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Subject: If I give youy my heart “If I give you my heart” By: Fiona Paschen-Thurman “Come in Jimmy, you look absolutely exhausted” I am Carmen, I’ve been at the Customs Brokers all day trying to salvage our last shipment of cosmetics to South America, would you believe 40 dozen absolutely melted lipsticks”? ” They called me earlier about it honey, we’ve either got to hold off shipping in the Summer, Or use a reefer which is outrageously expensive. We’ve got to do something Emma, it’s getting costly and the insurance company is getting antsy.” “Here Jimmy taste a Gimlet, it’s ice cold, freshly made, it will cool you off and help you to relax. Then go in and take a cool shower, Emma and I want to talk to you for a while” “We’ll wait in the Sun Room”. “Whew, I do feel better, I get a glass of wine and be right in.” “Jimmy darling do you remember when Carmen and I went to Montreal recently?” “Sure Emma, you went up to see some of your Doctor friends and to check out some new equipment.” “That’s right darling and that’s one of the reasons we want to talk to you tonight.”. Jimmy, we have lived together for five years, we know each other very well. Carmen and I told you early on that we were lovers, and I still remember your response” ” So What”! We have always respected the fact that you are not, nor will you ever be, gay, but you know that we are sometimes in awe of your inclination to understand out innermost feminine feelings, you are very special Jimmy. You have shared our bed, our love, our fantasies always with understanding, passion, and caring, you have stolen our hearts and we want to pay you back. Just hear us out dear, don’t jump to any hasty conclusions.” “Our thoughts started in Montreal when we visited Silastic Labs” have developed and patented a new process and material which just might revolutionize prosthetics. It’s a mixture of silicon, glycerin, and certain binders used to produce exact replicas of actual body parts. Coupled with a Neuron adhesive, it’s really quite remarkable. While we were there Emma and I had separate parts replicated, mostly just to see how it would turn out. You will not believe it, it’s almost scary. I had my breasts reproduced and Emma had her genitalia copied”. “We’ll show them to you later.” Right now we’ve gotten up the nerve to make a proposition to you. Jimmy, we both know that sometimes you feel left out when Carmen and I make love, I know we do have a fantastic time with the three of us together, but sometimes you look so sad.’ Jimmy darling, with the help. of this new Silastic we would like to see if the three of us could be lovers, friends, and soul mates, all as girls, we want to turn you into a woman. We will do it with love, understanding and an awareness that you will still be our protector. In the beginning nothing will be permanent, but I promise, if you will let us do our work, you will experience the absolute thrill of special feminine feelings and pride. We can do this Jimmy, you will be absolutely perfect and the three of us together will share the ecstasy.” “I know it’s wild, and sudden, but what do you think ?” “Lord Emma, Carmen I don’t know, we are so unusually close, It does seem that sometimes we are inside each others minds’ “This would not be permanent ?” “No, certainly not at first, we could all together discuss anything permanent before taking that step. ” I wonder how I would feel inside”? “Jimmy, we want you to feel the silkiness of feminine things, the delicacy of special things. We both know that you will quite literally love what you will be, and should I mention, the sex will be unbelievable”. Please Honey, let us do this”. “I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at how you feel, your innermost emotions will embrace this, please Jimmy, do this for us, Emma and I”. “Well girls, OK, I have some reservations but I admit I am curious, OK let’s do it” “Ohhh kocaeli escort bayan Jimmy, I am so proud of you, I know it’s hard, but you won’t be disappointed” “Tomorrow morning bright and early we’ll go to Emma’s clinic, we can take care of the Silastic things there better than here, and we want to do two other things. First, it’s a very simple procedure to change your voice to a more feminine sound and it’s not permanent, and we want to make your lips a little bit fuller, that’s not permanent either”. Carmen and I will bring over everything we need because when we leave, you will be a very presentable young woman.. There are a few things we need to do tonight, ready ?” “Yes, as ready as I’ll ever be”. “OK, come on back to my bathroom”. “OK Jimmy, get undressed wile I get the tub ready, these are gardenia scented bath beads, they will make big bubbles nicely, now slide in”. ” It does smell nice Carmen, I like it., gardenia is my favorite”. “Yes darling we know” “Now prop your leg up on the tub, I’m going to shave your legs first. This is a Lady Sensor with a brand new blade, so starting at your ankles, I’ll use long slow strokes, cleaning the razor on this towel frequently. Hold yourself up tightly so I can get in close. Good, now stand up and turn around so I can get the back, you have really beautiful legs Jimmy. Most girls would kill for