Habitat for Humanity Ch. 01


Bear Women – Kathy

This is a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent.

This is an erotic tale from the imagination of Victor Blum. This is a work of fiction and the characters and incidents are products my fantasy world. Resemblance to actual events or persons is coincidental . . . so please do not take offense if the situation or story fits. All characters involved in sexual situations within my stories are above the age of eighteen (although I can’t tell you what may have happened before their eighteenth birthday).

I would ask that you do not reproduce these stories, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the author, especially for profit.


After a year at the company starting as an intern, I had worked in various departments and got to know a number of the sexy women in the company. I did have other interests though, and decided to spend a weekend working on a Habitat for Humanity “build blitz” just a couple blocks from my apartment.

During the volunteer evaluation, they found out I had some experience with electrical systems and was assigned to the electrical contractor as a helper to assist in whatever they needed. I started as part of the rough-in crew and pulled wires all morning in the number three house of four. By lunch time, I was already hot and thirsty, and very ready for a break. I grabbed two bottles of water and a tray of food from the table and sat down at an empty seat oblivious to anyone else around me.

“Steve!” I heard from behind me as a hand rested on my shoulder. “I didn’t know you would be here!” I turned and found Kathy from work right behind me.

Kathy worked as a technical writer and also acted as program administrator for one of our software programs. I had definitely noticed her around the company and talked to her briefly but never really got to know her personally. She was very different from most of the other women in the company as she was not flirty or at all seductive in her dress. She seemed to be more content hanging out with the guys and being accepted as part of the team without the trappings of most of the other women.

She was short, only about 5 foot and 3 or 4 inches with a small but strong frame. Her dark red hair was feathered around her face but fell straight in back to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her skin seemed permanently tanned, with a small nose nestled between two bright brown eyes. Her small breasts were always secured in a simple white bra under her polo shirt, while her muscular legs and firm butt usually were stuffed into tactical 5.11 pants that were a pleasure to watch.

I invited her to sit down with me and we talked about what we had been doing that day. She had been assigned to a paint crew but with the incredible heat they had asked her to switch over to providing water bottles around the project and collecting the empties. I let her know that I would likely be inside unit four the rest of the afternoon as our goal was to finish all our wiring today so the night shift could get all the drywall up during the cool of the night. She promised to drop off some water later and I went back to work.

The stifling weather did slow us down and it was almost seven by the time we finished running wires. Kathy had been by twice to provide cool water, staying around to chat for a few minutes each time. As I wrapped up my tools, I figured she had long since left but I found her collecting another bag of empty water bottles out front.

“Hi!” I said as I approached. “I thought you would be gone by now.”

“Well hello!” she answered with a smile. “This is my last bag of empties and then I can leave.”

“You want to go out and get a bite to eat?” The smile she had given me definitely gave me the impression that there was opportunity to spend more time together and my immediate reaction was to ask her out for dinner.

“I need a shower before I could possible sit down to eat,” she replied and then leaned close to my chest. She sniffed and wrinkled her nose. “And you definitely need a shower!”

“OK,” I answered, thinking fast. “My place is only two blocks away. You can shower at my place while I make you a delicious dinner of chicken with green olives and tomatoes over wild rice.” This is one of my standby dishes and I always had the makings for it standing by.

“That sounds good but what about these sweaty clothes?”

“I will wash them for you while we eat. I have a nice fluffy bathrobe you can wrap up in until your clothes are dry.” I would have preferred that she walk around my place naked but I did not want to scare her away. I always figured I should take it slow and easy until given the signal to do otherwise, although many of the women I met in this company were not interested in such niceties of seduction.

“That sounds really good!” she said with that smile again. I helped her with the last bit of bayburt escort clean-up and hoisted the bag of empty water bottles into the recycle dumpster for her. Then we walked off towards my apartment building. When we got to my apartment, I gave Kathy a brief tour, then sent her to the bathroom, where I provided a large towel, the promised bathrobe, and all the essentials she would need. Then I went to the kitchen to start dinner.

