Girl In A Red Canoe Ch. 3

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It seems later in the woods. When the sun gets lower in the sky it filters at an angle that casts long shadows on open ground, but warns the shadowed of the night to come.

My nap was peaceful. I even had a dream of drifting in the canoe. Amy was not in the dream but now awake it was like I had dreamed the sights from earlier in the day. A check of my watch told me that it was time to start getting some dinner ready. I was aroused. Rolling over on my sleeping bag to reach for the tent zipper my weight lay on top of my semi erection and I almost reached down between my legs. But, I wanted to get out and see if Amy was around.

She was. As I poked my head out of my tent I saw that she was making herself at home at my site. She sat cross legged at my table looking through my binoculars. Her gaze was down the river towards the spot where the Heron and her orgasm had taken flight. She had changed into a short, short sleeved yellow top and blue jean cut offs. Her legs were crossed one over the other showing the strength of her thighs. A line of muscle was displayed from her knee to the rolled up cuff of her faded shorts. She turned her head to smile at me and apologized for keeping the canoe at her site after her ride.

I assured her it was no trouble and that we could go together later to retrieve it, and maybe even take it out after sunset. The moon would be near full and due to rise around 10:00 that evening.

She accepted my invitation to stay for dinner and started to get a fire going with no prompting from me. I watched her intently. From the moment she rose from the table it seemed to me that her every move was meant to be watched. When she bent to arrange the kindling I could not tear my eyes from her lean muscular legs and the roundness of her ass through the soft denim cloth. The fire lit with no problem. As Amy nursed the small flames from the opposite side of the pit I was fixed on her slender arms and the occasional slacking of her yellow top allowing me the view to her sharp cleavage. The round plumpness of her firm breasts held the same shape no matter what position she stood in. I imagined her to be a woman who did not own a bra. There may well be no contrivance in the world that could improve on their shape or of any other part of her.

The smoke shifted straight into her face and eyes. She stood up suddenly laughing with a hand each rubbing the sting away. Her nipples stood erect pushing out from below her top.

Once recovered from the smoke she remarked that I was not getting much work done.

She suggested we sit and enjoy some wine from her flask before we continued with the meal preparation. It was good wine. I felt a slight wave of warmth from my first sip.

We clinked our plastic cups together and I now was staring into her eyes. She looked back into mine. “I’m sorry for looking at you like that,” I stammered, embarrassed.

“You have the most gorgeous eyes.”

“Hey, I don’t mind.” she said. “If you like my eyes that is a compliment and it makes me feel good.”

We sipped and chatted well after sunset. The fire was blazing with a healthy crackling noise. The wine continued to warm and we laughed often. Amy had a habit of placing her hand on my arm and shoulder as she talked about her life and adventures. Her touch was like punctuation. It was such a treat for me to listen escort bayan gaziantep and look into her eyes in the fire light. Somehow we managed a rather tasty supper of vegetables, sliced meats and spices all combined in foil packets. We continued talking of our love of camping and the outdoors. There were several times that I believe she ended a story or changed the topic when it would have lead to telling of previous relationships. This did not bother me a bit. And I was not interested in telling of my own recent break up and the resulting loneliness.

Dinner gone, dark surrounding us, we sipped till her wine skin was empty and we both felt that we had only just started the evening. I had plenty of beer at my site but neither of us wanted anything but that soothing wine. She had more at her site so we walked into the darkness down the trail with a flashlight each. We spoke little on our short walk. There was much sound in the wood. Insects, birds, rustlings of unknown origin.

Somewhere along the way we took each others hands. It seemed even quieter at this point. I think we had both held our breaths at the same time.

When only a yard or so from her tent Amy dropped my hand and ran forward. She turned and spread her arms in a hospitable gesture. “Welcome to my humble abode, kind and gentle man of the woodlands.” I grinned from ear to ear at her greeting.

She bowed forward in the most graceful manner. Taking two steps backward she emphasized her greeting and caught her heel on a rope tied to a tent stake. She fell as gracefully as she had bowed. Her body spun to catch herself on her knees and hands. Her flashlight rolled away. I sprung to her assistance but she was on her feet laughing in the seconds it took me to get to her. We embraced and she calmed instantly. Her cheek against my chest she sighed.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment. I began to loosen my grip but she stopped me.

“Please hold me a little.” she whispered. I did so with great contentment.

My arms reached around her shoulder blades. She had her hands on my biceps.

She squeezed slightly and I returned the gesture by gently massaging her back.

It must have been obvious to her that I was getting an erection in my pants as my cock pressed firmly against her flat belly. She shifted her position slightly as if to feel my growing hardness better, but did not let go. I lowered my hands to her hips and continued my gentle massage. My finger tips could feel the upper muscles of her firm ass. She pressed against me with her stomach just a little more before tipping her head up.

“I know you were watching me today. When I was in your canoe.”

My whole body froze. But she did not pull away.

“At first I was a little pissed but I was so turned on that your being there only made me enjoy the whole thing more.”

I tried to think of something to say. “Ahh, ah, I’m sorry about that.” I said, feeling foolish and exposed.

“Hey, I ended up cumming because of you.” she said in a low tone, “I was just touching a little in the sun and then it got into a whole different feel. I was feeling a lot of things inside and it was so beautiful. Believe me, I never did anything like that before,” she paused, “…in front of animals.”

We both laughed so hard that we echoed. Amy finally brought me to arms length. The moon was rising. Her face was smiling and mischievous.

“What about that canoe ride?” she asked.

