Joanna – Parts 1 and 2

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Man, I was excited about my new smart phone- a Samsung Galaxy 5. Time to down load some new apps. As I had just gotten a new 4k TV, I thought a remote control app for that would be good. I looked in the Google Play store and browsed through the seemingly endless remote apps. I came across a new one, just posted by the developer- saying that the first down-loader got the special upgraded version free! Needless to say, I downloaded it. I would try it out on the TV when I got home that evening. I had everything ready for that new TV to trial, dvd, blu ray, play station etc. I needed a remote control app to tune in to them all.
I spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding work and downloading all the usual apps on the new phone. It is amazing how many apps we seem to rely on and need in our everyday lives these days!

My boss walked in at one point when I was setting up the new remote app. My boss, Joanna, is a hot woman, early thirties, dirty blonde hair, perfect handful breasts and lovely legs. I had fantasied about for the last couple of years. She radiates a natural sexiness, a rare beauty that you don’t often find in women. She came into my office to talk about a project we were working on. I accidentally brushed my finger over a button on the app and Joanna just stopped in mid sentence and froze.
‘Sorry, Joanna?’ I said

No reply. Just her standing there. Odd. I looked down, what button had i swiped? The ‘PAUSE’ button! Wow! This couldn’t be right. I hit it again and Joanna continued talking from where she had left off. I spoke with her briefly and when she looked over her shoulder, I pushed the button again. Again, Joanna paused in mid flow and was stock still. I moved to her, cupping her ass in my right hand, kneading her beautiful ass cheek against my palm. No response at all. Awesome! Fun time ahead coming up I thought to myself! But, being the careful sort I am, a bit of research first! I moved away from Joanna and pushed the button again. She continued as before, discussing the latest project that she was leading on and I was supporting her with. She soon left and went back to her office in the corner of our floor.
I poked my head out and looked out over the floor at all the juniors working away. I swiped the pause button and everyone stopped. Every. Single. Person! How cool?! I went back into my office and looked down onto the street. Nobody moving, cars stopped. Every single person and object was frozen- paused! I was going to have fun with this! I continued to look for a few minutes to make sure. Nothing at all. Everything stopped. The possibilities were endless. First though, my lust.
I swiped the button again and everything resumed as normal. I quickly walked down the hall to Joanna’s office. I asked her secretary if she was free. I was told to go right in- not unusual as we were working on the project together. I walked in and Joanna greeted me, sat behind her large desk. I started spouting some rubbish about the project. I hit the pause button secretly on the phone, hidden in my pocket. Predictably, Joanna froze and all sound stopped. It was funny how much background noise there was in everyday life. But that was a musing for later. Now, to sate my years of lust on Joanna.
I walked over to her and moved her large wheeled desk chair backwards. Joanna was wearing a conservative black, knee length skirt and a light blue blouse. The first thing I did? Take some pictures of her on my new phone. Mainly so as I could make sure I put her back as I found her, to have a visual reference but, also, to be able to see her beautiful face close up again later. I liked to look at pictures of beautiful women- hey what guy doesn’t?
