Hot Sluts , Dirty Bastards Ch. 02

Big Dick

Leo unshackled Tom from the inside of the van and led him up by the leash. The dildo slipped out of Tom’s ass as he stood up, and lay lubed and sullied on the bench. Leo guided Tom until he was lying face-up on the mattress. Trish rolled over to give him space, still exhausted from the intense orgasm Carla had just given her. It was pretty cosy with the four of them in the back of the Transit, and the candlelight played deviously over their flushed faces.

“Okay Tom, you just stay there; and Carla, I want you to come and squat over his face, just here,” said Leo, taking charge.

Carla looked up at Leo and gave him a sexy flutter of the eyelashes. She positioned her knees either side of Tom’s face and knelt forwards, leaving her face inches away from his throbbing cock. All that concealed it was the thin fabric of his pink dress, and Carla salivated at the prospect of it filling her mouth.

“How you doing hon?” Trish asked Tom, placing a hand on his thigh.

“This is turning out to be one hell of an anniversary,” Tom managed. He just wished that he wasn’t blindfolded; he really wanted to see Carla’s cunt dripping above his face. “Do you want to skin up another jay?” He also felt like getting a bit more stoned.

Leo looked down at his girlfriend perched over his best friend. She looked incredibly sexy in her fishnet tights, PVC miniskirt, matching top and metal chain accessories. She still had her six-inch heels on too, which Leo particularly liked. Tom, in his pink dress, blindfold and leash, was obviously past caring what he looked like. Leo smiled darkly; he had got up to some kinky stuff with Carla in the two months they’d been together, but this was taking it to the next level.

“Carla sweetie, I think you may have been a bit of a naughty girl in the back here. That’s what it looks like from the state of poor Trish anyway, look at her in her ripped up nurses uniform. Her eyes look kinda glazed and her breasts are red and sore, it looks like you gave her a proper fucking while I was driving the van. Now I think it’s your turn for a bit of punishment…”

“Oh Leo, please no, don’t spank me. I know I like it usually, but I really need to wee, and that wouldn’t be very fair on Tom would it? I’ve needed a wee ever since we left their house; if you spank me, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold on!”

“You’ll just have to try and hold it in won’t you? We don’t want you ruining those lovely fishnet tights of yours.”

“I’m sure Tom won’t mind,” Trish chipped in. She found the idea of Tom getting pissed on quite a turn on, if she was honest with herself. Her pussy started to tingle, even though she was still very sensitive from the intense orgasms Carla had given her.

Tom just lay there, incoherent; it felt like all his dirty little fantasies were all coming true at once. His dick strained beneath the pink dress, and the veins on his neck bulged beneath his collar. Having had Trish tease him all week, and not being allowed to cum, was one thing. It was something else entirely to have heard Carla give Trish the most intense orgasm ever, and now have Carla’s loaded, fishnetted cunt and ass squirming above his face.

Carla desperately didn’t want to wee herself; it would be incredibly embarrassing. She hardly knew Tom; and, unbeknown to him, she and Trish had fucked before, so it wasn’t such a big deal. Trish had told her that Tom was actually quite gentlemanly; he had bought her flowers for their one year anniversary and was extra gentle when they had anal sex, things like that made it seem so wrong to piss all over his face. Things that were completely foreign to Leo.

Leo reached over and took a wooden paddle that was hanging on the wall of the van. It had a smooth handle and a flat head, making it perfect for spanking. He pushed Carla’s PVC skirt up over her ass, until it rested on her back. The fishnets gave a teasing pattern of flesh: firm buttocks, the dark crack of her ass and the aromatic swelling of her cunt. Leo savoured the sight for a while, then bent down and inhaled; Carla was certainly aroused, that was obvious from the delightful scent her cunt was exuding.

