I swallow and gasp even before my throat is back in position when I remember where the glistening on her fingertip comes from. As if all it took for me to forget were the five seconds she deliberately took to transport the essence of her lust from her pussy to this pair of plump, kissable cushions I fell in love with the moment I lay my eyes upon them.My gaze closely follows as her full lips hug the tip of her index. They naturally curl into her signature, enthralling cheeky half-smile as my gaping mouth all-too-overtly gives away my mesmerized stupor.***I had moved here for work, away from a happy, wholesome and thriving marriage. The job situation had demanded it and the compromise of finding a place that was halfway in between for both of us had not been a viable option. It was so absurd, in fact, that we hadn’t even considered it. I would go home over the weekends, indulge in your tender love and care. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, we had promised each other in the afterglow of a mutual mind-shattering orgasm shortly after crying our eyes out over the impending separation.You had always been the type for powerful, sometimes impulsive emotions, dragging me along with your unconditional compassion although I was always giving my best at being strong for both of us. Sometimes, though, being strong means allowing oneself the emotions and showing them. It’s you who had taught me that. As a reply to my telling you I was no good for a relationship. Still, you’d chosen to stubbornly love me until I just… caved to the overwhelming affection I had before not been able to admit I’d been feeling for you.***Right now, my eyes are transfixed on the spoon that slides out of her mouth, enticingly hugged by those fleshy, puckered lips, making me wish I could trade places with that inanimate piece of cutlery. Obliviously, her eyes stare past me into the emptiness of my rudimentarily equipped kitchen—not quite your typical art déco setup. Rather… collegiate, the euphemism as fitting as blatant. It made my belly churn from the shame over my general disregard of beyond-functional interior design.At my age, a higher—more mature—standard of living would normally be expected. Yet, it is mainly hindered by my limited funds… my habitual silly excuse for my unwillingness to grow up, which you so fondly regale on? And now I’m just hoping she doesn’t notice my growing mortification Ankara escort over the Spartan setting. As if a nineteen-year-old girl who grew up in a comparable housing minded.Irresistibly drawn to the lips framing her mysterious smile, my mind is filled with pictures of what her dark flesh might feel like on mine… or exploring every corner of my body, brushing my pale skin, sucking my earlobe, kissing my belly, my buttocks, the inside of my thighs, my…***…goodness, I couldn’t help thinking, barely able to direct the shameless gasp inward when she opened the door to my knocking. After a few weeks of acclimatization, the intention had been to be polite and introduce myself to the neighbors on my floor. It most certainly hadn’t been to become tongue-tied in the face of a giggling teenage girl, much less to be instantly hypnotized by her lips. Without realizing my lack of manners, I shamelessly gawked at each contraction and pout of her mouth, drawn to it as I had never before thought possible.I barely managed to remember to introduce myself. The juvenile creaking in my voice as I failed to pronounce all of my name’s two syllables didn’t help. Well, it made her titter and her eyes light up in delight, so at least she didn’t hate me. Still, it only added to my towering insecurities despite the age gap. Not the first time this happened to her, I presumed; not the first time someone instinctively tried to stiffly keep their hand in their pocket to conceal the wedding ring. My breath kept stuck in my throat at how her wisdom-radiating eyes only emphasized her smile, stretching those kissable lips.Despite being significantly younger, she didn’t even need to raise her voice to wrap me around her little finger. Within seconds, she had captured my undivided attention to the stark contrast between her white teeth and her complexion. The luster on her pitch-dark skin naturally highlighted her cheekbones while her hair cascaded down her back in thin braids all the way to her toned derrière. A few of them were strategically falling down her front and tastefully emphasized her bust she kept hidden under a few sizes too-large college hoodie. From her boyfriend? Her older brother? Who knew? Should I ask? Not quite the most subtle question after just meeting someone.I was swallowing hard at the sole recognition of what fantasies were bewitching Ankara escort bayan me upon the sight of her inviting lips. And yet I hadn’t even noticed her dark irises that appeared like a