I knelt down in front of her, running a hand up each leg, hoping that it was stockings and not tights she was wearing. As I got high, jackpot- she had stockings on. I love the part where the top of the stocking met bare skin. I pushed the skirt up, revealing a pair of black panties. I couldn’t tell yet if it was a thong or not. I loved the part where a woman’s panties cupped her pussy lips between her legs. I moved my head forward into her panty covered pussy and sniffed, smelling the prize I had been after for so long. I reached up and moved her panties aside, revealing Joanna’s glorious pussy. She was shaved, except for a thin landing strip above her clit. I burrowed my tongue straight into her sweet pussy, lapping quickly at all parts of her pussy, trying to taste her all. It wasn’t for her pleasure, as she was frozen, more for me to sample what I had wanted for so long. I loved Joanna’s taste, loved her leaking juices, savoured the flavor in my mouth. I pushed a finger in, feeling her silken depths hug my digit. I pushed it in and out a few times, looking up at her face, trying to see if anything registered there at all. Nothing. Trying harder, I pushed my face back onto her pussy and gave her clit a really thorough tongue lashing, driving my finger into her hole at the same time. Again, nothing at all. No movement from her, no arousal other than her juices betraying her by flowing out of her moist cunt.
Satisfied for now, I got up and looked at Joanna. She was sat there in her chair with her skirt rolled up, panties pulled aside and showing her bald pussy to me. And she knew nothing about it. Man, it was such a turn on. I pulled out my throbbing dick and went to her. I rubbed it over her face, leaving my pre cum trailing on her face. I pushed my self into her mouth, feeling her wet, warm mouth on my head. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled myself further into her mouth. I face fucked her, pulling and pushing her head off my dick. I enjoyed holding her hair and using it to push and pull her head. Joanna was so sexy, her face was perfect in every way. I stopped and just looked down at her with the head of my cock in her mouth. I was too much to resist, I pulled out my phone and snapped several photos of her beautiful face with my dick in her mouth. I was too turned on to take my time! I felt myself building to climax. I thrust in one last time and pushed my dick into her mouth as far as it would go. Then, I erupted a torrent of my hot cum down her throat, letting gravity do its work to take my seed down into her stomach. Sated, I pulled myself from her mouth.
I zipped myself back up and then took a couple of pics of her sat there with her pussy showing. I occurred to me that I hadn’t even seen her tits yet! That would come at another time. Now to clean up. First, I made sure that her mouth was clean. I poured a little water down to help wash down my cum. I made sure that her blouse was tidy. I then fingered her pussy gently to try to see if I could arouse her so that when I unfroze her, she might be slightly turned on by me? Couldn’t hurt! bornova escort bayan I then pulled her panties back over her pussy, rolled down her skirt, made sure that her shoes were on and pushed her chair back to where it was. A quick check against the original picture to check everything was as it should be. It was. I hurried back to where I had been standing, well away from Joanna. I put the phone back in my pocket and pressed the button.
Joanna immediately sprung back to life and continued talking as if nothing had happened. I noticed that she rolled her tongue round her mouth but there was no way she would know it was my cum she was tasting! She must have thought it was some left over taste from her recent lunch. I hoped that she liked the taste. She certainly did not run off and try and rinse her mouth out. I took that as a good sign.
There would be much more playing with her tomorrow. This was just the start! I wanted to have Joanna in any way I could, in her pussy, in her ass and mouth again. Luckily I lived near her so I would be spending a great deal of time round at hers then!
Part 2

