Leather Sir Pt. 07

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I wake the next morning when he gets up from the bed, he goes into the bathroom and when he returns, I’m sitting up in the bed. He picks up the phone and dials room service for us.

When breakfast arrives, “go get that boy.”

I walk to the door after putting on basketball shorts, and open the door. I forget completely that I’m still wearing a leather collar, I tip him with the money Sir gave, and bring the food in the room.

“Here boy, bring me my plate, sit here and we’ll eat. Then we have to get dressed and go to the first house soon.”

“Sir, are we going to be able to shower?”

“No boy, but it’s okay, I want you to smell like a freshly fucked bottom boy. It turns me on.”

“Yes Sir.”

We eat breakfast, get dressed, and head out of the room, but just before we leave, he removes the collar from my neck and out the door we go.

We look at three houses, and they were nice, but Sir didn’t really seem too impressed.

We meet the realtor at the next house, and he’s already out front. We walk up to the house, he hands Sir the key, “the house is ready for you Sir, I’ll sit out here and wait for you to look at the house. Let me know when you’re finished.”

We walk through the house, the downstairs is nice, spacious, then we head upstairs, and at the top of the stairs are two rooms, one on the left and right.

He pulls me into the one on the right, “just picture it boy. The play room here, and the bedroom on the other side. The sling I fucked you in the first time over in this corner. The saw horse over here, and this whole wall has racks for all my toys. There’s also a closet here for the leather clothing we need to hang up. But my favorite part is over here.”

I walk over to him, there’s a window with a bench built into the wall, there’s still a cushion on it, and Sir gets up behind me, “put your knees on the bench boy.”

I do so, and he pushes my body forward against the window sill. I can see out to the backyard, and you can see a house or two but they’re far away enough.

He gets up right behind me, pushing his body against mine, and placing his hands on the front of my thighs, pushing me back into his.

“Imagine, when I come home, you’re here, on your pretty boy knees, waiting for me to come home. Think how hard you’ll be staring out the window waiting for my car to pull down the alley into the driveway.”

He starts thrusting slowly into me, accenting every few words with poker oyna a thrust. I moan and feel my cock getting hard. He reaches up and pulls down on my chain, bending me slightly forward.

“What do you think, me being able to fuck you on this bench, every day when I want to, dumping my hot load into your tight ass that I would own?”

I moan deeply, pushing my backside into his crotch.

“Think about it boy,” he says as he steps down, smacks my ass, and walks into the other bedroom.

We exit downstairs and out into the front side walk and meet the realtor.

He shakes Sir’s hand, and Sir says, “I’ll take it. Make an offer, but low ball them. Let’s see how much they’ll take for it.”

“You got it Sir,” he replied.

We got in our car and drove off. We arrived back at the hotel. Once we arrive, we head up to the room, and I swear the man at the desk winked at Sir or me as we walked by.

We get in the room, and he sits on the bed, and takes off his clothes. He’s completely naked and I’m enjoying the show.

“Well, strip boy.”

I do so, he reaches over and grabs his hands around my balls and pulls me towards him, “kneel boy.”

I get down on my knees and I’m face to face with his soft cock and balls. He slips the collar around my neck and locks it in, “now boy, you’ve got me here and I’ve got you, what are you going to do?”

“What makes you happy Sir.”

“Good answer boy. Now suck on that soft cock, I wanna feed you another load, I don’t usually cum this often but the way you follow me around and service my needs just gets me all hot and horny all the time.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I lean in and take his soft cock in my mouth. I start sucking on him and he quickly grows in my mouth, thicker and thicker until I’m plenty full around him. He’s just sitting in the edge of the bed and staring into me eyes as I bob up and down on him.

“Grab my balls boy,” he moans.

I grip his balls and tug on them slightly and he falls back on the bed, moaning loudly, thrusting his hips and I can feel his thighs start to shake, “oh shit, I’m cumming,” he shouts!

His squirts his load into my mouth and holds my head in place, I swallow every drop as I’ve come to enjoy doing.

After he finishes, he picks up the phone and orders dinner for us. We’re both famished and when it arrives, I’m sure I eat mine in one bite. We take a shower and after we’ve dried off, he rummages through the suitcase canlı poker oyna and pulls out my outfit for the evening.

