June Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

Reading the previous chapters first will bring you up to date on characters. Strong sexual content.


Thursday came and Lin had talked with Wendy about being with Keith before and after his cataract surgery. It was always slow for the rest of the staff during surgery so she had no problem with it. Lin met Keith as he came in to get ready and was with him as they started the IV and went over his meds again. The anesthesiologist came in and talked with him and explained what he would do. He had seen Lin’s note on the chart about him being nervous and ordered a shot to relax him. Keith did relax and was ready to go when the time came.

A short time later Lin was with him in the recovery room and Keith was surprised and how easy it all was. The doctor did not put a patch over his eye and he could see very well even though all the medicine in the eye had not worn off. He thanked Lin for being with him and helping it to go so well. He could not get over how much better he could see so soon and was looking forward to getting the other eye done in two weeks. Lin had to get back to work to get ready for this afternoons on slot so they kissed and she left. Keith had a friend that was going to pick him up after he was released.

After Keith saw the eye doctor post op in the afternoon, he returned home and rested the rest of the day. He and Lin talked that night and he again told her how great the vision in his right eye was. He added he was headed out of town the next day and would be out of touch until Sunday. Lin did not think anything about it and after talking for another 30 minutes they signed off saying talk to you Sunday. On Friday Keith drove 60 miles to another town and was admitted to another hospital. A doctor friend of his had talked to him about a new surgery and Keith was going to have it. The doctor also knew about the eye surgery and said it was no problem.

First thing Saturday morning Keith was taken to surgery and the procedure done. It took over 2 hours and he was pretty sore after. He was able to talk with Lin on Sunday with no trouble though, and she still did not know anything about it. Keith was discharged on Monday afternoon, still on the sore side but able to manage ok. He was staying at his doctor friend’s home for a couple of days to recover. He was able to talk with Lin almost every day and kept her up to date with his “busy days and travel”. The following Monday after the stitches were removed he headed home.

On Friday after Keith’s eye surgery, June called Lin and asked her if she would like to come over for dinner on Saturday. Lin said that would be great and asked if she could bring anything. June said no, Rob, her husband, was going to cook some meat on the grill. They arranged a time and disconnected. On Saturday Lin did some things around the house and then got ready to go. She got into the shower washed, shaved her stumps and pussy and douched. She knew that June’s husband was a physical therapist and very much an amputee devotee. June was totally paralyzed from just below her breasts down and had no feeling anywhere past that point. Dr. Edna had removed her legs at the request of June after seeing how much she struggled moving herself around with her useless legs flopping all over the place and getting in the way.

June had requested very short stumps, just something to sit on, and they only extended even with her lower trunk when she sat in her wheelchair. She still had to wear a back brace and chest belt to keep from falling over because of the paralysis. June was now able to transfer and get around so much better. She and Rob met at the hospital after her amputations as he was doing her physical therapy. They had immediately fallen for each other and soon became lovers. He was a fantastic one and quickly learned how to make June “cum”, but not necessarily the normal way. June was not shy about telling her friends what a great lover he was. She did not mind him having intercourse with her even though she could not feel a thing in her cunt.

He also knew about her female lovers and had no problem with her being bi-sexual. June had also told him she would not mind if he ever needed a “normal” woman to screw. In fact, had set him up with Wendy for his birthday and both women were in the same bed with him and screwed him that night. June wore a back brace with extensions down over her stumps and there was a lock on the hip joint that locked in the 90 degree position to help her sit up. She used a urinary catheter most of the time and had small B cup breasts.

Lin just put a thin blouse and short skirt on to show her stumps to Rob. She did not mind at all his seeing any part of her. She wondered if June would ever ask her to screw him and she would be glad to if she did. She got herself in to her car and headed to June’s place. She pulled into the drive and got back in her wheelchair. Both June and Rob had come out to the drive to welcome her and more importantly, watch Lin transfer to her wheelchair. Lin had met Rob one time at a function the doctors had for the employees, before she bursa escort bayan had her amputations and breast augmentations. Rob said WOW what a fantastic change!! June said I told you it was great. She knew he was more interested in her legs than breasts. Both turned June on!

