Leather Armchair

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This is a transcript of an actual e-mail ‘conversation’ I had with my good friend Rebecca. I’ve decided to publish it for your enjoyment — it’s too good to keep private. Then read my notes at the end.


Becky, my pussy is so warm and juicy this evening, don’t you wish you could be here with me? I’d instruct you to make me a cafetiére of hot, strong coffee and bring it to me with a slab of dark chocolate. I’d sit in my brown leather armchair with you kneeling at my feet. Hold on. I’m going upstairs to change. You must stop reading this e-mail for 5 minutes and wait for me. Start timing now, no peeking.

Hi. I’m back now. Look at the pictures to see what I’m wearing. Hasn’t the model got fabulous legs? Mine aren’t quite as long. The bustière is by Prima Visione. Oh, by the way, the stockings I’m wearing now have seams up the back. Mmmmmm.

OK, now feed me pieces of chocolate. See how it melts on my fingers? Go on, suck it off. Now the next one.

Becky, my stocking seams aren’t straight. Here, if I lift one leg you can straighten it. Good girl. Now the other. Do you like the panties? Quite low cut aren’t they. If I spread my legs wide, can you see how they have slipped into my pussy slit? Now the edges of my mound are showing; bare, smooth, gets you wondering whether the whole of my pussy is shaved or only the edges. Help me slip on these high stiletto–heeled shoes. Do up the straps tightly won’t you; don’t want me slipping off them. Now you will see why I love this arm-chair. See how I can hook my legs over the arms? Legs so wide apart, creamy flesh of my inner thighs exposed.

I’m very excited that you have agreed to submit to my dominance. You will not be disappointed, and neither will I.

Becky wrote:

Its so cold outside, I’m stood waiting at your front door, this is the third and final time I’m going to press you doorbell. I’m wearing exactly like you told….so cold, nipples so very erect, rubbing against the cup of my sexy black lace bra. Sorry I chose this bra it’s just my nipples are so hard and sensitive the satin cups are just too much!! I’m wearing the same panties and put on a special treat for you. See pic. Hope this makes up for the change in bra……. I’m feeling so sexy tonight writing this, since I got home from work I’ve been walking around like this, and writing my reply to you…xx

I’m wearing the very boots I’ve bought for my Christmas party next week, so they’re so sexy and slutty a bit like me….

I’m also wearing my long black leather jacket just as you requested, I open the jacket exposing myself to the cold winter wind, hope none of your neighbours see, this blonde, in black lingerie, knee high boots standing at your door.

So am I going to stand at the door all night or are you going to open the door and let me service you…..

Julia wrote:

Well done, Miss Rebecca, you have arrived right on time. And I see you are wearing a long coat. I hope you have followed my instructions and that you are wearing your black satin bra and high-cut panties underneath and nothing else. You are. Good. And I see you are wearing long leather boots with nice high slender heels; I know that makes it difficult for you to walk. You look so sexy when you totter on high heels, I like to see you struggling to walk in a straight line, it forces you to push out your ass and wiggle your hips.

Were you expecting to come straight into my home? Were you expecting me to open the door dressed in just my black Prima Visione bustière, panties, suspenders and seamed stockings? Were you expecting me to sit in my leather chair and instruct you to kneel between my legs and carry on where we left off yesterday? Oh, Miss Rebecca, I’m so sorry I ended my e-mail so abruptly yesterday. I had to attend to something urgently. I also wanted to tease and frustrate you because I thought you’d enjoy that. Did you?

No, we are going out. Yes, with you wearing only a coat over your lingerie. Yes, it’s going to be fun isn’t it? We’re going to walk to the bar down the road; it’ll be cold on the way. Here, hold my hand so you don’t fall …

It’s warm in here, I like the lively atmosphere. Do you see that everyone is looking at us? They recognise me and are wondering who the gorgeous young blonde woman with the clear blue eyes is who is with me, and why she hasn’t taken off her coat. Stay there whilst I get some drinks. A large glass of red wine OK for you? How did I know!

You look very warm; pity you can’t take off your coat, even though it would be so exciting if you did. Here, let me unbutton it down as far as your bra and let everyone enjoy seeing your cleavage. If only they knew you were virtually naked underneath. Being the only one who knows gives me a thrilling feeling of power.

