Games at the Club Pt. 01

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Oh, I know that look. The infatuation, the lust. That poor guy can’t control himself.

Justin was standing at the edge of the dance floor, sipping a whiskey ginger and watching his girlfriend entrance a group of guys with moves that, on the surface, might seem innocent, but when you have a body like that…

The way he’s silently eye fucking her… I’ll bet he’d explode after two seconds of feeling her perfect ass against his cock.

Laura was wearing a skin tight, red mini dress, with spaghetti straps and a neckline that offered up her beautiful cleavage. It clung perfectly to her curves, and as she danced in front of the lights from the DJ’s booth, her silhouette sparked a stirring in more than one man’s groin. As she span around, flowing with the music, her hands above her head–drawing even more attention to her gorgeous tits–her blonde hair flipping back and forth in a hypnotizing way, accentuating her face, and making her green eyes even more piercing, more seductive.

I’ll never get over how lucky I am to be with K. She’s a mile out of my league, and could literally have her pick of any of the men here. Obviously. And yet…

Just then, Laura turned her round, firm, juicy ass toward the group of guys she was teasing, half-squatted and gyrated her ass slowly, seductively, the same way she moved in bed, two weeks ago, when she begged Justin to “rail her from behind until she couldn’t walk straight.” Which, like any good lover–or any man who had ever come in contact with this incredibly sensual, perfectly proportioned goddess.


“Oh baby, don’t stop, you know I love it when you take me like that.”

Justin was sliding the tip of his cock against K’s wet pussy, using his swollen tip to tease her pussy lips, pressing it against her clit as his shaft opened up her pussy. She was on all fours, ass high the air, but sat up and back so that she could better feel his cock against her entire pussy. Arms over her head and around C’s neck, she arched her back, and Justin lightly ran his palms across her hard nipples, feeling her shudder with anticipation kaçak iddaa before he squeezed her sizable tits.

“I love you so much, baby. I need you. I need you inside of me.”

Justin kissed her neck, “I’m going to fuck you senseless, gorgeous,” and pushed her down on the bed so that he could admire her ass again. Laura was about 5’5″ with a traffic-stopping body. Although it was the texture and tendrils of her hair that first caught C’s attention at the book launch years ago, it was her eyes and smile that truly took his heart. From the first time she winked at him from across the room, a playful smile on her lips, a subtly seductive sway in her way, he was hooked. And then he took the rest of her in. And his mind was blown.

There aren’t enough words to describe the perfection of K’s ass. Her ass is the ass that teenage boys dream of when they come in their sleep, and that OnlyFans models wish they had. The shape, so round and begging to be grabbed, the prominence, the way the curve of the small of her ass made it even more shapely, and it looked (and as Justin later learned, was) so amazingly firm and pliable, ideal for slapping, for seeing it bounce every time his cock thrust into her from behind.

Which is what he was doing at that exact second. Unable to contain himself, he grabbed her hips–deserving of multiple paragraphs in their own right–and slammed his cock all the way into her pussy. As she gasped, he held her tight, letting her feel all of him, to feel the vibration from his cock ring travelling up his shaft and massaging her pussy. His heavy balls rested against her, already starting to tense up in anticipation of a massive explosion. Slowly moving his hips, his cock started exploring her, sliding half way out, coming in at a different angle, screwing her, pressing up against her cervix, finding a rhythm that was making her even more turned on, almost desperate to come.

“Baby, just like that. You feel so good inside of me,” Laura moaned as she started rubbing her clit in time to the cock ring’s vibrations. “Take me. My ass is all yours. I’m all kaçak bahis yours.”

The feeling of being deep inside of her was driving Justin wild. He pulled her back onto his cock over and over, watching that ass bounce, and then started pounding her faster, his balls slapping against her with every thrust.

“K. You. Are. So. Perfect.” Leaning back, one hand on the small of her back, he thrust long, slow, hard and felt the come building in his balls. “I’m going to come baby, I’m going to come.”

“Oh, shit, fuck, me too, keep railing me, right there, come in me, fill me up, fill me up all the way.”

As if K’s curves, wholesome smile, expressive eyes, and magnificent breasts weren’t enough (not to mention her hair again, which Justin was truly obsessed with), the way she moved, the way she knew how to use all of her “assets” in a way that was passionate to the point of borderline lewd made their sex absolutely epic. The way she would move when she was riding him, the way she would–with her legs over his shoulders and hands in his hair–lift her hips, offering her magical pussy to his tongue, her clit so swollen and ready to be sucked and toyed with… making love to Laura was an experience of pure desire. Everything was possible; everything was perfect.

“Now now NOW YES OH YES RIGHT THERE.” Laura screamed as she buried her face in a pillow, her pussy clenching and unclenching around C’s cock, which immediately started to explode.

“Baby, my god, I’m coming so hard. Holy shit. You. I can’t… “

Stream after stream of come shot deep inside of K. She could feel its warmth deep in her belly, his cock still twitching as he slowly pulled out. His come is going to be dripping out of me for hours.

She rubbed her middle finger across her clit one last time, a mixture of his come and her wet pussy mingling together, then placed that finger directly in C’s mouth.

“I love how you taste. I love everything about you.”

“And I love how you take me. How you try and make me alllll yours when you slam into me again and again. It’s so hot.”

“You absolutely illegal bahis blow my mind, and I’ll never understand why you want me.”

“Oh, love, you know how much I care about you. How much I desire you.”

“Yeah, I do, I do, but I’m so… average. Hopefully average. Maybe average.”


“But seriously, you could have any man you wanted.”

“Not true.”

“But it is! I know how other men are drawn to you the second you walk in a room. I’ve watched them look you up and down, feasting on you with their eyes. And that’s before you show them how brilliant and kind you are. You are the perfect package.”


“Why stop? I mean, instead, why don’t we try something out? Play a little sexy game while we’re in London next month.”


“Let’s go out dancing. Or rather, why don’t you dance while I watch. Let yourself go, be the center of attention, the goddess that all the men desire.”

“Then what? I mean, I do like the attention… “

“Then, if you want, you can give me a signal, and I’ll come to you and we can disappoint all the boys, get really dirty, and maybe find a quiet corner, or hallway, or–“

“Would it turn you on to see other men lusting after me? Wanting to grab this ass?”

“I… think it would. You’re so incredibly hot. And if in the end, you chose to dance with me–“

“What do you mean choose?”

“Well, I mean, if you’re in the moment… I can’t deny you whatever pleasure you want. But I would flirt–and dance–my ass off to try and keep your attention.”

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

“No. But yes. If you truly desire me, it’s all fun and games and we’ll go home together and fuck like we’re in a porno. And my god, I would be both hated and envied by everyone in there. It is kind of hot…”


Looking deep into the eyes of the leader of the group of men who had been ogling her, she took his hands in hers, span around so that they crossed her abundant chest, and felt the outline of his cock through the thin material of her dress.

Oh shit. Maybe this was a bad idea… Is she going to signal for me?

As he threw back the rest of his drink, Justin nervously watched Laura push the boy away with a coy, seductive smile before making eye contact with Justin and winking.

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