Gym Rats Ch. 03: Abbi’s Apology


Author’s Note: Hello Everyone! Here is the next installment in my Gym Rats series. Please see the previous chapters to see how Scott and Abbi got to this moment!


Scott jerked awake, a long grunt sliding past his lips. He had chosen a spot on the couch after giving up his bed the night before, finding it more suitable than the guest bedroom. His neck was now paying the price for that decision. He pushed himself up, hand immediately going to rub the kink in his neck, another grunt aimed at no-one but himself.

His eyes wandered toward the stairs, thinking immediately of Abbi. It was a wild night. She’d unloaded on him, and there was a certain hesitance he felt in how to react this morning. Would she want to talk about it? Would she want to pretend nothing had happened? Either way, she was upstairs lying naked in his bed right now. He paused, frozen by the thought of it.

Finally, his neck wasn’t going to let him stay still anymore. The ache was moving down his back. He stood up, stretching. He walked towards the stairs, taking another pause as he tried to figure out his next step. He couldn’t really do much until she was awake, but after seeing how tired she was he doubted she’d be up for a while. He finally climbed the stairs slowly, trying not to make any noise.

Scott carefully pushed open his bedroom door, peeking in to see she was wrapped up in his blanket, still fast asleep. A small smile crept across his lips. There was still that little part of him that thought she wouldn’t be there. Watching her, he wanted to crawl in bed and snuggle in next to her… keep her wrapped up and just hold her. She needed space though; he knew that much. He closed the door carefully, a small sigh of relief escaping him when it was successfully closed without waking her. He’d have to figure out what to do with himself until she woke up. Luckily, he’d slept in his gym clothes, so he didn’t need to get into the room to change.

A quick drive down the street and back, and Scott had two coffees and a bag full of breakfast sandwiches. A smile reappearing on his lips every few minutes as much as he tried to suppress it. He was too old to be this excited. This was the kind of excitement you felt in grade school when the girl you liked checked ‘yes’ on your do-you-like-me note. He’d wrestled Abbi in a parking lot and fled the police… it didn’t feel appropriate to be happy about it.

When he walked back into the front door, a clothed Abbi was sitting on his couch. He lifted the bag of sandwiches in offering, the smile fading from his face finally. “Food.” He cursed himself internally, wishing there was more to that sentence. He was so worried he was going to say something to upset her again, but he knew he could just as easily ice her out and send her home thinking she wasn’t appreciated. The subtlety and nuance of affection was something he often struggled with.

Abbi nodded, standing up. She followed him to the kitchen, grabbing a sandwich and one of the coffees before sitting back down at the table. She avoided making eye contact: a little shame, a little regret. Screaming at him like that, it felt almost like another person as she was trying to remember it. Even yelling at the trainer in the gym was so out of character, but her head was clear after a good night’s sleep.

“Scott…” She cleared her throat, trying to muster up some courage. “I’ve never had anything like that happen.” She started, wondering if he’d even believe her. It felt like the kind of thing a crazy person would say. “I just kept fixating on the idea that someone had that recording. I’ve never been so paranoid about anything in my life. I lost a ton of sleep over it, worried it was going to show up. Embarrassed even. I tried to say this last night… but it wasn’t about you. At least, I don’t think it was… I-” Her mouth seemed to hang there, jaw moving slightly as she tried to figure out the next words to her sentence.

He waited a few seconds before realizing she was stuck. “Hey, forget about it, okay? Besides, I like how intense you are, you know? I’ve always liked that about you. Don’t apologize for that… let’s just make sure the next time I’ve got you pinned it’s not in a parking lot, okay?”

They both laughed at the same time, and there was this sudden feeling of relief that washed over the room. That was one thing that they both had admired in each other. When things got tense, when they were struggling with a movement or one of them had just failed a lift… the other was always there to offer encouragement and get the other laughing. Abbi knew this was something she was going to have to process, but the moments of levity gave her the space she needed to enjoy the moment now.

“You want to work out?” Scott finally offered.

“I definitely don’t think I can show my face there now. I think it might be time to find a new gym…”

“Let’s just go workout in my garage.” Scott stood up from the table, motioning for her to follow. She stood, following him curiously. He flipped on the light, letting Abbi move to look.

