Lenora Has a Fling


The afternoon was warm as the sun beat down on Lenora’s naked body. She felt good with her legs slightly spread feeling the light cool ocean breeze on her tan skin. The wide brim sun hat she was wearing kept the sun off her face as she read an erotic novel. She squirmed in her lounger as the details of the story were causing a pool of wetness to collect beneath her. Her nipples tingled with excitement as she let her left hand drift from the pages of her novel to brush against her sensitive skin. She traced her nipples with her fingers as the story came to a climax. Her legs opened more allowing the breeze to cool the heat that was building between her legs. The thrill of the sensation was building in her. Lenora slid her hand down to her neatly trimmed mound. She was soaking wet and her pussy craved attention. Her clit was taught and tingled with excitement. Her fingers circled her clit. With slight hesitation she let her fingers slide down and part her waiting lips. Just as the tip of her finger touched the opening of her wet pussy she was reminded that she wasn’t alone.

“Must be a pretty good story,” Pete said as he came back towards her chair. He was dripping with water having just come back from a swim in the cool ocean water. “I can see that it has gotten you all hot and bothered,” he continued.

Lenora stopped moving her fingers but she didn’t try to hide the view from him. She looked up at Pete and grinned “Do you feel threatened by my little book?” She spread her knees wider as she toyed with him, allowing him a better view of her wet and ready pussy.

“Should I be?” he quipped. “Or should I be thankful that your book has gotten you ready to go while I was swimming?” Pete approached her lounger and dropped to his knees just in front of her. He let his hands fall onto her feet as he pressed his lips to the inside of her left leg. His tongue darted out to taste her salty skin.

Lenora cooed as she felt Pete’s lips and tongue against her leg, working lower towards her cunt. “Ohhhhh, aren’t you in a frisky mood this morning?” she said as her breath came quick. Her pussy gushed as her anticipation built.

Pete continued to drop further down her leg until his chin was lightly contacting the outer folds of her pussy. Lenora’s moan was all the indication he needed to proceed. He let his tongue drag alongside the inside of her thigh until he could just taste her wetness. She was sweet with a slightly salty taste. He resisted the urge to dive straight in and he continued Şanlıurfa Escort to lap at the outer lips of her pussy. Her scent was light and sweet. His tongue reached the bottom of her opening and he felt her wetness.

Lenora moaned loudly as Pete’s tongue darted in and out of her pussy. She arched her back and grabbed the sides of the lounger as he slid his tongue deep into her. Her toes began to curl as she quickly headed towards an orgasm. Pete’s tongue was going to take her over the top. Lenora grabbed his hair and pulled him up and away from her cunt. “Ohh you are making me so wet. I need your hard cock now,” Lenora demanded.

Pete stood up then helped her to her feet. Lenora turned towards him and they kissed hard. Lenora pushed her body against his and slid her left hand down to feel his bulge through his still wet swim trunks. Pete moaned lightly at the feeling of her hand. “I need your cock inside me” Lenora moaned. She broke their embrace and took Pete’s hand as she turned towards the cottage. They sauntered back into the cottage, Lenora’s naked ass shaking as she led him inside. She continued to lead Pete into the bedroom. Once inside she turned and knelt in front of him, pulling down his wet swim trunks. His cock was only semi erect as Lenora sucked the head of his cock into her eager mouth. She could feel his shaft begin to thicken with each stroke of his cock. She pulled the head out of her mouth with a wet pop and looked up at him. “I love it when you get hard in my mouth like this,” she cooed as she returned to sucking his cock.

Pete grabbed her hair and pulled her lips from his fully engorged cock. “I thought you said your pussy needed this. Crawl up on the bed so I can see that sexy ass of yours,” he ordered. Lenora did as he asked and slowly crawled onto all fours on the bed. Still naked, her ass was on full display for him as he crawled onto the corner of the bed behind her. Lenora moaned with desire as Pete let his hard cock slide up along the crack of her ass. He reached down and slid his cock down past her pussy and let the topside of his cock rub against her wetness. Soaked with her moisture he let his cock spring back to the crack of her ass as he leaned into her and pressed his shaft hard against her. Lenora cried out as his shaft slid against the opening of her ass. He continued to rub against her like this for a minute.

Lenora looked back at Pete and said, “Oh please give me your cock baby. I really need it inside me.”