Trish started skinning up while she watched Leo savour the prospect of giving Carla a good spanking. Trish had always thought that Leo was quite scary Ümraniye Escort looking, but now she realised he was also very good-looking. He had taken his leather coat off and his tight T-shirt highlighted the ripple of his muscles. His features were long: his fingers dancing over the paddle, his eyes dark and moody, and his hair draped down, cloaking his face; he was positively intimidating, looming over Carla like that.

Leo ran the paddle through his long fingers, weighing it up mentally as he imagined the reaction it would get from Carla. He imagined her trying to resist the pain, then giving into the pleasure; he imagined her losing control as she came from the spanking, coming over Tom’s face…

“Are you ready for a show?” Leo asked Trish.

“I want you to spank her good and hard,” Trish replied, looking up at Leo. She was still wearing her dishevelled nurse’s outfit, and she leant against the side of the van, joint in hand.

“Carla, Tom, are you both ready?”

“Leo, please don’t spank me, I really don’t think it’s a good idea,” Carla pleaded. However, Leo could tell her true desire from the way she raised her ass, as if inviting a fucking. Carla’s fishnet tights stretched over her taut buttocks and thighs, and her latex mini-skirt hung around her mid-riff. She could feel the dampness of the material around her crotch, inches above Tom’s face.

“Go on Leo, you know she wants it,” Tom muttered, turned on beyond belief. He desperately wanted to taste Carla’s cunt, and he licked his lips in anticipation. The tantalising scent of it hovering over his face made him salivate lustfully.

Leo grimaced and long moments passed. He slowly raised the paddle over his head and paused. Trish looked on, mesmerised. She exhaled, letting out a breath of smoke that hung in the air. Her pulse was beating furiously.

Tom’s dick strained beneath his skirt and a bead of perspiration rolled down his cheek. The blindfold and leash felt uncomfortable and restricting. His breathing was ragged.

Carla’s buttocks clenched and relaxed in anticipation, her whole body was taut; she knew how ruthless Leo could be. She tried to relax herself, to reduce the pain, and to focus on not peeing…


Leo let his arm drop and smacked Carla firmly across both cheeks, sending her body forward. Her breasts pushed softly into Tom’s cock, and her face nestled right over his balls.

“Ow! Leo, please don’t hit me so hard. That really hurt!”

“Yes, your butt does look a bit red, but I’m sure Tom won’t mind kissing that better for you. I’m not finished yet though, by the time I’m through you’ll really know what pain is.”

“Yeah, that’s it Leo, hit her harder, make the bitch suffer, she loves it really.” Trish took another drag of her joint and giggled stonedly.

“Leo, I mean it, I really need to…”


This time Leo applied just a little more intensity, and Carla’s buttocks wobbled with the force. This time she kept her balance, but let her crotch drop a little closer to Tom’s face.

“Mm, God, I want to taste you.” Tom arched his mouth up towards Carla’s cunt.

“Oh, I can feel that,” Carla gasped, “My whole butt feels like it’s tingling!”

“How do you like this one then, you little slut?”


Leo let rip again. This time, leaning all the weight of his upper body into the blow. He then hit her again several times in evenly measured succession. Carla gasped wantonly with each blow. The pain blurred into one abstract sensation, until it felt like her flesh was burning. She was also distinctly aware of an island of discomfort within the pain: her bladder was full, and desperately needed to be released.

“You had enough you little bitch?” Leo taunted.

“Fuck Leo! Don’t hit me again, I can’t hold on much longer!”

“Carla honey, relax, he’s not going to stop hitting you until he gets what he wants,” said Trish. “Why don’t you just let yourself come? Enjoy it.”

“Yeah Carla, come on my face, I want to taste your sweet cunt so badly!” Tom breathed.

Trish put her joint to one side and leaned forward until she was kneeling between Tom’s spread legs, facing Carla. She reached forwards and squeezed Carla’s breasts with one hand and gently İstanbul Escort grasped Tom’s dick with the other. Carla looked at her, eyes blazing; Tom’s dick was angled up, sword-like, between them.