After they got in their house Lin looked closer at June and thought her breasts were larger. Lin thought she would wait until they were alone to ask. Rob got the meat on the grill and she and June got the rest of the food ready. June and Rob had just moved into their new home and it was completely accessible for her in her wheelchair. The kitchen was big enough for both of the women to work in their wheelchairs without running into each other. Dinner was soon ready and they ate on the patio. All three of them got the kitchen cleaned up and then Rob left saying he would be back in about 90 minutes.

June and Lin headed to the bedroom and helped each other off with their skimpy clothing. Lin said as soon as she saw Junes breasts that they were bigger, had she had them enlarged. June laughed and said no she did it the natural way. Lin looked puzzled and June reached up and took hold of her breast and gently squeezed it. Milk squirted out and they both laughed. June explained that she and Rob had spent a lot of time playing with her breasts and got her to start lactating. Her breasts were the only thing that she and Rob could really enjoy sexually and he loved to make love to them. Between his mouth and a breast pump she used a couple of times a day they had been able to get her started.

He loved to nurse them and she had started producing so much milk that she was bottling it and donating it to the hospital. June said she had increased from a B cup to a C cup and did not know if she would get bigger, she had just started a few weeks ago. They both got on to the bed and Lin asked if she could suck on them. June said please do as they are getting full. Lin tried some milk and loved the taste. She sucked both of them and June was able to have two good orgasms. After that June went to work on Lin’s big breasts enjoying the new fullness and how the nipples protruded out so much. Lin’s areolas’ had always been very puffy and the implants pushed them out even more. The girls were soon in a 69 even though June could not feel anything there. She knew Lin and Rob loved to eat her though.

Lin was soon Cumming big time giving June lots to lick up. June played with Lin’s stumps as she ate her. June commented that she liked Lin’s newly shaved pussy. Lin was playing with June’s at the same time but she did not know it. After a while they had enough and were laying on their sides looking at each other. Lin said she hoped the next time they got together was not so long. June agreed and said it would not be. Lin had started sucking on June’s breast again and as she did so June asked her if she would like to fuck Rob when he got home. Lin kissed June and then told her she would love to but it would have to wait. She explained that she wanted a crippled man to take her virginity and she thought she had found one.

She told June about Keith and June thought that it was great she had found someone. Lin grinned and said can I have a rain check and June said for sure she could. She told Lin that she had been watching Rob tonight and he sure had the hots for her amputated limbs. Lin said she had noticed the same thing. They got up and headed for the shower to get all the sticky milk off they had all over them. They just got into the family room and Rob came home. He said nuts too late to watch you two. The girls laughed and Lin asked if he wanted to look closer at her legs and touch them. He looked at June and she nodded her head it was ok with her.

He knelt in front of her and started with the atrophied left one. He asked about why it was smaller and Lin told him she had a lot of the fat and muscles removed and that it was mostly paralyzed. He told her it looked fantastic. He then moved over to the right AK and started moving his hands over it. He was not shy and ran his hand all the way up to her naked pussy for a feel. June said nice and smooth isn’t it? Rob said yes, feels good. June grinned at him and said next time they got together he could watch and if he was good could join in. He looked at Lin for confirmation and she nodded her head yes. Rob kissed the end of each stump and could even get the left end in his mouth.

Lin said she had better get going and thanks for the great dinner. June and Rob went out to her car with her to watch the transfer. As she was going out the driveway she could see that Rob had made the front of June’s shirt wet with his hand and her milk. She laughed knowing what June and Rob were going to do now. It was a good thing June’s lower body was paralyzed or she would have fucked him silly tonight. On the way home she wondered what Keith was up to and hoped she would hear from him on Sunday.

After she got home and in bed she was playing with her hard nipples and very firm breasts. She thought about the enjoyment June must bursa bayan escort have had getting herself to lactate. She also thought that might be a good project for her and Keith to try. She spread her stumps, glad that Wendy had shaved her, got another big orgasm and was soon asleep.

