Intimate Examination

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This is my first submission to Literotica and I would appreciate your comments.

Sincere thanks to lilsadie69 for help with the editing.

On the morning of my examination, I got up bright and early so I could set off in good time to reach the hospital. A year or so earlier I had an operation to remove a fibroid, the thing had been causing me difficulty and discomfort for over two years and eventually the time had come when it just had to be removed. It had got to the point where the fibroid had begun pressing against my bladder which gave me the feeling of constantly needing to pee but never actually being able to get relief! My doctor had agreed that something needed to be done and I was booked in for the operation.

My doctor at the time had been an elderly but very experienced gentleman and the procedure had been carried out with no complications. Now a year or so on, I was due an examination to ensure that everything was now Okay. My doctor had now retired and this time my examination would be carried out by his replacement, a “Doctor Shaw”. I had never met Doctor Shaw, but pretty soon they were going to know me pretty well; apparently this examination would be very thorough and very, very intimate!

So on the day in question I got up, had a light breakfast and then got in the shower. I wanted to be nice and fresh for the examination, so I showered thoroughly and then took my razor to tidy up my legs and bikini line. I generally kept my bush neatly trimmed with just a small triangle of hair around my vagina but I went to work and tidied everything up. After all I wanted to be nice and clean down there for the doctor! The weather had been baking hot, so I dressed accordingly – I chose simple, flesh-colored, bikini style panties with matching bra (no tights) and a simple lilac-colored cotton summer dress and sandals. A few small dabs of perfume and I was ready to go.

I arrived at the hospital, parked and made my way to reception. At reception, I was asked to make my way to Doctor Shaw’s surgery where I waited outside the door. After a minute or so, the door opened and to my surprise it turned out that my new doctor was a woman! Doctor Shaw was an attractive woman of around 35 years old, a little taller than me with a good figure and neatly bobbed brown hair.

“Ms. Taylor?” she said, smiling and offering her hand. “Won’t you come in please?”

I was surprised but also quite pleased that I would have a woman examining me. It’s no secret that I find other women attractive and I generally considered myself bisexual. Lately I had found myself increasingly drawn to women and the thought of this extremely attractive female getting to examine my most private areas caused me to tingle with anticipation! “Please, call me Sharon.” I said entering her office. I figured we might as well be on first name terms; after all pretty soon she was going to know every inch of my body!

I sat down and we went through my medical history, I answered her questions about my general health and how things had been since my operation and then she stood up.

“Well, we’ll get started, shall we.” she said briskly and I felt my heart flutter slightly. “There’s just one thing I need to ask you,” she went on. “I have two medical students with me at the moment. As part of their practical training I’d like them to take part in the examination if that’s okay with you; don’t worry by the way, they’re both female students.” she smiled.

I felt my heart skip a beat. It seemed I was to have three of them examining me and the thought made my pulse rate quicken. I have a pronounced submissive streak and the idea of having to reveal myself to three women was a real turn-on, already I could feel my nipples begin to harden and a stirring in my loins!

“Oh, it’s no problem.” I replied just a little nervously.

“Excellent!” she replied cheerfully. “The girls will be so grateful. Now if you’d like to go into the examination room, just sit on the table and we’ll be with you in a couple of minutes”.

I went into the adjacent room, there was a padded table with a disposable paper sheet and I perched myself on the end and waited. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. The weather was once again boiling and the small room was so hot and stuffy, I could already feel my armpits were damp with sweat. Then the door opened and in came Doctor Shaw with her accomplices. The two medical students were around 25 years old and very pretty. One was blonde and the other was brunette, they were introduced as Megan (the blonde) and Susan (the brunette). There was also another woman with blonde hair, was a little older around 30, and slightly stern looking; she was introduced as Rachel.

“Rachel’s one of our senior nurses,” explained Doctor Shaw. “I’ve asked her to help out as well. She’s here to give you a little moral support throughout the examination; some ladies do find it a little distressing.”

Doctor Shaw and the two students poker oyna went over to the corner of the room and began putting on latex surgical gloves. This was it, things were about to start!

“Right, Sharon, we’ll get started, shall we.” said Doctor Shaw. “Just slip off your dress and sandals & we’ll start by measuring your weight and height.”