“Wow Avrupa yakası escort bayan Scott… this is, basically a complete gym.” She moved in, looking at it in awe. The rest of his house had been sparsely decorated, but she now saw where all the love and attention had gone. He had a full rack with barbell and plates, a large set of dumbbells, a cable machine, ropes, rings… all kinds of accessory equipment. There was even a treadmill and rower for cardio. “Why do you even go to the gym?” She asked, looking at him. “You could do all your workouts here. You don’t need to waste the money on the gym membership.”

Scott laughed, thinking she was joking, but saw the look on her face and realized she was being genuine. “I could have… but I started going to that gym a few months ago while I was doing some work in here and I met this nice spotting partner that just kept me coming back.”

Abbi blushed, looking away from him. The thought that she’d been a draw for him to keep attending their gym never crossed her mind. She had picked that gym for convenience and had just been delighted in having him around to make her workouts so much more fun and considerably less lonely. She couldn’t imagine evenings without him now.

“That’s actually… very sweet.” With the heat on her cheeks, she knew her blush was growing, and she quickly turned her face to hide it from him.

“So… back squat or bench?” She coughed, trying to get herself refocused. “My routine is all messed up… I don’t have much equipment at home so I’m a little soft.”

“Squat.” Scott offered, an obvious ploy to watch her ass as she dipped low. She had a great physique, and he loved watching her move. He had tried to keep his gaze platonic in the gym, but now that he knew she was game he wanted to let himself enjoy her movements more. “Can I make a request though?” He asked.

“What is it?” She replied, turning to look at him. The faintest dusting of her pink blush was still obvious to him on her cheeks.

Scott swooped in, reaching down to grab her t-shirt, pulling it off over her head. “When you’re in my gym… No shirt.” He smiled, taking a step back to admire her body. “Just the bra. Not sure what the story is with all the baggy t-shirts… but I want to watch you flex more. You are gorgeous… the muscle definition in your arms and back are hidden beneath the clothes.”

Abbi was a little surprised. She helped pull the shirt over her head, glancing over in the mirror. She flexed for him, giving a little smile. “Yeah… okay. No shirt. That’s fine. I think if it’s you I won’t mind the extra attention.” She gave a little wink, her eyes drifting to the mirror to look at her own body. She’d developed a lot of confidence in her strength, but it wasn’t always something she felt comfortable showing off.

“Treadmill or rower?” he asked, pointing between the two.

“Treadmill.” She answered, hopping on before he could say otherwise.

They started their warm-up, both glancing back and forth at one another. Scott watched her chest bounce, even at the moderate pace she was going. The thought of making her strip naked occurred to him, and he felt his dick twitch. He hadn’t cum last night, and now he was watching her… thinking about all the things he could do to her. He looked away, trying to keep himself somewhat composed.

Abbi noticed though. The look in his eyes, the way he shifted awkwardly away from her. Were they ever going to be able to work-out normally again? Maybe this is why you don’t fuck your gym partner. With bouncing, thrusting, and pressing, it’s hard not to think about it tearing each other’s clothes off.

“Need to cum?” she asked, giving him a devilish smile. “I mean, would it help you to focus more?”

Scott laughed, looking at her more directly now. “I should have made you keep your shirt on… watching your tits bounce is driving me crazy.”

Abbi reached down, pulling her sports bra over her head, her breasts freed from their restraints. “Better?” She stuck out her tongue giving a little skip her step to get a little more bounce going for him.

Scott let out a groan, dropping the bar on the rower, pausing the workout to watch her. “Don’t do this to me Abbi… Jesus. I can’t row with a hard-on.”

Abbi turned off the treadmill, walking out in front of him. “Okay… so game plan. Let’s fuck. We can enjoy ourselves, get your mind off sex. It’ll be a good warm-up, right?”

Scott stood up immediately, walking over to grab her. He put his hands on her waist, pulling her close into a kiss. She melted in against him naturally, her arms draping over his shoulders. Her chest pressed against his, breast pressing tight against his chest.

She pulled back, looking at him with a smile. “Or maybe I should return the favor from last night. Take off your shirt.”

Scott pulled his shirt over his head without hesitating. As he reemerged, he glanced down, realizing she was on her knees in from of him. Abbi slowly pulled at his shorts, sliding them Escort Ataköy down past his hips until they fell at his feet. His hard cock sprung free, and he let out a happy moan as he watched her, eye level with his cotch.

