Let’s Go Camping Ch. 01


My wife’s younger sister, Marie, is staying with us for a few weeks. She’s a nice girl, friendly, pretty, quite intelligent and very outgoing. If I had to make any complaints about her it would be that she’s a doer. She had to be out and about and doing something at all times.

I see nothing wrong with sitting back and reading a book. Stroll through the park and enjoy a bit of nature. Sit on a bench and watch a sunset.

If Marie had to watch a sunset she’d be doing a tap dance and singing a song at the same time. The only way to make her stand still would be to nail her feet to the floor. She is what you might call a rather tiring young woman. I get tired just watching her.

Considering what I knew of Marie I knew who to blame when Jenny, my wife, came up with a brilliant suggestion.

“Why don’t we go camping this weekend”,” she said. “It’ll be fun.”

Camping. That means mosquitos and sand fleas. Biting ants and other insects. Poisonous snakes and spiders. Sand in your socks and sand in your jocks. Bound to rain, even if you’re in the middle of a drought. Boiling hot days and freezing nights. And these were just the good points about camping.

My immediate reaction was “over my dead body”, but the glint in Jenny’s eye indicated that it probably would be, so I said “Why not. I’ll ring up and book a motel for the weekend.”

“No need,” came the reply. “We’ll be using the tents.”

The motel had been worth a try but I hadn’t really expected it to work. Still the tents weren’t too bad. We had two. A large one that could sleep two very comfortably and a smaller single man tent that could sleep one if they were small enough. Fortunately, Marie would be stuck with that one.

I contemplated a night in a tent with Jenny and smiled. She’d be feeling guilty about dragging me out into the wilds and sex would definitely be on the cards.

That afternoon we set out and by the evening we were busy putting up the tents and setting up the camp. At least, I was busy putting up tents and setting up camp while Marie and Jenny gave me advice. A lot of advice. Eventually I was done. I slung the sleeping bags into the tents and went and relaxed while Jenny prepared a meal.

Oddly enough, it was quite a warm night, reasonably cloudless skies and a full moon due. There was a gentle breeze and for some reason the insects had all decided to go and chew Şanlıurfa Escort on someone else. It was actually quite nice out there and tomorrow I’d be able to go fishing.

I received a nasty shock when it was time to go to bed.

“We can’t possibly ask Marie to sleep in the single tent,” Jenny told me. “Anything could happen. She’ll share with me and you’ll have the single tent to yourself. You’ll enjoy it, not having to hear us gasbag on.”

Yes. I’d enjoy being curled up in a little tent all on my lonesome instead of spending some quality time with my wife. Oh, happy day.

I lay on my sleeping bag feeling frustrated. (That’s a genteel way of saying I was feeling as randy as a bandicoot.) Eventually it dawned on me that the other tent was totally silent, indicating that the girls were both asleep.

That other tent is really quite large. Plenty of room for three in it. It seemed to me that I could slide in there and entertain my wife as long as we were reasonably discrete about it. Marie would never even know I’d visited.

Putting thought into word I slipped out of my little tent and moved over to the larger tent. At this stage a cloud passed over the moon, leaving it pitch black but that wasn’t a problem. Jenny always unrolled her bag across the entrance to the tent. I don’t know why, but she insisted on it.

There was enough light to show the shapes of the girls on their sleeping bags. Like me, they had found it warm enough not to need to climb into them. Marie was pitched against the far wall of the tent and, as always, Jenny was lying across the entry.

I settled down next to Jenny and started lightly stroking her. One of the first things I did was ease her panties off and edge her legs apart. Clearing the playing field, you might say. She wears this big old t-shirt at night when camping, and it didn’t take much to push that up and let her breasts free.

I was now in a position for some serious playtime. I gently stroked her breasts, rubbing her nipples with the palms of my hands, encouraging them to stand up. Jenny was mumbling sleepily and pressing her breasts against my hands.

After a little while I transferred my attention to her pussy, holding it and squeezing. Then I started massaging her, easing her lips apart and dipping my fingers inside her. Jenny was stirring more now, slowly waking up Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan and heating up. I had no intention of actually taking her until she was fully awake and ready to play. (Even if there was a chance she might decide no dice while Marie was there.)

