Jess and the Life Changing Weekend: Part Three.


Chapter Five.I was still in a daze and was just pulling my shorts up when there was a knocking on my door. Oh, Jeremy, that better not be you. I thought as I walked to the door. I opened the door and there was Katherine, Jeremy’s girlfriend. Oh fuck.D “Oh, fuck.”A “Oh, fuck.”I had no idea she was even home. Her car wasn’t there when I drove past this morning. Shit, how long has she been home? Judging by the shit-eating grin she had, longer than I would like. Fuck, fuck, fuck.“Hi Katherine, this is a surprise.”“It is, isn’t it. Please call me Kat and should I call you Mrs Phillips still or can I call you Jess too?”Well fuck.“Would you like to come in Kat?”“Thank you. I would love to.”We walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. I would like to tell you I thought of a dozen escape plans, murder plans etc. To be honest, though, all that was happening in my head right now was white noise. Even the witty angel and devil combo had left town. Thanks, guys.I just stared at her and tried to think but I couldn’t come up with a damn thing. Thankfully she started things off.“So, Jess, I can see right now you are in a total panic. Understandable, all things considered.”I just nodded. I was too shell-shocked to even cry, not that I wanted to give her the satisfaction.“Just so you know, here’s where we are at. This morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of nine a.m. When I heard Jeremy talking not far outside my bedroom window. At first, I was tempted to throw something at him and tell him to shut up but then curiosity got the better of me so I peeked outside and there he was in his ridiculous-looking speedos. I normally hate those things. I have to admit he does look good in them though, especially when he’s, well, you know, you saw. Anyway, initially, I was mildly distracted by that then I realised he was talking over the fence to you. Now at first, I thought why is he talking to you especially while sporting a rather impressive boner? So I stood upon the end of my bed so I could see over the fence and there you were doing your very best wet t-shirt competition look.”I could feel my face heating up as I sat there and listened to her calmly recall the morning.“Well, now I was very interested so I picked up my phone and started recording. You then went inside and I thought, maybe I can get a better view from Jeremy’s parent’s room and what do you know? From there I can see through the kitchen window and also the laundry window. Now I thought maybe I had lost my chance for a better perv on our dear neighbour and I was just about to give up when lo and behold, into the laundry walks little old you. Completely bare assed might I add. There was no way I wasn’t going to record that for the spank bank. So, you disappeared and I just sat there watching both the videos over and over, and I don’t mind admitting that between Jer’s hard cock and your sweet tits, I may have left a bit of a damp spot. So anyway, I had gone about my day thinking, lucky Jer got teased a little and I now have something to watch of an evening, but then things kicked up a notch didn’t they? I have to ask. How long did it take to get up the nerve to do that?”I just sighed a deep breath. I wasn’t going to answer her. I wasn’t going to be the mouse in the game of cat and mouse she was playing. She looked at me as though waiting for an answer but when none was forthcoming she just shrugged as though she hadn’t thought I would answer anyway.“Doesn’t matter. So, Jeremy was outside on his phone talking to his friend when he does this panicked hang up and I’m thinking, What the fuck is going on out there? So I take another peep and well this time the show got even better. When Jeremy jumped the fence I decided to sneak out the front door, quickly run around the house and watch you two play a real friendly little game in your backyard. Of Escort elvankent course, this has all been recorded. Mostly for use in my spank bank, which I can tell you is going to get a lot of use now, but then I got to thinking. Why should Jeremy have all the fun?”Fuck it! She knows it all, I’m screwed. I started imagining the horrors of divorce proceedings. The embarrassment of having my parents and friends know that I’m a pervert. The more I thought about it the more I felt sick. I focused on her last question instead and it just made no sense to me.“I don’t… I don’t understand.”“Well, see, I figure that looks like a fun game to play. I want in on the game.”“There is no game. It was just a silly bit of attention-seeking.”“Yeah, I figured that might have been the case but I can’t help but wonder, where does it end?”“It has ended.”“Mmm, I don’t think it has. You see, I don’t think you would have sent him on his way with a gift if that was the end of it. How far does it go?”I knew she was playing with me and it was kind of pissing me off, but she was asking the one question I should have asked myself before getting in the shower this morning. If I was a guy you would say I had been thinking with the wrong head.“It can’t go any further. I’m married and if I’m honest it’s already gone further than it should have.”