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So, the life of a cab driver in a small city is obviously, quite boring. I live in a city of 75,000 people, and the majority of people have their own cars. Except of course, the less lucky of the population, who rely on cabs to get around. There ARE the occasional customer who is responsible enough to take a cab (if they’re drunk, or expect to be sometime that night). This is a story of such a person.

It was a Thursday night, in the middle of Summer. Our Summers are very hot and humid, so one of the “benefits” of such a crappy job is the eye-candy (since most women love showing themselves off by wearing less clothing). Our company policy is to stay in the downtown area, and wait for calls (or pick up people who flag us down). Sadly, with the number of cabs waiting around, and the fact that it was the middle of the month (and less money floating around), I was getting prepared for a long and boring night.

As the calls were slowly dispatched, I noticed that I was almost “up” and I would soon be sent on my next run, which I hoped would be somewhat interesting. I had seen my share of beautiful women walking past my car all night long, and being so nice out, I had a nice variety of tank-tops, sexy feet in flip flops, and short-shorts to look at. So much so, that I was now extremely horny, and had found myself occasionally stroking my cock when nobody was around.

At around 7:00, my call came over the radio, and I was being sent to pick up a fare from a house, about fifteen minutes away. Well, at least I was getting out of the downtown area, and doing SOMETHING! As I got to the address, I stopped my car, put it in park, and honked the horn. As I waited patiently, I noticed that the car in the driveway had a baby-seat in it. Well, at least somebody might be close to my age at least (I was 23 years old). I consider myself of average looks, with a nice, stocky, muscular build, and a mustache and goatee. Not that I’m a player or anything, but I do get my share of women to sleep with (not that there’s much sleeping going on).

After several minutes, the door opened. My jaw dropped as my next customer stepped out of her house. She was about 5 1/2 feet tall, long curly brown hair, tanned, and although not skinny, wasn’t fat either. I would say average. Her breasts were bigger than average though, and highlighted by the fact that she was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, and shorts that barely held her ass cheeks in place. She had on wedge type sandals, with cloth straps that went half-way up her calves. Since I’m a “foot man” my attention was immediately drawn to her feet, which were immaculately pedicured. I have always said that you can tell how well a woman (or man for that matter) looks after themselves, by the condition of their feet. Hers were well taken care of, with beautiful high arches, and nice, proportionately lengthened toes, painted with a nice red color, that matched her long fingernails.

As she got into the passenger side of the car, I was please that she took the option to sit next to me in the front seat. Although not a requirement, it’s up to the driver if they let their passenger sit next to them. I was obviously NOT going to say no, if she had asked. When she got in, she smiled at me.

“Hi, how’s your night going?” she asked.

“Much better now, how is yours going?” I responded, with a slight smile.

“Fine. I just need to get out of this house for fucks sake, it’s so fucking hot in there. My girlfriend promised me a few cold beers if I go over and help her get over her boyfriend, so here I am!”

I noticed that she was already a little tipsy. “I need to go to 69 Main Street please.” she said with a slight sigh.

I acknowledged her, and gently backed out of the driveway. I turned the meter on, knowing that this ride would take no more than about 7 minutes. I had to act fast!

“What happened to your girlfriend and her boyfriend?” Antalya Escort I asked as we started our trip.

She responded “Oh, they just broke up. She’s a whore anyway, so it’s all her fault!” and laughed.

I smiled back, and she smiled at me at the same time. She had a beautiful smile, and every once in a while, as my eyes were on the road, I thought I caught her looking in my direction. I was hoping she was looking at the bulge growing in my shorts, and might want to take care of what was happening down there. The air conditioning in the car worked great, and her nipples were protruding through the thin material of her top nicely. It helped that she wasn’t wearing a bra too though.

Randomly, she said “I’m lucky I dumped my jerk-off husband a few years ago. It’s such a pain in the ass being held down, especially in the Summer!” Was she giving me an “in”?

“Are you happy being single then?” I asked.

“Definitely. It’s a lot more FUN!” saying it with the emphasis on “fun”

Before I knew it, we were at the address of her friend. We’re allowed to give out cards with out name on it, so that people can request us. So, as she was getting her cash ready, I gave her my card, and told her to ask for me if she ever needed a ride again. She handed me my fare, with a nice tip, and said she would ask for me next time. As she was getting out, she somehow managed to bend forward, and by doing so, exposed her right breast, so much so that I got a glimpse of her nipple. Ample length is a good word for the size it. I swear she caught me looking, and gave me a slight smile when I looked at her face. I smiled at her, and as she went into the house, I thought that at least I have some good masturbation material for later on.

