Girls Making Out


Maere hadn’t thought it was such a big deal when it began. After all, she’d seen plenty of websites where college students uploaded pix and vids of girls making out at parties, and she’d been there when a few of those pictures were taken. It just felt like her turn had come up.

It was her boyfriend Clay’s idea. He and his bud Rudy told her best friend Tessa and her how hot they’d be if they kissed. Tessa laughed and pecked her on the cheek, and the room did an almost unison “WRONG!” in response, hooting and laughing at them. She made like she didn’t know what they meant, as if anyone was going to believe her, until someone yelled “Kiss her like Rudy kisses you!”

Tessa bugged her eyes out really wide and declared, loudly, “I’m not going to kiss her down there!” which pulled plenty of laughter. Yup, Tessa had too much beer in her. The signs were clear.

Nobody would call this private, by any stretch of the imagination. They were at a frat house party, with at least thirty people crammed into this room alone. Clay and Rudy’s loud encouragements, echoed by many others, had everyone in the room paying attention to them, waiting for them to do it. Worse, over a hundred people in the entire house would know about it instantly if she did it.

If she refused, what would her friend think? Tessa, despite her innocent act, was clearly ready to go. Would she think she was just chicken, or would she think Maere didn’t actually like her? Tessa was her best friend. She’d do anything for her.

Tessa short-circuited the internal debate before Maere could decide, by grabbing her around the waist and pressing a closed-mouth kiss firmly to her lips. At least three cellphones and a digital camera immediately witnessed the embrace. They’d be on the web tonight, for sure. She saw it in her mind, their pic plastered on Facebook or something, Maere’s Irish red hair and freckles ghostly pale against Tessa’s gorgeous, unblemished coffee-with-creamer African sexiness, the diamond nose stud Maere had sweet-talked Daddy into buying her glittering in the flash. For a moment, the idea of some fifty-year-old jacking off to her picture nagged at her, but then Tessa broke away, gave her an odd look, and came at her again, this time open-mouthed and tongue slipping out slightly. Before Maere thought about what she was doing, she’d opened her own mouth in automatic anticipation.

They tongued each other lustily to a chorus of “Woohoo!” and “Yow!” from a roomful of horny guys. Knowing she had just turned dozens of boys rock hard jazzed her, but then Tessa began excite her more. Her friend started demonstrating all that experience she always claimed to have at kissing, and Maere now knew she’d been telling the truth.

Her hands pulled on Maere’s sweater and raised it so she could get access underneath. Oh, god… I’m braless! Maere panicked, as Tessa’s hands each embraced a breast. They were still locked at the lips, and she heard Tessa’s laugh from within her own mouth when she realized she had her hands on flesh instead of fabric. She rolled Maere’s now-erect nipples between thumbs and index finger, and stroked the aureoles gently, her tongue now exploring with deeper and harder.

Maere had just started thanking god that Tessa nly pulled the sweater up far enough to get her hands in, but now her friend went back to the hem to pull it up the rest Ankara escort of the way. Maere quickly grabbed her forearms, letting go of the kiss just long enough to say, “No!” then locking back on again, unable to stop.

Tessa’s lips brushed away from hers, across her cheek, over to her ear, and she breathed, “Start massaging my boobs, or I’ll do it anyway.”

She easily found Tessa’s ample breasts by touch as they locked together again. Despite the cold weather, Tessa only wore a teeshirt and a thin bra, and Maere felt her hard nipples through the cloth. The beer, she decided, must also have been getting to her, because even though she knew this was far more than enough of a show for the boys, she was contemplating what to do next, instead of stopping.

Before she got her nerve up, though, Tessa broke away, slipping her hands out. She flashed a huge grin at her and then mugged into the video camera that had materialized in Rudy’s hand. The room gave them a wild ovation, and Tessa did a fist-pumping gesture for them. Maere just looked around at the room, smiling and trying to catch her breath, wondering if they thought her blush was embarrassment rather than the heat of desire she actually felt.