“Yes, it probably has, hasn’t it. I mean, I think your husband would be pretty pissed if he saw that video. Don’t you think? I think he would probably think it had gone too far.”There was that sick feeling again.“Are you bribing me? Is that it? You know we don’t have much money.”“Phht, Don’t be silly. It’s not money I want, I want to be part of the game.”“I don’t understand.”“Look, it’s really simple. You and I are going to play, in much the same way that you and Jeremy are playing. I just want to be a part of it too.”It finally dawned on me. She wants to do the same things. Ooh, she wants to do the same things. Holy fuck! She wants to do the same things.“Ahh, with me? Really?”“Yes, silly. Maybe Jer too if he hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to play with me and a friend. It’s been a while.”“Holy shit. You two? Have had sex with other women?”“We share everything. Growing up as teenagers together we were often the only ones each other had to talk about things. We were each other’s confidantes and that turned into being there for each other’s experimentation. Sometimes if we got bored we would fuck, it’s really not that surprising that the girl they thought they were helping was fucking their son is it?”“Jesus. Did his parents ever find out?”“Jer’s dad was clueless, but his mum caught us a couple of times. She understood the whole thing. The closeness we had, sometimes I think she missed having that herself. Sometimes she would tell us to stop if the time wasn’t appropriate or if his Dad was due home soon and other times she would just watch for a while then disappear to her room. I think she kind of got off on it a bit.”Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.“Okay. I’m not sure how to respond to that.”“Easy. You say yes. It’s not like you have much choice.”“Um… I’ve never. Well, you know, with a girl.”“What? Never? Not even at a teenage slumber party or drunk in college?”“No. Never.”“Oh, Jess, you have been missing out big time. I thought all women had a friend that they had a little something something with from time to time.”Had I missed out? I had friends in school, some who were closer than others sure but that never came up. Sure we would talk about boys sometimes and even how far we each had gone with our boyfriends but it had never gone that extra step. I had certainly been curious about it from time to time, I think everyone has that curiosity now and then but it was something I had never discussed with any of my friends.“Well, no time like emek escort the present then.”“What?”“You heard me, I want to know how wet my boyfriend’s cock made you.”You fucking what? Christ, my face must have been glowing it was so damn hot right now. There was a long pause as I tried to find a way out of this.“Come on Jess, just say it. They’re just words.”I could see she wasn’t going to back down. Fuck it.“Fuck. Well, very I guess.”She laughed at that.“Not what I meant. Come here.”“What?”I knew what she meant but I was stalling again.“Stand your ass up and walk over to me.”“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”“It’s a much better idea than me sending those videos to your husband.”Fuck, fuck, fuck!I stood up slowly and took a deep breath. My legs were wobbling I was so nervous but my body was betraying me once again. Kat was about to find out that I was very wet indeed and not entirely because of Jeremy.I took one tentative step then another until I was standing next to her. My whole body was shaking with nerves and a touch of excitement. I admit that I felt a little bit ashamed of myself for allowing the whole situation to get to this point but I won’t lie and say that I didn’t want it. I was telling Kat the truth when I said I had never touched, or been touched by another woman but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t fantasized about it.She kept her eyes locked on mine and I could feel the smouldering desire coming off her in waves. It felt so damn good to be desired so thoroughly. Her hand reached out to me and when her fingertips connected with the skin of my inner thigh I jumped like I had received an electric shock. I giggled like a nervous school girl but stood still while I waited for the return of her fingers. I jumped again but not as much this time. Kat slowly drew circles on that soft, sensitive skin with the tips of her fingers until I had calmed enough to stop shaking like a leaf. It felt nice the way her fingers were soft, gentle and slightly cooler than my over-heated flesh. She started using more of the surface of her fingers and then her palm. It was such a sensual touch that it surprised me and was, frankly, erotic as hell. My body was responding to her sensuality big time.Somewhere in the back of my mind was the realisation that this was the first time since before I got married that I had allowed another person to touch me so sensually. That realisation came with a pang of guilt but that was far outweighed by my desire. Not just my desire but my need to be desired. To have someone want me.Kat said something to me but the words didn’t seem to register with me, I was in a far off place.“Hmmm?”Kat smiled a devilish smile, knowing she had me like putty in her hand. Her voice was like a deep purr as she was as turned on as I was right now.