pair of circular hickory petals, seamlessly melting into her pupils, forming bottomless wells…***…in which I only realize now I’ve allowed myself to fall into. I’m far too drawn by her nubile beauty to realize my lack of shame when just the tip of her tongue tantalizingly licks the cake crumbs from her lips, instantly catching my gaze. My heart nearly stops when she looks right back into my eyes. My jaw stupidly clicks open.She caught me staring —no, vulgarly ogling! Lucky me, it wasn’t her ample bosom whose jiggle holds the promise of it being just as soft as her lips. Oh, to snuggle up to her side, lay my head to rest on her breasts and let her kiss me good night after letting our lips explore each other’s bodies—Fuck! Not again! Get your shit together! I mutter my self-deprecation under my breath.Insecurely, my mouth remains dumbly agape. Mentally, preparing myself for the uncomfortable farewell over my all-too-obvious staring, my eyes keep trying to find a hold on hers… or her mouth that’s just ajar with a slightly crooked, omniscient, and yet disarming smile.Her half-closed gaze still following every movement of mine, she tucks her teeth into her bottom lip. I swallow emptily at this overt display of what I’ve dreamt of doing since the day she first greeted me. Slowly, she approaches me, too well aware of the effect her deliberate show of lust has on me, too well aware of how her perfectly staged act makes me forget whoever would usually dwell in my impure thoughts. If only it weren’t for those gorgeously plump cushions…I am paralyzed by the irrational fear that I may have angered her with my obvious ogling and that she is about to leave and let my apartment walls tremble with the banging of the door, never to be seen again. Anticipating her rejection, I try to will myself to melt into the wooden backrest of my chair. With limited success, evidently, leaving me to face the unaltered horrors of humiliation by my fleeting acquaintance… and the premature brushing off of my newfound fondness of her lips before I can even give in to my curiosity and explore it.Already trying to come to terms with the loss of the prettiest pout that Escort Ankara has ever stolen and shattered my heart, all I manage when I feel her hand on my knee is…***…a startled “eep!” as the door flung open and I was greeted with the same beaming set of teeth framed by those thick lips as just three days before. She chuckled in reply to my clumsy greeting. This overly familiar déjà-vu seemed to become a habit of mine. Well, you knock on the door and what do you expect, genius?“H-hey,” I stammered, internally congratulating myself sarcastically for being able to incoherently stutter one whole syllable, yet cussing about my inability to chat with a girl barely more than half my age. If only I had been able to get those lips out of my mind… but that was the singular reason why I had convinced myself to even knock and invite her over. No, it had made me absentmindedly follow my disturbed hormonal urges in the haze of my foolish, post-juvenile loss of self-control. I just had to let the sight of her pretty mouth evoke luscious daydreams to lose myself in.Hadn’t it been for the renewed rush of heart-melting warmth in my belly I felt beholding her breathtaking beauty, I’d have cursed myself for being such a creep. What reason could her new, much older neighbor possibly have to invite her to bond over coffee? Did girls her age nowadays even enjoy such boring, homely activities like sharing a cup? I couldn’t even offer her a fashionable playlist, as my taste in music was even old for my age. And for snacks? Some stale bread, old cheese and long-crystallized vanilla ice cream? For Chrissakes, when did I become so old and square? The piece of delicious walnut cake I had brought home from work—almost a week ago? Please still be edible, came my ejaculatory prayer that I only just swallowed, lips still moving with the words.The batting of her eyelashes together with her knowing smile almost washed away all my doubts. Just the near-compulsive urge to feel her soft kisses on my skin naturally led me to go for the simplest option and just offer her coffee before my mind could protest.“I’d love to come over.” Her voice made my knees weaken and my heart jump as her mouth moved in slow-motion, pronouncing every syllable. With every word that came, her full, puckered lips exaggerated every letter, making my head spin. I thought I’d see her incisors enticingly rake over them before she added, “Do you mean, like, now?”Never before had I felt my heart pounding up my throat so intensely. Still, it was nothing compared to the swarm of butterflies her ever so light touch on my forearm released when I barely registered the sounds her lips kept forming passed my ears unheard.

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