Tessa leaned against her shoulder and spoke into her ear again. “Did that turn you on as much as I think it did?”

She looked back and nodded, smiling. Tessa grinned, looked around the room again, and yelled, “YOU WANT MORE?”

“HELL, YEAH!” more than one person yelled, and she laughed.


Maere felt herself paling as the audience screamed their approval. She whirled around to her friend in panic, but Tessa had already whipped her tee up over her head. She pulled her arms out, twirled it like a stripper and threw it into the middle of the room, then swayed in a seductive dance while unhooking her bra. The cheering just incited her more. She teased one tit for a moment, then the other, as she moved to their rhythmic clapping. Rudy and Clay seemed to be more into it than anyone else.

“Tessa!” Maere quailed as the bra came off and flew into the crowed. Then her friend turned toward her again, slid hands behind her neck and pulled her into an even more passionate kiss, crushing breast to breast tightly. Before she knew it, Maere pulled away slightly so she could find her friend’s chest again and stroke the soft skin of her swollen fruit. Tessa moaned softly into her mouth.

Tessa’s hands slipped down to the hem of her sweater again. Maere’s hands flew to stop her, and Tessa’s chuckled echoed inside her mouth. She pulled back, her eyes somehow at the same time loving and wicked, then she grabbed Maera by the shoulders and turned her around, slipping hands under her sweater once more and renewing the hypnosis..

“IS SHE GONNA SHOW HERS TOO?” she sang out the crowd, and their happy lust hit Maere like a shot of booze. Tessa’s tongue explored her ear and jaw as they cheered and clapped, settling into a rhythmic chant of “SHOW ‘EM, SHOW ‘EM!”

Maere’s head was so full of desire now, she didn’t even notice the sweater pulling upward until Tessa broke away from the kiss to allow it to pass between them and over her head. Thirty people now applauded her breasts as Tessa coaxed her back around, gliding her lips down Maere’s neck and shoulder until they came to rest in a passionate suckle. Ankara escort bayan Her friend’s loving lips around her nipple quickly became far more important to her, and she paid the spectators no more mind, listening instead to her heart hammering in her ears.

She closed her eyes and leaned backward, breathing and moaning softly as she cradled Tessa’s head. The room began chanting, “Go! Go! Go! Go!” and Tessa switched to the other breast. Vaguely, she became aware of a coffee table sliding into place behind her. Tessa looked around her to see it, and then gently pressed her downward onto it. Maere leaned backward and Tessa crouched over her, still making enthusiastic love to her nipples.

I’m panting! she thought. Omigod! I’m sweating and I’m panting!

Tessa’s hands fumbled at her fly. Just like they had done so many times for Clay, Maere’s hands automatically slipped to her belt to unbuckle it and unzip her jeans. Her friend’s tongue was actually bringing her close to ecstasy just circling her tips, but her sexuality sang with pleasure as the jeans slipped off her thighs. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembered that she’d gone to the party commando, but all that fact meant to her right now was that her friend could get where she was going sooner. Tessa finally released her breast and licked downward over her tummy, spending just a moment teasing her navel piercing, as Maere’s pants slid down her calves. She pulled her feet out of them as the tip of Tessa’s tongue gently inched its way through her carefully trimmed bush.

Someone had joined them, reaching from behind her to caress her tits. She thought for a moment it was Clay, until she realized the hands were too small. Arching her back so she could tip her head to look, she saw a girl she didn’t recognize, a sexy blonde with a shag haircut. A guy, probably her boyfriend, was encouraging her to keep going, and she giggled as she fondled them. Maere reached up and grabbed her hands, pushing them into her breasts harder, forced her light touch into a passionate massage. Then she slipped her hands upward to pull the girl downward toward a kiss.

The blonde was giggling with embarrassment, but her boyfriend urged, “Do it!” As Tessa’s tongue finally flicked over Maere’s stiffening clit, the girl relented and locked lips with her. Maere explored her mouth fervently, then released her and explored downward toward her chest, pulling the girl’s head toward her own breasts. After a moment of hesitation, the girl latched on to her while Maere stroked her hair and felt a pleasurable thrill.