The rest of the evening went without incident. Around 10:00, I received a “request call” from a customer called “Joanne” and the address was 69 Main Street! My cock immediately started to swell, especially since I had never expected to see my goddess again. I drove as fast as I could back to the house, and when I got there, “Joanne” was waiting outside. She was a little more tipsy that she was before.

“I assume your name is Joanne?” I smiled as I said it, since I had never asked her name before.

“Yes Sir, please take me home!” she said with a sly smile.

As she got in the car, I watched intently, trying to get another glimpse of her firm breast. No such luck. As the ride got underway, we made small talk. I found out that she had been divorced for 3 years, and had no other guy in her life. She had dated a guy for about a year, got her pregnant, and then left when the baby was 6 months old.

“I hope you don’t think all men are assholes then?” I asked.

“No, of course not. It all depends on how good they are with their cocks!” she said with another smile.

I was stunned, and smiled at her, more shocked at how open she was. Before I knew it, we were back in her driveway, and my cock was fully engorged, and straining against my cargo shorts.

“What time do you get off tonight?” she asked, as she looked at my crotch.

“About midnight,” I managed to say.

“Drop by for a beer if you like!” she said, as she gave me my fare, another great tip, and got out of the car. As I watched her walk to her front door, my mouth slightly ajar, she turned back and smiled, and waved. I smiled, and waved back.

The next couple of hours were hell. Was she really serious? Was she just being a tease? I had made up my mind that I would at least drive by, and see what happened.

As my shift ended, I cashed out in record time. As I drove to her house, My cock was already leaking pre-cum. I gently stroked it, just to show it some attention-but not enough to get too excited. I enjoy edging myself when I masturbate, so I have built up a lot of stamina. It bodes well when I’m with a woman, and can Antalya Escort Bayan satisfy her by lasting longer than some high-school kid (and most men my age).

As I approached her house, I noticed that all the lights were turned off, except for the front door light. Was that a signal? Should I just leave? Fuck it, I thought. This only happens in Penthouse Forum stories. I parked my car on the street (to be discrete), and went to the front door. I rang the bell, but didn’t hear it ring. So, I knocked on the door. After what seemed an eternity, I heard movement on the other side of the door. As the door opened, my heart sank. I had apparently woken her up, as she was wearing a short cover-up over apparently whatever she was sleeping in.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you up, but you DID promise me a beer!” I said apologetically.

“It’s OK. I was a little too drunk earlier, and passed out. Come on in!”

“Are you sure?” I asked tentatively. I was all for getting some action, but I would never take advantage of a lady, especially if she was drunk.

“Yes, dammit!” as she smiled, and allowed me to come into her foyer. “Take a seat on the couch, and I’ll get cleaned up a little.”

“Don’t bother on my behalf!” I smiled as I said it. She just smiled back, and her eyes glistened.

I found the couch, and sat down. She had already put one table lamp on, and had grabbed a beer for each of us. She sat on the other end of the couch, kind of curled up looking comfortable. The conversation flowed easily, and although friendly, I was beginning to think me and my cock were going to have to get off by ourselves. Every once in a while, when she shifted, her over-up would slightly open up, and I could swear she wasn’t wearing anything under it. Maybe she sleeps in the nude? We spoke for about an hour, learning a lot about each other. She was the 3 years older than me, which turned me on even more. Nothing sexier than a beautiful milf, sitting there, beside me, naked except for a cover-up, is there?

She would occasionally catch me looking at her feet, and asked “Do you like women’s feet?”

“Yes, I do, very much so!” I said with a smile.

“Do you like mine?” she asked, as she looked down and moved them so I could see them better.

“Yes, very much. To be honest, I would love to suck on them, and then fuck them!” I said matter-of-factually.

With that, she turned her body towards me, and, very sexily, put her legs up on my lap.

“Show me what you can do!” she purred.

I placed my beer on the coffee table, and gently took hold of her left foot. I gently began massaging it, and slowly rubbing her soles and arches. She was obviously enjoying it, judging by the low moans coming from her mouth. As I began to worship her feet, I could feel my erection growing harder and harder. It was actually getting uncomfortable. She must have noticed.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and show me what you have in those shorts?” she suggested.

