Lakeside Lovers


My hands shaking, my stomach full of butterflies, I reached to the overhead compartment and retrieved my bag. I hoped I didn’t appear to be as nervous as I really was. I followed the line of people heading to the door. My mind on possibilities, making our way to the gate. As we passed through the hall coming to the end, I could hear greetings. Families meeting their loved ones, exclaiming their happiness for their reunion. I wondered if you’d recognize me. I wondered if I’d recognize you. I thought back to the months of emails and chats we’ve had. It all started so innocently, how did it come this far? Then my heart reminds me why.

As I scan the crowd, a familiar face stops me dead in my tracks. I had no idea the power this moment would have. Your eyes met mine, and the two of us stood frozen. I could hear people around me, yet you’re the only one I see. Slowly, your lips curl into a knowing grin. Your relaxed look eases my tension and I’m able to move forward again, every small step closing the gap between us.

“How was your flight, my lovely lady?” you ask, as you take my hand, kissing my knuckles.

The pictures you had sent me had lied. For months I had admired your handsome frame and warm smile, but as much as I had admired you then, couldn’t compare to the way you stopped my heart now. Your deliberate moves much like a bird in flight, so natural, so determined, and yet graceful and smooth. I notice a glimmer in your eyes that had never shown in the photos, a treasure I’m happy to find in person.

You led me through the crowded airport and to the parking lot where your car awaited. When you opened the door, you grabbed something off the front seat. “What do ya got in there,” I asked. You turned around, handing me a dozen of the most beautiful roses I’d ever seen. My heart turning to liquid, I smiled up at you and kissed your cheek, thanking you for the romantic gesture.

We climbed into the car, and you began driving, telling me that you were so happy I had decided to come. We exchanged excited stares through out the ride, and when we finally arrived at our destination, you ran around the car to my side to take my hand as I got out. A clichéé sort of gesture, yet ever so appreciated none the less.

I stepped out of the car and took in my surroundings. It was as if we had arrived inside a painting. The cottage sitting about ten feet from a sandy private beach, and behind the cottage was a beautiful forest. You explained to me that the cottage had been in your family for years as you took my bag and led me inside the tiny wooden home.

I could see you had taken considerable time making the place inviting for me. There were fresh Lilacs in small vases around the room, the scent lingering every where I walked. There were many many candles around the room, varying in sizes and colors, some left unlit, while others burning Urfa Escort brightly. The place had an air of manliness, yet I couldn’t help but notice how you tried all you could to bring out some of the more feminine things that I imagined you felt I would feel more comfortable with having around. I giggled as my eyes drifted to a chalkboard, about the size of a large picture, sitting on the table near the kitchen. You had made me a welcome sign. How sweet, I thought. I looked to you and found you staring. You had a slightly embarrassed look on you.

“Oh, its so beautiful! Thank you. I can tell you went to great lengths to make me feel at home,” I said, smiling brightly. The look on your face softened, your eyes lit up, and you smiled broadly.

“I’m glad you like it,” you told me happily.

We settled in, you gave me the “25 cent” tour, and then we made our way out to the deck overlooking the lake. The sun gave into the moon’s persistence, and granted us a romantic setting. The breeze circled and embraced us, and the stars laid out their evening blanket of glitter.

Agreeing that it was getting a little chilly, you ran inside and grabbed a soft blanket. We cuddled up on the deck swing under the blanket and just enjoyed the moon’s dance on the water. I was grateful for this chance to get close to you. I could smell your clothes, your shampoo, your aftershave, all mixed together arousing my senses. I could feel a wetness between my legs, just as I noticed you trying to adjust yourself, trying not to let me catch on. I giggled, but when I looked into your eyes, all the silliness was gone. Only a deep yearning was there. I was suddenly aware of how my nipples had hardened and pressed against my lace bra. I made a silent prayer that you would take me into your arms and kiss me then. Kiss me and make love to me like no other man has ever made love to me.

As if you could hear my prayer, you answered it by leaning in and pressing your lips to mine. Softly, as if testing the waters. Small, sweet kisses, growing deeper, more desperate, needing to be one with the other. Your strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer, and your lips parting mine, our tongues intertwined. You brought your hands up to cradle my face between them as you kissed me.

You seemed to read my every thought, my every want, my every need. Your hands roamed my body, tentatively at first, sort of asking for my permission without using words, before moving further each time. My body only answering in a continuous yes.

Moments later, you stood and took my hand, leading me to the warm sandy beach. You laid out the blanket and I took my place upon it. The chilly air no longer bothering us, for our need for each other was keeping us more than warm enough. We kissed and stroked, our clothes coming off somewhere in the midst of our playing. Urfa Escort Bayan

As you closed your lips around my pink nipple for the first time, I shuddered and squealed. You certainly knew what you were doing.

