Great Britain Ch. 01


Great Britain Ch. 01: Ireland

Now, there is a reason they call the British Isles, Great Britain; they are F’N GREAT! Now this story is not all true, nor is it all fiction. I like to think of it as a nice mix of reality and those dreams that were running through my head the whole time I was away. Also, this is not my first time in Europe, nor my first sexual experience, but it is my first few times having sex in another country…experiences that can make a trip glow in your memory bank until that glorious day you go senile. I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I did.

The first time I went to Europe I was in high school. Now, my family was not rich, but most of my friends were. They convinced me to go to the interest meeting, and boy was I interested. I held in my desires for a few days, thinking, strike that, knowing the answer of my parents would be a resounding ‘No!’ It was the early 90’s and Bush Sr. had made most of America poor. But I really wanted this, so I asked. To my surprise they said yes…on one condition. I had to pay half of it. No freakin’ problem there. I was a little more responsible that I should have been at that age. While my friends were all saving for cars, I horded my money for a trip to Europe and a drum-set. I knew the value of a dollar, and I could always hitch rides, but a trip to Europe…once in a lifetime, or so I thought.

I was too young the first time I went. I enjoyed it, but it was a whirlwind tour of seven countries. I couldn’t fully appreciate what a gift I was really receiving.

So, now it’s 2002 and another opportunity drops in my lap. After graduation from college my plans were to move to London and get a job in the recording industry…business, not playing. Then my roommate tells me about a study abroad program that puts me in London for three months, going to school and doing what I want to do. But once again I think, no way in hell my parents will send me to Europe again. My first few years in college were a waste, and I have been in for too long for my parents to reward me with such a gift for mediocrity. But once again, they said yes. Dad was in the Air Force when he was younger. He had travel in his blood. He has been all over the world…like father like son.

So once again I scrimped and saved, and now it is June of 2003, and I am sitting in the Nashville airport, scared out of my mind, yet too excited to sit still. Not only was I going to be out of the country for three months (total excitement) but also it was only a few months since George W. had re-entered Iraq, and the first time for me on a plane after 9-11. (It’s funny how both trips were around that father and son duo.) I digress…

As I sit in my nervousness, I start to look around my section of the airport, nothing but women. I think, ‘This can’t be my flight,’ and go about my business. Later still, I look around and more women, not all beautiful, but a good chuck of them I could fall for. My nervousness faded and my mind drifted to the wonderful times ahead, thinking ‘Luck Me!’

The flight was fine, and school was great. We were in a rich part of London, and life was grand. But where the real action started was on the little trips we could take. The U.K. transportation system was amazing. In four hours I could be in Scotland, or on a ferry to Ireland, or some other wonderful location in England. For my first trip, I just had to go to Ireland. (I know, Ireland is not really part of Great Britain, but I really couldn’t see myself going to N. Ireland for a nice getaway, and for the purpose of the title, we’ll pretend. If you are from the U.K., DON’T GET PISSED OFF!!!)


I took the train from Kings Cross in London to Holyhead in Wales. It was my first outbound of the trip. I had no plans, no real destination, and the only reservation was for a flight back from Dublin to London a few days after departure. I wanted an adventure. I had been at the school for about two weeks and I loved the people and class and everything I was doing, but I needed to be alone and experience my Irish heritage…not just drinking, but my heritage…or so I thought.

I was fortunate enough to get to Holyhead in time to catch a ferry at a decent time. So I got my ticket and hopped on board. I was so excited. The ship was nice and large and I felt safe on it. It was mid June, but while in Ireland that is nice weather, when a ship starts trekking across the Irish sea, the wind can bite through the warmest of clothing. So, I was shivering and taking pictures of the approaching Irish shore when a hand grab’s my shoulder. Being alone on this journey I immediately froze in horror. As I was spun around I was shocked at the gleaming face of a lovely female from one of my classes. Standing behind her was another girl we had met from some of her classes, and behind her an Irish stranger; named William, whom they had met on the train from London.