legs like yours. Bend over now so I can get between your legs, here let me hold you up, I’ll stretch you up firmly to get your hidden areas, I want you to be as smooth as a baby”. “There, now rinse off in the shower”. “Wrap this towel around you, I’ll make a turban for your hair with this one. Now raise your arms high so I can shave your underarms., I’ll stretch your skin tight”. Mmmm good nice and smooth”. “Jimmy this is toner, rub it over your legs and underarms, it will feel nice.” “Now your chest and between your legs, this my dear is a surgical grade hair remover cream. I’m going to use these rubber gloves to protect my hands”. “Wait a minute, you’re going to put that stuff on my chest and between my legs, and you have to wear rubber gloves.” “Ohhh relax, it’s fine, I have new nails today and I don’t want to mess them up”. “This is just a dab of Vaseline for each nipple and over your balls, I’ll be gentle”. “Now. I–I’ll spread this evenly, put your foot up on this stool”, “Ouuuu Emma, be careful, that stuff stings a little” “I know my darling, just hold on”. “OK back in the shower and wash off, water only, no soap, here I’ll scrub you gently with this loofa. “There, perfect. Don’t you think Carmen?” “It’s the first step, feel how soft your skin feels Jimmy”. ” Now for step two, it’s just for tonight Jimmy, just a tiny introduction. This is a rather old fashioned Kotex, it has a tail at each end which you hook to the tabs on this Kotex Belt, for tonight, we think it’s perfect for you.” “First, I’ll hook the belt around your waist, Emma, you hook the front clasp, it’s just like a garter, now push his manhood up into his body and bend his thing back between his legs, good, now press the Kotex up between his legs and pass me the back tail. It goes between his buns and fastens tightly to the back clasp” “Now look at that, a perfect line, a girl with her monthly period, it’s perfect. Here are your panties dear, just pull them on, I love the peachy color.” Now look Carmen, doesn’t that look perfect, so simple” “It does Emma, I had doubts, but it’s just right.” Now my darling Jimmy. A special treat, this is your very own garter belt. It matches your panties, just hold it around your waist and fasten the hooks in the back, just let the garters just hang down.. Now sit over here on this little stool.. Here are your stockings, they are your size, just puddle then at your feet and pull them slowly up, aren’t they sensuous?” “Now stand up, stretch them up and hook them to the garter, here, kocaeli escort I’ll help, get them good and tight, I’ll get the back, good, now the other one.”. Ouuu you look soooo sexy in those stockings, rub your legs together see how then feel” “That is nice Emma, it’s so sleek, I love the nude color” “That it is, a purely feminine pleasure. Now slip into these pumps, they have 3 1/2″ heels so be careful”. “Will you look at that, he looks like he was born in heels, not a wobble”. “How do they feel dear ?” “Not too bad, actually kind of nice, I like the feeling and I love the stockings.” “This is going to be fun Jimmy” “Now a temporary bra, it’s a Wonderbra. Slip your arms into the straps, I’ll hook you in back. Now lean forward, Emma you pull him into the cups, get the push up pads under him, good, now straighten up. Not too bad, let me slip these silicon inserts into the bra, good, now that’s OK for tonight. Look in the mirror Jimmy” “Well, it’s unbelievable, I look like I have boobs, it’s amazing.” “This is overwhelming”. “Almost finished, just a little makeup, lipstick, liner and mascara, you do it Carmen, I’ll get the wig.” OK Jimmy hold still, this is eyeliner, first on your upper lid just over your lashes, it’s a liquid liner but it dries quickly, don’t blink”. “Now the lower lid” Good !” This my dear is mascara, it’s applies with this wand. You use several coats to build up bulk, color and length. Here you can do it just be careful. Good that’s just right darling, let me give you one final heavy coat”. Now lipstick”. “This is a lip pencil, I will outline your lips, slightly exaggerating your natural lip line. There done !” “I will use this lip brush to load up lipstick from the tube, and carefully, fill in the outline, blot your lips together like this”. One more coat with the brush, excellent. Now Jimmy, lean your head forward so I can get you into this wig, it’s jet black cut in a modified bob style, it will be perfect for you”. “Hand me my rat tail comb Emma, I want to tease it just a little, hold still Jimmy” “Now slip into this long peignoir, it’s pure silk with a lovely button collar. Let me button you up. Now look in the mirror again, wait let us stand on each side of you”.. “Oh my gosh, it’s a miracle. I love the feel of the silk between my legs when I walk, and the way my legs slide against each other in the nylons, the shoes feel nice too, they kind of arch my back. With so little to work with, you have done a wonderful job” “Well lover we’re not quite finished, we want to do your nails and we simply must shape your eyebrows, in fact we can do both together at the same time. Come into the salon room and sit in this chair that reclines, get comfortable now. Jimmy Emma is going to give you acrylic nails, they last very well and she can