I was totally naked except for high black patent leather heels and a choker of pearls and was sitting demurely on the edge of a large leather sofa, the smooth upholstery clinging coolly to my buttocks. My lover’s hand pushed my knees gently yet widely apart as though I was a rag doll needing adjustment to prevent me from toppling over lifelessly. I was totally submissive which I knew pleased my partner and I was in a state of intense longing for his touch and direction. My lips parted, my breath came up into my throat and my head lolled back, openly revealing my shapely neck, the pulse in the hollow of my throat and emphasizing the pale orbs of my breasts that lifted slightly from the pressure of the backward tilt of my head.

My long waves of copper hair cascaded down my back and my arms rested quietly at my sides. He reached forward and snapped open one of the decorative nipple clamps, removing it from the sensitive tip of one of my breasts. A surge of pain flooded the nipple then immediately dissipated leaving the long purpled protrusion standing erect but slightly flattened. Repeating the gesture, he freed me of the clamps that I had myself put in place knowing they would arouse him as they did me. He cupped a breast and bent to suckle.

My cunt flooded with moisture and heat as he drew the nipple into his mouth and rolled it on his tongue. He administered to the other nipple as well and I panted shallowly and moaned softly, arching my breasts as high and as firmly as I could to receive the fullness of the ecstasies offered by his mouth. The moist red bud of my clit hardened, rising from its hood and my inner lips flushed with color, glistening and protruding slightly from the soft frills of my outer lips. He pushed me back and slipped a long slender finger deeply into the tight orifice of my ass and plunged his thumb into the sopping cave of my pussy, bringing the finger and thumb together tightly for a moment then thrusting roughly into me with them both before releasing his grip and stepping into the courtyard of my open legs.


My lover is spectacularly masculine, possessed of breath-taking strength, stamina and appetite. He is, in equal measure, gloriously, mysteriously feminine. His body is perfectly toned and flexible. It is well proportioned though slight, finely muscled and wiry, without an ounce of extra flesh. He is athletic and poised and has a face as fair and smooth as that of a youth with clear blue eyes and small close-set ears. He wears his thick curly hair long in the manner of a nobleman or a pagan warrior from some long ago day yet can arrange it with seductive glamour as well.

In terms of physical beauty he embodies in perfect balance the best of both worlds of the masculine and feminine. His demeanor fluctuates between submission and domination, shy girlish coyness and brash manly control. He has flawless white skin, shapely long legs and slender feet, chiseled buttocks and a flat adolescent look to his abdomen.

His chest is hairless in the manner of an erotic masculine angel and his nipples are tiny, hard and erect in small circling pools of dusty rose. The muscles of his small masculine breasts are flexible enough that they can be made to suggest an adolescent femininity or can be padded with gel inserts in the artifice of bustier and brassiere to simulate the orbs of a more ample woman. The deception is flawless so well does it complement her natural beauty and posture when she so wills it. When squeezed and sucked her breasts are fabulously convincing and her body responds provocatively, her nipples flushing and hardening and elongating in feminine perfection to which she adds the subtle realism of the utterances of pleasure she emits when they are handled.

His shoulders are strong and powerful when he elects to present the posture of martial assertiveness and soft, curved and demure when she presents the posture of Venusian receptivity. His back is straight and his hips narrow. His arms are handsomely muscled but do not bulge vulgarly. They suggest fitness and grace. Her limbs and the hollows beneath her arms are clean shaven and smooth and unblemished in any way. He is clean and his scent is natural and fresh.

The down above his sex is fair and soft and neat. The shaft of his penis is perfectly straight, beautifully shaped and proportioned. His cock is neither gross nor coarse in endowment nor is it lacking in substance and size. It is an utterly flawless study in masculine efficacy and utility. His manhood is colored lustily in a sandy skin hue rising to warm, ruddy tones, artfully circumcised with a perfection of flare to the head. His testicles hang symmetrically and are two well-weighted and shapely plums in a supple suede bag of tender, blushing, musk scented skin. He can wield his sword of flesh with an artful mastery and seems a virtual endless fount of technique and skill. When he cums the volume of his ejaculate is thick, profuse and plentiful and tastes of vitality.

