Holy Orders Ch. 04





Dawn woke the following morning after a night of noisy sex with Cathy feeling as though she had been born into a new world. So much had happened in the last couple of months that it seemed so surreal. She went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. She had decided that her normal wifely duties like cooking, washing and keeping the house tidy should remain in her hands for the time being. To all intents and purposes, it must seem to the outside world that she was the perfect vicar’s wife. After all, she was to have some dealings with the congregation in her new post, or at least the parts that included her involvement of the congregation in the running of the parish.

Everything else would be done to degrade Graham even further. This morning she had dressed for this purpose. Graham’s final submission and acceptance of his place as a cuckold would be cemented today, this morning in fact, and she had dressed for the occasion. Loose thin skirt, thin blouse and no underwear. As Cathy helped her cook breakfast Dawn heard a car pull up outside. She knew it would be Pete as he always arrived early and well before any of the other builders.

“Cathy can you tell Pete I will be cooking breakfast for him and it will be ready in ten minutes. That will give us time to sort Graham out with you, and then it will be Pete’s turn.

“Ok babe.” Cathy said.

Dawn watched as Cathy left the kitchen, she truly was gorgeous and the things that they were doing together in bed Dawn had never dreamed she would ever do. Her smile disappeared as Graham walked into the kitchen. “Take a seat, it won’t be long.”

Cathy came back a minute later, “Morning Cathy! ” Graham said quietly.

“Just to make things clear to you Graham,” I said, as I put his breakfast on the table, “Cathy is my PA. That means she has the same place in your life as I do. If she tells you to do something, you will do it. Is that clear?”

It took a second to sink in but as I suspected he made no objection. “Yes dear. As you wish.”

A moment later Pete walked into the kitchen, I walked over to him and put my arms around him, kissing him lightly on the mouth. To say he was shocked was an understatement. “Don’t worry Pete.” I said turning round. I pulled his arm over my shoulder and placed it on my braless breast, “Graham knows you want to fuck me, he knows that you all want to fuck me and he has something to say. Don’t you Graham?” As I finished, Cathy took Pete’s other arm and with her back to him placed his hand on her semi naked breast. Graham was no longer able to look me in the face so with his head lowered he said, “Yes I know what you want to do to my wife and she is willing to allow it.”

“No no, you fuckin wimp.” I shouted. “Use the words; tell them it’s what you want. That you would love it if they all fucked me. Tell him how you would love to see them fucking the arse off me. Tell them! Look him in the face as you say it.” My voice was raised in anger; I wanted him to totally degrade himself to give me to these horny big cocked builders.

His face reddened his and screwed up and I was sure he was going to refuse, even walk out. Slowly he raised his face and looked at Pete who was lazily playing with my nipple “Dawn is right of course, it should be made plain so that there can be no errors. I know that you and your colleagues wish to….” He paused stealing himself to use the words that he hated, words he had probably never used his entire life. “Fuck…my wife. I would be very pleased if you did. I would like to see it at sometime if that is possible.” A mixture of embarrassment and excitement tinged in his voice, his breathing becoming heavy. “I would dearly love for you to ….fuck the arse off her whenever you or she wishes. In all her holes if she desires. Pleasure her….”

“That’s enough.” I said, “If you want to spunk your pants thinking about it, do it at work not here in front of me, not this time.”

“Yes dear. As you wish.”

It was done. Now he was the true wimp cuckold, or nearly. Just one more thing for his submission to be complete. I stepped forward and leaning out I put my hands on the table. “Pete, fuck me. Now! I need it” And I was not exaggerating, I was wet and my pussy was throbbing so hard I thought they could all feel the vibrations

Pete hesitated for a second but with Cathy pulling his shorts down he was soon positioned behind me. He raised my skirt and without any pre amble thrust his huge cock into me. Graham was directly opposite me, he raised his head slightly to see what was happening. “God that feels so fuckin good. A huge cock rammed up my cunt. Oh he’s gonna make me come.”

I was so hot I almost come before his cock was in me; it was when Cathy undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and started playing and sucking on my nipples that I was thrust over the abyss into ecstatic orgasm. “Oh fuck yes. This is şişli escort what a great cock can do; oh fucking hell, I’m coming oh harder harder. Suck that tit bitch suck it ohh fuck fuck I have wanted this all these years not a useless cock like you have you wimp fuck wanker ohhhhhhhh yeeeeesssss.”

