipple. Mary put it away again and laughed.

“There Fred, that’s all for now, you lovely randy man you. It’s all right, Becky and I were just talking güvenilir bahis about the good time I had yesterday. We were getting a bit damp to tell you the truth. I’m going to have to change my shorts before I come round to you.”

Becky had put a hand to her mouth in surprise at Mary’s quick flash of her boob and then her remarks. She still hadn’t said anything.

“Don’t you dare change your shorts, I want to sniff them,” laughed Fred. He repeated his offer, “lift?”

Becky spoke for the first time. She had a gleam in her eye now.

“No thanks Fred, Mary and I will finish what we were saying as we walk home. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m afraid I’m a golf widow too. Jack and I moved here because he wanted to be nearer to the golf club. Mary says that you have a lovely finca with a very private pool. Can I come and see where you live one day?”

“Of course you can, come with Mary one day. Or by yourself,” Fred added as Becky raised one of her hands and brushed an imaginary fly from her breast. “See you later Mary,” he shouted as he drove off.

At home he quickly prepared for a visitor, thinking of tits, brown smooth ones with hard nipples and larger, paler ones with freckles. As he stripped off he noticed that his cock had grown, lying long and thick along his thigh. He put on the coffee machine and put out the brandy. He had bought a variety of biscuits so he opened some of the packets.

He was wondering whether or not to put his swimming shorts on when his doorbell rang. Slipping them on he went out and saw Prince leaping at the gate where a young girl was standing with a piece of paper in her hand. He called Prince away and approached the gate.

“Senor Armstrong? She asked.”

“Si,” answered Fred, “what can I do for you?”

“I have been asked to come and see you because I speak, they say, the best English on the Finca,” she smiled prettily. “We wish to know if you will support the Fiesta next month by buying some tickets.”

“Come in and tell me more about it. Don’t mind Prince, if I let someone in then you are a friend. Come and have a coffee and tell me more. Tell me first, what is your name? Mine’s Fred.”

“I am called Maria Elena,” the girl replied.

As they walked across Fred’s forecourt he carefully studied her typically Spanish figure. She had long black hair reaching to her waist with a fantastic brown skin. Most of her skin could be seen as she was wearing a white top only about four inches wide with her small but prominent breasts straining to be free. A tiny black skirt just hanging from her hip bones and a pair of flat sandals completed her outfit. The skirt hung so low over her flat belly so as to give the impression that she must have a shaved pussy. Fred would have liked to know if she was wearing any panties but, she being Spanish, he suspected that she was.

They reached the naya and Fred indicated that she should sit. Maria accepted coffee but refused brandy or anything else. They discussed the Fiesta and Fred agreed to buy four tickets although he didn’t know who would be using them beside himself. He had tried, like a dirty old man, to see up Maria’s skirt to see if she was wearing panties but it was too dark up there and she was keeping her legs pretty much together. He went to fetch the money for the tickets, easing his half erection as he went.

When he returned a couple of minutes later he heard voices and found Maria Elena talking to Mary. Mary kissed him on both cheeks and then lovingly on the lips.

“You see Maria, I am a scarlet woman,” she laughed. “I visit men who live alone without the knowledge of my husband. But I cannot resist Fred, you see. My husband does not love me enough and Fred is so masculine and handsome, don’t you think so?”

Maria looked at Fred and smiled as she took the money he offered. Then she turned to Mary and laughed gaily.

“I am also a ‘scarlet woman’. I take money from a man I have never met before today. I agree with you, he is a very handsome gentleman.”

“I’m not sure about the gentleman,” answered Mary. “He’ll have your clothes off you if you give him the slightest sign of encouragement and I can assure you that, for his age, he has got a big enough tool to satisfy a young girl like you.”

They laughed as they both saw Fred’s cock noticeably stir in his shorts. Maria stood up to leave and Fred took the opportunity to kiss her soundly on both cheeks. Maria looked at him and then gave him a quick kiss on the lips as she turned to leave.

Fred and Prince walked her to the gate. As she left she looked back at Mary on the naya and smiled at Fred again.

“Mrs Williams, Mary, is very nice and very beautiful. Have a lovely time with her.”

Fred took her hand and squeezed it. “I will. You can call again any time you wish. I would look forward to it so much.”

Maria Elena squeezed Fred’s hand quite hard. “I think I will accept your invitation quite soon. I would like to er, talk with you.”

