Let’s Play a Game Pt. 04

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After dinner Kim and Jack started to clean up the dishes on the patio table. At this point the couple was a bottle of wine and several beers in. During the meal the two of them decided to forgo wearing any undergarments or pants. In doing this neither of them needed to get up from their seats if they needed to pee! Anytime the couple needed to pee they would scoot to the edge of their seat and pee directly onto the stone tile below. Most of the evening Jack was peeing hands free, just letting his piss fly where ever his cock was hanging, but at one point alcohol took the better of him and he tried to pee sitting back in the chair while aiming his cock to the side, firing a jet of pee out into the yard which in time waned and dribbled over his thigh. Sooner or later Kim got lazy too and just peed directly into the chair, soaking the wooden slates and drenching the insides of her thighs in the process as her pee cascaded onto the stone below.

As Kim was bringing in the last of the dishes, a large salad bowl, Jack started to clean the grill. Stepping back from the table Kim couldn’t help but laugh at the giant puddle in the middle of their patio. Inside the kitchen Kim was going to put the salad bowl with the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher but instead she had a naughtier idea as her bladder started to ache again. “I think I could find a better use for this,” she said with a smile as she placed it on the kitchen floor, straddling it with her feet. Squatting slightly, she hovered high over the wide bowl with her hands on her hips and aimed her naked pussy down towards the bowl. kızılay escort The alcohol did its trick and Kim’s pee shyness disappeared and in moments pee started leaking out of her lower lips, running in rivulets down onto her pert butt cheeks and legs. As she sighed her stream picked up momentum and splashed into the bowl below, Kim licking her lips as she intently watched her hot urine bubbling in the bowl below. It was at that moment that Jack, finished with the grill outside slid open the glass door and stepped into the kitchen. Glancing over the island he saw Kim in a high squat while simultaneously taking in the sound of Kim’s toilet filling the room.

“What are you doing!” Jack gasped, coyly, as he stepped over to Kim, gaining a better perspective of his wife using the kitchen as a bathroom. With one hand he reached down to his dangling penis and aimed it at the bowl on the floor. Feeling that familiar pressure at the tip of his member it didn’t take much for Jack’s cock to erupt in a fat stream into the now half full bowl. With the combined effort of the couple it didn’t take long for the bowl to reach near capacity. Kim finishing first, giving her hips a cute shake before stepping away from the bowl to her husband taking hold of his still pissing phallus. Releasing his grip Jack let Kim do what she wanted with his now slightly engorged penis watching as she aimed it every which way in the bowl, splattering the floor at some points with sloppy aim. Soon Jack’s stream came to a trickle and with a pout Kim gave the dripping dick a few shacks and kolej escort a kiss before bending over to carefully pick up the full bowl, being careful not to spill the exquisitely warm contents onto the floor. Stepping out onto the patio she reveled in splashing their pee out onto the patio, adding to the cooling puddle at the table. Pinching one of her nipples with her free hand she took in the intoxicating, damp aroma of their pissy patio.

“We might have to hose down the patio, with water that is, if we want to have any guests over in the near future,” Kim called out to her husband, who was now wiping up the floor with a dish towel. “Or lets hope for a rainy summer.” Kim’s wishes seemed to be answered for as soon as the words left her mouth Kim felt raindrops on her bare shoulders. Squeaking with surprise Kim bounded into the kitchen. Shivering with the cool air brought by the rain Kim and Jack decided to put on their usual night wear. For Jack it was just a simple t-shirt and boxers, likewise Kim grabbed a long night shirt which ended thigh high and opted not to wear panties.

Grabbing the rest of the beers, and the bowl, the couple retired to the living room where they started to watch a movie, a Roman period comedy, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum. Filling up on water before plopping down on the couch. Remember to hydrate when drinking! Laughing at the wit of Zero Mastel they downed their beers with relish. At a scene in the baths Jack asked with interest, “I’ve always wondered what they used for toilets.”

“They probably maltepe escort did this,” said Kim as she slid off the couch and into a low squat over the bowl, practically sitting in it. With a loud hiss a thick stream of pee sprayed out of her womanly folds, hitting the sides of the bowl loudly and splashing tantalizing in the bottom. Kim sighed with relief as her husband’s gaze drifted from the movie to his wife peeing wantonly in their living room. His wife’s distracting wee brought attention to his own bulging bladder. Since she was sitting on the bowl he couldn’t repeat his toilet from the kitchen. Looking around the room he spied the plant sitting in its pot against the wall. Rushing over to the plant he spurt into his boxers as he pulled out his penis before losing control and hastily emptied his bladder onto the plant before directing his stream onto the soil, the leaves dripping slightly yellow pee into a now massive pool struggling to drain into the dirt.

“I’m sure a Roman did that once or twice too,” as he shook his cock over the carpet. “Those tunics look real convenient to pee from. Don’t wear underwear and just lift it up and go! I envy your sundresses.”

“Being a girl has its advantages,” Kim replied, “But I’d sure like another chance at holding you as you pee, that looks convenient too!”

The two resumed their seat on the couch, cuddling up close, Kim rubbing her bare butt up against Jack’s damp boxers. It didn’t take long for the both of them to completely ignore the movie and start an intense love making session. Sitting atop Jack’s throbbing member it didn’t take Kim long to cum with the day’s naughty pees fresh in her mind. It didn’t take long for Jack to cum either, painting Kim’s vagina with spunk. The couple disentangled and downed the last of their beers before heading to bed. Leaving the cooling urine in the bowl on the floor.

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