As I spewed out years of pent up frustration at Graham I crashed though my orgasm. I had never felt like this. I didn’t lose conscientiousness, or even come close. This was all controlled I wanted him to see me being fucked, see me coming, and I wanted him to suffer the final humiliation, the final step into his total degradation. I wanted him to come in his pants.

“Turn you on does it you fuck, wanna come do you go on then do it. Oh Pete yes oh god yes, now Pete fill me now, come Pete let me feel your spunk in my cunt oh yes oh yes ohhhhhh.”

When he did come, Pete was not quiet either. The only one in that room who came quietly was Graham. His hands on the table his head went back and the tears ran down his face. I could see his hips thrusting forward on the chair.

“Why don’t you clean Pete up Cathy while I dish up breakfast.”

Graham stood up and left the room. As we sat down to eat our breakfast I saw him leave for work. Pete still seemed to be dumbstruck, as soon as Graham had gone he said.

“What the fuck was that about? Not that it wasn’t great. But what’s going on?”

“You heard what he said. I am free to fuck whoever the hell I please and if he can watch now and then all the better. To put it another way he is a cuckold. He gets turned on by knowing, or seeing me being fucked.” I laughed, “Not complaining are you?”

“You gotta be kiddin me. No, I love it. Nice one.”

We chatted excitedly until we had finished and then Pete went to join the others who had settled in the annex kitchen. Cathy had been chatty but restless since we sat down now she just burst, “Fuck me Dawn. That was fuckin awesome, and that cock fuck me I gotta have it Dawn can I, please.”

“It’s not mine,” I laughed, “and anyway there are several others to choose from you know.”

“No. I want that one to be my first cock I want Pete to take my cherry. Then we shall see about the others.”

I laughed, “Ok if you’re sure, maybe I will ask Pete to stay the night and then we can both enjoy him. He will love it of course and I know he can manage us both. However, you get him first. Don’t say anything to him yet, we will catch him later.”

As the builders were working in the annex, we did not see much of them until lunch break. Cathy and I made tea and took it into the garden. I had told Cathy about the swing chair and that if she chose to sit in it she should expect Pete and Bill to join her. Of course being Cathy, she went straight to the swing and sat down between Bill and Pete who I think were waiting for me. However, they did not seem disappointed.

Of course, the hands started roaming and Cathy dealt with it well, making sure that the only one she touched was Pete. By the time dinner was over I was as wet as I could get, having had to keep the others hands and lips occupied. Luckily, I managed to at least keep my clothes on even if they were up around my waist. Finally, Pete called time. I think he was having difficulty with his erection. As they all went back to work, I called Pete over. Waiting for the others to leave before I said anything

“How would you like to stay her tonight? With Cathy and me. Maybe go to the pub have some dinner and, well have some fun.”

“Go on Pete, say yes.” Cathy pleaded

“Yes. Why not? I don’t have any going out clothes though, just some clean jeans and a t-shirt.”

“That’s fine; it’s only a pub meal. Do not tell the others though ok. Not yet anyway. Did you tell them about Graham yet?”

“Well not really, no. I’m not that sure it has sunk in yet to be honest.”

“Ok no problem, you can tell them tomorrow when you let them know you stayed the night. At tea break ok.”

“Ok then miss bossy boots as you wish.” he laughed.

The rest of the day Cathy was very restless, she could not think of anything but losing her cherry at last. I had to admit that I was probably just as excited. I had never been with a woman and a man at the same time before, let alone help break a virgin in with her first cock.

I made Graham a salad for his dinner which he took to, what was now, his bedroom. Cathy and I got ready while Pete said he would make use of the annex facilities. Although it was not finished, the bathroom and kitchen were usable and the builders had found several chairs from somewhere so it was not completely sparse of furnishings. Of course, he did not need to worry about a bed.

By eight, we were in the pub with our first drink. I had asked for a little restraint while we were there as it was in the village, but even I had trouble keeping my hands off Pete’s cock while we laughed and joked about nothing in particular. Cathy and I held each other’s hands on his cock several times. çapa escort It was pretty much the same in the restaurant as well and by the time we had downed a couple of bottles of wine we were more than ready to walk home.

