Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 13

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Hi, there. Melinda Monteiro alias M. J. here. You folks might remember me from another sexy urban tale. I’m the fat black chick with the big monster booty from the city of Brockton who straps it on to please her man. I did an award-winning amateur porn video with my husband and a sexy male friend named Samson and used the funds to raise money for the faltering athletic department of my alma mater, Plymouth County Tech. These days, I’m a nurse living in the city of Brockton, somewhat happily married to Justin Terrier, a big and tall, closeted bisexual ex-college football player turned Massachusetts state police officer. We’ve been very happy together, up until recently.

In fact, my Justin is about to get even happier now. Presently, I’ve got him on all fours. Face down and ass up. I’ve lubricated his asshole with lotion and I’m about to shove my strap-on dildo inside. I never get tired of doing that. Strapping it on and shoving it in. It’s just something kinky we both like to try every now and then. He’s a bisexual man with some rather unusual tastes but since I love him so deeply, I strive to make him happy. Placing my hands upon his hips, I shove the dildo up his ass. Here we go again. This time, I fuck him harder than ever before. He screams as my plastic cock burrows deeper into his asshole. I want to punish him for something. He had a little too much fun with a white female acquaintance of ours, that’s all. Today, it’s his ass that’s on the line.

Lately, things have been growing stale in the bedroom. I think it happens to every couple. I really don’t want it to happen to us. We’ve tried everything. Last month, we tried bringing another woman into the bedroom. It didn’t work out. Not that it wasn’t an eye-opener. The woman’s name was Marguerite Monroe and she was a five-foot-eight, somewhat chubby white chick with short blonde hair and green eyes. And she had a fat ass too. I couldn’t care less about that last fact but my husband was delighted. She said in her online profile that she was a natural submissive with a strong penchant for black couples. So we gave her a try. Actually, Justin gave her a try. I just watched. I don’t sleep with women. Bitches disgust me. I prefer men. I only did this to make Justin happy.

Justin thought the fat white chick looked hot. Personally, I think gaziantep bayan escort chubby little Marguerite wasn’t bad-looking. Other than the fact that she was forty, and also she had fake tits and too much cellulite. So, we tried having fun. Justin lay on the bed, while Marguerite sucked on his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Marguerite engulfed my husband’s magnificent cock in her mouth. I must say the white bitch wasn’t too bad at sucking cock, judging by the way Justin seemed to be enjoying himself. I smiled at him and waved. Honestly, I liked Justin better when he was into men. Oh, he’s still very much into men. We’ve had male guests over and sampled their sexual prowess together. However, these days, Justin seemed to long for female flesh more and more. It was if I wasn’t enough for him anymore. Bringing this low-class white bitch into the bedroom was my last compromise.

Marguerite avoided my eyes as she sucked on my husband’s cock. She licked his cock and balls. I stared at them, as if I could burn holes into them. When Justin finally came, Marguerite sucked all the cum out of his cock. He sighed in pleasure, in the familiar way he often did after he got a good suck or fuck. I rolled my eyes. Couldn’t they do this faster? Seriously. This was the longest sex scene I’ve ever seen. And I’ve watched myself having sex with multiple partners on camera during an amateur porn shoot.

Next, they were about to try something new. Marguerite got on all fours while Justin came up behind her. He spread the fat white chick’s plump ass cheeks wide open and pressed his cock against her backdoor. Slowly, he worked his cock into the big white woman’s asshole. Marguerite looked right at me as my husband began fucking her in the ass. Justin dug his fingers into the flesh of Marguerite’s hips and I saw her wince. Her eyes never left mine. I looked at her coldly. Are you enjoying the feel of my husband’s dick side your asshole? Why do you white bitches crave black cock so much? As if reading my mind and finding out how much I despised her, Marguerite winked at me. Was I seeing things? Absolutely not. The white bitch had just winked at me.

What the hell kind of game was she playing? Was she bisexual or something? Nothing against bisexual chicks but I don’t get down like that. I cannot see myself bumping pussies with another female or letting a female suck my tits or touch my pussy. It’s just not for me. I am not curious. I am not repressed. I’m just not into it. I coldly shook my head and Marguerite’s expression went from annoyingly come hither to sour. I smiled. I think she got the message.