I could tell the moment when Jenny came fully awake. My fingers flicked across her clitoris and she gave a small spasm and gasped. My fingers continued to dance across her pussy and she was pushing it firmly up against me. No refusal coming tonight, I noticed.

I eased her legs further apart and settled between her thighs, my cock pressing gently against her. That’s when things started to go slightly amiss.

“Wait, you fool,” she said, gasping for breath. “I’m Marie. We swapped sleeping bags tonight.”

At the same time the moon emerged from behind the clouds and it was quite bright. Definitely bright enough for me to quite clearly see Jenny on the other sleeping bag and for me to see Marie under me, looking startled and flustered.

“Oops,” I said. “Unfortunate. Sorry Marie, but you do realise that it wouldn’t be the gentlemanly thing to do for me to rouse you and just leave you. Try not to make too much noise. You don’t want to disturb Jenny.”

With that I pushed slowly down, firmly nailing Marie to the sleeping bag. And when I say slowly, I meant slowly. Like I said earlier, Marie always wanted to be doing, and I had decided on the spot to make her take me very slowly, just to see how she reacted.

I pushed down and Marie’s eyes widened with shock. When she realised how slowly I was taking her they seemed to widen even further and as I continued to just edge into her I could feel her trying to lift up to receive me.

I wouldn’t let her. My hands were holding firmly onto her hips and I was controlling the rate of entry. I saw Marie’s eyes flick towards Jenny, and she was breathing hard. If Jenny hadn’t been there she probably would have screamed at me to move it, but as it was all she could do was bite her lip and sweat it out until my weight was finally holding her down, screwed to the sleeping bag you might say.

I suspect that Marie was assuming that I would now speed up, happy to have a quick fuck and get out in case Jenny woke up. Not so. I was finding the idea of slowly torturing her quite delightful. I pulled back just as slowly and then Escort Şanlıurfa thrust back in. Marie was frantically trying to push up against me and get things moving but I still held her hips and controlled the rate.

It was surprising how fast Marie got excited when you consider how slowly I was taking her. She was twisted and squirming under me, gasping with need. Her legs came up and wrapped themselves around my waist, holding me tightly while she tried to pull me even deeper. I was going to need a shirt the next day to hide the scratches on my back.

I continued happily on my slow way, getting my own pleasure while driving Marie absolutely wild with wanting. She had to clamp one hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Whether in excitement or to abuse me for not getting a move on I couldn’t say.

I have no idea how long I tormented Marie, but it was quite a while. She was crying from need towards the end, twisting and writhing under my cock.

Finally knowing I couldn’t go on much longer I clamped a hand over her mouth and gave a ferocious drive into her, hard and deep. Marie came apart, almost bucking me off she came so hard. Even through my hand I could hear her muffled scream while I drove repeatedly into her, releasing my seed and feeling her clamping down on my cock, holding it in her until she was satisfied.

Marie lay there gasping after I disengaged. I didn’t leave the tent immediately, lingering to hear what she would say.


Not saying much, but to the point. I just smiled and waited.

“What do you think Jenny would say if I told her about this?” Marie demanded.

“Probably something along the lines of ‘I know. I was watching. You certainly seemed to be having fun.’

I noticed that Jenny was awake and watching when the moon came out. Before I took you. I bet this was the reason you switched sleeping spots.”

There was total silence from the sisters. They glanced at each other and then at me and then away. They were both blushing.

Jenny started to say something but I held up a hand.

“Explanations can wait until another time,” I told her. “Just remember that what I wanted was some quality time with my wife, and in the morning I’m going to have it.”

Jenny blushed but didn’t speak.

“The only question I have is do I make love to you before or after I spank the pair of you?”

That got a reaction.

“You wouldn’t?” gasped Jenny.

“Actually, I think I would. You in private as you’re my wife and you never know what will follow the spanking, although you can probably guess.

But you can be a witness to Marie’s spanking. Won’t that be fun?”

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