Carla and Trish locked mouths, wordlessly, in a hungry embrace. Their tongues intertwined, as if wrestling the pleasure out of each other. Trish pushed her hands up through Carla’s hair and massaged her scalp, then started kissing and licking her face and ear. Trish was stoned and her senses were sharp and sensual; kissing Carla was sending her into a state of erotic bliss.

“I want you to piss on his face,” Trish whispered. Carla looked at her wantonly and nodded.

“Tom buddy, do you want me to take your blindfold off?” asked Leo.

“Oh yeah…” Tom blinked a couple of times, and then groaned. Carla’s ass was right above him, teasing him, and just out of reach. He could tell she was excited by the way she was squirming about.


Leo let rip with the paddle, hitting Carla full pelt across the buttocks. She let out an earthy groan from deep within; her ass sweltered and reddened painfully. The immediate blistering sensation slowly gave way to a deep throbbing that started at her buttocks, then spread down through her thighs and up her abdomen. White light flared through her thoughts, and stars danced round the periphery of her vision; she semi-consciously let her head flop down onto Tom’s belly, next to his dick. Several moments passed before she realised her crotch was a little damper than before.

Tom looked up at the dark patch that had expanded slightly between Carla’s thighs. A couple of drops of urine dripped from her fishnet tights onto his face. The first landed on Tom’s cheek, but he managed to catch the second on his tongue. He reached round and cupped Carla’s sensitive buttocks in his hands, and gently tried to ease her ass down onto his face; he really wanted to lick her out and make her come. When this failed Tom tilted his head sideways and sucked on Carla’s inner thigh, where some of her piss had seeped down. Tom felt an intoxicating rush of excitement at this act of debauchery, and clawed Carla’s tights apart.

“Do you want a hand?” Leo grabbed Carla’s fishnets in two hands and tore them apart, exposing the crack of her ass cheeks.

“Fuck yeah! Show me that cunt of yours,” said Tom, desperately trying to reach up with his tongue.

“Go on, let him have it, piss all over his sorry little face,” Trish encouraged.

“No, please, I don’t want to. Let me just get up, please!”

Tom arched his neck up and managed to give Carla a quick couple of licks between her fleshy lips. There was a mild, tangy flavour of piss, mixed with the sweeter taste of her cunt’s juices. Carla groaned as the hard tip of Tom’s tongue brushed over her clit and pee-hole.

Leo reached down beneath Carla’s tummy and massaged his knuckles into her abdomen. Tom continued flicking his tongue over her cunt whenever it came low enough over his face. Trish stroked Carla’s hair and back, gently soothing her.

“Oh God, that feels good!”

“Yeah, you want to come? Why don’t you just reach down between your legs and give your clit a little stroke? I bet the pain from me spanking you has subsided a bit now, and you feel all warm and tingly, right?”

“Oh fuck! I’m so going to come and I so need a piss, there’s no way I can hold on much longer…”

“That’s it Carla, let yourself go, I can see you’re enjoying yourself. Maybe Leo could give me a good spanking next time?”

“Trish, I’d love to give you a good spanking, just so long as I can fuck that fine ass of yours afterwards!”

Tom made an ever greater effort to lick Carla’s cunt; hearing his best friend and girlfriend talking dirty together really turned him on. He ran his tongue from Carla’s cunt hole up to her brown bud, and back again, trying to devour as much of her as he could.

“Oh Tom, lick me, you horny little bastard! You know I’m going to come on your face, I’m going to piss all over you, you fucking fuck, fuck me…” Carla wriggled about, close to bursting point.

Leo pushed one hand hard into Carla’s abdomen and used the other to slap her across her ass, as Tom managed to stick his tongue right up inside her Anadolu Yakası Escort slithery cunt.

“Oh fuck! I’m coming!”

Carla blanked out to the world: her eyes screwed shut, her whole body vibrated uncontrollably, her thighs clamped around Tom’s face and a guttural cry escaped her parted lips. She desperately rubbed her clit as the impending orgasm reached a precipitous crescendo. The fibre of her being was charged and electrified, each nerve stood on end, and the aching chasm of her wantonness filled her from inside to out.

