Indian Girl Banged By White BF During Camping Trip


Indian Girl Banged By White BF During Camping TripdeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedI wasn’t able to post my story regularly because of my studies and assignment. As you already knew everything about me, let’s get into the story. My new dating experience is really good and I am exploring new pleasures.James and I really started enjoying sex whenever we get a chance. The white boyfriend in a foreign country opened the door for new experiences. Still, after a month of dating, my roommates still was not aware of James and me. They were thinking that I going out frequently with my cousins or relatives.We started the relationship unofficially but I have asked James to keep it a secret until I am comfortable. Eventually, we started sexting and sending nudes of each other (Of course, without the face).We almost reached the mid-term and were approaching our spring break. James suggested a camping tour for a week and hinted me that it is going to be wild. I liked James’ idea and I was pretty sure that we will end up having a lot of sex.So I planned for the tour before a week. I packed my new lingerie, contraceptive pills and camping things. I told my roommates that I was going out camping with my cousins and I will be back after a week.After James’ last exam, we wanted to leave for the trip. I completed my exams a day before James’ and was waiting for his last exam. He didn’t talk much because of the exams tension.After getting relieved from the exams, my body was wanting sex but I didn’t want to disturb James. James called me after his exam and told me that we will leave in an hour. It was a 4-hour drive to the campsite and I really wanted to relieve my sexual pressure.James came to my house to pick me up and I said that I need 15 minutes of his time and asked him to go to his house. He understood my feeling and gave me a naughty grin.Within 10 minutes, we reached his house. I couldn’t control myself and jumped on to him and started kissing him. I felt his dick grow under his shorts. Then I placed my hand inside his shorts and pulled his dick out and started sucking it right away.Once his dick was ready, I dropped my short and moved into cowgirl position. While riding him, I started moaning a little louder and finally, managed to reach climax along with him. Then I laid on his chest after experiencing the orgasm.After relaxing for a while, we got ready for the trip.To make our road drive erotic, James suggested to me not to wear any inners. So, I removed my bra and pantie and wore only a t-shirt and short. Similarly, James did the same thing and wore only a t-shirt and short.We glanced at each other, I could see his dick moving inside his short and my nipples are clearly visible to him. We looked at each other, laughed and started the journey.During the whole drive to the campsite, I was playing with his dick and he was playing with my boobs. Finally, by 5 PM we reached the campsite and started setting up the campsite.We had some food with us and started eating near the cam fire. osmaniye escort We were enjoying the campfire by sitting really close and hugging each other. The whole moment was so romantic and we talked till 10 PM. There was a rule in the campsite that people shouldn’t make any noises after 10 PM. So, we decided to go back to the tent and put off the fire.After moving into the tent, we started the action. We got a couple more comforter and a big sleeping bag. We both stripped off completely and went into the sleeping bag and started exploring each other’s naked body. Within no time, he got on top of me and started riding me. It felt so hot that we were doing it in an open area and that too, with people around us.I controlled my moaning a lot because I didn’t want to others to hear me. Even though it was cold outside, we were sweating a lot and I felt suffocated. It was a thrilling experience to have sex in an open area. James said that he planned a hiking trip nearby and asked me to wake up by 4 am.As planned, we woke up by 4 am and found most of the fellow campers were still sleeping. I thought it will be a good idea to get freshen up quickly since there will be no one to occupy the restrooms.So I wore a t-shirt, jacket and yoga pants and James wore a t-shirt and short. I thought it was a normal hiking and didn’t have much expectations but James planned something else.Since we started pretty early in the morning, it was still dark. After a mile into the hiking, James asked me to step out of the track into the woods. Now, I understood his naughty plan.We moved away from the track and moved deep into the woods. I got the confidence that no one was going to watch us. James was busy watching the step forward but I started stripping clothes off one by one.First, I removed my jacket and dropped it. Later, I removed my t-shirt and dropped it. Then I dropped my bra too and stood there completely topless. But James wasn’t looking at me and he was busy watching the steps because as it was dark.Due to the excitement, my nipples were hard and my boobs became tight. After we reached the spot, James turned back and saw me topless. I could see excitement and lust in his eyes and pulled me closer. His hands felt all over my open flesh and he started kissing me wildly.I slowly slid my hand into his shorts to grab the thing that belongs to me. He came down on his knees and pulled my yoga pants and started sucking my pussy. I reached the peak of pleasure and asked James to fuck me. In the standing position, he lifted my left leg and inserted his hot rod into me. With each stroke, I was enjoying the heat by eyes closed.After this first early morning session, we continued our hike to the top of the peak. During the hike, we took small breaks and had a few romantic sessions.Finally, when we reached the peak, the view of sunshine and mountains were so cool. Luckily, there was no one on the top of the mountain and we found a watchtower on the peak. We both winked at each other escort osmaniye and went to the top of the tower.Without wasting any time, we