Janet , Norm’s Party

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Janet and I decided to have a party at our house one evening The night of the party, Janet was still getting ready when people started arriving and when she came out of the bedroom, even I had to whistle! Janet was dressed to kick ass. She was wearing an almost sheer, very low cut blouse, her tits were clearly visible and her nipples were very noticeable through the thin material and she was not wearing a bra. Barely covering her pussy and ass, she had on a short, I guess you could call it, mini skirt and no panty’s!

I guess I should tell you a little about Janet. She is 51 years old, 5’3″, 115#, hazel eyes, blond, only on the top though, as she keeps her pussy hair neatly trimmed, 36c-27-37. She likes her nipples licked on, sucked on and played with and they are the size of a dime when they are hard. Janet loves oral sex, both giving and receiving and she does swallow. Janet is into, incest, she fucks her oldest son, Jeff, eats her daughter, Dee’s pussy, fucks her nephew Mark and her niece, Teri and eats her daughter-in-law, Maria’s pussy, gangbangs, just about anything except S/M and pain and she is bi.

About 9 pm, I was getting a little tipsy already and I sat down on the couch next to Fred, a middle aged black guy. He was a little drunk by then also and we started casually talking, when Janet came up and ask me where another bottle of Canadian Club was, I told her and she winked and Fred and I, smiled and she left to get the bottle of booze. Fred couldn’t help but stare at Janet’s beautiful tits and after she left, he said that Janet was beautiful and had very nice tits and he would love to get her in bed and he thought she would be a very hot piece of ass and a great fuck.

Little did he know how right he was. We talked for a while longer before I got up to go get me another drink. Janet was outside on the deck talking with her daughter, Dee, her niece, Terry, her daughter-in-law Maria and a few others. I could see that she was having a pretty good time and she was a little drunk too. Janet had one hand on Maria’s ass, rubbing Maria’s ass cheeks and I knew that Janet was getting horny. I remembered what Fred had told me and got an idea.

I ask Janet to come here for a minute and when she did, I told her that some black guy had said she was beautiful, had great tits and that he would love to get her in bed because he thought she would be a great piece of ass and a great fuck. Janet smiled at me and ask if it were the black guy I was sitting with earlier and I told her that is was. Her eyes light up and she ask me if she should come on to him.

I told her that that was for her to decide and that it was fine with me if she did and if that was what she wanted. She smiled at me, gave my cock a little squeeze and told me to wish her luck. I looked at her and told her that she did not need any luck and that she would more than likely get lucky! Janet said something to the girls and went into the house. I went over to Maria and started talking to her and before long, she was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I whispered into ear if she would like to go into the bedroom, I sure would like a blowjob.

She smiled and gave my cock a big squeeze and I ask her if that was a yes. She smiled at me, gave my cock another squeeze and I reached up and took her tit in my hand, gave it a squeeze and told he to cum on. As we were going through the living room, Janet was setting next to Fred and she had her hand on his leg. I told Maria to hold on for just a minute, I wanted to see what Janet was going to do. She told me ok, so we stood next to Janet and Fred, listening to them talking.

Janet leaned over enough so that Fred could look down her blouse and see her tits. She smiled at him and ask him if he liked what he seen. Fred was having a hard time, Maria and I both could see a bulge in his pants, but answered Janet, that yes he did and they were lovely. Then Janet ask him if he would like to see all of them and Fred almost fell off the couch! Janet told Fred to watch her and in a minute or two to follow her into the bedroom.

The sweat broke out on Fred’s forehead. As Janet got up and slowly walked to our bedroom, making sure that Fred was certain to see what room she went into. As soon as Janet got into the bedroom, she tore her cloths off and was standing there waiting for Fred, she reached over and turned the light off and was moving to get on the bed when Fred came in, he didn’t notice yet that Janet was naked because his eyes were not yet accustomed to the darkness. Janet whispered to him to lock the door and moved nearer to him.

Fred turned and locked the door and when he turned around, Janet came up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him to her and gave him a big, wet kiss. Fred nearly collapsed, but returned Janet’s kiss. He still didn’t realize that Janet was naked yet! Janet started unbuttoning his shirt as they continued kissing and when she had it unbuttoned, she pushed it off his arms and let it fall to the floor. She then pulled herself tight to Fred and it poker oyna was then that Fred realized that Janet was topless and her beautiful tits were mashed to his chest!

