Heather’s Husbands Pt. 01

Big Cock

“All right, Heather. The tape recorder is on. Start whenever you like.”

“Okay. Are you sure this is necessary, Doctor?” Other than the pleated tartan skirt bunched up around her waist, pearls, jewelry, and the red stockings and high heels, Heather lay nude on the exam table with Dr. Steele at one side and his nurse at on the other.

“Think back on our discussions. We decided that getting all this out as sort of a ‘confession therapy’ might help you break your ever growing sexual needs. It’s an important part of the therapy. You still want to reign in your fetish desires, correct?”

“I…I think so. But I’m afraid talking about them may get me excited. Make the problem worse.”

Doctor Steele’s eyes roaming over the buxom, brown-haired 24-year-old’s assets and those of his 35-year-old nurse Marie, making mental comparisons. While not as tight as Heather’s, Marie’s frame was still spectacular, made more so by the bimbofication she had received last year. He looked Heather straight in her brown eyes. “One step at a time. You trust me on this, yes?”

“Of course, Doctor.”

The voluptuous red-haired nurse pulled out a syringe. “All right, Heather”, she cooed between thick red collagen-enhanced lips, “please assume the position we taught you in the last session.” Heather Marquis turned her lusty form over onto hands and knees. She put her face down to the table, spread her knees as far to each side as they would go, and thrust her perfectly round ass cheeks high into the air. Her long, dark eyelashes fluttered against the table as the nurse adjusted Heather’s skirt to make sure it stayed out of the way, up around her waist. Just as they had done in the previous two sessions, Dr. Steele took hold of an upturned heel with his right hand. With his left he pressed down against the small of her back, holding her steady and enjoying the feel of Heather’s firm back. He idly considered how good a latex corset would looked wrapped around this patient. The nurse grabbed one of Heather’s round ass cheeks – taking the opportunity to dip her ring finger and pinky between the moist, bald, pierced pussy lips – and shoved the needle into the patient’s skin, giving Heather another shot of libido-altering nanoparticles. This would be only the first ‘injection’ of today’s session.

Dr. Steele punched a remote and the now-familiar hypnotic swirling patterns appeared on the screen behind the exam table. Remaining on her knees, Heather’s face rose, transfixed on the screen. Her big brown eyes then relaxed, fluttered, and half-closed. Her white globes dangled and swayed invitingly over the table as the nurse pulled Heather’s cunt lips open and flicked the hard clitoris. Heather jerked and began to breathe heavily as her pussy rings glinted in the office light.

While Heather quivered in lust on the table, Dr. Steele smiled and ran his hands over her lithe body. He unclipped the emerald barrette from the exposed patient’s hairdo, letting the long brown hair cascade sexily over her face and shoulders. He brushed it from one cheek, smearing a bit of makeup, then put a finger in her mouth and his lips to her ear. Without moving her head, her irresistible big brown eyes turned towards him, lips and tongue sucking on the finger as he spoke softly. “Very, very good. Keep your eyes on the video screen at all times. Do not turn to look behind you. And remember, as we discussed, be as explicit in your descriptions as possible. If a thought springs to mind, say it. Remember all the nasty language we practiced in our last session? Use it. The therapy depends on removing all inhibitions. Use no, I repeat, NO filters. Tell me everything for the record. Everything, be it real or fantasy. All right?”

“Mmm, hmm.”, she mewled softly around his finger. Heather’s rubbery nipples grew stiff at the thought of the dirty talk she was supposed to use for the therapy. The nurse used her free right hand to tug on Heather’s right nipple and the doctor began to twist the left one casually between thumb and forefinger. The fingers of his right hand slid between between those of his nurse, wiggling deep inside the already-gushing cunt before them. A squishing sound came from Heather’s lower lips as a low moan escaped her upper ones. The inside of her thighs ran with moisture.

“And remember the safe word. When you say it, I will stop the recording immediately. You remember the safe word?”

“Of…of course. The safe word is…’cumguzzle’.” Doctor and nurse smiled. Together they pulled their fingers out of Heather’s wetness and onto each other’s tongue, sampling the flavor and aroma.

Dr. Steele moved a microphone near Heather’s face as the nurse checked a video camera directly over the exam table.”Good, please begin.”

