Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 02

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That evening, I drove into town by myself to get some dinner. I stopped at ‘Jack’s Grill’ and took a seat inside. A tall, leggy blonde waitress, about the same age as Crystal, approached me and took my order. She wore a pink miniskirt and tight pink T-shirt that said, ‘Jack’s’ across her massive cleavage. Her enormous fake tits were about five miles long and just blasting forth from her pink waitress’ uniform like two cannonballs. It was very distracting, and I had some difficulty placing my order because of them. I’d also noticed her nametag which said, ‘Candy.’ …Sexy name, Candy.

When she came back with my coffee, I asked, ‘You live here in town, Candy?’

She smiled and answered, ‘Yeah. I like the peace and quiet.’

Her bust was insane, but the rest of her was very slender, except for the shapely little ass which was about the size of but one of Crystal’s massive butt-cheeks! Her hair was long and bleached yellow-blonde. Her face was insanely pretty, with long dark lashes, a tiny cute nose, and full, pouting, glistening light-pink lips.

I was feeling unusually lucky, so I ventured, ‘I’m renting one of those cabins down by Lake Winnipesaukee… It’s real nice, why don’t you come down and join me for a nightcap?’

She hesitated, looked me over appraisingly, smiled and answered, ‘Sure. Pick me up here at ten.’

I smiled back and gave her a nod. She winked at me, her eyes hinting at sex.

In my cabin, we had a fire going in the fireplace and were into our second bottle of red wine.

‘I mean, like who names a lake ‘Winnipesaukee,’ anyway?’ she was saying, giggled and leaned into me on the couch.

‘Right… Hey Candy, I have to ask; what size are you?’ I asked.

‘Oh, you mean these??’ she asked grabbing her tits through her tight white sweater and bunching them up, making insanely hot looking miles-deep cleavage above the low-cut neckline. ‘G-cups, baby! My ex-boyfriend’s legacy, you could say; istanbul escorts meaning he paid for them. But they’re all mine now, sucker!’ she said proudly. ‘You want a better look?’

Of course it had been a rhetorical question. Candy got up and pulled her top up over her head to my joyful astonishment. Her firm fantastic fanny-like chest in its huge bra assaulted my eyeballs, sending 1000 watts of electricity straight to my dick! She stood and modeled her chest in her white bra for me. They stood out like fucking bazookas! What a day I’d had for witnessing female beauty; Crystal, with her hourglass figure and amazing, huge all-natural bodily pillows, and now Candy with her amazing, giant cock-raising watermelons and petite little body. I was hopeful to see the rest of her naked quite soon. My dick was like a piece of wood in my jeans as I watched her empty her wine glass, modeling her bosoms for me.

‘That’s… Those are… amazing, Candy!’ I said in sincere awe (not to mention sincere horniness.)

‘Thanks!’ she said girlishly. ‘Oooh! It’s so comfy in here without my top on. Mind if I lose the bra, too, honey? We can just go casual.’

Again, it was rhetorical, and she un-fixed her mellon-holders and let it fall to the floor. Her cannons stood at attention, shimmering in the dancing light of the fire. I wanted to taste those puppies BADLY.

Candy sat back down beside me and looked into my eyes.

‘Do you want me?’ she said quietly, ‘Because I want you…’

We leaned in and kissed one and other; I immediately took one of her huge, glorious fake tits in my hand as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

‘Mmmm!’ she responded, and pressed my hand that was cupping her boob even harder into her chest.

We pulled apart and hurriedly stripped all the way down to our skin. She was tanned golden-brown from head to toe, and had a ball-draining completely waxed smooth pussy, which was already leaking sex-juices istanbul eskort in anticipation of being filled with my lucky, hard meat.

She splayed herself on the couch, her legs up and spread wide apart, her pussy self-parting; the most inviting thing I’d ever seen in my life. ‘Fuck me…’ she said simply.

I placed my cock into the opening of her cunt and thrust forwards- heaven! I grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and fucked her pussy deeply and slowly. She breathed and sighed with pleasure with my every thrust up her smooth golden bean.

We fucked for over an hour, stopping to have some more wine once or twice along the way, until it was time for my cock to cum.

She had already cum many times. I placed her in ‘doggy’ on the couch, and her sweet brown-hole looked up at me from above her smooth glistening cunt. I knelt down and tasted the waxed-smooth little opening of her shitter, jerking myself off as I did so. Candy moaned as I licked out her cunt as well. I shoved my tongue deep up her ass as far as it would reach, licking her out and tongue-fucking her brown-hole.

‘Put your cock in my ass! Cum in me, baby! Fuck Candy’s ass! I’m your hot fucking fuck-doll!’ she said like a slut.

‘I will in a second, baby,’ I grunted.

I planted my cock first in her cunt, slid it deep up inside, and fucked her pussy for dear life. I stared down at her gorgeous, sexy asshole, totally exposed in her small ass which was spread wide apart, as I slid my dick hard in and out of her tight tanned pussy, my balls slapping up against her mons veneris with every thrust.

‘Here it comes, are you ready for it up your ass?’ I warned.

‘Do it! Fuck my ass! Cum in me, baby! Cum in any hole you want to, baby! I’m your fucking whore- you little slut- your hot fucking fuck-doll! Jerk yourself off up inside any of my holes- I’m yours! ‘

I pulled out and shoved it straight up her sexy little brown-flower- fuck eskort istanbul was it tight!

Candy moaned as I fucked her asshole, my balls now slapping up against her pussy with every thrust. The speed of my thrusts increased, and Candy came one last time, before I cried that I was gonna cum.

‘Fuuuuck!’ I yelled as I pumped her petite ass full of my hot, fresh cum. I thrust into her bum up to my root, pumping jizz as deep as my cumming cock would reach up her sexy ass.

‘Oh yeaaaaaaaaah!’ Candy cried like a fuckin’ porn star as I came up her hot shitter.

‘Suck your ass off of my dick!’ I commanded, pulled out, and fed my meat to the babe’s mouth. Candy sucked me clean, and back to full hardness.

‘Oooh! Ready again so soon?’ she teased girlishly.

We fucked some more as we took a hot shower before going to bed together after a little more wine and kissing. She fell asleep quickly, having had a fair bit to drink. So had I; I was quite tired and relaxed.

I soon heard a muffled noise through the wall. It was Crystal, and she was using a vibrator on herself. I could hear her softly moaning and cumming through the thin wall. My dick was getting hard listening to her. Her pussy was so wet that I could hear the faint sloppy noise of the vibrator sliding in and out of her wet hole. I took my dick in my hand and began jerking myself off. I listened carefully as Crystal fucked herself; I squeezed some KY that I’d had on the nightstand onto my dick, and continued to fuck myself with my hand. As Crystal seemed to be getting close to cumming again, so was I… I peeled away the sheets from Candy’s body exposing her naked, sleeping ass. I wanted to fuck it, but didn’t want to wake her. So I kept jerking my cock off, and listening to Crystal getting off through the wall, my orgasm getting closer and closer. I decided to cum on Candys ass, which probably wouldn’t wake her. As I could hear Crystal quietly cumming in the next room, I came, too, all over Candy’s hot, tight naked sleeping ass. My warm white goo slid down Candy’s ass-cheeks and down onto the white sheets. She was fast asleep.

I took some tissue and wiped her off before falling asleep next to her warm, naked body.

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