“I said, ‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you?’”“Mmm. It does feel nice.”“How about this then?”Her hand moved higher up my thigh and into the leg of my shorts. A shiver went through my body and completely without my input my feet moved further apart allowing her more space between my thighs. My body knew what it wanted and it was going to have it regardless of what my mind might say. The angel and Devil remained silent and I suspected they were off fucking somewhere in the corner of my mind.Kat’s hand moved higher still until her fingertips brushed against the edge of my panties. Just that gentlest of touches on the edge of my pussy set my body to vibrating again and I moaned in response.“I take it you like that then.”“Mmm.”“Do you want me to stop?”The rapidly diminishing, sane part of my brain was nodding vigorously as a red warning light blinked behind it but right at the moment, the devil spoke up once again.“You know you want this Jess. You want her to touch you, feel you… Taste you.”Those last two words were like eryaman escort bayan the most seductive whisper in the ear that you can imagine. It didn’t help that right at that moment Kat ran her fingertips over my swollen pussy and across my clit, just lightly tickling it.“Oh god, no, don’t stop now.”The smile that went across her face all but said she knew she had corrupted me now and that she could do whatever she liked with me. I knew it and by now I was ready to beg for it. Kat moved her hand around my leg and came back up from behind, this time she didn’t hesitate to apply some pressure with her fingers against my pussy as her thumb brushed back and forth across my butt. God, she knew what she was doing. I could feel my juices leaking through the material of my panties and onto her fingers and I heard her moan as though she was no longer completely in control of herself anymore.Kat leaned forward and placed a kiss on my inner thigh. A violent shiver ran through me as I felt her breath and then her soft lips touch my skin. She kissed me again and again slowly moving higher up my thighs. The realisation that she would be able to smell my pussy from where she was pushed me even further down the rabbit hole as I wondered if her pussy smelt the same or different to mine. A part of me knew I was going to find out and it made a fresh torrent of cum ooze from my pussy.I had lost track of her hands as I focused on the sensation of her soft lips on my skin, so I was surprised when I felt the button of my shorts pop open. She moved her head and turned my hips until I was directly in front of her. She leaned in again and gently kissed the skin of my belly that had been exposed by the button. It almost tickled and it caused another shiver to go through me. I could feel the shape of her lips curve into a smile as I did. Her fingers gripped the zipper and slowly it descended. Kat’s lips, those soft, velvety, delicious lips followed the zip down and kissed a trail down the exposed skin then onto my panties. She gave a gentle tug and my shorts fell to my knees, I needed to move my feet together to let them drop to the floor. When they did I kicked them to the side and placed my feet slightly further apart than before. It was purely instinctive, I wasn’t putting much thought into anything at this point, other than “Yes please.”Kat began kissing her way down again until I could feel her hot breath at the top of my slit. My clit was throbbing and when she placed a kiss directly on top of it I moaned. My fingers became tangled in her hair as I held her face to my pussy. She took the cue and began being less gentle. She moved further down and I both heard and felt her moan into my pussy. My legs were now as wide as I could have them and keep standing as Kat moved off the chair and onto her knees. I could feel her licking the cloth of my panties and I knew she was tasting my cum. She then lightly began biting my pussy and trying to suckle on it. Then all of a sudden she was gone.I looked down, startled by the sudden disappearance. She stood up and the fire in her eyes both scared me and aroused me beyond anything I had felt in a long time, hell, maybe ever. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me after her.“This isn’t good enough. I have to have more.”She spoke more to herself than me I think but I obediently trotted along after her. We got to the bedroom and she turned me around with my back to the bed then gave me a gentle nudge to sit down. I got on the bed and before I had even straightened myself out she was on the bed between my thighs with her hands reaching for the waistband of my panties. I giggled at her eagerness as she all but ripped them off me. Within seconds she had my legs in the air then over her shoulders as she buried her face in my sopping pussy.It was just seconds before I was panting and on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Her mouth seemed to know my pussy more intimately than I did, certainly more than my husband did. I always enjoyed it when he went down on me but this was a whole new level. The fact that she kept mumbling as she ate me only added to my excitement.

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