“Um…my name is Heather Marquis, and Dr. Steele has instructed me to describe my unusual living arrangement and the problems Bycasino that have developed. You see, for the past three years I have kept not one, but two husbands. ‘Polyamory’, it is called. While this isn’t for everyone, it works well for us. I’m 25, 4’10’, 90 pounds, brown hair and eyes, and take great pride in my figure. I’m told I look very much like the porn star Spencer Scott, but with darker hair. I wear four wedding bands at all times but you can normally see only two – one on my left ring finger, and another on my right. The left one belongs to Jack and the right one belongs to Brad – the other ones are between my legs. You might assume that I married one man first and the other one later, but that’s not how it is. Even though I had dated each one separately – and later together – I married both of them at the same time in a civil ceremony. We agreed this would be best, so neither man could claim to be ‘first’ husband. They started out as bodyguards that daddy assigned to me when traveling overseas as his business representative. Jack and Brad were very protective of me and over time their protectiveness grew into something much deeper. I love both of them deeply, and until recently the relationship worked perfectly for us all.”

Heather heard a footstool being moved behind her, then the unmistakable sounds of a zipper and of cocksucking. Sounds she knew very, very well. As instructed, she did not turn to look. The confessional therapy continued as the nanoparticles spread through her bloodstream.

“I have very specific tastes in men. My handsome husbands are both well over six feet tall and quite muscular, so they both tower over my tiny figure. The height difference between us is especially noticeable when we go out together because even with high heels the top of my head is barely to their shoulders. You can see it on peoples’ faces, the confusion when they see us walking together, hand-in-hand, giant men towering on each side of me like living statues escorting a dainty bimbo slut. If we’re feeling naughty, I’ll get on tiptoes and reach up to deeply kiss one husband, then turn and deeply kiss the other. In bed it’s heavenly when one of them is on top of me, towering over me, covering me, my face in their stomach. They like bending way down to kiss the top of my head as I’m being pumped full of sperm.”

Still on hands and knees, Heather’s pussy almost poured as she described her marital relationship in lusty detail. The slobbering cocksucking sounds behind her stopped and she felt movement onto the footstool and between her upturned legs. Someone took hold of her sexy heels and pulled them wide. Another pair of hands pressed against her perfect thighs. Something hard and wonderful slid inside her. Heather’s hands tightened around the table edge and she pushed back hard to meet the thrusts. She knew Dr. Steele was probably watching his cock slide in and out of her, her cuntcream-covered rings dragging along the length of it and she wished she could see as well.

“Ooohh!…I..make..sure..there..is..no..jealousy..between my men. My sex drive is abnormally high. Extremely…high. So they know that there is more than enough of me to keep each one completely fulfilled, especially in bed.” The exam table squeaked as Dr. Steele’s knees banged against it.

Heather’s red lips hung open and she drooled into her hair cascaded on the table beneath her face.. “UUUNGG!” An orgasm rocked her for the first time in today’s therapy. Her heels were held firmly in place as she shuddered around the fat long cock buried in her. The pumping stopped but the full length of the rod stayed inside her, hot balls pressed against her. She sighed and was quiet for a few moments, breathing heavily, wanting to lick off her cream that was no doubt covering the balls that pressed against her cunt. When she had recovered enough to softly continue speaking the pumping began again, teasingly at first, then faster. Concentrating was difficult.

“We share one…bedroom most n…nights. If one of them is uninterested on a particular night, he’ll simply sleep in a different bedroom. For my size they both have huge cocks, each one as big around as my forearm. The men generally don’t touch each other, though occasionally one will hold the other’s cock to guide it lovingly into my m…mouth. They know I love seeing one husband’s hand wrapped around the dick of the other one, just as I slurp it between my lips or watch my pussy stretch wetly over it. Our favorite “all together” position is with me on one husband’s lap, facing away from him, so I can bounce up and down on his stiff m…member while I try to stretch my little cocksucking mouth over the other one. I try to time it as best I can so that as one dick explodes hot jism into my pussy, the other one fills my tummy as I swallow as fast as I can. Sometimes they will blindfold me so I don’t Bycasino giriş know right away which husband’s tongue or cock is f…filling me.”