I heard the hair dryer as she finished up, and timed the cooking so that I could leave it for 10 minutes while I showered. Kathy came into the kitchen wearing just the large towel wrapped tight around her body, forcing her breasts to be mashed up to almost spill out the top and just barely covering her ass at the bottom. Her red hair was clean and shiny as it cascaded over her shoulders, while her clean face showed why she needed no makeup to turn a head. She had her sweaty clothes in her hands.

“You didn’t like the bathrobe?” I asked with a grin.

“I thought you might like this better,” she answered with a devilish look in her eye. “Do you want me to put the robe on as well?”

“No, no! That’s quite all right,” I said with a grin. “I like the look. If you can keep an eye on the rice so it doesn’t burn, I’ll be back out in ten minutes.” I took her dirty clothes and walked out of the kitchen. As I passed her she swatted on the butt.

“No worries…I’ve got it.”

I went off and started the laundry to wash her clothes, then jumped in the shower myself. I tried to hurry but did take the time to shave, figuring that if anything did happen at least I would not give her beard-burn. I threw on a pair of terrycloth bathroom shorts and a t-shirt and came back to the kitchen to find that Kathy had already set the table.

I served dinner, but by passed the normal wine for water since we were both a little dehydrated from the hot day’s work. We talked about work, some common interests in movies and television, and a number of other things. It was a casual dinner between friends, although her near-naked body was a distraction for me. When we were done I rose and started clearing the table. Kathy offered to help but I insisted she was my guest and I would take care of it. With my back to the dining room, I cleared the left-over food into containers to place in the frige.

“Would you care for any dessert?’ I asked with my back turned. “I have some ice cream and could heat up some pie if you would like.”

“No need,” she said in a suddenly husky voice. “I think your dessert is already on the table.” I turned around and found Kathy laid back on top of the table, her thick towel laid out under her. Her body was facing my seat, with her legs spread wide to highlight her auburn mass of pubic hair and the glistening labia beneath. My eyes feasted on the luscious body before me, and I found myself carefully examining her tan lines.

Around her moderate breasts there was faint tan line that showed she tanned both with a string bikini top and without! Her bronze skin was smooth and taught across her midsection but at her hips there was a two-tone tan line. Some of her tanning had been done with a moderate panty-type bottom but other times she had worn a thong-type bottom that barely covered her thatch and pussy! I never thought Kathy was so daring!

“Are you going to stand there with your mouth open,” she asked in that husky voice. “I know some places your open mouth could be put to work.” I jerked out of my trance and moved towards the table. I stood between her legs and leaned forward over her body, resting my hand on the table at each side of her waist.

My mouth moved to her chest and I licked the smooth valley between her firm little breasts, sampling her soft skin like a new flavor of ice cream, breathing in her clean scent. Shifting one hand to cup one firm tit, I moved my head to the other one, running my mouth all over the ripe globe of flesh before focusing the attention of my tongue on her hard nipple. Sucking with delight on that nipple for a while, I continued to caress the other breast with my right hand. When I opened my mouth wide and tried to pull her entire tit into my mouth, it felt like it would almost fit.

Beneath my lips I could feel the pulsing of Kathy’s heart while delicate shivers and the little writhing of her body encouraged my swollen prick to become even harder. Despite my desire, I knew that I should take my time with her as the reward in the end would be so worth it. After all, she was spread out on my table just for me and I so much wanted to hear her moan in ecstasy.

Moving my head, I exchanged one breast for another in my mouth, loving on it with my mouth and tongue. She caressed the back of my head as she moaned and pressed her hips up to rub her pubic mound against my stomach. Her urgency, not mine, made me move away from her soft breasts, using my mouth to kiss down her rib cage, and over to her hip.

As I shifted my body around, I realized how swollen bartın escort and eager my cock was as it tented my shorts. It wanted to be buried in her cunt so bad, but I knew she wanted me to have dessert first and pleasing her was the first order. From her hip, my mouth worked back to center, licking leisurely around the boundaries of her pubic thatch, exploring the feeling of the tightly curled against his cheek as the splendid bouquet of Kathy’s pussy wafted into my nostrils. Communicating her desire, she spread her strong thighs wide to invite me to dine in her wonderful garden.