While saying that, she slowly undid the belt holding her cover-up closed, and spread it open, exposing her beautiful, toned, tanned body to me. I was amazed at how sexy this woman was. Her breasts were easily a DD, and were highlighted by the tan lines from her bikini. She gently spread her legs slightly open, and exposed her pussy to me. She was perfectly bald, and her engorged pussy lips were perfectly toned. I looked into her eyes, as she slowly slid her fingers along her slit, and then brought them to her mouth, all the while holding our eyes locked together. I put one of her feet on my right side, and the other on the other. I undid my shorts, and slid them down. By this time, my erection was going full-force, and when she looked down at my swollen cock, she smiled and purred. I laid back on the arm of the couch, and gently began stroking myself. My balls were tight Escort Antalya as fuck, and aching already.

“Would you like some help?” she asked.

“What do YOU think?” I said, as I slowly stroked my erection.

With that, she slowly began to move over to me. Her cover-up fell off of her shoulders, exposing her ample hanging breasts. I watched as she slowly took my cock in her hand, and gently examined it.

“It’s beautiful!” she said.

I was enjoying the moment for sure! She slowly slid her lips around the tip, and swirled my pre-cum around with her tongue. Before I knew it, she had engulfed as much of my member as she could. Although not huge in length, I have considerable girth. My 7 inches of length is complimented by my 5 inches of circumference. She began to slowly slide her mouth along my length, and gently fondled my swollen testicles at the same time. I have to admit, that when a woman plays with my swollen balls, it doesn’t take long for me to cum. I wanted this to last, so after about 10 minutes of her sucking my cock, I needed to slow down.

I grabbed the back of her hair, and pulled her head back, until she was resting her back on the arm of the couch. I maneuvered my way down her beautiful body, gently kissing every inch I could. As I got to her pussy, I spread her legs as wide as I could. I gently absorbed her sweet, perfumed smell of her pussy, as I gently placed my tongue on her swollen lips. This lady was horny, and I could tell she was ready to play, due to how much juices were leaking down her thigh. As my tongue worked its’ way around her swollen lips, I made a point to NOT go near her engorged clit (which was larger than most). As her moans became louder, I gently began nibbling on her clit. It took just a few seconds until her legs began quivering, and she yelled for me to finish her off. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like minutes, and her whole body shook. I kept licking and nibbling, until she yelled for me to do more.

Without being asked twice, I grabbed her by the waist, and laid her down flat on the couch. I watched as she grabbed my fat cock, and rammed it up against her wet cunt hole. I easily slid into her, and began thrusting. She was tight as fuck, and I could only imagine why she hadn’t been fucked for so long? My balls were tight as fuck now, and slamming up against her ass. I knew I wanted this to last, but it was going to be tough.

I paused for a minute, and then re-positioned myself, so that I was sitting down, and she was riding me, facing me. I have been told that my cock has a unique curve to it, and in this position, rubs a woman’s G-Spot easily. She began to slowly grind me, and I took her nipples in my mouth, one at a time, and gently nibbled and sucked on them. I could feel her quiver again, and her moaning confirmed another orgasm. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and that was confirmed as soon as she reached around herself, and grabbed hold of my ball-sack. As she fondled my swollen, tight testicles, I could feel the tightness in my balls begin as my orgasm started. I grunted loudly, as she came again, and her juices began to mix with my massive load of semen I had just dumped inside her swollen, wet pussy.

As she slowed down, I looked down at my still hard cock, and smiled at how much cum was covering it. Her juices were making a sloppy mess of everything down there! I looked into her eyes, and she smiled, and slowly got off. She got on her knees between my legs, and gently cleaned my cock and balls off with her tongue. When she was all done, she climbed up beside on top of me again, and rested her head on my chest. We were both exhausted, but not yet finished.

After recovering, we decided to cool off, and take a shower. We walked, hand in hand, upstairs to the bathroom, where were got into a nice, temperate shower, and enjoyed each other again. And then again in bed. We didn’t need words for what we both wanted.

Over the rest of the Summer, we met up a few more times. We didn’t go out in public like a normal couple would. We just fucked. And fucked hard. We all have that “One Great Summer” that will stick in our minds. That was OUR Summer…

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