Heather came a second time, but this time the savage pumping of her cunt did not stop. She gazed at the two bright wedding rings on her fingers but couldn’t stop enjoying the slutty cheating of her pussy sheathing the cock deep inside her.

“B..both of my husbands have strong exhibitionist streaks. That is to say, they both like to see their wife on exhibition. When we vacation they pick my clothes, so I usually wear as l…little as possible, especially on the beach. With my big t…tits, a micro bikini leaves little to the imagination as I walk. It really gets me off to look in the mirror, barely hiding my charms while the men make dirty comments. I’ll pull the crotch tight until it slips into my pussy lips. Then I just bend over, let them pull the fabric out, and give them a sh…show. More than once we’ve gone to dinner where they have to take turns feeding me, because my hands were busy nursing two boners under the table. In the car they have me lay face down across them so I can s…suck one while the other one finger fucks or dildos me. You should hear the jokes. ‘Our juicy little cunt is empty again. Time for a fillup.’ S…stuff like that.”

The cock inside her stopped suddenly. It pulled out of Heather without warning and again she heard the sound of cocksucking. It sounded like the nurse might choke on her task. Again without warning the freshly cleaned cock slid back into Heather and began pounding with fresh enthusiasm.

“Mmmm! B…both men fantasized about bimbo t…tits on me after we were married, and together they paid for me to get 34EE implants, the biggest that the doctor said I could safely take. They love the smooth curves of my globes, and all it takes is rubbing a sheen of baby oil on them to have a man sucking at each huge tit. It’s quite a turn on to look down my ch…chest and watch a husband glued to each nipple.”


As promised – and with immense self control – Dr. Steele stopped pushing into Heather and halted the recording. “Are you OK dear?”

“Just..a bit flushed. It’s not easy saying these things knowing they’re being recorded. And while you’re fucking me.”

“But you’re doing so well! Well on the road to recovery. Perhaps you need to get more comfortable.”

Dr. Steele bent down behind his patient and whispered in her ear. “Heather, Wet.”

Immediately Heather was taken to a new level of lust and moaned, arching her back against her doctor’s chest. Dr. Steele pulled out of her once again and looked at his nurse. “Maria. Lezzieslut.” Maria’s eye went blank. She took off her nurses cap and let out her bun. Her long red hair cascaded over her shoulders. She began to strip, walked to a cabinet, pulled out a huge pink double dildo, and rubbed baby oil all over it. The doctor pulled out the extension on the exam table and placed a pillow on it. The nurse climbed aboard facing away from Heather and on all fours shoved one end of the dildo deep into her own pussy. Doctor Steele took the other end and – without much effort – wiggled it into Heather’s wet folds, watching her sumptuous pierced and ringed pussy lips molding around it. The two women began rocking back and forth, fucking one another as their heels clicked together and their tits rocked back and forth in unison. Dr. Steele took a patient’s dangling breast in one hand and a nurse’s in the other, relishing the feeling of the hard nipples brushing against his palms and fingers.

“Now Heather, let’s continue recording. Please go on.”

“Yes, Doctor.” She hesitated to gather her thoughts. “I…I do love to be played with in bed – t…to have my tits sucked and my p…pussy explored by strong fingers, and to slide up and down on a cock of one husband while I make out with the other one. They quickly discovered the one thing makes me o…orgasm almost immediately – for each one to insert a finger in my pussy and finger-fuck me in unison while holding up my head and tits, feeding me my nipples. Another way to bring me to orgasm quickly is for the men to wet their fingers with my pussy, then rub the j…juice all over my nipples before they – or I – or both – suck them clean. Better yet, for each one to get their fingers all wet and stick them in my mouth. I love the taste of my own pussy so the men make sure I stay well fed. But it’s not just my c…cream I like. It’s my job to satisfy my husbands, so sometimes I’ll just have them stand on either side of my face so I can suck, then have them jack off into my mouth. They love putting sperm into my tummy, and I try not to spill a drop.” Heather’s eyes closed. “Not. A. Single. Solitary. Drop.”

She shuddered visibly.