Back in my office, I packed up my things and left for the day. I felt that I could get away with going early as I often had meetings or assignments out of the office. I arrived home and kicked the door shut and flopped on the couch. Wow, there was a great deal to take in. The possibilities were endless, as I had thought before. There were many ways to make this to more than just my immediate carnal advantage, although, I will admit that that was at the fore front of my mind! I stood up and went to look out over my back yard, a sanctuary for me as it was a lovely, private outdoor space. I did have one problem though, the neighbor’s cat. It kept on peeing round my house and I loathed the smell. However, this evening all was peaceful. I stared out at the green haven and contemplated what to do. Out the corner of my eye, I spotted movement. It was that pesky cat. I took out my phone and hit the pause button. The cat stopped exactly where it was, frozen as I knew it would be. I was tempted to run out and kick it back over the hedge that separated me from my neighbor but I resisted the urge as that really wasn’t me. I did go out and pick it up and return it through the open window of my neighbor’s house. I reasoned to myself that if it suddenly found itself somewhere it had no right to be back in after remembering it was in my garden, it might take fright and not come back. Lame I know but I’m not really into violence against animals (or humans!). I went back over to my house and pressed the pause button again to resume life!
I spent the rest of the night on the internet, researching and ordering bits and pieces that I thought may be useful. I went to bed a happy man, making sure that I charged the phone up overnight. Actually, one of the things I had ordered was spare chargers, for car, office, home, with every sort of power adapter, along side spare batteries – I did not want to be caught out without a working phone, given how crucial it was to everything I would do from now on!
The alarm came all too soon and I was just about to get up, when, I thought of a way to have a lie in- just hit the pause button! Lie in I did until I woke naturally an hour later, refreshed and ready to face the day! This made me so much more relaxed and I actually found my morning routine enjoyable rather than rushed and hurried. I even remembered to take some condoms with me – to avoid having to clean up the cum I was intending to spill today! It was still the same time when I un paused again! Brilliant! I set off to work with a spring in my step!
I arrived at the office building in good time and found my self sharing the elevator up to our floor with Joanna. There were another couple of people in the car, one man and one woman. Obviously, as soon as the doors closed I pressed pause on my phone. Everything stopped, all noise ceased. The only sound I could hear was of my own breathing.
Joanna was wearing a black trouser suit with a white blouse. I stepped up behind her and pressed my body against hers. I ground my dick into her ass and I reached round to fondle her breasts. Heaven! The best thing was I could even see her face in the mirrored doors of the elevator. I soon had an erection and I rubbed myself on to her gorgeous ass. I consciously stopped and willed myself to take my time. I went round to the front and unbuttoned her white blouse. A white lacy bra appeared- so sexy! I put my face into her cleavage and licked her skin there, along with the side of her perfect breasts. Joanna tasted freshly showered and clean and wholesome. I pulled her bra up to expose her nipples. These hardened against the cool air conditioned air of the elevator. I sucked one then the other into my mouth, fondling the one that I wasn’t sucking on at the same time. It was time to fuck her. I unbuttoned her trousers and let these fall around her ankles. Joanna was wearing black, lacy boy short style panties. Before I continued, I had an idea. I took out my phone, set it to camera and put it in the hand of the man standing on the other side of the elevator. I made sure that it showed Joanna and the area surrounding her, then I hit record on the video camera. I went back to her and rubbed my aching dick against her panty clad ass a few times. I pulled out a condom and fitted it over my erect cock. I pulled Joanna’s panties down to join her trousers round her ankles. I then knelt down and buried my face into her ass, searching out her pussy with my tongue and my nose pressing on her ass hole. I planned to take Joanna anally at some point, but thought I would have to train her ass first, otherwise she would know something was up (it)! I had ordered a selection of different sized butt plugs the night before just for this purpose. But that would all come later. For now, I was giving Joanna’s pussy a tongue lashing from behind. Joanna was soon wet enough for me. I bent her over at the waist and slowly eased my dick into her wet hole. Even wearing a condom, the feeling was amazing. So tight, so wet, so horny. I knew that I would not last too long this time! It did not matter though- there would be plenty more. I sawed my cock into and out of her, using Joanna’s hips for leverage, pulling her back onto my engorged cock. The feeling was incredible, helped by the fact that I was actually fucking the woman I had dreams about for years! Before long I could feel my self bubbling up. I fucked her even harder, driving my cock into her moist depths. This drove me over the edge and I lost it, spraying my cum deep inside Joanna’s cunt, holding her hips and holding myself in place as I spurted and finished with my cum. I withdrew escort bornova slowly, panting as I did through exertion. The condom had caught all the cum. I whipped it off and tied it up. I caught sight of the other woman in the elevator and thought she should help me. I put the full condom in her mouth so she could keep it handy for me. I then pulled up Joanna’s panties, stopping to enjoy a last tongue of her ass hole. Again, Joanna’s pussy was wet and I hoped she would think this was because she was close to me. Wishful thinking huh? I buttoned up Joanna’s blouse, pulled up her trousers and made sure that she looked presentable. I took my phone off the man and stopped the recording. I made sure that I was dressed appropriately and took the condom out of the woman’s mouth and hid it away in my jacket pocket. I did a final check to make sure Joanna was dressed properly. I gave her breasts a final squeeze- just to check that her bra was fitting correctly and then I stepped away to the spot I was in the elevator. I then hit the pause button again.
Joanna let out quite a loud moan. Interesting, I thought- maybe she felt something. I put my hand on her shoulder and asked if she was ok?