His buttocks are high and firm and Anadolu Yakası Escort perfectly rounded and separate to reveal the perfect cocoa-pink rose of his tightly closed anus, the gateway to his accommodating rectum and belly. He employs all of his endowments and charms, whether male or female in temperament, with creativity and equal enthusiasm. He exudes sexuality, eroticism and the epitome of the carnal with subtle undercurrents of fantasy, intrigue, tenderness and romance. Imagine a feminine being capable of docility, sweetness and softness, the desire to be dominated and mastered, one who lives to serve, who is a pet, a girl, a toy but one who can turn about upon her own or her partner’s whim and become a harlot, a dominatrix or a wily vixen. Then imagine this same kaleidoscope of femininity also able and willing to transform into a satyr of nearly unending masculine prowess of tongue, lips, hands and cock, one who is nimble and spirited and proud, who can seize and conquer and bring forth from his lover the pinnacle of her pleasure. Imagine the genders fluctuating in one body like sun-heated water or smoke or flame, co-existing one moment and coming to prominence, one or the other, in the next moment. This is John. This is Joni.

My own appeal is bountiful. I am fair skinned, dappled with small freckles, shapely with generous soft hips and breasts, round firm buttocks and creamy smooth thighs. I have crystal blue eyes that sparkle with spirit and soft rose-colored lips. I can respond instantaneously to the dance of my partner’s will and his choice of gender and I can also draw forth from my partner the desired virtues of the gender of my own choosing, enjoying my partner in the fullness of human possibility. I am bi-sexual yet monogamous and possess abundant appetite. John and Joni are thus my perfect loves and I belong to them as they belong to me.


I grasped her narrow hips in my hands and pulled her to me. Her long wild curls framed her face, held back but slightly with a glittery, red elastic hair band. I ran my hands the lengths of the inside of her legs, from the insoles of the punishing 4 inch heels she wore to the root of his cock and cupped his testicles from behind, squeezing them gently. She wore a small white lace bra over modest false breasts that pressed tremulously against a short white nylon blouse knotted seductively just beneath the perky breasts. Her flat abdomen was white and smooth and plunged to the low waist line of a red plaid school-girl skirt that sat upon her narrow hips, itself little wider than a scarf.

I asked her politely but with a lustful insistence to turn around and show me her backside to which she shyly but sweetly complied as I turned her by the hips with my hands to accomplish my desire. Fully half of her beautiful naked bottom was revealed, peeking below the hemline of her skirt and she arched her back, lifting her pert little ass saucily as she looked over her shoulder to admire herself in a full-length mirror. I asked her to bend over and spread her legs. I pushed them further still, just a fraction past her comfort zone. I murmured with admiration and ran my hands over her fleshy mounds, lifting her skirt and sliding her sheer red thong aside in an attempt to reveal the depths of the shady furrow between her cheeks. I separated her with my two hands, pulling her firmly apart and buried my face between her smooth buttocks and penetrated her hole with my tongue. I made the tip of my tongue hard and pointy and darted it in and out then flattened and softened it, licking her with long, stroking pressure, fore and aft, between her feminine asshole and his masculine balls.

I reached forward and freed his swollen cock from the little under things and it bobbed up to attention, raising its head from under the tartan pleats of the little skirt. I continued to lick and suck her asshole until its bright pink inner color glistened and shown like satin and she moaned with pleasure. I turned her about and peeled apart the small joined strips of Velcro that kept the skirt closed while they also kept her sex readily available, removed the tiny garment and laid it aside. I slid her panties down her shapely legs and lifted her feet one at a time in the manner one might use upon a small pony. I drew the dainties over her high heels and removed them from her body.

She removed her blouse and I reached into her bra and pinched her nipples and flicked them sharply twice to remind her that she was for my use. She moaned softly. I then tightly cupped her pretty natural breasts while taking the full length of his cock into my throat. I pulled his hips roughly toward me and created a bucking sensation that nearly gagged me with his length and hardness. I kissed and licked his balls. I sucked them gently and individually. I relished them. I kissed his inner thighs. I barely held the head of his cock on my tongue, touching it only slightly with my lips, teasing it mercilessly then swirled my tongue around the very tip and Bostancı Escort sucked deeply and ran my tongue up and down the full length of its underside and up over the head quickly and tightly again and again. He grasped me by the hair and spoke crudely to me, exhorting me to take it deeper, suck it harder, calling me whore and gash and cunt, making my ardor flare spectacularly.