Marguerite resumed squealing like the disgusting fucking pig that she was as my Justin continued slamming his cock in and out of her asshole. At some point, Justin must have had enough for he abruptly stopped. Reading the expressions on his face, I knew what was happening. Justin was about to cum. And cum he did. I knew the exact time he came. Marguerite’s eyes widened almost comically and her mouth went agape as Justin’s hot and manly cum filled her asshole. I smiled. Yes, bitch, who’s laughing now? How do you like the feel of a torrent of hot cum flooding your asshole, straight from a big black dick? How was your first taste of a big black dick up your ass? Was it everything you dreamed of?

Marguerite’s eardrum-shattering scream of pain mixed with pleasure was music to my ears. This chick was such an amateur. I could take a super-sized dick up my ass without so much a grunt. I’m an expert, folks. After Justin had his fun, he pulled out of her. She lay on the bed, stunned into Kingdom Fuck. I didn’t let her off that easy. I grabbed her head and looked into her eyes. With my hands I pried her mouth open so that it could not close. I made Justin smear his cock all over her mouth, right after it had just been up her ass. Marguerite was stunned. I laughed evilly. The bitch hadn’t seen anything yet. I told her to get her ass out of my house then Justin and I went into the shower for some loving.

Yeah, I had fun humiliating Marguerite Monroe. Only one woman should have any effect whatsoever on my husband and that woman is me. Melinda Monroe. The white bitch got her punishment. Time for Justin Terrier to get his. Holding his hips tightly, I buried my dildo deep into his asshole. He squealed in pleasure mixed with pain. I reached underneath him and stroked his cock while fucking him. I had a good time fucking him. When I was done, my pussy was wet as a puddle. I came several times. I pressed a special button on my mechanized dildo and released hot artificial cum deep inside Justin. He screamed as my hot seed filled his ass. I flipped him around and looked into his eyes. He couldn’t believe what jus t happened. Hell yeah I just came inside of him! I kissed him passionately.

I had fun fucking Justin in his tight ass. And now he wanted to have a go with mine. I was happy to oblige. I eagerly got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. Like a good hood wife. Justin shoved his cock into my asshole. He entered me mercilessly, without lube or patience. I was expecting that. Why do you think I fucked him so damn hard with my dildo? I wanted him to return the favor by burying his cock deep into my plump ass. Down where the sun didn’t shine.

Justin grabbed my hips roughly as he sodomized me. His long and thick cock felt even bigger than I remembered in my ass. It hurt so damn much. Yet I welcomed it. This is what rough anal sex is all about. Lubricant is for wimps and dumb broads. When you’re a seasoned anal sex enthusiast like myself, you’re always ready to get down. After getting ass fucked by my husband’s big cock thousands of times, my ass automatically expanded to accommodate his sheer girth. With or without lube. I could take all of him with barely a grunt. Yeah, folks. I’m that good.

As Justin fucked my ass with all the rage he could muster, I screamed loudly. I welcomed his cock’s merciless assault on my asshole. I love it deep in my ass and if loving it is wrong I don’t want to be right. His cock drilled me for the better part of an hour, then finally it happened. Justin’s dick spat the glorious cum it had been holding onto for so long. And it flooded my asshole like a deluge. It burned me deep inside. And I loved it! If I die today, my only regret would have been that I didn’t have more anal sex. Got that? Cool.

Afterwards, Justin and I lay side by side on the bed. I smiled at him. He smiled at me. We held hands. And just like that, all was well between us again. Our love and kinkiness prevailed over the forces of time and sexual boredom. Justin leaned closer and told me that I was the only woman for him. Then he kissed me. And I kissed him back. We’re two of a kind, really. A extraordinarily kinky bisexual black man married to a woman who’s got the most insatiable of all sexual appetites. I guess that’s why we have so much fun together. Anyhow, I’m glad you folks stuck around to hear the entire tale, folks. Good luck with everything.

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