Giving A Co-Worker her 1st BBC

Giving A Co-Worker her 1st BBCAs I stated in my profile, while some of the stories I tell are works of fiction, other are narratives of actual experiences that I have had as an interracial swinger. This is one of those experiences that actually happen. It came to mind this morning as I surfing through the stories and videos here on xHamster. I’ve changed the name of the lady involved to protect her privacy and Identity.It all started one day at the end of the work day. Every body had finished for the day and left for home. The only other person other than myself in my core was a cute young blue eyed redhead female who just move from the customer service organization and took a new position in sales support. I was there finishing up some sales contracts that I was working on renewing with my customers. As I was on my way to the printer room to retrieve my copies of the contract on which I had been working, I bumped into this cute young lady who returning to her cubicle from the ladies room. Immediately I was struck by the beauty of her face hair and pretty blue eyes. Additionally I could tell by the tight jeans and blouse that she was wearing that she had a nice body with wonderful curves underneith her clothing We struck up a brief conversation about how quickly the place empties out when it is quitting time. As she spoke I noted her southern accent and I asked her where she was from. She told me she was from Georgia. She asked me why I had not gone home. I told her that I worked in inside sales and all my customers were in the midwest, rocky mountains and the west coast were still working. She said that shew was offered and later working hours to support the outside sales reps in Midwest, Mountain and Pacific time zones. We both smiled at the fact that although our jobs were different we covered the same areas.As time went on we saw a lot of each in the after hours but kept everything friendly and on a professional basis. Over time we became very close friends. Even though I was not required to work past past 6 PM I often staid later just so Ellen did have to be there by herself and walk out to her car in the dark alone. Eventually our frienship ranged beyond work but still remained largely respectful. However, the closer we became as friends the more our conversations would even involve sex and the more I found myself wanting to be more than just friends. Then one day a simple request changed everything.One evening as we were walking out of the office Ellen told me she had to put her car in the office the next day and asked if I could pick her up from the car repair garage and give her a ride to the office I told her that I would be happy to give her a ride.When I picked her up on we were on our way to the office we struck bahis siteleri up one of our usual conversations which quickly took on sexual overtones. So as we talked we both realized how much we wanted each other and it was Ellen who finally broke the ice by saying “why don’t we quit k**ding ourselves and just fuck each other.” I agreed and we started making a date for that evening which was to also include and body massage after workAfter work I took Ellen back to pick up her car. She told me that she was going to go by her house then she would be over. All evening as I waited for her arrival I was extremely excited at the thought of making love to someone who was not only my friend but someone whom I had developed strong feelings. AS I moved around the house making sure everything was in order the door bell rang and when I open the door there stood Ellen wearing a long trench coat. I invited her in and ushered her to the living room where she immediately sat on the couch with out opening her coat.While she was making herself comfortable on the couch I pour her a glass of white wine to losen thing up a bit. I handed her the glass of wine from which she took a sip then reached into her pocket and removed a 3×5 index card. On the card she had a series of question she want me to answer since our friendship was about to enter who whole new level and this was her first interracial sexual experience. With each question she ask I gave an answer that pleased her beyond expectation. However the final question was the one that moved her the most and that was how would I feel if from our lovemaking she became pregnant. I answered her with “I would happily love the and raise the c***d that would be the result of our lovemaking. With that last answer Ellen stood up and untied the belt to her trench coat revealing a very beautiful soft white body clothed only in a turquoise colored bra and bikini panties. I walked up to her and pulled her coat back from her shoulders and let it slip to the floor. We then embraced in a passionate kiss from which I didn’t want to break. However, after a couple minutes of searching each other mouths we pulled apart. Looking into my eyes, Ellan smiled and said I think it time for that massage. Taking Ellen’s hand I lead her back to the master bedroom. There I spread a large beach towel out on the bed and had Ellen lay face down so that I could apply baby oil to her back. Stripping down to just my briefs, I took the bottle of baby oil I had on my night stand, pour a small amount of oil into the middle of Ellen’s back and started softly rubbing it into the small of her back. I gently worked my way up her shoulder blades onto her shoulders. Then I continued to gently massage her neck while leaning güvenilir bahis siteleri forward to passionately kiss her behind her ears and suck on her ear