make them a little longer than usual. You will find them unwieldy at first, but you will quickly learn to use them to your advantage, Emma will also put on polish to match your lips. I will attend to your eyebrows and I am afraid there is no easy way, I’m going to have to pluck them into a high arch shape. After this first time it will be easy. “Lean your head back and put your left hand in the tray to soak, Emma will also give you a manicure. With this lip pencil dear, I am going to trace out the shape I want on each brow, while I work, Emma will work on your hands to prepare them for nails. Now darling, I remind you, I will be plucking your eyebrows and it will pinch some, I’ll be careful with the tweezers” ” Ouch Carmen, OK go ahead, I’ll just tuff it out”. “Jimmy, I’m going to clean up your cuticles and buff your nails smooth, then I am going to build an acrylic nail in place, as I said it will be rather long compared to your nails now, but you’ll get use to them. Finally, I am going to polish your nails to match your lipstick.” “While we work, let’s talk”. izmit eve gelen escort Emma, we’ve got to give Jimmy a new name, got any ideas, I think something very feminine.” How about Rachel, it’s a personal favorite ?’ “Hold still, I know this hurts, I’m almost through with this side”. “Jimmy, what about Rachel “. It’s OK with me but this is all going to fast, Ouch !” “Sorry dear” OK Rachel girl, it’s time for long red fingernails” ” There, now for polish”. Rachel darling how do you feel so far” “I’m not entirely sure, very confused for certain, you both are treating me so nice, you have once again stolen my heart”. I think I like the way I feel, mostly because I know you want me to do this. “It is very strange though, like I’m in two worlds” “There Rachel, your nails are finished, what do you think”? “Wow they are long”. “All the better to scratch my dear, and essential female attribute. Now get up and walk around” “Look Emma, how she moves her hips, something’s going on here” “It’s getting a bit late and we have an early day tomorrow at the clinic, let’s go to bed”. Rachel darling you leave on your stockings, garter belt and bra, and get in the middle of the big bed in my room”. “OK Carmen” “Here we go, I’ll hang your nitey over here, move over, we’re coming in on both sides. “Ohh Rachel I cannot tell you how much I am thrilled thhat you agreed to do this, see how lovely it feels when I gently rub your stockinged legs”. Ouuuu that does feel good” “And your nipples inside your bra I bet they are sensitive”. Ohhhhh Emma that feels so good, pinch them some more, ohhh yes !” Ohhhh yes suck them, hard Carmen Ohhhh please” “Emma you are taking my panties off” “yes dear I certainly am” Ouuuuu Emma wow, that feels soooo good. Carmen no” “Ohhh poo bend your knees and turn over. That’s right hands and knees, hand me the Vaseline Emma. Ouuu Carmen your finger, ohhh Carmen yes” ” Relax Rachel” Ohhh Emma, it’s feels so big but it’s slippery, Ohhhhh yes in and out like that, ohhhh more, harder, harder Ohhh my God! I’ m going to come” Ohhhh yes Carmen suck my nipples hard, ohhhh you are biting them I can’t stand it”. Mmmmm Emma, ohhh here I come, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !” “Let me clean you up dear” How was that ?” You have to ask ? “Fantastic” “We have one more thing to do before we go to sleep, Emma get the pump”. Rachel. We need to stretch your nipples for tomorrow, this is an electric breast pump, it has a cup for each nipple and a cylinder into which it can expand. This gel around the edge will keep it sealed around you, it’s fits like this, Carmen attach the tubes to the pump, and turn it on, lowest setting, OK the cups are seated, now come here Carmen stand behind Carmen. Reach over her shoulder and cup her breast in both hands, force it out between your hands like this, gently push it in and out, stimulate it. See Rachel your nipples are filling the cups, let me adjust the suction. Ohhh Carmen that hurts, it’s pulling so strong. I know but look at your Nipples they are expanding into the cylinders” “Now full power for 30 seconds” Ohhhh Emma stop, please”. “OK done, look at your nipples now Rachel, let me gently scratch this one” Ohhhh Emma they are sooooo sensitive. OK darling, here’s a sleep bra, it’s very soft, take off your garter belt and hose, and slip into your nitey here. I’ll be quick and take off your makeup and wig, tomorrow we go to the salon. Here are some fresh panties”. “Go to sleep darling, tomorrow is a big day.” “Emma let’s talk for a while, OK ?” ” Sure Carmen in here by the porch” “What do you think Emma” “I think it’s going to be perfect, more that we hoped. Rachel has an uncommon awareness about herself and others around her, I have a funny feeling that she is going to be entirely comfortable as a girl” “Oohh I hope so”. Tomorrow, we give her breasts and genitalia, a feminine voice and fuller lips. If we have time we’ll go to Carla’s Salon to get her hair done. Let’s be sure we take everything we need to get her fully dressed at the Clinic tomorrow, she can just wear Jeans and a blouse to go over , no makeup at all. OK I think we’re ready, let’s go to bed”. Stay Tuned !

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