Lin got to work on Monday and the start of another busy week. Patients started in and the day passed quickly. Keith had just gotten out of the hospital after lunch and was having some pain. He took half of his pain med and got on the bed. He was soon asleep and when he awakened he felt better. His friend Josh the doctor got home a little after 6 and brought some Chinese food with him. They had dinner and watched some TV. Keith took the other half of his pain med and headed to bed. So far he was not having any trouble getting around in Josh’s house even though it was not built for someone in a wheelchair.

After he got in bed he called Lin and they had a pleasant talk on the phone. She told him she was looking forward to his being home and Keith said he was also. Keith said he was hoping it would be Saturday or Sunday depending on how his meetings went. He told her he was getting lots of things accomplished. The rest of the week went quickly for both of them and Keith returned home on Sunday. The pain had been gone for several days and Josh had taken the stitches out that morning. Things were going good and Keith called Lin when he got home that evening. He asked her if she would like to come over to his house the following Saturday. He said with his being gone so long he was almost afraid to go in to work in the morning. He had talked to his secretary several times and things were piling up.

Lin said next Saturday would be great and she was looking forward to seeing him then. He told her he should have taken pictures of her stumps to have along with him, he missed them very much. Lin said me too; I miss your sexy legs. Lin changed her voice to a very sexy female and said you can take whatever pictures you want of me this weekend. Keith said he was looking forward to that and the same went with him. The next week went by quickly for both of them and soon it was Saturday.

Lin did her usual housework when she got up and was getting very Horney thinking about Keith. She wanted him Cumming in her mouth very much. She wore only a purple t-shirt to his house and pulled it up to her hips as she got out of the car. She pushed very little of it down between her legs. She had not realized it until Wendy had told her at work, but her lower, paralyzed BK stump just swung around as she wheeled herself around. Very sexy Wendy said. Keith was waiting for her at the door and they kissed as she rolled next to him. Her hand immediately went down to his very thin thigh and his hand cupped her breast. All she said was bedroom and they were headed that way.

Lin quickly pulled the t-shirt up over her head and off and was naked in a flash. Keith grinned and just as quickly got rid of his shirt and lifted his butt so Lin could pull his shorts off. They helped each other into bed and started passionately kissing saying how much they missed each other. Keith quickly turned himself around so he could get to her leg stumps and Lin could reach his legs. They both spent some time enjoying each other’s legs. Lin moved around back to Keith’s mouth and they started in on each other again. He had hold of her breast being a little rough with it, the way she liked it.

Keith worked his mouth down to her nipples spending some time there. Lin asked him how he would like for her to produce some milk and he said he had never thought about it but would love to try it. He pulled himself down to her pussy and Lin reached down and pulled her paralyzed BK stump out of the way so he could get to it. He was surprised to find it shaved and said so then quickly diving in to lap up her running juices. His expert mouth, tongue and fingers soon had three good cums out of Lin. She had to push his head away she got so sensitive.

Lin soon turned Keith over and got to his cock. Right away she saw that his whole pubic area was also shaved. Then she noticed his cock seemed to be larger and his balls were fuller. Her hand pulled his ample foreskin back from the head and she took it in her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking she noticed it start to get longer and bigger. As the head of his cock reached the back of her throat she took her mouth off and looked at it. Sure enough it was getting bigger and harder. She looked at Keith and saw him grinning. He moved his hand back to his balls and started squeezing between them. As he did so his cock got even longer and larger around. Lin realized he had a penile implant! He had now filled out what she thought would be a big cock when she first saw it. The head was still covered with foreskin.

She asked when that happened and Keith finally told her he had not been truthful with her and it was done right after his eye surgery. She was not upset with him but very happy it had worked. He asked if she was bursa merkez escort ready to try it out. Lin said try and stop me and started to get on it. Keith said wait a minute, I had a vasectomy at the same time but have not cum yet to get rid of the sperm so you need to put a rubber on it. Lin said no problem, she had her tubes ligated some time ago and could not get pregnant. Keith was happy to hear that and helped her get on top of him. She wiggled her way down and guided his stiff rod into her cunt. She got most of it in and slowly she stretched more and got it all in.