Although I had wanted to be a loaner; i.e. stay in a youth hostel and get lost in the land, I was thrilled kütahya escort to see people I knew, especially Sarah, the one who grabbed me. The four of us went inside the ship and got acquainted. William was from Ireland, but lived in London…he worked as a Viagra salesman…I shit you not, a Viagra salesman. So, after a while, the girls, Sarah and Mason, go to the bathroom in a pair, as women often do, and William gets a grin on his face and says, I think you are going to really enjoy Ireland, and hands me a bottle of Viagra. I am shocked. He tells me only to use half a pill at a time, or I would regret having a hard on for eight hours, but other than that, he told me to enjoy them in good health.

As the women approached I hurriedly stuffed the bottle in my backpack.

When we landed, William was nice enough to give us a cab ride and tour through Dublin. He dropped us off in a nice part of town with lovely B&B’s on one side of the road and youth hostels on the other. I told the women my plans, or rather lack there of, and they insisted we all get a B&B together. Who was I to argue?

The room was huge with a large double bed in the middle and a smaller bed to one wall. I could not believe my luck. No plans on my way to Ireland, and then seven hours later I stood in a large room about to spend a few days in Dublin with two women.

That first night we were all tired, so we just went to a local pub and had a good evening. The next day we went out and explored Dublin. More importantly we explored the Guinness factory. I got pissed on the free beer and we hit the city. Boy was that fun. Little did I know that this would be the least of the fun I had that evening.

After our day out, we got cleaned up and apparently everyone was a bit horny. The sexual connotations flying around were making my head spin. The thought slipped into my head for a moment that I may end up with every man’s fantasy of having two women at once. In all honesty I hoped not. Sometimes it is hard enough to please one woman good and proper, I could only imagine the pressure to please two at once. Fortunately (and I know you think I’m either a liar or out of my mind) but I didn’t have the opportunity.

Mason had apparently gotten Williams number and they agreed she would spend the night at his place. So I was left alone with the lovely Sarah.

Now usually I am the kind of guy that has to be in love, or at least have strong feelings, for sex to be a factor. But, here I was in another country, in a beautiful room with a very enticing creature…with a bottle of Viagra burning a hole in my backpack…what would you have done?

The anticipation hung thick in the air. As we readied ourselves for bed, I struggled in vain to conceal my erection. Sarah asked if I would turn my head while she changed. Being a gentleman, I obliged. When she gave me the word, I turned around in enough time to see her standing on the other side of the large bed wearing only a t-shirt and pulling black, cotton, thong underwear up her slender legs. As they reached their destination I saw a flash of her underbrush, reminding me of a field of lovely flowers. I have a sneaking suspicion she was showing this for a reason, but I didn’t want to make the first move. I said my goodnight and turned off the light.

In the darkness, all I could see was a picture show in my mind, flashing her legs and crotch over and over again. My erection was straining in my boxer-briefs. It almost hurt to press the soft sheets onto my rigid flesh. Then her voice broke the silence of the room; “Mike?”

“Yes?” I managed to squeak out.

“I know this may sound bad, but I don’t want to sleep alone…this bed is huge, and I feel so empty over here by myself.” BINGO! What a teasing woman I thought. Well, I’ll show her.

As I flung off the covers, my penis bound up in down in the anticipation of what may come. I told her I had forgotten to take my medication and told her I would join her in a moment. Now I was never a boy scout, and I never anticipate sex, but my motto is still, ‘be prepared.’ So I removed half a pill of Viagra and a few condoms. I took the Viagra and lay the condoms under the pillow, not wanting to reveal my hand too soon, just to be on the safe side.

Under the covers I could feel her heat radiate through the cool sheets. And her smell… Oh my, her smell. Her hair mixed with her perfume, and there was a hint of her musk in the air. I could tell she was excited. Hell, I know I was. I was lying next to a 5’9” lovely. I like them tall, being I’m six foot. My hands were sweating with the anticipation of feeling her hot skin. Touching her firm twenty-year-old breasts. Kissing her full pouting lips. My mind…well my cock was screaming for me to make a move.