“Ohwww…Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck…!”

Carla came, causing jets of warm piss to erupt from her hot hole. She bucked and writhed on Tom’s face as her cunt spasmed and her juices leaked uncontrollably. Leo kept slapping her across the buttocks, intensifying and prolonging her pleasure. Tom slurped up as much of Carla’s hot piss and cum as he could; it splashed over his face and overflowed out of his mouth, making him cough and splutter, but still he kept sticking his tongue deep inside her cunt.

Tom’s dick leaked pre-cum next to Carla’s face, and, as her focus came back, she took it in her mouth. It got halfway in, and Carla gently swirled it round with her tongue.

“Oh yeah, that feels good.” Tom couldn’t believe that he still hadn’t come; every time his dick was touched it set fireworks off through his senses.

Carla breathed hard and let the tension seep out of her body as she got her breath back. However, Leo wasn’t finished, and he gently lubricated his middle finger with Carla’s cum and then eased it slowly into her ass. She was too fatigued to resist, so she relaxed instead and allowed herself to enjoy this new sensation.

Meanwhile Trish took Tom’s cock in her mouth and gently worked her mouth up and down its length. She loved the feel of Tom’s big cock filling her mouth and she swirled her tongue around his knob.

“Mmm, that feels good,” said Tom appreciatively.

“Ready to be fucked?” Leo asked Carla.

Without waiting for an answer he unbuttoned himself, exposing his dick. It was long, thick and already hard. He manoeuvred it between Carla’s butt cheeks, so that it lay resting between them. He then grabbed a buttock in each hand and pulled them apart, and forced Carla’s weight backwards. Her brown asshole opened slightly under the tension. “Yeah, fuck her asshole,” said Tom. He had a perfect view – right beneath Carla’s sodden pussy.

Trish carried on sucking on Tom’s cock and Carla gripped the base of it in her hand. The sensation and the build up in his balls was becoming too much.

“That’s it, come in my mouth you dirty little boy,” Trish commanded. “Come in my mouth as you watch Leo stick his cock right up Carla’s ass hole.”

Leo’s bell end was right at the entrance of Carla’s moistened ass. She’d been fucked that way many times before and she relaxed against him. Leo watched as his cock started to stretch her rim and her shit-hole swallowed it up.

He couldn’t wait for it to ease all the way in and he grabbed her and thrust his cock deep into her bowels.

“Fuck, bastard!” Carl screamed, then breathed out as she accommodated him. He fucked her rhythmically and before long his balls started to tighten. “That’s it, cum right in my fucking ass!”

Tom watched from below as Leo’s balls, inches from his face, slapped against Carla’s buttocks.

“Oh my god! I’m cumming!” Tom shouted as Trish’s tongue worked its way around his knob. His thick cum spurted against the roof of her mouth, splattered against Carla’s face and dripped down on to his stomach. The two women greedily scooped up the spilt cum and ate it, before French kissing each other over Tom’s throbbing cock.

“Fuck, that’s so dirty,” said Leo. He started to cum as well and his balls tensed as he squeezed his hot jizz into Carla’s rectum. She could feel the warmth of the hot cum as it sprayed deep inside of her.

Carla pushed back and Tom watched as Leo’s cock was expelled from her stretched ass hole. As it came out, Carla raised herself up so that her butt was right over Tom’s face. She then got in a squatting position and pulled her pert, round ass cheeks apart, so that her gaping ass hole was right over Tom’s mouth.

He stuck out his tongue and jammed it right in her ass. Leo’s cum trickled out on to his tongue and in to his mouth. He licked furiously and the dirty cum dribbled over his face and down his chin.

“Gosh – I’m still really horny,” said Trish. “I wonder if anybody will vote that they like this story and want it to carry on . . .”

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