“A blowjob? Really? You’re going to spoil me.”

She looked up at him, leaning forward to gently kiss along his shaft, taking a moment to lick as she got to the head. “Spoil you?” She scoffed, one hand going up to stroke his length. “Sounds like someone needs more attention. I love giving blow jobs.”

He felt his cock twitch again at her words, closing his eyes to try and steady himself. She knew how to get him going already, and he realized quickly he was going to putty in her hands.

Abbi leaned in, eyes still looking up at him as she slid his cock into her mouth. She watched his face, eyes closed in contemplation. She wondered if he’d had someone to suck his dick before this point, if it was something he even enjoyed. Maybe it was just a stereotype that all men loved blowjobs. She was slow, not rushing it, pressing her head down until she could feel his length sliding in, letting her tongue swirl teasingly around the head. Scott felt almost jittery around her as she started to pleasure him, slowly inching on and off him to take more and more of his length into her mouth. She pushed herself until she felt his cock teasing the back of her throat, her lips firm around the base of his shaft.

She watched him, Scott’s eyes still closed tight as her head bobbed back and forth. He was stiff, almost statuesque as she tried to pleasure him. It felt off to her. She pulled back, a rope of drool connecting her mouth to his cock as she looked up at him, her hand gently swatting it away. “Everything okay?”

Scott opened an eye, looking down at her now. Her mouth was sloppy with drool, and he felt a little surge of adrenaline. “I just… usually I’m pretty rough. I’m not always good at taking things slow and I didn’t want to… well scare you off. That’s all. Just trying to keep myself from doing anything I’ll regret.”

A welcome smile spread across Abbi’s lips, her hands going to rest on his thighs, giving him the same reassuring squeeze, he usually gave to her. “Rough? That’s okay. Why don’t you give me a little ramp up to how rough you like it, and if I can’t take it, I’ll just tap out and we’ll reset? I’m not going to run off this time, okay?” As if to emphasize the point, she reached for his hand, slowly guiding it to the back of her head so he could feel a little more in control.

Scott hesitated another moment. He fought himself to caution her again, but he knew better. She hadn’t been shy about fucking him the first night, and he didn’t want to doubt her limits. He took the back of her head decisively, wrapping his fingers in her ponytail. He watched her face now, moving his hips to feed his cock back into her waiting mouth. Without worry of the consequences holding him back, he now enjoyed the gentle bob of her head taking in his length as before.

As she got back down his shaft, his hand braced, holding her there pressing her head hard to hold her against him. He thrust his cock in, pressing the back of her throat a few times, watching the look in her eyes as she tried not to gag, fighting to maintain her own composure. He gave her a little bit of slack, pulling back just a bit before plunging down again. All that pent up desire from the previous night seemed to boil to the surface in a pure need to use and fuck her mouth. Finally, he felt her gag on his length, loving the reflexive squeeze of her throat against his throbbing shaft.

He backed off quickly, pulling free from her. She burst out gasping, slobber running down her chin this time. “Too much?” He asked, wanting to know now whether this was something they were going to share. His hand dropped to his side, letting go of her hair, waiting expectantly for her answer.

“Well-” She gasped, chest heaving as she sucked in air. “I wish you’d ramped up like I asked, or just told me you wanted to fuck my face…” She reached up to wipe off her chin, taking a few more deep breaths. “It’s fine. Let’s see if I can last long enough to get you to cum, okay? This will be an interesting challenge.”

Abbi looked up at him with another grin, opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue slightly as a welcome invitation for him to resume.

Scott watched her, his stomach twisting in excitement. “I guess this isn’t your first go around, is it?” He asked, moving forward, pressing his cock against her waiting tongue. He teased his head on her tongue a bit, playing with her mouth. “Fuck… I can’t wait to see how much you can take.”

Abbi chuckled a little bit before moving back into action, inching her way down his length again until she could feel his dick pressing against the back of her throat. Her hands moved up, resting on his thighs to give herself some leverage. She began to bob her head back and forward, stealing quick glances upward to watch his reaction.