With one hand resting on her flat belly, I moved down and placed my face between her thighs, where my tongue explored and found the moist warmth of her labia. Kathy’s pussy lips were damp with a luscious juice and I started lick at them like a kitten on milk. It was pungent and sharp yet sweet like maple syrup, a unique contrast not found in normal food. The taste and smell were stimulating my brain; the musk embodied the fundamental nature of this woman as her crotch pressed against my face. I inhaled deeply and then opened my mouth wide and shoved my tongue between her labia to plunge it deep into the silky warmth of her vagina, pushing deeper until my nose was buried in her flesh.

“Oh crap,” Kathy gasped. “That’s good.” Moving my hands to grip the cheeks of her muscular ass, I pressed forward to ‘savor the flavor’ of her pussy, sucking up the seeping juices. I pushed my mouth deeper against the soft flesh of her crotch, sucking energetically at her swollen labia until I pulled at them with my mouth. She responded by thrusting her body against my face while her body wiggled on the table in front of me. There was a squeezing pressure against the sides of my head from her muscular thighs as she lifted her legs over my shoulders and down my back. This allowed her to pull me harder into her cunt, forcing her heat against my mouth.

“Up…to…my clit!” she panted. “oh fuck…there! Oohh…fuck…eat…eat me!” I did everything I could to consume her, sucking at her swollen cunt lips and pushing the tip of my tongue against the little nub that was now the focus of her need. I switched back, sending my tongue into the depths of her pulsating snatch.

I had a tight grip on tight cheeks of her writhing ass, holding her in place as I blissfully sucked in her juices. It was difficult to hold on and my hand shifted a bit, placing a thumb right on her little anus. It felt so hot under my thumb…burning hot. I wiggled my thumb and she squealed and thrust wildly against me, smearing my cheeks and chin with her hot pussy juice.

“I’m…I’m…cumming,” she howled. “Ohhhhh…..fffuuuuucccckkkk!” Her body stretched taut, then thrashed on the table in front of him, her heels thumping on my back. I never stopped drinking in her sweet juice as I enjoyed her rapturous orgasm, watching her gasp and squirm in the throes of a magnificent climax. Although it was likely only a few brief moments, she seemed to be lost in her orgasm for a long time as wave after wave washed over her.

Finally, I felt Kathy go limp; her legs relaxed over my shoulders. The room seemed unnaturally quiet after her shouts and all I could hear was her feeble gasps for breath. With a sigh, I slid her legs off my shoulders and leaned back in my chair, my face wet with Kathy’s pussy juice. I was stunned by the vision of beauty lying on my table.

Kathy was naked on the table, her head cocked to one side; her hair was dark red and pasted to the sides of her face with sweat. The same sweat that made the smooth skin of her body glisten in the light. The firm mounds of her breasts jiggled slightly with her panting breaths but the nipples on top were swollen and hard. Below her heaving abdomen and between her spread legs, the entrance to her cunt was gleaming wet and swollen red. This was the most erotic sight I ever remember seeing, all the more exciting because I created the orgasms that left her like this.

I waited until Kathy recovered. She finally opened her eyes and looked around before fixing her gaze on me.

“Holy shit,” she exclaimed. “What did you do to me? That was incredible.”

“I just wanted some dessert,” I answered with a grin.

“Oh baby, that was great,” she sighed as she sat up. She looked down at me in my chair with a devilish smile. “I hope there is more to come.” She beckoned me closer with her finger.

I stood up and moved between her legs. She pulled me close and kissed my lips, tasting her own cunt fluid on my face. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, where she explored fervently, seeking out every taste inside.

My hand went to her breast, where I cupped it and squeezed her hard nipple. Kathy groaned into my mouth and pressed her cheats into my hand. There we were, Kathy’s sitting bare-assed on my dining table while I stood between her legs, locked in an endless lip-lock. Our hands explored and caressed each other’s bodies. The silky skin of her body under my ığdır escort fingers further stimulated my desire to have her, and her desire was obviously not satiated, in spite of her recent orgasm. When her hand reached down and pulled my shorts open, I realized she was still very hungry. As the shorts fell to my feet she reached down and wrapped her hand around my stiff penis to feel its size and hardness.