She pushed herself up with her hands and arms and felt the fullness in her for the first time in her life knowing it was not a toy but a real, HARD, man! She looked Keith in the eyes and said that feels so fucking good to me. Keith answered it does to me also. Lin was able to work out a position that she could use her arms to move herself up and down on his cock. With him being paralyzed he could make no movement in this position. They were both so aroused it did not take a whole lot of motion or time for Keith to get some of his cum into her cunt and for her to cum and squeeze it good. She finally fell forward on to his chest pushing her firm breasts into it. After a few minutes of rest she lifted her head and looked into his eyes saying was it good for you?

They both laughed so hard they almost came again. Keith was still nice and hard in her. Lin finally moved off of it and turned and took him into her mouth. She found that she could take the cum slick thing right down her throat with no problem and did so cleaning it off good and enjoying the taste of their mixed cums. When she was done she looked the whole thing over and found the small incision at the base of his shaft where the skin of his scrotum met. She asked if it had hurt any while they screwed and he said very little. She asked how he undid it and he held on to the inflation ball in next to his real balls and then squeezed his shaft to force the saline back into the reservoir and he was limp again.

Lin moved back up to Keith’s face and asked if the surgery was very painful. He said yes a little but well worth the results. They cuddled for a while and Keith told her how much he liked her shaved pussy. They talked some more about sex together and Lin asked him if his “cum” was ok. Keith admitted that it was not a good as he expected but then he knew he did not have the muscle control to make it that good. Lin asked him if it felt better to him when she sucked him off and he was quiet for a while then said yes. She grinned at him and said no problem then. Your mouth is fantastic on me so I will make sure mine does you just the same. Lin added that his hard cock sure felt good inside her cunt and she would take it anytime. They kissed like lovers do then got up and into the shower.

After the shower they headed to the kitchen and fixed dinner, both still naked and watching each other. Keith had a wide Velcro band around his lower legs and the wheelchair front wheel supports and another one around his upper thighs to keep his flaccid, very atrophied legs from falling off the foot rest. Keith also mentioned, as Wendy had, how he liked how Lin’s BK left stump just moved around on its own as Lin moved her wheelchair around, very sexy he said. They kissed and fondled sever times as they passed each other. Dinner was out on the patio and they both enjoyed each other’s company, glad they could be devotees together.

After dinner they transferred to his family room couch and listened to music. Lin pumped his penis up and down a couple of times then she was able to get into position to take his hard cock into her mouth. Keith complained he could not reach anything on her and she said just relax and enjoy. He finally gave up and did just that. She took her time and thoroughly enjoyed using her mouth on him. She was able to get all of him down her throat and he moaned as she used her throat muscles to swallow him more. His balls would not move or pull up any but Lin could detect a certain movement that she thought said he was going to “cum”.

She let up a couple of times then finally let it happen and sucked hard getting a good mouthful of cum from him. She could tell by his vocal reaction that he could really feel it flow out into her mouth even if he could not pump it out. At the end all he could say was WOW! After she had him clean he pulled her up facing him with Lin sitting on his thighs. They kissed with Keith enjoying the taste of his cum from her mouth. After a few minutes Lin asked him to lift her up and she guided his still inflated cock into her cunt. She just sat there enjoying the full feeling in her and once in a while contracting her vaginal muscles around him. They really couldn’t fuck each other but sure enjoyed the contact and closeness.

Lin watched Keith play with her nipples and they talked more about wanting to learn how to bring on lactation. After some time Lin fell to her side and off of Keith’s hard on. She used her mouth to clean him off again then deflated it. They just held each other in the growing darkness. Keith asked if she would like to spend the night then added and then move in with him. Lin was very surprised but quickly added she would love to do both. She pulled herself back up so they could hug and said thanks for making my first time so fantastic. Keith said me too!

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