He pulls my tight leather pants out, my red jockstrap, my leather short sleeve shirt and a baseball cap.

“Put this outfit on, I want to see that sexy ass dressing in all this leather. Give me a little show boy.”

I put on each object, putting on a little show and shaking my ass when I pull up the jeans.

The shirt fits perfectly, he must have had it made.

Once I’m dressed, he sits me in the chair near by and rummages through his bag again. He pulls out the roll of duct tape and several lengths of rope.

“I’m gonna dress in full leather tonight boy, and I want you to watch me get dressed now.l, but I want to have a little bondage fun before we get moving.”

He ties my wrists behind the chair, my legs to the chair legs, my thighs together and wraps rope around my chest. He then grabs the roll of red duct tape and holds it to my face.

“This should keep you quiet.”

He grabs his fabric jockstrap he was wearing earlier and shoves it in my mouth completely. He then places a piece of tape under my chin up my face. He walks behind me and places the tape over my mouth and wraps it around my head a few times. It’s nice and tight. He adds a few more pieces of tape on my mouth for “good measure,” he calls it.

“You know boy, it’s a little early for the club, I think we’ll sit here for a little while and enjoy some television.”

He turns on the television, and stands in front of me, he pulls on his cock and balls, teasing me, he then slides on his jockstrap and pulls his cock and balls through the ring. After snapping on the pouch, he grabs his junk and shakes it a bit.

He then puts on his leather shirt, pulls it tightly down, then slides each leg into his leather pants without breaking eye contact with me. He buttons them closed and slides the zipper all the way up. He then puts on the red leather tie that happens to be my favorite color, tightens the knot and walks up to me.

“Does it look good boy?”

I nod my head yes.

“Good,” he says as he finds my nipple and pinches it through my shirt.

He grabs the strap that goes around his body, clips it on, slides on each glove, and walks behind me.

He’s moving his hands around in front of my face, making that noise that leather makes, which makes me harder in my pants.

He places one hand over my face, covering my nose and mouth, “smell that fucking leather boy!”

I smell it alright.

He releases me after I start to shake my head for oxygen. He walks back to the bed, sits on the edge, and pushes his feet into each leather boot.

He’s wearing his square toe black harness boots that go all the way up to the knee. Damn, what I wouldn’t give to lick every inch of those things right now.

He stands up, and spins around slowly. Once he’s satisfied, he places his leather boss cap, he calls it that, on his head, and lies on the bed looking at the television.

“I know I saw that guy downstairs checking one or both of us out earlier, what do you say I order something from the front desk and let him come in and see you like that. I bet he’s got a real fine piece of ass in those pants he wears. He could ride my thick cock right here and there’s nothing you can do but watch and wish you could stroke yourself.”

I look at the nearest clock and it’s only 9:30, Damn, how much longer is this man going to deny me the pleasure of licking every inch of his leather?

I struggle against my bindings, he looks over at me, and with a concerned look asks, “serious question I have to ask. Is there anything pinching, losing feeling, or hurting?”

I shake my head no, he then just laughs at my struggles. He turns off the television, opens his fly and pops off the pouch. He starts to stroke his cock, getting hard quickly.

“I bet you want this don’t you boy?”

I shake my head yes, almost so hard I might have gotten whiplash.

“Yeah, you love this cock when it’s in your mouth, when it’s deep in your tight fucking hole, when I’m dumping my real man seed inside you. Mmmmmmmm.”

He’s now pulling on his balls, “next time, I’m gonna put a stretcher on these nuts and fuck your mouth with them, balls deep has more than one meaning in my house, or hopefully I’ll be able to say, our house.”

He quickly places the pouch back over his cock after he lets it deflate. He zips his pants back up and walks towards me. He begins to remove the tape from my head, slowly of course, don’t want to rip any hair or skin.

Once it’s all off and his jock is out of my mouth, I move my jaw around, stretching it.

He puts his hand under my chin, pushes my head upwards at him, “what do you say we go grab a snack, then head to the bar?”

“Yes Sir,” I nearly shout at him.

“Someone’s aggressive. Can I trust you if I remove these ropes boy?”

“Yes Sir. I’ll behave.”

“I know you will, that paddle is right over there in the smallest bags.”

“Yes Sir.”

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