“I’m glad you are fully equipped,” she whispered as she broke our kiss. “And it’s fuckin’ hard, so to speak.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I replied.

“I just hope you know how to use it,” she cautioned with that grin again. “Now take me bed and show me you know how to use it.”

Moving up to her, I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck while her legs wrapped my waist. As she pressed her body against me I was aware of her firm breasts pressing against my chest, her nipples hard and stiff surrounded by the pliant mammary flesh.

While I turned towards my bedroom, Kathy shifted down just a bit and she found my hard cockhead pressing against her clit. To her, it was a button to drive towards more pleasure and she began to wiggle and press her nub hard on my cock even as I was trying to walk towards the bedroom. I stumbled from her shifting weight and braced myself by leaning on the doorjamb.

“Stop moving around!” I laughed. “I almost dropped you.”

“But it feels so good!” she hissed, moving her pussy along my cock. Her teeth started to nibble on the side of my neck sending shivers through me. I knew if we stayed here she would try vertical sex and, despite all those porn movies, that is hard work. I pushed off of the doorjamb and staggered to the bed. When I got to the bed, bumped the foot of the bed with my knee and we fell onto the bed in a tangle. Without a pause, we fell back into our passionate embrace, pressing our skin together and our hands explored any uncovered part of our bodies.

Kathy was slightly higher on the bed and soon her breasts fell to the attention of my mouth again, my tongue twirling around her hard nipples as my lips suckled on her firm mounds. Our mutual hunger seemed to build as we squirmed against each other until I was positioned between Kathy’s strong thighs, outspread and welcoming. I supported my weight with my arms as I pressed the length of my cock against her steamy cunt.

She suddenly froze and grabbed my arms in an iron grip, and her eyes open wide in fear.

“Wait!” she hissed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’m off the pill,” she said with a sob. “Oh God…I forgot to get more and haven’t taken on in over a week. I’m sorry…I didn’t think this would happen.” I reached up to her face to caress her beautiful skin.

“Do you want to stop,” I asked tenderly. “Or would you like me to use a condom?”

“Would you?” she said, her eyes brightening. “Do you have one?” Smiling, I got off the bed and went to my dresser. In the top drawer were two condoms and I quickly tore one open and unrolled it down my hard cock. I turned back towards her and she smiled and nodded in approval.

I moved back to the bed and placed myself between Kathy’s widespread thighs. There I rested on my arms with my latex covered shaft lengthwise along Kathy’s hair-topped pussy. She was a vision of carnal beauty beneath me, her skin flush with sexual desire while her breasts jiggled with her rapid breathing. The smooth skin of her thighs wrapped around my hips and she pulled us together as her body hungered for what I was now ready to give her.

“Are you ready for this now?” I whispered, pushing upward to run my swollen cockhead through her mat of pubic hair. My own body was tense as I struggled to hold back myself, wanting to build her desire even further. I looked down into Kathy’s big brown eyes, looking for that clue…that moment that it was time.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. I never would have thought that you and I would…” Kathy let out a long, shuddering sigh and licked her lips before continuing. “Now I want this so much. I want you in me.” She reached up a hand to stroke my cheek tenderly and then a dusky voice said, “Please fuck me! Fuck me hard with your….OH GOD YESSSSS!”

As soon as she said the “fuck” word I plunged my cock into the entrance of her pussy. In my mind I really wanted to go slow really enjoy every portion of her delicious pussy but my own desire made me just bury my cock in her wonderful creamy warmth.

Kathy threw her head back as she cried out her pleasure, her thighs pressing into me as her legs wrapped around my lower back. With her ankles crossed she pulled me down onto her while she pushed her pussy up to meet my thrust and bury me deep inside her. The connection we had at that moment was so intense, it felt as if every bit of my nervous system had been zapped with an electrical charge spreading from my cock through my entire body. My cock throbbed and if it was not for the condom wrapping my cock I would have exploded into her silky wet heat.

Kathy’s vagina wasn’t just tight, but it was also short. I felt like I bottomed out and yet my balls were not nested against her pussy entrance yet. I shoved further forward and she winced beneath me, her clenching hands now flat against my chest. For moments, neither of us dared to move.

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