Janet reached to Fred’s pants and unbuckled than, reached for his zipper and unzipped his pants and pushed them off him and let them fall to the floor. Fred stepped out of them and was standing there in just his socks and underwear. Janet reached down and took his socks off and on her way back up, hooked her thumbs in Fred’s underwear and began taking them off. Fred’s cock got caught in the elastic band, so Janet had to pull his underwear out and down and when she did, out fell the biggest, blackest cock she had ever seen.

It had to have been at least 12 to 14 inch’s long and thick! The thing was like a baseball bat. Janet just stared at Fred’s cock! She couldn’t believe the size of it. She took it in her hand and it didn’t even come close to wrapping it around his cock. Janet knew right then that she had to have Fred’s cock. She began stroking his cock, when Fred reached up and took Janet’s tits in his hands and began squeezing and massaging them. Janet was already close to an orgasm and whispered in Fred’s ear to get on the bed with her.

Janet led Fred by his cock to the bed and they laid down, Janet never letting go of Fred’s cock. Janet kissed Fred again, still stroking his cock. She told Fred how bad she wanted his cock and could hardly wait to get it in her pussy and for him to fuck her. Fred began playing with Janet’s tits again and took his other hand and moved it to Janet’s pussy. Fred began massaging Janet’s pussy and a low moan escaped from her. He slid one finger into Janet’s wet pussy and began finger fucking her. Janet increased the speed of her strokes on Fred’s cock.

Fred slid another finger into Janet’s pussy and Janet had the first of her orgasms. Fred was close to cumming too and Janet, overcum with her own orgasm, didn’t feel Fred’s cock twitch and he shot a huge load of cum all over Janet and himself, gob after gob squirting from his cock. He couldn’t believe the amount of cum he was spurting just from this sexy woman jacking him off! Janet, never let loose of his cock and her hand was covered with fresh, hot, creamy cum.

Janet ask Fred to fuck her now, but he had another idea. He told Janet that if she would suck his cock, then he would give her a fucking she would never forget! Janet wanted to suck his cock, but she wanted him to fuck her first, realizing that she would get that cock in her pussy sooner if she gave him a blow job, she began kissing his neck, slowly moving downward, stopping to lick and clean the cum from Fred’s chest and belly.

Janet soon reached his hairline and the kinky, jet black hair was tickling her nose as she kissed lower and lower, finally reaching the base of Fred’s cock. She began licking the long, hard, black shaft. When she licked down to the bottom of his cock, she started kissing and licking his balls.

Janet took one of Fred’s nuts in her mouth and began sucking gently on it, before moving the other and doing the same with it, when she took Fred’s cock in her hand and began stroking his cock again. She finally stopped licking and sucking his balls and began kissing and licking his cock up and down the shaft again. Fred took Janet’s head in both hands, pulled it up over the head of his cock and pushed down. Janet’s mouth reached the head of his cock and she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid her mouth over the head of Fred’s cock. Fuck, it was so big, she didn’t think she could get anymore into her mouth, but Fred was still pushing and Janet was surprised she was getting so much of it in her mouth.

His cock finally hit the back of Janet’s mouth and she began gagging a little. Fred let go of Janet’s head and she began slowly bobbing her head up and down on as much of his cock as she could get in her mouth. Janet loved the warm, hard, black cock in her mouth. It was so hot and hard and big.

Janet took Fred’s cock out of her mouth long enough to tell him how delicious it was and she was going to enjoy giving him a blow job and lowered her mouth back onto Fred’s cock again and began sucking him off again. Janet knew that she had a mouthful of cock! Fred’s cock felt so good as Janet’s mouth slid up and down it, her lips wrapped tightly around Fred’s cock!

Janet took Fred’s balls in her hand and began squeezing and massaging them as she gently sucked on his cock, that huge hunk of meat lodged in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, her tits swaying, jiggling and bobbing to the motions of her mouth on Fred’s monster cock. Janet would stop every so often to lick the drops of precum that formed at the tip of Fred’s cock and loved the taste of it, knowing that before long she was going to taste gobs and gobs of it, hopefully filling her belly with warm, gooey, creamy, delicious, sperm from this black man and his cock. When Fred started moaning, it was like music to Janet’s ears.