Standing up, I began to remove my clothes. I was giddy with excitement at having to reveal my body to these women, not only was I bisexual but the thought of having to strip and being humiliated was also a guilty pleasure of mine! I started by kicking off my sandals and then taking it by the hem, I began to pull my cotton dress up and over my head. Rachel assisted me by helping me to get the dress over my head (she seemed very willing to help me undress) before taking my dress and placing it on a chair. I was now in just my underwear. At 37, I still had a very good figure courtesy of my twice-weekly dance lessons.

I was very comfortable with my body and yet I was acutely conscious of how exposed I was standing in this room stripped to my bra and panties with four fully dressed women scrutinizing me! My bra was unpadded and my brown nipples, hard with excitement, were clearly visible and jutting through the thin material. Rachel placed her hands gently on my bare shoulders and led me over to the scales; I shivered very slightly at her touch and felt my clitoris stir!

I stepped onto the scales and Rachel read out my weight. I then stepped off the scales, and I was led over to the other wall to have my height measured. This time Rachel had her hand placed gently against the small of my back just above the waistband of my panties. I could sense their eyes gazing transfixed by the sight of my round bottom, clad in just my sheer and skimpy pants, jiggling as I crossed the room. I stood against the wall and Rachel began to position me so as to get an accurate reading.

“I just need you to stand perfectly straight Sharon.” she said before placing her hand on my ribcage just below my breasts and pushing me gently to keep my back firmly to the wall. Next, she squatted down in front of me and pushed firmly against my knees so that they too were firmly against the wall. In doing so, she now had her head level with my panties and I could feel her eyes scrutinizing my crotch through the sheer material of my briefs! “There, now just hold it like that.” she said before standing up and reading out my height measurement.

By now I was a little flushed and was blushing slightly, however now the serious business was about to begin and it was time for me to start to lose my underwear!

“Right, Sharon we’ll check out your breasts now,” said Doctor Shaw. “If you’d like to just pop your bra off.”

Heart pounding, I reached round to unclip my bra. Nervous and excited I fumbled with the catch, struggling to get it undone.

“Let me help you there.” said Rachel, again very willing to assist in getting my clothes off. I felt her hands gripping the back of my bra and unclipping it before removing it exposing my breasts, leaving me in just my panties. The briefs were also very sheer and I knew that my neat, dark bush was visible!

Doctor Shaw approached smiling gently “Okay, just lift your arms above your head.” she said. I did as I was asked, lifting my arms and standing with my legs slightly apart and then she began to feel and caress my breasts, the first one and then the other. Her expert hands moved around my pert 36A tits, stroking, squeezing and feeling. She repeatedly felt my nipples, rolling them gently between her thumb and finger.

I felt like screaming! I have extremely sensitive breasts, and having this woman playing with them was driving me insane! My nipples, already stiff, were rock hard within seconds and as the torment continued I could feel my breathing getting deeper and perspiration began to form on my back. Worst (or best!) of all though, I could feel my vagina beginning to moisten!

The examination seemed to go on forever but eventually she was satisfied; it didn’t stop there though of course! Now it was time for Megan and Susan to have a go at me. First the blonde and then the brunette took turns to caress my breasts and nipples until by the time they were all finished, I was sweating and felt like I was ready to explode with frustration! I was breathing heavily and having all sorts of problems in my pants – I could feel them getting wet with my cum! There was a full length mirror on the opposite wall and, sure enough, as I looked at my reflection I could see that a dark, damp patch was already visible in the cotton crotch liner of my panties!

The others all seemed pleased though.

“No problems there, Sharon.” smiled Doctor Shaw. “You’ve got a lovely pair of breasts.”

The way she looked at me, I could have sworn that she had really enjoyed feeling up my tits! Mind you, I hadn’t been complaining! The others were also looking me up and down and I could feel their eyes lingering on my crotch canlı poker oyna and the tell-tale wet patch in the v of my panties.

It was time for the really intimate part to begin “Right, Sharon, now we’ll check out the rest of you.” she smiled. “If you’d just like to hop up onto the table, we’ll get those panties off and have a look, shall we.”