lobes. From there I slid my hand down to softly rub and massage the sides of her sizable but beautiful breast. Again I leaned forward to kiss Ellen on her cheek as I worked my way from the sides of her breast to their now hardening nipples.As I lovingly massaged, pinch and pulled on her nipples, a soft moan of pleasure escaped from her lips. MOving from her nipples I continued to gently massaged her waist up to her lower back and then to her sweet beautiful ass cheeks. While massaging Ellen’n body I noticed the sheer beauty of her skin. She had a peaches and cream complexion. Her skin was flawless without a single blemish, pimple or scar. At this point both rubbing her body and seeing the perfection of her skin was driving me absolutely crazy with desire. I continue massaging and kneading her beautiful and soft ass cheeks. Then I took time to work my way down each leg then back up to he beautiful ass where I reached up under her bikini panties to gain even better access to her beautiful ass. While rubbing her ass under her panties my hand rubbed across the slit of her pussy which made her spread her slit and again groan in pleasure. By this time massaging Ellen’s beautiful body, looking at the perfection of her creamy white skin had my 9″ black cock feeling and looking more like 10″. Rolling over onto her back Ellen said to me “don’t you think it is time to lose the the breifs. I want to see your cock.” Stripping my breifs off she had me lie down on my back where she took my rock hard cock and started gently sucking on it’s the head. AS she would slowly swallowed my cock then and then pull back until the only the head remained. After sucking and swallowing my cock for several minutes I told her that it was my turn to give her some pleasure. As Ellen laid back on the bed I spread her legs and start at her ankles kissing my way up her legs to the inside of her thighs on up to her pussy mound. After tenderly loving each of her beautiful legs I came back to her pussy mound where I then kissed my way down across her slit to the base of here pussy just above her ass. There I slipped my tongue down the softly tease he ass. Feeling my tongue working its way around her asshole Ellen began moaning in pleasure so with that I took my tongue and slid it up and into Ellen’s pussy where I then lick the inside of her lips up to her clit. Once at her clit I lightly used the tip of my tongue to draw a tiny circle around Ellen’ clit before wrapping my lips around it and sucking on it. Within a matter of seconds Ellen’s moans began to get louder and louder until she was screaming canlı bahis in orgasm as I continue to apply pressure on her clit by sucking on it and rubbing it with my tongue. When her orgasm finally subsided, Ellen said for me to please fuck her. She said that she needed to feel me inside of her. Knowing that this is the moment that I had waited for from the first time that I bumped into Ellen in the hallyway at work, I was excited beyond measure. Moving between Ellen’s pretty soft white thighs I aimed my cock at the entrance of her shaved pussy and slowly started to push my cock into he soaking wet pussy. As I entered her body I was amazed at how tight she was but also wet wonderful it felt. I had never felt a pussy as wonderful as hers. I became so overtaken by the sheer pleasure of her pussy that my cock started to pulsate from a need to come. Not wanting to come to soon I withdrew my cock to allow the pulsating to stop. However, The pleasure that Ellen’s pussy had given me in the brief moment of entering did cause a small amount of my cum to leak out of my cock. Ellen asked me why I pulled out and I told her that I did not want to come to soon so I was letting my cock calm down. I told her that making love to her made me feel like a virgin being in his first ever pussy. Hearing that Ellen pleaded with me to please go back into her and fuck her. So once again I shoved my black cock back into her beautiful white body. With each stroke that I made into Ellen’s pussy she moan louder and louder until her body started shaking in orgasm. Wanting and desiring her as much I did I knew that if I remained inside of her while she continued to orgasm I would soon be cumming as well. So I again withdrew my cock from her pussy and told her to get on top where I knew I would last longer and and give her a lot more of the pleasure she desire.Hoving over my cock I felt Ellen’s fingers wrap around my cock and held it steady as she lowered her fantastic pussy down down onto my cock. Once I was fully inside of her, she began bouncing up and down upon my cock moaning louder and louder with each stroke. I loved hearing her moans of pleasure as she drew nearer and nearer to her next orgasm which minutes later hit her so hard that she screamed from its pleasure and her body violently shook from its overwhelming pleasure. As she screamed out her pleasure and her body shook, her pussy muscles were milking my cock to the point where I told her I was going to come. She told to cum and to cum inside of her. With that I shot what felt stream after stream of cum up into her sweet pussy. As my cock swelled and released its load it trigger another powerful orgasm in Ellen. as both of our orgasms were subsiding we continue to grind together with my cock deep inside Ellen’s sweet body while passionately kissing. As we kiss I thought how awesome it was to be loving someone whom I cared som much about and desire. I knew it was going to be a long, wonderful, pleasurable night of love making.

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