Her First Time

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“Are you sure you want to do this?” you breathe in my ear. “Your first time should be special.”

“But it is special with you,” I whispered.

“Ok, if you are sure.”

You lean over on top of me and hold my face to yours, kissing me passionately. Slowly you unbutton my shirt, kissing my chest as you move farther and farther down. Looking up at me, you slowly smile as you get down to the last button and remove my shirt altogether. Then your eyes come upon my lacy red satin bra.

“Are you sure?” you ask me one last time.

“Yes, I love you.”

You show me your gorgeous smile again, as you say softly, “I love you too.” Then you reach under me and unclasp my bra, pulling it off me completely. Your eyes roam over me, exploring your newfound treasure. “you’re beautiful,” you say to me softly.

I flush slightly, as you have never seen me bare-chested before. I unbutton your shirt with my teeth, gently, but firmly, and pull it off once it is totally unbuttoned. I run my fingers across your chest. You return the favor, stopping at my rosy nipples. They instantly turn hard at your touch. We start to kiss more passionately, your tongue exploring my mouth. I can feel your hardness pressing up casino oyna against my leg.

You bend your head down, breaking the kiss. Slowly, you run your tongue around my nipples, taking turns between them. You continue to swirl your tongue around them, avoiding it. I moan, “oooh baby, yes” then you start sucking on a nipple, biting it gently, then the other, switching. You feel a moistness against your leg, and realize its me. Slowly, you push off my skirt. Then you circle my slit through the cotton fabric of my underwear. Through the fabric, you gently pinch my clit. “Ooooh oooh” I start to have my first orgasm.

You remove my underwear and start to circle my slit again, then go outwards. Your hands touch my milky thighs, and trace tiny circles closer and closer again, then farther away. Without warning, you plunge a finger into my slit, while I moan, then you quickly take it out. I gasp in surprise. Slowly you slide down, until your mouth is level with my mound. Your tongue reaches out and flicks my clit gently, then harder. You push your tongue deeper, deeper, until I am screaming out in pleasure. You remember something you heard, where to find a woman’s g-spot, and swirl your tongue to that exact spot. slot oyna

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I scream out as I orgasm, a shudder runs through my body. You look up, your mouth glistening with my juices. Then you kiss me deeply, and I taste my own juices on your tongue, and in your mouth.

“I need to reward you, baby, for giving me so much pleasure.” So I pull down your pants, with newfound animal magnetism. Next, I pull down your boxers, and gasp. You are hard, and must be at least 11 inches long!! I take as much of you as I can slowly into my mouth, until you hit the back of my throat. I gag slightly, but ignore it, and start bobbing up and down. Then, I swirl my tongue all around your length, taking you slowly out of my mouth, then getting faster. You start to moan, and I bite down really quickly, not too hard, not too soft. You gasp and your seed starts spurting into my mouth, catching me off-guard.I swallow all of it, then lick the last of your cum off of your manhood, letting you out of my mouth.

“Are you ready?” you ask my softly.

“Yes, I am” I respond.

You nod, and climb back on the bed. Slowly, you get on top of me. I can feel your body pressing on top of mine, canlı casino siteleri my heat evident. All clothing on the ground, we are naked against one another. You are hard again, and I feel you lining up with my slit. Inch by inch, you work in. Shortly, you feel a resistance. “Your cherry,” you think to yourself. But you continue pushing, my cherry is broken. Tears stram down my cheeks.

“I’m hurting you. Should we stop?” you ask.

“No, no, go on” I say.

So you pull out of me, then slowly back in, again and again. My pain starts to turn to pleasure, and you can tell. My muscles contract around you, pulling you in deeper. We start going with more passion. Faster and faster, the headboard clanging against the wall like a shotgun. Over and over. You are about to cum, so you start pulling out. “No, don’t. I’ve been taking birth control. You can cum inside me, baby. I want you to.” So you slide in. We start going again. You slide almost all the way out, then back in again. All of a sudden, you feel like you are going to cum again. You hold me and push inside of me deeper than ever before, shooting up into me. I can feel your seed deep inside of me. You and I relax together, and lay down inside of the sheets.

“I love you” you say, stroking me lovingly.

“I love you too baby”

We fall asleep together, you still inside of me.

Note: this is my first story, so please leave comments, tell me if I did good or not. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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