Go on, rub the heel of your boot up my leg, I’d like that. Careful you don’t ladder my stocking though. People are watching but I don’t care, it’s making me so horny sitting here with you. My pussy is making my panties wet and I can feel my poker oyna nipples hardening against my bustière.

I’m getting so aroused now I think it’s time we went home, come on, finish your drink. Here, hold my hand, you seem a little unsteady on your feet. Must be the wine and the heels.

Safe and warm indoors now. Your nipples must be so hard now from the cold air outside. Do they hurt? Don’t take your coat off yet; make me some coffee just how I like it. Make yourself one too. See, I’m a kind, compassionate dominatrix.

Now, help me out of my coat. Do you like my business suit? Very formal I know. Some might say severe. Does it suit me? Unbutton my jacket, that’s right, hang it carefully. No, not my shirt yet, my skirt first. I know you’re longing to see my seamed stockings, aren’t you? There. Doesn’t that look good, the way my suspenders disappear under the hem of my shirt? Now my shirt buttons, starting at the bottom, all the way up, now off my shoulders. Did I hear you sigh as you saw my body, revealed yet concealed by my bustière, held firmly yet delicately by the bra cups, the straps, the boning? This is one of my favourites.

I’m sure you want to touch me but you seem to be enjoying just looking at me for now as I turn around slowly. Here, feed me some chocolate, like this. Hold a piece between your front teeth and let me lick it first then … take it from you between my lips. No, sorry, we couldn’t have kissed then, it’s too early in the evening to reward you in that way.

Are you getting very warm, with your coat still on? I expect you’re perspiring in there. Not long now, I’ll just sit back in my leather chair, my stockinged legs draped over the arms, my ankle boots still on my feet and my low-cut black panties tight across my pussy. I feel like a princess. Yes, I think you should call me Princess Julia from now on, it has a lovely sensual ring to it, don’t you think?

Stand with your back to the wall opposite me now, and unbutton your coat. I want to be sure that you truly have followed my instructions and are wearing your black satin bra and panties. Not too quickly, one button at a time, Miss Rebecca, and take it off.

Oh yes, you look fabulous. Let me look at you. Turn around. Terrific ass you have, or so it seems. Nice waist, and super cleavage too. I like the boots. Does the cool air feel good on your body? My body is highly aroused by you. My nipples are pressing hard against my cups and I can feel my pussy opening, blossoming and seeping my inner juices. My pussy nectar is welling up and you are going to be my worker bee, harvesting my nectar from between my enticing petals.

Now Miss Rebecca it’s time for you to strip naked for my enjoyment. Go on, and describe what you are doing and exactly what your body feels like and looks like in explicit, accurate detail. Don’t rush, turn me on.

Becky wrote:

My head is spinning like you said it’s probably from the heels and the wine, But also that scent your wearing its intoxicating.

I slowly lower the leather coat down my arms, the combination of the hot room, the jacket and my Princess sat in her big armchair has made little beads of sweat appear on my arms making the leather rub against my pale soft white skin. The coat catches at my wrists holding me like a pair of handcuffs, as I try to loosen the sleeves I push my breasts out so you have full view of my voluptuous mounds engaged in the black bra.

Finally they come free and the leather coat drops in heap to the floor. My mind is racing with scenarios of what you’re going to do to me next, each one is kinkier than the last.

You flick a button on a remote control you have in your hand and some soft music slides out of the speakers. As I step forward from the heaped coat I stumble to my knees in front of you, I’m still not in control of these heels but my Princess insisted I wear them. I stand up, I’m stood right in front of you, my breathing is heavy as cold winter air still feels my lungs, my breasts rise and fall on my chest.

I begin to calm myself as the slow beat begins to make my hips react, I slowly move from side to side, hands on my stomach gently caressing my soft skin, I cross my arms and slowly slide them up my sides and the sides of breasts until they are on my shoulders and then gliding through my blonde hair.

My right hand moves down over my face and I open my red glossed lips to accept my finger. Licking up and down each one until they’re nice and wet. I do the same with my left hand, so now all ten of my fingers are soaking wet.