again stripped our cloths but it was so cold that we were literally shivering. We got close to each other to feel the warmth and started smooching by hugging tightly.Finally, he entered my glory hole and started humping me in the standing position. We didn’t want to get laid on the floor because it was dirty and continued the action further. Slowly, our shivering turned into a pleasureful sex.After 10-15 minutes, he reached climax and I came 3 times during this time. After this hot session, we returned back to the campsite. On our way back, we weren’t able to do anything more because of the increase in the crowd. After reaching the campsite, we again had one more session and had a small nap.There are more adventures that took place after we woke up. To hear those stories, stay tuned to my author page.I and my white boyfriend James decided to go camping and explore our sexual boundaries. The first day went really hot and pleasureful after a long gap. After the small nap, we both were hungry and had our supper at 8 PM.While having supper, we were reminding ourselves of the naughty things that we did and were teasing each other. After the supper, we went for a small walk. It was so romantic to hold hands and walk by the shores of the lake.Then we settled down on the shore where it was peaceful and not crowded at all. As it was already 11 PM, most of the people had reached their camps and most parts of the beach were empty.We spread our blanket and laid over there in the open. To tell you guys, it was a clear sky and we could see the stars. The sound of waves, stars, and the atmosphere turned so romantic that I slid under my boyfriend’s arm, hugging him.We slowly started kissing and caressing each other. We didn’t even what was happening around as we were too much indulged in romancing in the open air and under the stars while listening to the sound of waves.Obviously, we both were too much excited. James could feel my erected nipples and I could feel his erected dick. Then we looked around and there was no one nearby. So we thought about doing some kinky activities. As it situation was supporting, we decided to have sex on the beach.I was aroused by hearing James’ word and jumped right over him in a cowgirl position. By looking at him seductively, I removed my top off and put his hands on my boobs. While he started taking squeezing my boobs, I started kissing him.After kissing for 5 minutes, I stood up and moved away from him and stripped my shorts along with my pantie. He was amused by my actions and I slowly turned around and moved towards the lake. Even he followed me to the lake and soon, both of us submerged until our chest.The lake was very cold but somehow we got used to it like in the morning. I could feel James’ dick dancing between my legs and touching my glory hole. In the lake, he lifted me and I wrapped osmaniye escort bayan my legs around him. He adjusted his dick to slide into my pussy and I started to jump on his dick. Slowly, as James was losing the grip, we hit the shore.Then we laid on the shore and continued our action. I think maybe due to the excitement of such public sex, James came in 5 minutes this time. We laid there on our back facing the sky and taking rest after a steamy session. Because of the cold weather and night winds from the shore, my nipples and James’ dick both were erected again.James was teasing my erected nipples by softly pressing them with his fingers. I saw his long erected dick jumping in excitement. I held it tightly with my soft hands.In a few minutes, James got excited again and was trying to come on top of me. But I wanted to punish him for what he did in the last session. I wanted to tease him a little bit. So I pushed him away and started walking along the shore. He started following me and I could his dick swinging freely. I felt like Mr. Little James was ready for another steamy action.We were out staying naked for a long time. We felt like there is a good chance we might get caught by someone if we continue to stay naked. So I suggested James to wear the clothes and continue our action back in our camping tent.We quickly wore our clothes and moved back to our camping tent. Luckily, no one caught us in that awkward situation!As soon as we entered the tent, James started the action. He pushed me down, came top of me and started caressing my body. I could clearly feel that his dick was ready for action but I was stalling him to build up the excitement inside him.When I lost my strength to stall him any further, he with one hand forcibly pulled my shorts. He was so horny that he didn’t even bother to make me topless. With my t-shirt still on, he pushed his dick forcibly into my pussy. I was almost shouting in excitement and pain but he covered my mouth with his left hand.He drilled me with all strength and lust for almost 15 minutes straight and non-stop this time, without slowing. In the meantime, I came 3 times and finally and after 15 minutes, my boyfriend came inside me. With all his power exhausted, he fell on top of me and later laid on his back beside me.I was so exhausted with all the sessions and quickly went into a deep sleep. I didn’t know about James but probably he might have played my boobs because when I woke up in the morning, I was all naked inside the blanket. That day, James slept till 9 AM in the morning.* * *Readers, I will continue the rest of the story in the next part. Until then, happy night.Also, thanks for all the support that I have been receiving all this time. Most of the guys asked me whether my writing was real or not. But trust me guys, I am dating a white guy and these are all my experiences.Yes, I might have exaggerated a few things but when it comes to the moment, they are all true. If you knew me before based on my stories, then you might have also known that I have a very high sex drive. I also enjoy writing my experiences online which also and in turn, arouse me a lot. You guys don’t know that I am masturbating while writing the story as well! :PWhat did you think of this story??

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