Hot Sex with Cousin

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I am Y from Delhi.. I am sharing my sexual experience with my cousin. Her name is Sonali.. She is 20 yrs old while I am 18.. She is a fucking hot babe with a figure of 36-28-36.. She has got nice melons… When I saw her after a long time, I was 16. That day she was wearing a tight top showing her titties and white jeans showing those killing curves.. From that day, I was drooling over the body, desperately waiting for a chance to fuck her brains out!
I was desperately looking for a day to fuck this hottie! And then came that fine day when I was to fulfill my fantasy. I was visiting her and she was alone in her house… For about an hour, we were just talking in general and then she asked me for snacks! I said yes to bhel poori(an Indian snack) and she went to the kitchen to prepare it.. I followed her and got a nice view of that well rounded ass when she was bent over on the kitchen counter… My dick immediately stood up to full attention.. I just wanted to fuck her right there but controlled myself somehow(was very difficult).. Just then, she came with the snacks and we started eating.. My dick was still rock hard.. After some time, let me go and change… I sat watching tv(flipping channels, mostly).. But, then that moment came when my dick almost tore through my jeans.. I turned around, casually and saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. My hot sister was wearing a tight red top that accentuated those lovely breasts and tiight shorts that showed those long legs. I forgot to mention before that she is 175 cm tall. I just wanted to grab her and smooch her but again had to control myself… She just came and when she bent to pick up the plates, those melons were exposed to me.. This time, I went on the offensive.. I stopped her from picking the plates, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me… She asked me what was I doing but I just smooched her… She roughly pushed me away and started to go but now I was fully turned on. I just pushed her on the bed and threw myself izmir escort bayan on her.. I just French kissed her and ripped her top off her.. She just screamed at me but it was cut short with me kissing her again.. I ripped the bra off as well and started massaging her nipples.. This turned her on as well and she stopped screaming.. Now I could go all the way… I took off her jeans and panties as well and there she was, fully nude in front of me with her shaved pussy glistening with her juices.. I quickly took of my clothes and climbed onto bed with her.. She just gasped on seeing my 9 inch cock fully erect. I turned on the AC and started massaging her boobs and thighs.. She started moaning with pleasure.. I started kissing her from her neck down to her navel and then her clit..

when i reached her clit, I just couldn’t control myself.. It was pink in colour and was glistening with her pussy juices. I started licking her clit from outside and she was moaning… Suddenly, I thrust my tongue inside her clit and she moaned out in pleasure, “Aaaah…. Keep Doing it!!” I started licking and probing her cunt with my tongue with more enthusiasm… Meanwhile, I inserted 2 fingers in her cunt at once and she shouted out in pleasure,”Ohhh! That feels so fucking good.. Fuck my cunt with ur fingers…” I took out my tongue and started licking her asshole while still finger fucking her…

I did not expect such a reaction from her.. Her whole body arched back and she shouted, ” I am gonna cum”.. I quickly started licking her pussy again and in under 10 seconds, she screamed out and she cummed hard on my face.. I happily drank all the sweet nectar coming out of her pussy.. She was still for 2-3 minutes recovering from the intense orgasm.. When she recovered, I asked her to come into 69 position… She quickly climbed on top of me and started sucking my cock while I sucked and licked her cunt again.. This time, she came more quickly and even harder… I was just flooded with her cum.. buca escort Soon, I came close to cumming.. So, I asked her to get off and get on all fours as I am going to fuck her doggy style…. She quickly agreed and got on all fours with that wonderful ass sticking up in the air.. I spanked her ass twice to which she yelped in pleasure… I lined up my cock in front of her pussy and asked, ” R u a virgin”, to which she replied,”Yes! Be Slow”.. I said,”Good! Because u will now experience the most blissful pleasure in this world”. Saying this, I stuffed her panty in her mouth and with all my force, rammed my 8.5 inch cock straight into her cunt… She screamed so loudly that she could be heard a km away but due to the panty, her voice was not loud.. Gosh!! Was she tight? I felt like her pussy was squeezing life out of my cock!! I started pounding her tight cunt hard and fast… She calmed down and started her dirty talk,” Yeah!! Fuck me hard.. Fill up ur slut sister’s cunt with ur big dick!! Fuck me harder!! Yeah!!” Listening to this, I started pounding her with all my strength!!

I was pounding her cunt hard and fast as I was turned on by her dirty talk… Suddenly, I stopped and pulled out of her… She quickly shouted,”Put that back into me.. I want it right now”. I replied,”If u want it, u must ride it..”.. I laid back on the bed and she came on top in reverse cowgirl position facing me and dropped her weight down fully impaling herself on my cock..

“Aarghhhhh…” was what came out of her mouth… She started riding me with full force and I reached out to grab her juggling tits and started fondling them.. She rode me for about 10 minutes.. I was on the brink of a huge orgasm!! I quickly got her off me and into doggy style again and rammed into her… Nearly 15 seconds later, I launched into a huge orgasm and shot atleast 7-8 ropes of my cum deep into her pussy… This sent her over the edge as well and she shuddered into another big orgasm… “This was the best experience I have izmir escort ever got”, she replied… ” Its not over yet…” I said with a smile.. We rested for about 15 minutes during which she sucked my cock back to life.. I then flipped her over onto her knees and got in position giving her no idea where I was gonna go!! I tore into her with my cock as I ploughed right into her asshole… She screamed out loudly in pain and almost collapsed… I stopped there allowing her anus to adjust… When her pain reduced a bit, I started fucking her ass slowly… After a while, she said,” Tear my ass with that big dick!! Shove it up!! Fuck my ass hard”.. I was waiting for this only.. I almost split her into two as I drove my cock deep inside her anus… She was so fucking tight!! Her anus muscles were just squeezing my cock with every thrust… This is was the best anal sex I had ever experienced!! I fucked her tight ass for about 15 minutes and then shot another 9-10 ropes of cum deep inside her ass… I took it out and she sucked it clean…
Sorry guys. it took me long for this update..

After the amazing anal sex and cock sucking, we were exhausted… We just moved to the top floor bedroom and slept naked together… I got up 3 hrs later and just stood there admiring her naked body… Seeing this, my cock again sprang to an erection and I positioned my cock at her pussy and thrust inside.. I was fucking her hard and fast and due to this, she woke up screaming in pleasure.. After 5 minutes of hard fucking, she came hard which triggered my orgasm and I cummed deep inside her… After this, we dressed up as it was close to the time my aunt would be coming home.. We sat down to study with her naked from the bottom.. I was fingering and rubbing her pussy with my left hand and in the half hour before my aunt came home, I gave her 6 hard orgasms… After that, I had to go home but I could never forget that experience.. We still meet up and have amazing sex.. I have even tried double penetration with a dildo and she absolutely loves it…

Hope u liked my story! Looking forward to ur positive comments and suggestions are most welcome, if any..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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