She mouthed the blonde’s tits through the blouse, wishing for skin. Someone must have read her mind, because a pair of guy’s hands slipped in to unbutton the girl. Slowly, the shirt fell open and slid off. She wore a frilly half-bra of the kind that ended below the nipples. Maere took one and began to suck lustily. It was the first tit she’d had in her mouth since her mother’s, and it tasted wonderful.

Meanwhile, Tessa pulled her tongue out and got to work with her fingers, exploring every part. Maere began rocking to her friend’s touch, wiggling her hips slowly back and forth for more. Tessa didn’t go any faster, but she add to it but putting her head back down and gently nuzzling Maere’s mound as she fingered.

The blonde let go of her tits to say, “What? What Escort Ankara are you doing? Shit, Dwayne… ” Maere tilted her head back to see, again. This time the arching turned into a sexual motion as she bucked her belly up and down to Tessa’s urging, but now she could see that the blonde’s skirt coming off. She watched in fascination as the girl stepped out of it, and then the same guy’s hands pulled the girl’s thong down. She was a real, honest-to-goodness blonde. He pushed her forward toward Maere’s mouth.

Omigod, do I do it? half of her asked, but the other half demanded Taste it! She reached out and grabbed the blonde’s butt, and pulled her into her waiting tongue.

She’d tasted her own pussy before, because it turned Clay on when she fingered herself, and he liked to guide her hand to her mouth when she finished so she could ‘clean it off’. This was a little different, though. Sweeter… she realized the girl put perfume on her pussy, which made her giggle as she sucked. The blonde’s hips began pumping up and down, and she straddled Maere’s face more.

Tessa had her flying way high, now. The sensual bliss gradually transformed into anxiety, need and desperation, and she reached down with one hand to grab Tessa’s hair while keeping the other firmly clamped over the blonde’s butt. The grinding impulse morphed into bucking and pushing, as the fire raged throughout her soul and her thighs. Her entire body finally shuddered in sheer blessed agony as her lover drove her to pleasure’s highest point.

She collapsed, forgetting to do anything for the blonde for a moment. After a moment wiggling her ass, the girl yelped, “Hey!” and she grinned up at her apologetically, then pulled her crotch closer again, now carefully adoring every little nook and cranny with her tongue and all her heart.

“Wrong, girlfriend!” declared Tessa as she moved up beside Maere and kissed her cheek. “It’s my turn! You need to make me happy now. I’ll take care of her; you take my place, and give me all your love.”

Tessa pulled her up, and Maere rose, still drunk with sex and a little confused until her brain caught up. She nodded and got off the table, moving down to where Tessa had been, while the African beauty rolled onto her back on the table and put her wonderful tongue to work inside the blonde. The girl’s eyes got big, then she squealed and started massaging Tessa’s gorgeous tits, looking absolutely delighted.

Before Maere turned to her own task, she glanced around the room. Cellphone cameras and digital cameras and camcorders watched them from every direction, with guys and girls leering and wanting more. It was way too late to object by now. Clay gazed at her, with a look like he’d died and gone to heaven, and Rudy’s grin was enormous, from what she could see behind the camcorder. Maere looked back down at Tessa’s beckoning body, smiled, then knelt back down. Her lips licked gently once up Tessa’s lips and she pursed her lips in amusement at Clay. She was nearly ready to laugh at him. So you think this is a dream come true? she thought at him with a smirk just as she bent in for more. I’m not sure if you’re going to get me back from her now, silly boy. I just might like this better.

She began carefully exploring her lover’s beautiful pussy, looking for all the spots she had learned by fingering herself, exploring in and out and around as Tessa moaned with pleasure. It occurred to her, whether she stuck with her friend, went back to Clay, or kept both, from now on she’d be making love to Tessa on the Internet forever, so she wanted it to look really, really good.

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