My nipples are straining at the satin material of my bra cups, I slowly squeeze my right breast with my right hand forcing my shoulders to move back thrusting more of my full mounds into my hand, I do exactly the same with my left hand and breast. I throw my head back and bend at the knee giving you maximum viewing pleasure of my magnificent tits. As I continue to manipulate the flesh my bra straps slide down my shoulders and hook over my elbows, exposing more cleavage canlı poker oyna to your hungry eyes.

I am so turned on, my pussy is pulsating in my black panties, I can feel the juices beginning to saturate the material. I feel confident and in control of the situation, watching you sat in that armchair lusting after my hot horny body is driving my crazy. You maybe my Princess Julia and I’m Miss Rebecca but I know you want to lick and touch every part of my body and in that sense I feel in control, I know my pleasure will come, and its going to be you whose going to give it to me.

I step forward once more so my legs are on either side of your left leg, my pussy juice is glistening in the light as it trickles down my hot thighs. I can see in your eyes you want to see my nipples, night after night I’ve described them for you over our e-mails, with my fingertips I slightly pinch my nipples through the satin. Tweaking and pulling them very gently causing shuddering sensations in the pit of my stomach, causing me to let out a soft audible moan.

My right hand begins to move down my hot body and stops just above my sopping panties, I look deep into your eyes and slide my hand out of sight into the damp garment. My index finger glides over my clit causing me to shudder with excitement, my right bra strap slides down my arm, but the material clings to my erect nipple. I must look like the dirtiest slut alive, standing in front of you. Right hand deep in my panties stroking my hot pussy lips, left hand on my left breast slowly squeezing the fullness and right bra cup only being kept up due to my hard erect nipple beneath it. Hips moving back and forth, side to side to the slow music.

I pull my hand out of my panties leaving a clear sticky trail of pussy juice across my stomach and up to my waiting breasts, I slide my left strap down my arm towards my wrist whilst keeping the contents still encased in their cups. Reaching behind, I unclip the bra’s fastenings whilst still holding the cups up over my breasts. All I have to do is let go and for the first time my Princess Julia will see my 36D breasts in all their glory. A bead of sweat rolls down your forehead, are you losing your control Princess, is Miss Rebecca’s sexy dance and figure beginning to take effect?

I cross my left hand over my chest and grasp the right side of my black bra, so as to expose more flesh to my dominator. With my right hand I go back to the contents of the soaked panties. I begin to inch them down my thighs, and you start to see the small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair come into view. Which will appear first the breasts which we have had numerous erotic talks about or my juicy wet waiting to licked pussy?

Your eyes dart from one to another in anticipation, I close my eyes and tilt my head back, as I do I let go of my bra and squeeze my thighs together, causing both items of clothes to cascade to the floor.

I move my head back level and search out your eyes.

Julia wrote:

All the time you have been putting on the most wonderfully arousing striptease I’ve ever seen, my eyes have been totally transfixed on your every move, carefully and appreciatively watching you as you tantalisingly exposed your precious body. At the same time, I have been acutely aware of my own feelings. My breasts have become swollen, hot and flushed, spilling out over the tops of my bustière cups. My nipples are hard and are pressing against the luxurious fabric of my classy lingerie. My pussy lips are engorged between my legs allowing the wet material of my panties to invade my slit and rub against my clit as I move constantly in my chair.

I have been tracing my hands over my body, trying to keep your attention focused on me as we each battle to gain control of the arousing situation. I run them through my blonde ringlets, over my face, my neck and down between my parted, lifted boobs. Onwards over my bustière and in one continuous movement I track them down the suspender straps to the top of my seamed stockings. Looking into your eyes, I then run them up over the smooth pale flesh of my inner thighs to the edge of my soaked panties, and stop.

‘Describe yourself to me, Miss Rebecca, tell me all about that luscious body standing before me, in perfect, exquisite detail ………….” I instruct you.

Becky wrote:

As the lingerie hits the floor I stand before my Princess totally naked.

My arms hang by my sides as I gently rock to the music.

My blonde hair hanging over my face, my blue eyes staring out from behind the strands of hair. My red lips parted very slightly taking in long deep breaths.

My head is spinning, I feel drunk but not off alcohol, off something else, almost being drunk because of my state of arousal. Every inch of my body is alive, tingling sensations from my fingertips to my toes.