My head was spinning with sexual excitement as I climbed up onto the table; it was time for me to lose my pants! Leaning back slightly, I reached down and pulled off my panties. The crotch liner, moist with my vaginal sap, glistened and to my acute embarrassment, there was no hiding my arousal. The crotch of my briefs was clearly soaked with cum and there was the tangible scent of my cream in the air.

“Let me take those for you.” Rachel took my panties from me and placed them on the chair along with my bra and dress. As she took them, I noticed she had her thumb against the crotch liner and was stroking the cotton fabric so she could feel how wet they were! When she returned she had just the hint of a smirk on her face, she was clearly amused at the thought of me creaming in my pants!

Doctor Shaw approached me smiling, flanked by her two students. “Okay Sharon, I need you to spread your legs really wide for me.” she murmured and now there was no mistaking the look of pleasure on all 4 of them. They were really looking forward to getting their fingers in my vagina! My heart was now pounding and still braless, I could feel my ribcage rise and fall, my nipples stiff and aching with desire!

The head of the table was inclined to support my upper back so that I was sat half-upright. Rachel brought a small pillow over which was placed under the small of my back, lifting my bottom slightly clear of the table and tilting my crotch upwards. I drew up my knees and spread my legs wide apart. Four pairs of eyes feasted themselves on my exposed crotch; my labia were engorged and my cunt glistened with my wetness! Doctor Shaw stood at the end of the table directly between my spread legs, Megan and Susan stood on either side of me, and Rachel had come around to sit next to me at the head of the table. “Now, Sharon as you know, this is going to be a very thorough and intimate examination so I need you to keep those legs spread really wide for me. We don’t use those horrible stirrups any more, but I do know how difficult it can be holding your legs apart for so long, so Megan and Susan will help you out a little and Rachel will support you throughout the exam.”

At this point, Megan and Susan, looking rather pleased with the job, took hold of my legs just above the knee and proceeded to spread them even wider, holding them in position and exposing my crotch even more! Doctor Shaw had drawn up a chair and sat down, a small glass jar of lubricant in her hand in readiness but as my legs were spread apart, she smiled gently “Well well, I don’t think we’ll be needing this, now will we.” she murmured. I felt my face flush with embarrassment; it must be so obvious to all of them how aroused I was! Doctor Shaw’s face was only inches away from my exposed crotch and I saw her nostrils flare as she caught the musky scent of my soaking cunt!

Doctor Shaw placed her thumb on my mound, resting gently on my clitoris and then gently inserting two fingers into my vagina, she began to probe around inside my cunt causing me to gasp with excitement!

Suddenly I was acutely aware of how aroused I was. Unable to control my body, I was creaming; my cunt wet with my cum! Doctor Shaw had clearly noticed the state I was in.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll be needing any lubrication now will we?” she exclaimed a half-smile on her face. The bitch knew exactly what this was doing to me and was clearly enjoying it!

I felt my face flush with embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I’m afraid I’m a little wet down there.”

“Oh, don’t worry Sharon.” she smiled “It happens to a lot of girls I examine. After all, you’ve got a lot of very sensitive nerve endings down there, and you’ve just spent the last 10 minutes having your breasts squeezed and caressed so it’s hardly surprising you’re a little excited.”

She had her first two fingers inserted in my vagina and her thumb was resting on my clitoris, every time she moved her fingers inside me, her thumb pressed a little harder on my clit which was becoming swollen with desire. Right now it was still hidden under my clitoral hood but I knew that if she kept doing this to me, it was only a matter of time before it began to peek from between my labia!

“Just relax Sharon,” murmured Doctor Shaw. “Just spread Sharon’s legs a little wider will you girls.” she said, and Megan and Susan gripped my legs more tightly and spread them to their limit, I was now practically doing the splits! Meanwhile Doctor Shaw was rubbing her fingers against my vagina, stroking my most intimate and sensitive areas! I was now sweating profusely, my back, armpits and forehead glistening with perspiration. I felt her fingers internet casino probing me relentlessly – she had found my most sensitive area and her fingers were working me over mercilessly – I was getting more and more aroused, slipping helplessly out of control and I could feel an orgasm building inside me. There was no way I could disguise my state of arousal; my nipples were now rock hard and my vagina soaking with my cum, the air pungent with the musky scent of my cream! As her fingers worked me over and her thumb pressed agonizingly against my clit, I gripped the edge of the table and found myself panting with desire and as the torment continued, I began to groan with a mixture of distress and pleasure as I inched towards my climax!