It happened in a flash. I rolled over and grabbed her head and moved it to mine. I cradled the back of her head in my massive hands and lifted her lips to mine. In the dark, I missed by half malatya escort an inch, but soon I was on target and rewarded with the sweetness of her kiss. Full lips pressing into mine. Soft, sweet, warm and wet. My mind was exploding with fireworks. Color flamed before my closed eyes, and our lips parted and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Like a Jacobs ladder, sparks bridged the gap of our mouths sending us reeling in heavy panting and our labored hearts were racing. My fingers ran over her scalp as my body, searching for warmth in the sheets, came nestling up to her lovely frame. I was rewarded to feel flesh. No t-shirt, just flesh. She must have taken it off while I was being “medicated.”

I had to touch her body. My hands fumbled their way down her now molten skin. Never removing our facial embrace, my fingers walked down her body, lightly brushing her breasts on the way down. They felt better than they looked, and they looked great! Her nipples were already hard from the cool sheets and the heat we were generating. I gently tugged them in small circles, which generated soft moans being fed into my mouth. I continued my decent. I found the soft flesh of her stomach. It was not hard and firm like and athlete, but it was quite feminine and perfectly rounded.

Further down I found the hem of her sexy underwear. That would have to wait. I needed to build her anticipation. I needed to build her fire first. As my fingers lightly brushed her sex through her underwear, her moan grew and she sucked hard on my tongue. I found this encouraging. My fingers tickled her for a moment and then passed to grab her slender fleshy legs and spread them gently and I positioned my body over hers, and between her legs.

I tore my tongue from her mouth and my lips from her embrace, and traced my mouth over to her ears and whispered, “I can’t believe this is happening.” She sighed in response saying, “I guess you have the Luck of the Irish.” I smiled and traced the tip of my tongue down her neck with care. I reached her collarbone and kissed out to her shoulder and lightly nibbled my way back to her breastbone and up the other side of her neck. I quickly stole another kiss and then dropped to her breasts. Her flesh was so tender, and it quivered when my lips embraced her soft skin. In a slow, circling pattern, I rounder her breast, like licking an ice cream cone, until I found her nipple. It was hard against my tongue. I couldn’t resist suckling her, as my hand formed her tit into its proper 36-B shape. I did the same with the other breast, and when I was done, the smell of her body was overpowering any hint of her perfume. I was in heaven. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this adventure would result in such a hot night. When I said I had no plans for Ireland, I defiantly did not see this coming.

As I finished with her breasts, she let out a whimper as if to say, “Don’t stop yet,” but I had other goals in mind. My mouth abrasively descended her body, but I took care to gently lick the rim of her belly button. A slight giggle slipped from her lips and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it further down her body. My tongue outlined her panties. I went across the top, slightly dropping my tongue under her panty line, feeling the hair coarsely upon my lips. Then I rounded her thigh and licked down the valley where her crotch is formed. She started to wiggle and dance under my mouth. Then my nose passed across her clit and she froze. My tongue slid up her wet undies and pressed hard and flat against her engorged button. Sarah sighed with relief, but suddenly moaned in mock anger as I removed my mouth and licked up the other side of her crotch to draw out this beautiful event. As she grabbed my head forcefully and returned it to her moist center, a smile broke my lips. I had here where I wanted her. And in all honesty, she had me where she wanted me as well.

I moved back to the top hem of her panties and started pulling them down with my teeth. My chin was pressing into her clitoris, and she began bucking underneath me. I wrapped my hands around her ass and felt nothing but her full fleshy mounds. The beauty of thong underwear it pure in this fact, it feels so wonderful to reach around to your woman’s ass and feel nothing but her ass. And I thought in that moment I could die in that position, and never be happier. I was facing Sarah’s beautiful bush, and had my hands on her glorious, stout ass. It had been too long!

As I removed her thong down her long silky legs, I began my assault on her womanhood. I dove in, dropping my tongue to the very bottom of her slit, almost reaching her puckered hole at the bottom. Then flattening out my tongue I ran it the length of her moisture. She managed to moan “Ohhhhh Yeah!!!!” She was soaking my face, and the smell was divine. Her lips were trim and slick, while she left a nice amount of thin hair at the top of my newfound treasure. I nestled her bush to my face before I went batman escort back for more. Lightly circling her clit with my mouth, I began to trace her wetness with my finger. Lightly, up and down, up and down my finger moved on her slit, as my mouth began sucking. Her fire was now burning. I gently placed my finger at her opening, and she was so ready that all I had to do was wait. She couldn’t stand my finger just sitting there, and I got the response I was wanting, she wildly thrust her pelvis down onto my hand. She was warm and tight, and I could feel the ridges of her g-spot, and the slick warmth of her walls.