Pete Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan took his cock into his hand and guided it down to her wet slit. He slowly eased the head into her wetness. Once the head of his cock was inside the folds of her pussy he leaned forward and rammed the entire length of his large cock into her. His balls slapped against her clit as he buried himself deep inside her. Lenora yelled out and then in a raspy voice she muttered “Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard!” Pete obliged. He withdrew almost the entire shaft before he leaned back in and rammed it home again. He did this several more times before Lenora, grabbing the bed sheets in both hands and almost screaming yelled, “Oh God I’m gonna cum on all over your cock baby!! Oh that feels so good.” He could feel her pussy tightening on him. Without losing his rhythm he continued to slam hard into her. She wailed out “Ohhhh I’m cumming” as Pete could feel the rush of juices inside her pussy lubing his cock and running down his balls. As he continued to fuck her the sounds of their sex grew as his now cum coated balls slapped sloppily against her pussy.

With his cock soaked in her cum, Pete withdrew from her pussy and let his cock slid back along her ass again. His shaft was nice and slick from her juices and he pushed hard against her as he continued to slide his cock across her asshole. Lenora moaned and thrashed from the feeling of his hard shaft. She looked back at him with a little devilish grin, wondering what he was planning to do. He reached down and grabbed his thick cock and guided the head to her asshole. Lenora moaned with pleasure as the head of his cock rubbed against her tight hole. With little pressure, Pete forced just the head of his cock into her ass. Lenora squealed in delight as her tight ass engulfed the head of his cock. “Oh that feels so good!” she exclaimed. Her ass was gripped very tightly around the head of his cock. He could feel his orgasm building. He became motionless and just left the head of his cock sitting snugly in her ass. Lenora wiggled a little, sensing his pleasure. She looked back to him and asked, “Are you going to give me all of that dick or do I need to beg, baby?”

“You are a dirty slut, aren’t you?” Pete asked.

“I want your cock all the way in my ass baby” Lenora begged. She shook her butt in front of Pete in anticipation of the pleasure she yearned for.

Pete remained motionless. He enjoyed the feeling of her ass tightly Escort Şanlıurfa wrapped around the head of his cock. With his hands on her hips, he pulled her slowly towards him while pushing slightly with his hips. Lenora moaned in ecstasy as Pete’s cock inched deeper into her. She leaned forward resting her body against her arms that were laid out on the bed in front of her. Her head was flat against a pillow while her ass was prominently displayed high above her hips, giving Pete a great view of her ass while he continued to ease his cock all the way into her tight hole. Once he was as deep into her as he could go, he began to withdraw at the same speed at which he had slid into her ass. Lenora was in heaven from the pleasure that his cock was giving her. Slightly short of breath she moaned “Oh baby your cock feels so good inside my ass. I feel so full of your cock…Oh, baby I am going to cum again. Oh yes baby, fuck my ass.”

Pete increased his rhythm and slowly began to trust harder into her. Lenora was starting to buck back against him, compelling him to fuck her harder and harder. She was losing control, moaning and begging for his cock. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her. She squealed with pleasure and then yelled “Oh yes baby, I am going to cum! Keeping fucking my ass baby.” Pete could feel her tensing up as she neared her orgasm. “Oh yes that feels so good…unhhhhhhhhhh,” Lenora groaned as she was pushed over the edge and came hard.

As Lenora came her ass tightened even more around Pete’s cock. The sensation drove him crazy and he could feel his own orgasm building. “Oh I am about to cum too,” he warned as he continued to thrust into her.

“Oh yes baby, cum in my ass…Ohhhhh baby I am going to cum again,” she wailed. He thrust into her deeply but did not withdraw and held her against him as he began to cum. Lenora moaned out, “Oh that feels so good! I can feel your cock pulsing inside me. Oh yes cum deep in my ass baby.” She could feel his shaft throbbing as he filled her ass with pump after pump of his cum. The feeling was too much and she began to buck and thrash as she yelled out “Oh I am cumming again too!”

He remained still as their orgasms subsided. Pete slowly removed his cock from Lenora’s ass. She moaned as the head popped out of her and cum immediately began to leak out. Lenora fell forward, sprawling out flat on the bed. Pete too laid down next to her. He draped his right leg over her ass while his chest was nestled close against her left shoulder and back. Lenora reached around and grabbed his arm and brought it over her so he could hold onto her. “You feel so good baby, and you make me feel so good too,” she cooed. With cum still seeping out of her ass she closed her eyes and fell asleep with a big smile on her face.

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