I removed my hands from her breasts and slid them to his ass cheeks where I squeezed firmly and aggressively. I encircled his upper thigh roughly in my hands and his cock swelled to a powerful size, rouged with the blood of engorgement, as I took long sucking pulls upon it. He reached down to pinch my swollen and elongated nipples and I became wild in my tonguing and sucking, devouring him, enflamed with passion for his cock and wanting every inch of it deeper and deeper in my throat. I worked him for a long delightful time and my clit pulsed with the pleasure that my nipples sent to it in waves of electric fire in response to his relentless fingers.

Now and then as I sucked him my lips grazed the downy hair at the base of his swollen cock as I swallowed his member whole. I massaged his pubis area firmly with the hard tips of my fingers as I sucked and licked and deep throated him. He sighed pleasantries of encouragement and moaned softly. I encircled his balls and the base of his penis tightly with my thumb and forefinger pulling his balls tightly together and up against the underside of his penis where I could lick them on the up stroke of my tongue. I took him all the way inside my mouth and licked up and down the length of his shaft as I found and fingered his asshole. I could taste the fluid of his excitement and feel the intensity of his heat so I relented, stopping my ministrations to his manhood in order to spare him the rigors of courteous restraint for we had hours to go before he or I would be inclined to surrender to our orgasms. I told my pet to go and change her clothes and she obediently complied.

When she returned she was wearing a tight fitting plum-colored body suit with a satiny, slippery texture of feel, long sleeves and high French style leg openings that were cut to the level of her hip bones in front and revealed the entire length of the side of her buttocks and a goodly portion of her mounds from the rear. The satin fabric that formed the slight covering over the buttocks and crotch evolved into a swirling sea of complimentary colors as it reached and covered the breasts and shoulders.

His penis was tucked securely between her legs and her silhouette was flawlessly feminine even to the suggestion of a female pubic mound which I caressed and admired lavishly. Her breasts were padded to perfection and protruded against the fabric, held aloft by a matching plum-colored brassiere that had a small chrome front closure. Her brave little breasts yielded compliantly to my touch. How I wanted to release them and suckle her nipples but I resisted for the moment. Her feet were displayed seductively in mottled silver toeless pumps with narrow chrome heels which caused her ass to be angled in a high and proud attitude because of the curve into which they thrust her back. Her hair billowed in a dreamlike vision of cloud about her shoulders. She took my breath away and I gasped with pleasure. She pushed me back against the large leather chair and fingered me and sucked one of my nipples bringing me quickly to the verge of my cum. I caught my breath in sharply and begged her to stop. She stepped away and reached down to lift a medium size valise that she had brought into the room with her when she returned.

The case was filled with sex toys, dildoes and vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads of various sizes and materials, bottles of lubricants, straps and leathers and ribbons, anal and vaginal probes, a blind fold, a strap-on harness and a wide Velcro cuff made to fit the thigh and hold a dong should anyone prefer to impale themselves, to hump and ride it. She arranged the toys artfully on a low table beside the futon platform. We would perhaps not use all the toys this particular night but Joni courteously presented me with a fine selection. We would fuck each other and penetrate each others’ cornucopia of orifices in myriad ways. In a DVD player that was mounted next to a television at the height of the ceiling she inserted an erotic movie. She turned the sound off and whoever of us was the bottom in any given moment could look upon the rutting couples and became stimulated in yet another sensory forum. I looked her over and my heat reignited. Joni was so fine and beautiful, lithe and shapely. I wanted to possess her, to fill her and manipulate her body and also I wanted to be taken and mastered by her alter-ego, John, and fucked and probed and used.

Just then, however, I felt she needed to be punished as she was the naughtiest girl I had ever seen. Placing my own bare ass down upon a hard wooden chair which thrilled and aroused me as I felt its unyielding coldness against my warm flesh, I pulled her to me Erenköy Escort and took her over my knees. I spanked her hard and rhythmically with my bare hand, demanding that she count aloud as she took the force of each blow. Her snowy buttocks blushed with the punishment and by her count of ten were a bright cherry red and welts had formed. I helped her to stand and I caressed the hot little cheeks of her ass and reminded her condescendingly that it was my duty to discipline her. She hung her head and nodded remorsefully but I noted that her breathing was rapid and shallow in her throat and there was a bulging erection between his legs. I reached to unsnap the crotch of her body-suit in one swift movement.