‘Yes, thanks, it’s just…’ Joanna flushed bright red and shrugged.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the other woman was smacking her lips like she had some bad taste in her mouth. That’s the spermicide I thought to myself. She obviously hasn’t tasted that before I smirked at her with a knowing grin.
Paying attention to Joanna again, I noticed that she quickly returned to normal but not before she had given me a strange look. Not an alarmed or disgusted look, more of a quizzical one. Perhaps her wet pussy is betraying her I thought? The elevator arrived at our floor and Joanna and I got off. Instead of heading to her office, Joanna headed straight to the ladies room. I had an idea about what she was going to do. I thought I would follow her in in a little while. I went off to my office, dumped my bag and then hit the pause button. I walked straight to the ladies room and went inside. There was only one cubicle occupied. I went into the one next door, stood on the bowl and looked over. Sure enough, there was Joanna, sitting on the closed toilet, with her trousers and panties round her ankle, with a finger inside her wet cunt. I obviously was having some effect on her after all. I snapped a photo or two of her in that position. I was sated however for the moment and thought I had better leave her to it. With a last longing look, I climbed down, exited the ladies room and headed back to my office. My plan was to intercept Joanna as soon as she went into her office, to try to reinforce the fact that I was around when she felt horny. Eventually I saw her heading to her office. I went straight in and made small talk about our project and plan for the day with her. Joanna did keep giving me strange looks. Something was working here I thought to myself. I did have one thing I wanted to do. I pressed the button again and Joanna froze as usual. I went to her hand bag and found her house keys. I borrowed them and put them in my pocket. I planned to have one cut at lunchtime and then return them after lunch. That way I would be able to access her house without having to break in when I needed her. I un paused and went on my way after agreeing the plan for the day.
The rest of the morning was spent absorbed in my project. At lunch time I went out and got the keys cut. Looking around me, there were so many sexy women that I knew that I could have when I wanted. However, at present I was fixated on Joanna and only her. Back at the office, I went in to see her and returned the keys to her handbag. I did nothing more than give her a kiss and breathe in her scent when she was frozen.
I again went home early that day as I had plenty to prepare for. I had the delivery note at the door waiting for me saying that my packages had been left with the neighbor. I went over and collected them- there were lots! I hurried home and looked through everything. Chargers and spare batteries for the phone – check. Selection of butt plugs to train Joanna’s ass with – check. New supply of condoms – check. Pin hole HD spy cameras – check. Excellent, I would pay her a visit tonight.
For the rest of the afternoon I pondered the question of how to make enough money out of this without being caught. My main worry was CCTV cameras in shops, malls and banks. I decided to experiment. I went out to my local mall. I went to the main lobby area, where there were many cameras trained on the entrance and various corridors leading off it. I hit the button and made a real show of walking in front of every camera and waving at it for several seconds. I then made my way up to the security office. Inside, I looked at the monitors, they were frozen still, showing people stood where they were when I pressed the button. Just to check, I rewound the footage for the last few minutes and sure enough, I saw myself enter the mall but nothing from when I hit the button. This was fantastic! It meant that as long as I did not enter a building first before hitting the button, I would be invisible whilst inside. I went back to where I had been when I pressed the button and then hit it again. Every person around me burst back to life and continued as if nothing had happened – which to them, it had not after all!
Back at home, I planned my nights activities. I would go round to Joanna’s house once I knew she would be in bed asleep. This would make it all easier to have my wicked way with her. I packed the smallest butt plugs, as I assumed that she would not have been violated there before- or at least I hoped! I also packed my hard drive, condoms and some towels just in case! I was quite nervous about going to Joanna’s house, as that was a real violation of her privacy (not that fucking her without her knowledge wasn’t!!). I suppose some part of me felt guilty about it all. Sadly, like most men, I was ruled by my dick and I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass up. If I was to psychoanalyze myself, basically I was a good person and was probably more worried about the inevitable stealing than the sex I would have. I planned to take my time with Joanna and ration myself so that I would not tire of her. Would I be able to keep to this once I was there?
I picked up the bag I had put everything in and left the house. I thought it best to walk to her house as it was only about 25 minutes walk. That way I did not have to drive and leave evidence of my car on cctv camera nearby. With my hat on I would not be recognizable by camera. Not that it mattered! When I was five minutes from her house, I pushed the button and saw everything bornova escort freeze. Arriving at Joanna’s house, I let myself in with the keys that I had had cut. I carefully shut the door behind me and leaned back up against it, savoring the prospect of being in the object of my desires house. I then moved through the house, looking at the pictures and photos on the walls and looking for Joanna. Ideally, I would find her lying down in bed to make it easiest for me. That was one of the reasons that I had brought the pin hole cameras, so that I could see when she went to bed and come round then. I thought it would be simplest to fuck her lying down so that I did not have to remember exact positions etc.
Sadly, I found her sitting on the couch watching TV. She was wearing a loose robe though that upon closer inspection revealed that she had nothing on underneath! I left her alone though as I wanted to explore. The first thing I did was to find her home computer and look in the photos. I copied them all over to my hard drive, along with the pictures I found on various flash sticks lying down. I wanted to have as many pictures of her as possible, it was one of my fetishes, to have pictures of my desire to look at. I enjoyed making collages out of her pretty face from candid photos. Of course, I could now take as many as I wanted, unhurriedly with Joanna at my mercy. As everything was copying across, I looked at other files in her computer, looking for anything that I might find useful or like. There was plenty there but, it would wait for another time. What I did do however, was to scout out locations for the cameras. I piggybacked them onto Joanna’s wifi, so that they would continue to broadcast to me whenever I wanted them to. I placed one in her bedroom and the other in the lounge, which could also see into the kitchen. I had considered putting one in the bathroom, but I did not really need to spy on her naked- I could see her naked anytime I wanted now! The bedroom one was the important one as it would allow me to see when she got into bed and make it easier for me to plan my visits. I checked that they were working and went to retrieve my hard drive from her computer. Everything had copied across so now it was time to play!