Sweat was now dripping from my forehead, noticing this, Rachel dabbed my forehead with a tissue “There Sharon, is that a little better?” she said in reassuring tones. She then placed her hands on my shoulders as if to comfort me “I think poor Sharon’s feeling a little hot.” she said. Doctor Shaw looked up at my face which was flushed pink and damp with sweat – she looked into my eyes but all the time she continued to probe my vagina.

“Sorry Sharon,” she murmured. “I know how distressing this must be for you.” her voice had a slightly husky tone to it and there was just the hint of a smile in her brown eyes. Megan and Susan had also turned to look at me, they smiled at me and then glanced at each other and I was certain I saw a slight smirk pass between them.

It was now obvious to me that these four were enjoying every minute of this – Doctor Shaw was having a jolly nice time playing with my vagina and they were all getting off watching what it was doing to me! I felt my face reddening with embarrassment but I tried to laugh it off. “Oh, it’s not really distressing,” I replied. “But I have to admit I am finding the whole thing very arousing.” I laughed, “But I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that, you can probably tell from the state of my vagina and my nipples.” again I laughed slightly, trying to appear nonchalant even though I was being driven crazy by the relentless probing of my cunt.

Doctor Shaw adjusted her fingers and began probing again, this time her two fingers were stroking relentlessly against an incredibly sensitive part of my vagina. Not only that but every time she moved her fingers, her thumb also moved slightly and rubbed against my clitoris. “Aaaaaahhh!” I groaned as her fingers worked my vagina over mercilessly. “I’m sorry,” I gasped. “It’s just that I’m getting really turned on by what you’re doing to me there.” She adjusted her fingers and probed more firmly, now sweat was pouring from me and the scent of my cum hung heavy in the small room. “Aaaaahhhh!” again I couldn’t prevent myself from groaning with sexual pleasure as I felt my climax approaching. “I’m so sorry,” I almost sobbed. “But I don’t think I can stand much more of this. I’m going to have an orgasm if you keep doing this to me!”

Rachel leaned forward and patted my shoulder reassuringly. “It’s OK Sharon,” she said gently. “Most girls get a little excited when this is being done to them, try not to be embarrassed.”

“A little excited?” I thought, that had to be the understatement of the year. They were working me over mercilessly, they knew full well what this was doing to me and yet the relentless stimulation of my vagina continued. It was obvious that all four of them were getting off on seeing the state I was in and they were clearly going to show me no mercy! I was slipping out of control now. Despite my efforts to remain calm, I found myself involuntarily flexing my legs and thrusting my pelvis against her fingers causing her thumb to rub harder against my throbbing clitoris!

“Aaaaahhhh!” again I moaned as her fingers stroked at my g-spot. I couldn’t take much more, I was slipping out of control as my climax approached and the frustration and desire to come made me want to scream. “I’m sorry,” I gasped. “But I really can’t take any more of this. I think I’m going to come!”

Doctor Shaw looked up and stared into my flushed, sweating face. “Yes, I can see you’re pretty worked up.” she smiled. “Do you want me to stop for a while?”

“No please, Doctor Shaw!” I blurted out. “Please don’t stop, please, I’m desperate for relief. Please Doctor, finish me off and make me come! Please I’m begging you, I really need to come!”

Doctor Shaw paused and once again looked into my face her blue eyes staring deep into mine. “I think we’d better drop the ‘Doctor Shaw’ bit Sharon.” she smiled, “We’ve gone slightly beyond the realms of formality don’t you think? Please, call me Nicola.” Now there was no mistaking it, she was really getting off on this, loving every minute as she worked me over mercilessly knowing full well what it was doing to me! I looked at Megan and Susan; they were quite openly smirking, biting their lips to prevent themselves from laughing at my predicament, the lousy bitches! I was now sweating profusely, my forehead, back and armpits soaked with perspiration. My perfume, which I had put on only an hour earlier, was fighting a losing battle and the small room now stunk of my sweat together with the unmistakable musky scent of my vagina!

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