“Bring your türkçe bahis bikini,” said Fred as he closed the gate and waved.

“You are a randy old goat,” laughed Mary as Fred returned to the naya. “I reckon she’ll be back and she won’t be selling Fiesta tickets either.”

Fred smiled, “you never know your luck. She thinks she knows what you’ve come round here for and she told me to have a good time with you. Now, where were we?”

“About here I think,” whispered Mary, kissing Fred with an open wet mouth. He responded and it was just like yesterday’s first kiss all over again.

“I’ve come for brandy, coffee and a fuck,” gasped Mary as she groped Fred’s hard shaft, “and not necessarily in that order either. Let’s start.”

Fred led the way into the kitchen and poured the coffee and brandy, feeling the heat from Mary’s body close to him all the time. She pulled his shorts down and he turned to find her naked. She took her brandy and pushed one of her breasts into the glass.

“Lick that, you fucker you,” she whispered.

Fred bent slightly and sucked on the tit that was wet with brandy. Mary poured brandy on her other breast and pulled Fred’s head to that. He picked her up and sat her on the kitchen breakfast bar, pushing her body back against the wall with her legs right on the edge of the work surface. He parted her legs as far as they would go. Mary had obviously shaved her pubes again this morning; her skin was as smooth as smooth. Fred caressed her all over her crack, his eyes admiring her all over brown tan.

“God Mary, you are so beautiful, I hardly know where to start. You have that gorgeous tan all over, your skin is so smooth and you smell all sexy as hell.”

Mary reached forward and took his hard throbbing cock into both hands.

“Let’s start with this,” she grinned. “After yesterday I know you can cum at least twice. Fuck me Fred. Fuck me now and fuck me hard. Fill me with your fuck juice.”

She pulled his cock to her cunt entrance and they both watched as he slid into her, right to the hilt. The feeling all the way up his cock was incredible and Fred thought that he would cum as soon as he moved. He didn’t have to worry though.

“Fred?” whimpered Mary.

“Yes,” said Fred, “are you all right?”

“Don’t move for a minute darling. If you move one centimetre I’m going to come all over your lovely cock. I can hardly hold back.”

“I’m the same sweetheart. If I move I’m going to shoot it into you. I feel like a cannon about to fire.”

“It feels as big as a cannon inside me,” giggled Mary.

The giggle caused Mary’s cunt to ripple along the whole length of Fred’s cock. He moaned and thrust into her, fountaining his pent up spunk deep into her vagina. Mary felt his hot seed and reacted by releasing her hot juices along his whole length. Belatedly they both thrust at each other as their joint orgasms wracked their bodies.

It took about five minutes before they began to return to normal. Fred slowly withdrew his cock from Mary’s hot juicy channel. She took him in her hands again and bent forward to swallow him to suck their joint fluids from his shrinking engine. Fred started to firm up again.

Mary expelled him from her mouth and whispered “fantastic”!

Fred, attracted by the aroma of sex emanating from Mary’s open pussy hole, lifted her legs and drove his tongue into her cunt, sucking out their combined juices as she whimpered her pleasure at his action. They both became aroused again. They kissed deeply, tasting their mixed juices from each other as they ground their naked bodies against each other. Eventually they drew back.

“Wow fucking wow,” smiled Mary. “How about that then! Come on. Let’s go outside into the warm sun again. We’ll finish our coffee and brandy and then I fancy a nice horny naked dip in your pool. Are you game for that?”

“You bet,” grinned Fred, “I feel nineteen again. I just hope I can get it up again before you have to go. That was the most fantastic fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Me too,” said Mary, “I’ve never had an orgasm in all my thirty five years just by having a cock pushed into me. You’ve really got the touch Fred. I loved it. Come on, let’s go outside.”

So outside they went and drank their drinks. The sun was really hot now and the skin on their bodies was burning. Fred couldn’t take his eyes off Mary’s lovely body, all smooth and brown and curvy.

“You’re embarrassing me, gazing at me like that,” Mary purred under his inspection.

“Stand up and turn around please darling Mary,” said Fred. “I want to play with your bum. Face the armchair and put your hands on the arms; that way you can stick your bum out.”

Mary did as he asked and stuck her bum out towards him. Fred stroked his palms over her bum cheeks and she sighed with pleasure. He kissed and licked her bum and eased his fingers down her bum crack, opening her legs wider as he explored her crack. Now he could clearly see her little round arsehole and her pussy beyond güvenilir bahis siteleri it, still looking wet with her juices at the entrance. As Fred traced his fingers along the space between her legs he gently inserted two fingers into each of her holes. Mary moaned, opened her legs wider and made more juice.