She knew that Fred was close to blowing his load canlı poker oyna into her mouth and she was ready for it. Janet increased the speed of her head bobbing on Fred’s cock, waiting for that delicious cum to start squirting into her mouth. She didn’t have to wait long, with a grunt, Fred grabbed Janet’s head and held it on his cock, Janet felt Fred’s cock jerk and twitch and she knew that he was going to cum any second.

Fred suddenly yelled, “fuck Janet, here I cum, her I cum, owww, here I cum” and with one big twitch, the sperm came blasting out of Fred’s cock into Janet’s mouth. Janet was not nearly ready for the amount of cum that came shooting from Fred’s cock! His load was tremendous. His first squirt was more than most men cum altogether! Janet had all could do just to swallow that first stream of sperm that came shooting out of his cock, stream after stream pouring from Fred’s cock.

Swallowing as hard and as much as she could, Janet could not swallow it all. Cum started leaking out of the corners of her mouth, dripping off her chin, down onto her tits! With one final shot, a huge stream of sperm came blasting into Janet’s mouth! With Fred’s jerking and bucking from his cumming, Janet never took her mouth off his cock and as he lowered his hips back onto the bed, Janet kept his softening cock locked into her mouth.

She was not going to miss one drop of sperm from that beautiful cock. Janet had her mouth still on Fred’s cock before she realized that it was not going to get completely soft and she was positive that she had milked every drop of sperm from Fred’s cock, she let it slip from her mouth and she began licking what cum had gathered on Fred’s cock and balls. When Janet was sure that she had cleaned his cock and balls off, she moved back up next to Fred and began scooping the sperm from her chin and tits, sticking her fingers into her mouth and cleaning the cum from them.

Once she had cleaned up every drop of sperm, she licked her lips, looked at Fred and ask him if that would do and how did he like it. Fred just looked at Janet and told her that he had never had his cock sucked that good and that she was the best cocksucker he had ever met and that the brothers would love to get her in a gangbang. Janet told Fred that she would love for him to arrange a gangbang with all his friends for her, but for now she wanted to fuck and they could talk about and make the arrangements later! Janet took his cock in her hand and started stroking it again and it wasn’t very many strokes before she felt Fred’s cock getting hard again.

She moved onto her back and told Fred to get on and bury that cock in her. Fred started to roll over and get on top of Janet, so she spread her legs as wide as she could while Fred got on her and she put Fred’s cock up to her pussy and told him to fill her pussy with cock. There was a little resistance from the size of Fred’s cock, but as wet as Janet’s pussy was, it didn’t take a lot before the head of Fred’s cock slid into Janet’s pussy. Fred stopped to allow Janet’s pussy to get used to the size of his cock.

Within seconds, Janet told his to “cum on baby, give mama that cock, fill my pussy, ram it home baby and fill my pussy with black cock, don’t wait baby, let me have it all now” and Janet lunged upwards until Fred’s cock was buried deep in her pussy, his balls resting against her ass. She had taken every inch of his cock! They settled back down on the bed and Janet ask Fred to just lay still for a moment or two and let her feel his cock filling and stretching her pussy, to feel it’s hardness, it’s heat, it’ size in her. Janet’s pussy was filled with more cock than ever before and she knew that this was going to be a fantastic fuck.

Janet looked into Fred’s eyes and told him “to fuck her right now” and he slowly started thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. On the 4th stroke, Janet had another orgasm and started meeting each thrust with one of her own. She was in another world. He pussy filled with the biggest, blackest cock she had ever known of, stretching her cunt to limits she could not believe and she was loving it. Nothing else mattered to her except the cock that was pounding her pussy at that moment. Fred increased the speed of his thrusts, his balls slapping Janet’s ass every time his cock buried itself in her pussy.

All Janet could do was moan, “oh fuck me, your cock is so wonderful, I’ll never let you go, fuck me, fuck me, your cock feels so good filling my pussy, I’m so glad that you came to the party, fuck me Fred, fuck me, do you like fucking this old white woman?, I am your white whore weather you like it or not, I need your big, black cock, please don’t ever stop fucking me, I love you and your cock, fuck me, please fuck me, harder, slam your cock in my pussy, use me as the slut I am now baby, fuck me, fuck me”, Fred suddenly pulled his cock out and Janet screamed, “no, no, please put it back in” Fred told her to roll over and get on her hands and knees and Janet quickly did and as soon as she was in position, internet casino Fred moved in behind he and shoved his cock right back into Janet’s pussy and began fucking her doggie style.