I was in Joanna’s bedroom and wanted to look at her underwear. I searched through the cupboards until I found her drawers for panties and bras. In the panties drawer, there was a real selection. Everything from tiny lacy numbers to boyshorts and everything in between. I thought she would look fantastic in anything. Her bras mostly matched the panties, so there were gloriously sexy lacy ones, underwired numbers and everything you could imagine. I was going to enjoy seeing Joanna in all of them over the coming weeks, I was sure!

By now I was hard. I stepped out of my clothes, relishing the freedom of being naked in Joanna’s house. I lay on her bed and wrapped pairs of sexy panties round my hard cock, enjoying the sensations of different materials touching my shaft and sensitive end. I had waited long enough! I walked through to where Joanna still sat on the sofa. She had her legs tucked up under her. I opened the rode and spent some time fondling her breasts. I rubbed my hard cock on her face, making sure that I spread my pre cum all round her face. I opened the robe up completely, giving me unfettered access to her naked body. I took note of the position she was in. I then pushed her over so that she was lying onher side, still with her legs bent. This exposed her pussy and asshole to me. I knelt down beside her and brushed my fingers along her slit. I then reached my tongue out and licked along it, back and forth, from clit to asshole. I then ventured my tongue further along, lapping at her rosebud, forcing my tongue into her asshole. I loved the slightly sour taste and really got off on alternating between her pussy and asshole. After some time, I thought it best to get the butt plug into her. I pulled it out of my bag, coated it in a water based lubricant and eased the end up against her tight ass. I gently added pressure, forcing the small end to penetrate her nether regions for the first time ever. I got a huge thrill out of this. I continued until the butt plug was full inserted and made sure that it would only come out when I wanted it to. I needed to leave it in for at least an hour. I then went back to licking her pussy. I turned her so that she was sitting again on the sofa, with her ass cheeks just on the edge, giving me total access to her pussy. I dived back in, using my tongue and fingers to stimulate her. I thought that if she subconsciously became aroused whilst she was being invaded anally, then so much the better. The fact that I loved licking pussy sure helped too! Eventually though, it was too much for me and time to pleasure myself! I moved up, straddling her so that I could push my cock into her mouth. I did this, forcing my dick into her mouth until she could take no more. I savored the feeling of having the tip of my dick at her throat and her hot wet mouth wrapped around me. I loved being able to pull her head onto me to make her give me head. The control was sensational to experience! Holding her pretty face in my hands and thrusting my cock in between her luscious lips was truly a dream come true. I slowed my rhythm and stared at the beauty sucking my dick. I would never have believed it a few days ago. I pulled out and unwrapped a condom. I rolled it on and took a moment to rub myself up and down her pussy slit. I slid forward into her slick cunt, feeling her walls grip me and try to bring forth my seed. I thrust slowly into and out of her, thrilled by the feeling of power and control over the object of my desire. I used my fingers to pinch her hard nipples, rubbing them between my fingers, pulling and stretching them gently, then cupping her firm tit flesh in my hands, adding to the sensations running through my dick. Eventually though, it was too much and I erupted a torrent of my hot cum deep inside Joanna, whilst looking at her pretty face. I continued fucking her until I went limp. I then withdrew and carefully rolled the condom off of me. I tied it and placed it on the coffee table. I left Joanna where she was and went to go and get a drink.

Returning to her later, I grabbed the end of the butt plug and worked it round in her ass for a while. I felt that she had had enough for the night, so I gently pulled it out, leaving her with a small gape for a moment. Man! Was I looking forward to fucking her ass! I tidied Joanna up, taking care to clean the lubricant off her ass and my pre cum off her face. I did the robe back up and sat her in the position she was in when I arrived. I then went and put on my clothes again and thoroughly combed through the house to check I had not left anything amiss. I then locked the door behind me and went home, careful not to unpause anything til I got home. On my walk home, I was carefully planning out my next moves………….

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