Neither Cathy nor I had put underwear on and of course, Pete had found this out with several forays up our skirts. As it was still a warm night we walked through the woods, which backed, on to our back garden. It was a good twenty-minute walk but we had not even got half way before Pete had Cathy against a tree and was kissing her, his hands roaming over her body.

As soon as he felt her submit to his hands, he slowed down a little. Realising that this would be her first time with a man he wanted to be gentle. As he moved down her neck to her breasts, I took over kissing her lips. Slowly he undid her top and I help him slip it off her shoulders. As he moved down even more I took her nipple in my mouth, playing with the other one between thumb and finger.

Once her skirt slipped to the floor Pete stood back and admired her body. Cased now only in stay up stockings she was indeed stunningly gorgeous, her breasts stood proud and firm, moving with each deep breath that she took. Her waist trim and her stomach marking the way to her slim hips and her triangle of passion, completely hairless now, as she knew I liked it that way.

Moving closer he kissed her gently on the eyes, “You are gorgeous.” he said between kisses. He pulled off his t-shirt and as he started on his jeans, I took her hand and gently lay her on the ground. I could see that she was both nervous and eager to continue. As we lay down I kissed her gently moving down her body, as Pete joined us I let him take over, just running my hands over her body gently to let her know I was still there.

Pete kissed her all over, starting at her lips he moved over breasts nipping at each nipple as he went, then down over her hips. Making a trail with his tongue as he went. Gently spreading her legs so that he could kiss her mound and then to her inner thigh. Slowly he moved to her pussy lips, gently kissing and then licking, tasting her free flowing juices then. As he flicked her clit she moaned, as he penetrated her with his tongue she started to moan louder and the more he worked her clit the more she moaned and mover. Her hands reached for his head and she moaned, “Now Pete, now I am ready I want you, I want to feel you inside me.”

Pete raised himself and taking his weight on one arm her positioned himself, slowly he penetrated that virgin pussy. Cathy moaned with pleasure, jumped a little as he reached her hymen screwing her face against the pain, then as he filled her hole she relaxed. Slowly Pete took her, holding himself in check so as not to spoil her pleasure he made love to her. Still kissing her lightly and running my hands over her body, I could not help but think just how angelic her face was at this moment. She was in heaven, tears slowly rising in her eyes she burst out crying as her first cock induced orgasm spread over her body.

Now that Pete had seen her come he couldn’t hold back any longer and started thrusting a little harder, this in turn made Cathy start to come all over again, not the quiet type either this was full on orgasmic pleasure, which drove Pete on to faster and greater thrusts. Eventually, both screaming aloud, they mixed their passion juices together in a writhing thrusting orgasmic crescendo, only stopping when they were both completely exhausted.

“Oh my god.” Cathy moaned, after a few minutes, “To think, I wanted to become a nun.”

“That….” Pete said, still catching his breath, “….would have been such a…. terrible waste.”

We all laughed at that point. Cathy pulled Pete to her and kissed him, “Thank you for being gently with me. I will never forget this moment. Now can we please get to bed and have some really wild fucking. This outdoor stuff is ok but I have a branch trying to fuck a hole I want you to fill before the nights out.”

Neither of them really bothered to dress as such, Pete put his boxers on but Cathy just slipped her top on and that was how we arrived back at the house. Two minutes later, we were in bed and five minutes after that Cathy and I was giving Pete a show he could only have dreamed of a week ago. Then we both started on him. I made him lay there while Cathy and I sucked his cock. I showed her all I knew about sucking cock, playing with balls and how to deep throat and even lick his bum hole. How to use her fingers and how to pleasure a man properly. Which when I later thought about it made me laugh, I had only been doing this for a few weeks and I had probably fucked more men than anyone I knew.

We tried everything it was possible for two women and a man to try together. Pete did fuck Cathy’s arse, at the same time she was licking me to orgasm and we finally finished with Cathy riding his cock while I sat on his face, his tongue working its magic on my clit as Cathy and I kissed and played with each other’s tits. It fındıkzade escort was a magnificent night, absolutely perfect for breaking in a virgin. It was a night Cathy would never forget, or match. Finally, we fell asleep, exhausted, satisfied and very happy.