Janet taking every thrust, her tits bobbing and flopping wildly with each of Fred’s thrusts, she reached her hand behind her and took Fred’s ball’s in them and began squeezing and massaging them. Freed could feel another load of sperm building in his balls and knew he was going to blast it into Janet’s pussy soon, but kept pounding away at Janet’s Pussy. Janet felt Fred’s balls tighten up and gave then one big squeeze and the sperm litterly shot from Fred’s cock, overfilling Janet’s pussy. Fred gave one big lunge and drove every bit of his cock into Janet’s pussy and Janet screamed as she felt it splashing against the walls of her pussy. Fred’s cum and Janet’s pussy juices were dripping out of her pussy and pooling on the bed.

They stayed like that for a few more minutes, letting the rush calm down before either moved, then they both collapsed onto the bed, Janet’s pussy and legs, Fred’s cock, balls and legs soaked with both their juices, sweat glistening from both their body’s. They were both drenched. It was almost a full 5 minutes before either moved a muscle. Fred told Janet how great a fuck the she was and said it was too bad that they had not meet years ago and Janet told him how fantastic a fuck he was and her pussy had never had so much or as big a cock as his and how much she loved it and hoped that he was serious about getting his friends together with her for a gangbang. He told her that he was very serious and that he would start on it the first thing in the morning and he would call her when he had it all set up.

He ask her if she had anyplace in mind and Janet ask him if her house would be ok. Fred ask he why her house and Janet told him that that way, all the guys there would know where she lived in case they ever wanted to cum over and fuck her again. Fred agreed that it was a good idea and ask her how soon she would be able to have them cum over. Janet ask him how soon he could get them together and bring them over and ask him if the next night would be ok. Fred told her that he would get as many of his friends together and he would bring them over tomorrow night.

That got Janet horny again. She took Fred’s semi hard cock in her hand and began stroking it and after a dozen or so strokes, she felt Fred’s cock rising again. Janet kept her hand on his cock, rose up and squatted over Fred’s cock, lowered her pussy to the head of his cock and plunged all the way down onto it and screamed as it hit bottom. Fuck, it felt like it was jammed clear up to her throat, from the inside! What a cock that man had and he was letting Janet have her way with it.

Up and down Janet rode his monster cock! Her tits were flopping wildly and Fred just stared at them, only taking his eyes off them long enough to see his cock disappearing into Janet’s cunt every time she slammed down onto him. He could not get over this white woman riding his cock. Fuck she was good and he was amazed how easily she took every inch of his cock. Janet was the first white woman that had ever taken it all. They had been fucking for over three hours and Janet wanted more! He was very glad that he had come to the party now as he lay there, letting Janet fuck him.

He could not get over how good pussy she was. Fred had fucked other white women before, but none could come close to the one fucking him now and none had ever sucked his cock before, let alone swallow his cum. And the same was true for Janet. She had fucked other black men, but none could come close to the size or stamina of the cock she was riding and had filling her pussy! Fred began to feel that familiar tingling in his balls that he knew Janet was leading to him blasting another load of cum in Janet’s pussy and he told Janet that he was going to pop a nut again soon. Janet could feel another orgasm building in her and she began riding Fred faster and harder. Fred reached up and took Janet’s flopping tits in his hands and that did it for Janet!

The orgasm hit her hard and she sank all the way down on Fred’s cock and couldn’t move, it was as if she was impaled on Fred’s cock, shuddering as the orgasm overtook her while Fred let loose with huge shots of sperm. Janet could feel her pussy getting filled with shot after shot of Fred’s warm sperm and that only added to her throngs of passion. The orgasm lasted for a full two or three minutes and when it subsided, Janet collapsed onto Fred and just lay on top of him.

Suddenly and for some reason, it struck Janet that there were hardly any sound, except for the music, coming from outside the bedroom and she became very curious as to why. Fred was laying there with his eyes shut, when Janet mentioned that to him. She told him that maybe they should take a short break and rejoin the party and if he wanted, they could come back into the bedroom in a short while. Janet rolled off of Fred and gave a big sigh when his cock slipped out of her pussy, but if she had her way, it would not be long before it was filling her mouth and pussy again and she told Fred just that and he looked into her eyes and told he that he sure hoped that would be the case.

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