My breasts slowly rise and fall as I take the deep breaths, your eyes just stare at them Transfixed almost like you’ve been hypnotised by them. My large pink nipples are fully erect internet casino like two cherries waiting to plucked and put into your mouth. They are so sensitive, even the breath of a beautiful woman on them would be enough to give me a wild orgasm.

My flat stomach quivers as my body is going into meltdown, a faint line of sticky pussy juice trails across to its final destination. My legs are still, frozen in position, I’m just waiting for you next move Princess what will you have me do? Or what will you do to me? My body cannot take anymore……..

Julia wrote:

“Dance!” I command you. A female body is so much more beautiful when it moves and no female body is more beautiful in my eyes than yours, my very own sweet Miss Rebecca. Try to relax, tune in to the music, move and gyrate a little.

I watch as your tense muscles stand out on your legs and your torso. I smile as your large breasts begin to sway; yes you are right I am hypnotised by their beauty and fascinated by your erect, pink nipples.

(Miss Rebecca, you must give me an exact and more detailed description of your boobs and nips so I can better picture them: size, shape, colour, do your boobs thrust straight out forwards when you stand up straight or do they spread outwards? Are they symmetrical or is one different from the other – this is quite common. Are your areolae large, small, round? Shit, you could even measure them for me! I’m truly captivated by your breasts and I haven’t even seen them yet).

You slowly caress your hands over your flat tummy and down onto your hips, drawing my eyes to them. Up and down your thighs then bending with your hands on your knees, your breasts swinging from your chest. You look up at me from under your dreamy eyelids and I go all gooey at the seductive sight.


Standing again you move your hands upwards over your body and I know where they are going next. You cup your breasts in your open palms and offer them to me and I struggle to stay in my chair I so much want to hold and feel them, but not yet.

“Play with your nipples” I insist and you tease and torment them into longer, larger, hotter pink buds than they’ve ever been before and I love to hear you moan with the pleasure, then the slight pain as you pinch and squeeze and pull them.

Moving your hands up you run them over your gorgeous neck. It would look so good with a choker collar around it but for now I’m enjoying seeing you totally naked. You push the straggling strands of perspiration-soaked hair away from your face and pout your red lips, slipping a finger between them and sucking on it like whore sucking a tiny cock. You pull your finger away and a long sticky strand of saliva trails from its tip.

“Show me your pussy” I now demand and willingly you turn your back to me, place your hands on your waist and bend forwards with your feet wide apart. You pussy mound emerges proudly from between your ass-cheeks at the top of your parted thighs, your slit already wide open, betraying your arousal, and your wetness glistens in the room lighting reminding you of the time I filmed you at the party. Once more you derive untold pleasure from displaying and exposing your sex to me and to my delight you place your spread fingertips on your ass and pull your cheeks apart, spreading your pussy lips wider to give me a delightful view of your open cunt and promising a peek at your clit if only I were to move from my chair and draw closer to you.

All this time I’ve been sitting on the warm leather of my seat, my stockinged legs slung over the arms, my fingers exploring my seductive bustière and trailing along the edges of my low-cut panties. Occasionally I slide a finger under a suspender strap or move it across to my panties and run it lightly over my pussy mound as I drag a nail of my other hand gently over the exposed top curve of one breast or the other.

But now I need to participate more fully, hugely aroused by your display of wanton, erotic nakedness and the come-on look in your clear blue eyes.

I stand up and walk over to you, your pussy still openly on display and very, very wet …

Becky wrote:

Before you move over to me seductively bent over exposing my dripping pussy I will tell about my breasts.

Being that my breasts are too big for my frame, they have only a slight sag to them. Like you I gym regularly which keeps them very firm. They sit quite high on my chest which makes them push forward rather than droop down, with the right bar on then enter rooms before I do!

Now the delicious details you’ve requested from your dirty Miss Rebecca…

My left breast is larger than my right, not so much that you would notice it but with a tape measure it is larger. My areolae are large and dark pink almost a beige colour. When squeezed hard enough they turn a deep purple colour which means they are incredibly sensitive. They are 1 3/4 inches wide and about the same from top to bottom. When I’m very, very horny tiny little bumps appear over the pink skin which when licked drives me crazy and on a few occasions nearly made me orgasm. My nipples are small compared to my areolae but become very erect when stimulated, they’re about 1/2 in length. Easily enough to get between your teeth and flick with your tongue.

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