When my alarm went off I just felt throwing it out the window but I knew I had to get up, not just because the other builders would be arriving but I had to get Grahams breakfast ready, and, the thought struck me that I wanted to see his face after a night of sex with another man, and woman.

I threw on a housecoat, thin with buttons all the way down which remained undone. I wanted him to see my used body. I walked into his room and shook him; his bed was a mess so I knew he had a restless night. As he stirred, I went downstairs and prepared the meal As usual he arrived as I put his plate on the table. He looked at me, naked his eyes averted to the floor. “Want to smell me wimp, do you want to smell the sexual scent of another man on me.” I moved closer to him and lifted my leg onto a chair. “Come closer wimp. Can you smell him? Can you smell his come in my cunt?”

I could see his nose twitching, taking in the odour of sex. I took his head and pushed it down, closer and closer to my cunt. “His spunk is still in there wimp. Can you smell it? Can you see it running out wimp?”

“I can smell it yes. Please let me go you’re hurting me.”

I pulled his head up to mine, staring into his eyes I said, “One day I will let you lick another mans come from my cunt wimp.” Pushing him away I added, “Now eat your breakfast and fuck off to work.”

As he sat down, I took the tray with three meals laid on it up to the bedroom. I heard Graham leave as we laughed and joked upstairs. Cathy and Pete were finding it hard to keep there hands off each other. Cathy surprised me when finally she said, “You have had your exclusive dip into my cunt. Now I want you all together, I want to be fucked stupid. But don’t you dare say anything to the others, not yet.” Pete smiled and nodded his agreement.

Later that morning the phone rang, it was the bishop.” Hello my dear and how are you. I understand you did very well last week.”

“Hello bishop. It’s nice of you to say so.”

“Not at all my dear, you made quite an impression on Mother Superior you know, I think she likes you a great deal. Anyway, to business. I have been thinking about your project. While it’s a nice idea I think I may have something that is a little more challenging for you, and certainly a lot more rewarding. You will still be servicing the Order of course. Do you think you may be interested in something that will stimulate you mind as well as your body my dear.”

“That sounds interesting bishop can you tell me any more.”

“Hmm. I would rather tell you face to face. Pack some things for a trip. Business and pleasure clothes would be advisable. I will expect you say around five tomorrow evening. You can stay in my quarters.” He laughed at the last part

“It would be my pleasure bishop, I look forward to it. Your quarters are so comfortable I love that bath.” He was still laughing when he hung the phone up. I felt quite good for some reason; I do not know what it was that the bishop had in mind but it certainly seemed a bit more than laying down and spreading my legs, not that I would complain if some of that were included of course.

Tea break. The long awaited time of discussion and verification. They were all assembled as usual by the time Cathy and I walked into the annex kitchen. “Have you told them yet Pete?” I asked

“No you said not until you say so.”

“Told us what?” Bill asked. “So tell them Pete, don’t keep them in suspense.” I said with a smile.

“Ok. If you’re sure.”

“Tell us what for fucks sake.” Ray this time.

“That I had a word with Graham, the vicar.” Pete said with a smile. “Or in fact he had a word with me.”

“Oh fuck does he know what’s been going on then?” Bill asked

“Shut up and listen Bill.” Pete said angrily,” The vicar has asked us to fuck his wife as often as she, and we, would like. He would love it if he could watch sometime but insisted that we pleasure Dawn whenever she wants us to.”

“Your havin a fuckin laugh.” Bill said.

“Actually he isn’t.” I said, “And to make sure that Graham meant it Pete fucked me over the kitchen table in front of the vicar yesterday morning for breakfast.”

That made them all laugh. The picture of fucking me for breakfast was nice enough but to do it in front of my husband, the vicar, who none of them really liked, just made it comical.

“And that’s not all.” Cathy said with a smile at me, “Last night Pete stayed here, he took my virgin cunt and, I enjoyed it so much I want the rest of you.”

Bill jumped out of his seat and was almost on top of Cathy before I could intervene, “Wait.” I shouted. Bill stopped in his tracks, his tongue out almost drooling at the thought of getting his obviously stiff cock into Cathy, “You will take care. While we had a night of rampant fucking she is still only used to one cock at a time. Give her all you want but you hurt her and you will have me to deal with. Now, enjoy her, and make sure she enjoys you.”

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