As she began to grind, she called my name and asked me to move my cock to her face. I was thrilled to oblige. I was always giving, and never really received before. We turned on our sides and she fondled my large shaved testicles. It was something my ex got me into. Sarah was thrilled to see a man take care of his package. She gently sucked one than the other into her mouth. She began to gently hum on my balls. WOW! Not only was the smell of her sex making me light headed, but the thrill of her mouth expertly working over my sack was driving me out of my mind. I found it hard to keep up my end of the bargain. Reluctantly she removed my testicles from her mouth. The cool air sent them into hiding. But she took the moisture she had left and slid her hands around my cock, making it nice and slippery. Like I said, this was new territory for me, so I all but stopped licking her. When she wrapped her lips around the head of my penis I froze, and she started to suck lightly. Now I did stop pleasing her. Once she realized I was no longer moving below her, she lightly applied pressure with her teeth to shake me back into reality. If she wasn’t getting anything in return, she was not going to give. So I started moving my finger in and out again. She ran her tongue up and down my swollen shaft. She pressed hard at the underside with her tip. A few moments later, I was plunged into her control. Her lips once more wrapped around me and she dropped her nose onto my balls. I could feel her releasing air from her nose onto my testicles and across my taint. Being I had never received head before I was amazed at how easy it was for her to take the seven inches of my cock into her mouth. But she did it with style and ease. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere and she began to suck harder. She began tracing my veins and bobbing her head back and forth across my straining erection.

While she was pleasing me, I decided she was more than ready to progress past my single long finger. I inserted another finger, and reached one to the back of her canal while the other curled up to massage her g-spot. She began rocking her hips back and forth with great force, almost pushing me off of her. Feeling that turnabout is fair play, I began pumping in and out of her mouth. The moans she forced on my penis were almost too much to handle. I felt her body begin to tense, I knew her pleasure was eminent. I rubbed harder and harder on her spot, and she pumped harder and harder on my cock. As her legs clenched and her walls caved in, she slowed her pace on my penis, but she sucked harder and moaned even louder. She was swelling to her climax, and her tide were taking me with her. She released a flood of bliss into my mouth. Her taste was sweet and intoxicating. As she came, she sensed I was on my last few strokes, so she tightened my skin and dropped her head just in time to catch my cum in her mouth. We both continued to rock back and forth as our climaxes took us to new heights.

Soon…actually too soon, we began to calm ourselves. I pulled myself away from her mouth, and continued to stroke her gently. She tried to continue on me, but it had felt like she has sucked my soul out through my penis. I couldn’t handle it anymore. From my stroking she had a few tremors left in her, but soon she too removed my hand.

Sarah leaned over the bed and took a drink from the water glass I had used earlier, cleaning her mouth. I too wiped my face, and took a sip as well. I kissed her again, and she plunged her tongue into my mouth once again. It was still electric, and even after the water, we could still taste each other on our lips.

A few minutes of embracing and kissing passed, and she noticed I was still hard as a rock. I had to sheepishly admit the gift William had given me. She told me to remind her to thank him later. With that she pulled me on top of her and forced me close into her body. I could feel my balls mixing in her warm wetness. It was incredible. I momentarily longed to be inside her. Then I realize…why was I longing. I reached over underneath the pillow and retrieve a condom. I opened the wrapper, and she took it out of my hand. Moving the condom down to my penis, she gently and erotically protected our genitals.

Sarah put her hand onto my butt, and pulled me back forward. I slid my penis down to meet her lips. I traced my head over her wet slit and then rubbed her clit with my shaft. I did this over and over again, once more burning her fire hotter. I gently tickled her clit with my cock, sending waves through her body, forcing her to squirm. Then, just like I did with my finger, I gently place the head of my penis into her and waited. The anticipation was driving her mad.

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