I raised the satiny flap of fabric and freed the throbbing club it housed. I laughed from my throat in a derisive way and greedily pounced upon it and gobbled it hungrily as my cunt flooded and burned. Joni reached to select a long, prominent glass dildo with hot pink swirls of ribs and knobs situated in groups along its length. She asked me to lubricate it and I did so quite liberally. I sat back on a large leather chair holding it firmly over my lap with two hands as she placed herself over it, aligning her little asshole so prettily above it. I felt the pressure against my hands as she guided her daring little hole onto the tool, slowly at first but in a steady motion. I felt it slide in past her gateway and on up into her channel. I pushed it in further, assisting her efforts and plunging it deeply into her belly. She closed her eyes in ecstasy and rocked back and forth on it, impaling herself.

I bent forward in the chair and John’s huge boner rose to great my mouth and I took it between my lips and sucked it as I fucked Joni with the cold glass cock. I spoke to her in a low voice, urging her to ride it, to take that cock in deeply. I made her acknowledge how much she loves cocks, how much she loves being taken in the ass. I exhorted her to take it all and then I praised her when she did. She murmured in pleasure and reached to the table for a large natural looking flesh-toned silicone cock. As I fucked and sucked my little whore she put the new cock into her mouth and took it into her throat and sucked it wantonly and saliva leaked from the corners of her pretty little mouth. She craved cock so badly and seemingly could not get enough. She was almost to the point of cumming but again I stopped her. I ordered her to keep that glass cock in her ass but to go and change her clothes again. My own cunt was so wet and my clit was howling with need. I required this respite as much as Joni did. I helped her off my lap keeping the flat of my hand against the flange of the glass probe to keep it lodged in place as she moved. She clenched her ass cheeks tightly, closed her eyes again and her hips and buttocks undulated in enjoyment. I slapped her ass playfully and squeezed one cheek lovingly and she went again to her boudoir to change.

As I waited I moved to the cold leather seat of a large recliner pressing my back and ass and thighs against its chilled upholstery for a few moments and then I pulled my knees up and spread my legs wide apart, exposing my hot clit to the cool air. I pinched it firmly between my fingers and felt it throb. I handled my own breasts and diddled the hardened buds of my nipples with my finger tips sending waves of sensation through my whole body. When Joni emerged she smiled as she saw my hands at play. She looked exquisite in a short midriff of shocking pink stretch lace with open lattices of ribbon at the sides that revealed the pale, vulnerable color of her flesh. In the front her tiny erect nipples stood up like hard little diamonds against the tight fabric and her diminutive breasts curved deliciously like those of a nubile young girl. Her ass cheeks were lifted and separated slightly by a minuscule pair of matching lace panties that rode low on her belly and more than half way up each of the twin pale moon lobes of her bottom. I could see the flange of the glass dildo and knew it was still buried deep within her ass. His semi-hard cock was neatly folded to one side under the snug fabric revealing its alluring outline perfectly.

I was so hungry for release, my cunt was bathed in my juices and the inner walls of my pussy constricted and throbbed. My Kegel muscles and asshole tightened involuntarily. My breasts surged up from my chest with each wave of breath I took and my swollen nipples were as plump and long as ripe mulberries.

John came to me and lifted one of my legs up over the padded arm of the chair. He kissed me deeply, forcing his tongue into my mouth and crushing my lips and he squeezed my breasts firmly in his hands. His cock was free from the lace panties and stood stiffly out momentarily before he plunged it into my cunt, thrusting in and out while sucking my nipples with a controlling ferocity. The angle of my elevated leg brought my clit in contact with his body in such a way that each thrust brought exquisite pressure and friction while my other leg balanced and helped hold me aloft to meet his thrusts. I heard the dull slapping of my wet cunt against his cock as it sucked his rod. I was barely able to push him away as I nearly succumbed to the abandonment of my welling orgasm, pulling myself back from the brink in the nick of time.

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