Scott watched here more intently Şirinevler escort this time, not feeling the need to hold himself back. He rested his hand on the back of her head, just feeling the rhythm of her motions. He watched her work with glee, happy to see how natural this was for her. She was much less conservative than the other women he’d been with, including his last wife. His fingers dug into her hair, grabbing the base of her ponytail, fingers tangling in her hair for a firm hold this time. He forced her down again, feeling his dick rut up against the back of her throat. He held her there, looking down to meet her gaze, daring her to gag on him again.

Abbi’s hands stayed on his thighs. She was more prepared this time and tried her hardest to remain steady as he forced her head down. Her eyes locked in his, and she could see the devious in his eyes. It reminded her of their first encounter, when he was fucking her hard enough for it to feel almost like a punishment. She shivered, drool dripping past her lips, down her chin. She couldn’t hold back anymore, and she gagged hard on his cock.

He pulled back long enough to let her get a breath before his grip went firm again. He held her head in place, this time his hips thrusting forward. He fucked her face slowly, making sure to pull her head forward as her lips reached his body, digging her in against him to get every inch buried into her mouth. “There you go… good girl. Let daddy fuck that pretty face.” He grunted down to her with growing satisfaction.

His speed picked up from there, hips doing most of the work. Every thrust into her mouth added more momentum, his throbbing cock driving his pace. He pulled her hair tight in his fist, almost brutal as he filled her without restraint pounding her hard. He could hear her starting to falter, little cries muffled by a mouth full of his meat. It sent a shiver up his spine, knowing she was choking him down. “Good girl!” He reassured, maintaining the pace.

Abbi had never had someone fuck her mouth like that, and it was intense. She was trying her best to keep up, stealing breaths where she could. Every time she tried to pull her head back his hand was there, holding her in place, feeding her his length without a break. She kept drooling hard, occasionally trying to reach up to wipe her chin, little gasps and cries slipping out. Finally, as his cock filled her throat, blocking the air and she so desperately needed. She slapped hard on his leg repeatedly and felt the hand on her head let up. She gasped, drool dripping down her face, air filling her lungs. It felt so good to get a full breath again. “Sorry!” She gasped out.

“No apologies, you’re doing a great job.” He smiled down at her, taking an opportunity to caress her cheek affectionately. “You lasted a lot longer than I thought you would, for sure. Catch your breath, you can lick my balls while you recover.”

Abbi smiled, blushing just a bit. He wasn’t going to just let her out of this? No, she imagined he knew she wasn’t quite ready to give up. She took a few more refreshing breaths of air before leaning again. She kissed his heavy ball sac gingerly, showing the same level of care she had when she’d started the blow job. She enjoyed pleasuring him. Even as dominant he was being, she appreciated he wasn’t demeaning her. He seemed almost impressed with what she was doing, and it made her feel almost capable.

“Like this?” she asked, leaning in to flick her tongue gently against his balls.

“Yeah… that’s it. Good girl…” He reached down, giving her head a gentle pet before pulling her in, positioning himself over her so his balls were almost dangling in her mouth. “God, you’re amazing Abbi…” He started to stroke his length again, feeling his dick throbbing as the attention of her tongue was giving him.

Abbi felt his growing excitement and it fueled her own desires, trying to take both balls into her mouth, sucking and flicking her tongue against them. She rubbed his thighs, tracing the curves of his muscular legs, letting her hands explore up to his hips. Her viewpoint beneath him limited her ability to see his face, but she didn’t need to. His strokes were faster, and she knew the orgasm was getting closer.

“Jesus you’re good at that too…” Scott grunted between clenched teeth, feeling himself getting close to the edge. He pulled back from her, hand adjusting his cock to guide it back to her mouth. He gave her just a second to process the change before his hand grabbed the back of her head again, pulling her down hard. He thrust quickly, keeping up the same frantic pace he’d been pounding himself with, using her mouth without restraint. He had to hold her head hard to keep it in place, enjoying the sickly slurps of her dripping wet mouth. “Fuck… yes… Abbi. Take it… good girl!”

It didn’t take many more thrusts from there. He pulled back, hand moving back to his length to stroke himself as his cock erupted. He aimed carefully, the first rope of cum landing across her face. His cock twitched, sending another shot at her cheek. He panted, stroking his cock to milk it of any remaining. He wiped his cock against her lips before letting his hand fall and letting out a low, guttural grunt of satisfaction. “Fuck Abbi…” He took a few steps back to admire her cum smeared face with a certain amount of pride and pleasure he couldn’t deny.

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