“Ohhh, Fred my darling, that’s fantastic. You are such a great lover; your fucking wife doesn’t know what she’s missing. Don’t stop frigging my holes, I’ll come soon; I can feel it. It’s making me want to pee as well.”

“Just let it come if you want to Mary, my darling, I don’t mind a bit. In fact, I think it’s very horny watching a woman pee. When you showed me yesterday it made me want to fuck you all the more.”

Suddenly Fred’s fingers became hotter and wetter as Mary started to pee. He pulled his fingers out of her crack and watched fascinated as her golden stream shot out of her pussy. She stopped quickly, stood and turned to him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him.

“God, my darling,” she gasped, ” for someone who just came round for a quick fuck I seem to be getting very strong feelings for you. Let’s just sit down again for a while then we can go in the pool, OK?”

“OK”, replied Fred. “I was going to ask you anyway about Becky. She looks a tasty piece of meat. I wonder if her freckles go all the way to her nipples and down to her clitty.”

“Oh you noticed, did you, you horny sod. Yeah, Becky’s a bit like me, not enough fucking due to the sodding golf. She seemed quite interested that you were single, well almost, and that you were interested in her body. I felt I had to tell her that I had, er, knowledge of your dimensions, so to speak.”

“How’s about you bringing her round here one day?” enquired Fred.

“Can I? I was going to suggest it when I know you better,” Mary giggled. “I’ve got this fantasy about being close to another couple fucking, perhaps joining in in some way. You know, playing with one or both as it happens. I can see it excites you, you randy old bastard, you’ve gone fucking hard again. Let me give you a little suck.”

With that, Mary was kneeling between Fred’s open thighs, grabbing his tool and feeding it between her lips. God, thought Fred, she’s so good at this. It was a good job he’d shot three loads yesterday and one already today or he would be shooting again in a few seconds.

“Mary darling, that’s fantastic but let’s have our swim now or I’ll shoot off too soon again. Then we can have a snack and go to bed for the afternoon. You are staying later today, aren’t you? I mean, Graham’s still going to that dinner after the golf, isn’t he?”

Mary removed her lips from around Fred’s prick and kissed him. He noticed that there was still a taste of cum and spunk on her lips.

“Are we swimming nude,” she asked?

“Of course. All you have to do is run the seven or eight metres to the pool and jump in before anyone sees you,” laughed Fred.

As soon as he said it, Mary was off, her gorgeous body reflecting the sun. Fred set off after her at a more sedate pace. Mary was in mid-air before he got to the edge so her huge tidal wave didn’t splash him. He dived in after her and surfaced behind her, rubbing his now soft cock into her bum crease and grasping her tits, filling both his hands as much as he could.

“Ooooooh, that’s lovely,” she squealed. “This has gone down a lot though, I’ll have to work on that.”

Mary ducked under the water and Fred was amazed to feel her mouth close around his tool down there. He was even more amazed when his erection began to grow again. Of course, Mary couldn’t hold her breath long enough to suck him off but as she surfaced again she took him in hand and began to toss him off until he had a quite acceptable hard on.

They played in the pool for about twenty minutes, enjoying the freedom of being naked together in the water.

As Mary climbed the steps to leave the pool Fred climbed close behind her. He walked over to the poolside shower and turned on the tap. The water always ran warm for a while, due to the ground being warm so close to the surface,

Harry stood under the stream, piss shooting out of his cock as he did so. Mary saw him pissing and ran into the shower and grabbed his cock so that she was pissed on. Then she peed too, her hot stream joining Fred’s as they kissed until the water ran cold and their pissing stopped.

Fred got a couple of towels from the changing room and they returned to the naya, soon they were dry and ready to eat.

Fred brought out some of his morning purchases, bread, cheese, celery; salad stuff and they had a snack. It would soon be time to go to bed and they discussed how they would like to fuck each other. This meant that, as well as eating, Fred was stroking his long hard tool and Mary was rubbing her thumb across her clit. They also discussed other fucking possibilities.

“Oh yes Fred, about your wet dreams about my darling daughter. I had a call from her last night to confirm her holiday arrangements. She will be here from next Saturday by herself and then she has a friend coming for the second week. I was telling her about your wife leaving you to go back to England and do you know what she said?”

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