I had something else in mind. But, every second I spent with this woman was better than the last. At this point I would have done anything just to be within reach. I know I was a little tipsy but I honestly thought at that moment that if she only let me hold her hand that this would be one of the best nights of my life. Spent with one of the worlds sexiest young women. Perhaps the absolute worlds sexiest woman.

Suddenly I realized that I was staring off into the undergrowth. The worlds most wonderful woman was swiftly dragging my wonderful canoe to the edge of the river.

She launched it halfway in and stepped to the bow end. I shoved us off.

This was a silent and peaceful time. Looking ahead I the saw the reach of the Keetawnee and very erotic views of Amy’s tanned arms in the moonlight contrasting with the almost phosphorescent yellow of her top. The shadows were low in the canoe making it look like it was filled with black ink and we were submerged to our thighs. I paddled alone in the stern. She looked out and pointed at things I could not see. We said little. Frogs croaked.

The few words we exchanged concerned the beauty of the night and the unusual heat of it. The milky unfocused brightness of the moon. It’s ability to make the rivers surface look like black foil one moment and blacker satin the next.

I still felt like apologizing again for spying on her. “About this afternoon,” I started.

She deftly pivoted in her spot.

Her brow shaded her eyes. I would call it menacing if not for the upward angle of her closed lips. Amy’s slight dimples seemed cavernous in the moon glow. She slid down to the bottom of the canoe and slowly spread her legs. She whispered to me, “Stop paddling.” We drifted. “I want you to watch me. Again.”

Amy placed an ankle over each side of the canoe and let her length spread. Her head tipped back onto the seat to look straight up into the dark sky. I barely heard the teeth of her zipper parting. Her left hand rest on her left thigh, her right hand twirled round and round the pubic hairs closest to the elastic of her panties. Yellow panties. I started to lean forward towards her. Her left hand separated from her thigh and held me like a stop sign. I leaned back watching.

She reached to the wine skin. As during the afternoon, she held it as far up as her stiffened arm could reach. The flow was concentrated between her legs, across her thighs and down into the space she now exposed by stretching the elastic of her panties till I thought it would tear.

Amy curled her right foot towards her hand where she passed the skin to her curled toes.

She did not strain but the flex of her thighs stiffened as she passed it to me clenched tightly till I had it in my hands. Her tipped outstretched foot remained inches from my face like the head of an elegant, curious exotic bird. It lowered to my groin now behaving shyly. I knelt carefully and pulled down my pants. My cock was full. It pulsed and strained. She touched me there with the soft side of her foot. Gentle caress then lifting my balls from below. It was so cooling. I needed to grasp the outer edges of the canoe to keep it from toppling. My entire being was preoccupied with the feeling of her foot flirting with my manhood. My eyes were tightly shut. Till, she moaned loudly. Amy’s hands were both secluded within her wine drenched shorts. Her wrists danced and jerked with sudden movements that looked involuntary. I could see she had opened her eyes and was staring straight at my penis. I needed to stroke it and I did.

She bucked on the bottom and brought her other foot into play. She hooked me with it, pulling me towards her. Her mouth was contorted, she was biting her lips and her tongue would shoot out violently. Just when I felt I would fall on her convulsing body she lunged from her position. Her right hand remained between her still spread thighs. It was a fight that I would lose. My need to get on her body was soon subdued as she pinned me. Her wine sodden stomach now felt like a rock as her slight frame pressed against my cock.

“Grab my ass, GRAB MY ASS!!” she commanded. I clutched her. “HARDER!”

With one hand between her legs, three fingers pumping, she grasped my balls with the other. She manipulated my sack, milking it.

Then a strange sensation. She stimulated my balls expertly but had the dexterity to relieve her middle finger to stroke the skin between my nuts and my ass. It traveled slowly. In concert with her own writhing and pumping. There was no objection from me as the pain was replaced by pleasure. She was inside me one full knuckle. That was all. Amy was suddenly motionless except for that single digit invading me.

Her face was inches from mine. Watching me like prey. I felt helpless in her grasp and penetration.

She moved her finger in slow circles and began to push her stomach up and down my aching cock. One hand was still inside herself.

“We’re going to cum, baby.” Her voice was raspy. Her breathing horse as was mine.

“I want you to slap my ass, feel it’s nice round shape, cup your hand just like it is, then slap it.” I couldn’t speak.

“Cup your hand just like my ass and spank me and cum on my gut.”

Her massage of my ass and balls increased tempo again. I was going to blow as soon as she did.

No words

No night

Sky removed

Moons exploding

Lily pads

Water rushing

Water rushed through hair and around shoulders. Pairs of legs kicking. My back arched as Amy plunged me to her fist. Both hands till grasped her ass and my cock was shooting near endless streams of cum. She was quaking from foot to head. Amy was turning into a quivering mass of orgasm. I grabbed her hips to put a slight distance between her solid body and my still hard cock and raised her up in the weightlessness of the river. Submerged to my chest I entered her and cradled her.

It was effortless and embryo like. She now floated on my erection. Dreamy eyed and moaning in a musical tone of submission. I played her lanky body out and reeled it back in till all that I had to give was inside of her.

The canoe lay low in the river. It’s upper edges barely above water. Our paddle floated nearby as did Amy’s panties and shorts. Her wine skin showed up the next day on the shore.

The Keetawnee River flowed it’s flow and Amy and I moved in together for the rest of the week. I carried her to the shore that night while she held her cheek against my chest humming a tune I will always remember.

My arm supporting her shoulders felt the strength there.

My remaining hand, below, cupped her ass perfectly.

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