“I…allow my men the freedom to fuck other women from time to time if the need Bycasino güncel giriş a…rises. It occasionally does. I try and make sure neither one has any reason to inseminate another woman unless he is away for extended periods on business. The rule is this: if it happens, I need to be told every detail or better yet, shown. If he f…fucked her face, he should fuck my face as he tells me about it. If she…swallowed his jism, he tells me as I swallow it. A few times while Jack has been out of town he’s left the phone muted on the bedside table as he took some slut so Brad and I could fuck while listening to t…them.”

Dr. Steele bent over and kissed the back of his nurses head as he played with both ladies’ tits. “Heather. What about your other rings?” Maria moaned and laughed at the same time.

“Oh…yes, about those other r…rings, which my good Doctor examined them thoroughly in our last session. Just as I have a ring on my left hand and another on my right, I wear gold rings through each labia. In my wedding v…vows I announced that the rings on my fingers were my promise to them of love and that the rings in my pussy were my promise to always be their w…whore. You should see the looks on the men’s faces when my legs go over each of their shoulders, then each one pulls a ring to open my gushing pussy to them. They usually take turns licking it and sucking my clit. Another game is for each of them to pull a ring with one finger and sink another inside me for a really hard dual finger fuck as they call me dirty…names. This makes me come almost instantly. Then they make me beg to soak their hands with my juice. My big husbands then scoop it into my mouth and have me lick their hands clean, and take turns french kissing me, my tongue in one mouth and then the other, back and forth, while teasing me about my pussy…breath.”

Hearing all this nasty talk pushed Marie over the edge. The bimbo nurse pushed her ass against her patient’s, sinking the dildo deeply into both of them. With a shudder and a cry she came around her end of it, her juices squirting onto Heather’s pussy. As if on cue Heather promptly returned the favor with her third orgasm of the session. Both big-titted women remained still, facing away from each other on hands and knees, heads hanging. Their sweaty, tangled hair hung over and hid their faces as the soaked dildo hung dripping between their cunts, juice dripping and splattering onto the white exam table paper.

“But that’s not all, is it Heather?”, asked the good Doctor as he stopped the recording again. His balls had not yet gotten release and it was time to remedy the situation.

“No, doctor. There’s so, so much more to tell you.”

“Okay, young lady, you are doing very, very well. Your confessional therapy is giving me a much clearer picture of your situation. I understand that doing this can take a lot of energy, so let’s take a break so you can have a snack. Open.” With that, the doctor slid his rigid cock into the dark hair over Heather’s face and between her red lips. The nanoparticles in Heather’s bloodstream had taken full effect, driving her insatiable. This cock in her mouth tasted wonderful. She told herself she wasn’t cheating on her husbands, that this was therapy and therefore absolutely necessary. Besides, cock tasted so good, especially with her own cream already on it. A familiar taste.

The doctor held his patient’s hair in one hand, her chin and cheeks in the other, roughly fucking her mouth deeper and deeper. His cock disappeared into it, tight balls sunk deep and engulfing the beauty’s face. Heather’s lipstick smeared them and they boiled for release. The cum started rushing up the hard shaft and slammed into Heather’ throat. The first spurt went straight down to her tummy without her even tasting it. The second, third, and fourth ropes of cum pulsed from his balls and she swallowed desperately, savoring the thick sperm. Dr. Steele sighed in relief and slowly pulled his drained rod from her sweaty face. One last small spurt splattered atop Heather’s head before she could catch it with her tongue.

“You are an extraordinary patient, my dear. Such an incredible little fucktoy!” He grabbed a handful of brown hair and wiped his cock and balls with it, then snapped the barrette back into her ruined cum-covered hairdo. “We’re making good progress but our time is up. Maria will clean you up a bit and set you an appointment this same time next week so we can continue where we left off.” He bent down and whispered, “Hot little fuckslut. Your husbands are lucky men. And so am I”. Then he kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room to his next sexually-frustrated patient.

Heather turned onto her back and stretched out on the exam table, licking her stretched, cummy lips. She smiled as Maria gently took her head in her hands and alternated sucking the sperm from Heather’s hair and depositing it into her still-hungry mouth. This evening she could look forward to more hard fat cocks to suck on and balls to drain when her husbands arrived home, but next week couldn’t come soon enough.

End Of Part One

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