“I’ve waited so long to taste you. I dreamed of how wonderful your flavor would be. May I now?” you whispered. I rose up, letting you lay on your back, and straddled your face. You wasted no time in taking my clit into your mouth. No teasing, just immediate surrender. I stayed there for a few moments, poised on my knees, enjoying the lashing your tongue was giving me. The moonlight shining down on your hardness, I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward, taking your warm shaft in my hand, I licked around the base, working my way to the tip. My tongue moved steadily from side to side. With my eyes closed, I made a mental picture, memorizing your dick with my tongue. I placed my lips at the tip, and ran my tongue across them tasting you and wetting my lips at the same time.

As I took you into my warm mouth, I felt the vibrations of your gratified moan in my pussy. You were a master on licking. I was beginning to have trouble moving my lips up and down your shaft because of the extreme amount of pleasure you were giving me. I could feel the glorious tension growing inside me, and within seconds, I was moaning loudly on your hard cock, my pussy spasming over your lips. You seemed to be relishing in this and I could feel your member growing even harder.

Once I was in control of my senses again, I pulled my self off of you and turned the opposite way. I just had to have that gorgeous cock of yours buried deep in my canal. I positioned myself over your throbbing head, and lowered myself gently, enjoying the thickness spreading my pussy lips apart. Inch by wondrous inch, I took you in. I loved the way you looked, so content, and so excited. Once I was completely filled, I sat there, smiling down at you.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are in the moonlight?” you asked me. I just smiled and began moving my hips, not up and down, but forward and back. I could feel your rod tilting inside me. My lips were spread wide, and my clit was rubbing against your pelvis. Forward, I rocked, I squeezed my muscles. Back, I rocked, I released my muscles. Forward, and my pussy squeezed twice. Back, and my pussy released. Forward, and back, repeating the pattern over and over, increasing the times of squeezes with each forward movement. You looked surprised at the muscle control on your throbbing cock. I giggled at the surprised, yet incredibly satisfied look you had.

My body began moving up on the backward movements, and soon I was riding and rocking at the same time. My body had taken over, I had no control on what I was doing, only a drive to have more. I threw my head back, and you took hold of my bouncing tits. Escort Urfa When you took my nipples between your fingers and squeezed, I went over the edge. My whole body shook as I screamed out your name, and my pussy grabbed your cock. Over and over, I could feel my insides massaging your dick, trying desperately to take you deeper, to keep you there.

You pulled me to you and rolled us over. You kissed me tenderly, slowly moving your stiff prick between my pussy lips. Your moves were so graceful, I savored the moment. Your chest pressed to mine, Your hips moving rhythmeticly. You had your arms above my shoulders, stroking my hair as we kissed. I could feel you push yourself deep into my folds. You pulled back out slightly, and then pushed back in…. You pulled out slightly more than last time, and pushed back in a little harder…. You pulled back out even more and pushed harder than the last… You pulled back out, almost completely out of my warm box, and then shoved your cock, deep and hard, back into me. With every thrust back in, I let out a sigh of approval, begging you for more.

Of coarse you were happy to oblige, pushing your hardness deep within me. Suddenly, you got a wicked grin on your face. You pulled my legs up and rested my calves on your shoulders, still nearly lying on me. I was completely folded in half, but I was so comfortable. I was quite surprised when I found that you could go even deeper in this position. The head of your dick was tickling me from the inside. Your cock had found my most tender spot within, and was pushing me to the brink of reality. I looked to the stars and let my body play out the song that my heart held within. As I came, I could feel my juices flowing around you and down my ass, a tidal wave of passion.

Your cock grew even harder, slightly engorging the size more. You pushed into me deeply, and suddenly I could feel your searing hot semen gushing against my cervix, coating the inside of my pussy. You pushed into me again, and another hot load rushed into my canal. You pushed again, and my pussy drank yet another load of your hot liquid. You pushed one last time, your cock twitching, emptying it’s last drop of the evidence of your passion.

You stayed there, holding me in that position, rocking slightly, kissing my lips, my nose, my eyelids. I was content to stay there all night, if you so wanted to. I was simply at peace.

Eventually, you pulled your self from me and I lowered my legs, rolling onto my side as you held me in your arms in a perfect spoon position. We fell asleep there on the beach, the moon shining down on us, the stars as our only blanket, and the gentle breeze off the lake caressing our skin. Sometime later, you woke me, moving your hardness against my backside. We made love there on that beach many times that night, enjoying each other and pleasuring each other to no end.

I thought to myself, on the plane trip back home, how happy I was that I had chose to come out to meet you. We made a promise to each other as we kissed goodbye to make a habit of this meeting, for we both knew we could never be apart for long.

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