Lisa Wants More

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I’ll never forget when my girlfriend Lisa had her boob job, and how it changed her outlook towards sex and men. Lisa is a very hot looking blonde, 5’3″ and 105lbs, athletic looking and very fit. She loves to party and has always had a tendency to get wild now and then when she’s had a bit to drink.

Lisa had always been self-conscious of her body and had always had a thing about her boobs, though they were perky-looking, she wanted to have them enlarged, which would complete an already hot body! So, one day she came to me and said she had decided to go ahead and have the boob-job done and if I thought it okay. I said sure, I only wanted what would make her feel best.

She had them done, and wow! They looked awesome, going from a 34b to a 34 DD! I tell you, I got a hard-on the very first time I saw them , and it really had an effect on her too! I told her she was perfect now in every way and that she must feel really good about herself too. She said she did and wondered how others would react to her change. I told her in a couple weeks some friends of mine were having a huge party, which comes about every year in the Spring, and it would be a good time to get her answer. Little did I know how much I was right!

She shopped around for something hot to wear that night, a tight-fitting black mini dress with black pumps. I knew when I saw her in it she’d have no problem getting everyone’s attention. She looked too hot to handle when I picked her up that night, and I noticed she had already had a couple glasses of wine before I got there. She said she was nervous and just wanted something to loosen her up before we got there.

We arrived at the party, to which there were almost 100 people there, all drinking and dancing, and having a great time. My friend Bruce, who was hosting the party, met us at the door of his house, and really went bug-eyed when he saw Lisa. Her dress was really tight, a showed every inch of her body. He told her she was the hottest woman he’d ever seen, and she blushed and said thanks. He introduced her to his girlfriend Michelle, and she took Lisa around and introduced her to a few of her girlfriends there.

Bruce took me around and introduced me to some of his friends, and I couldn’t help noticing how there were about 10 guys there for every girl. Although they were nice guys, I somehow had a feeling that they were all in the hunt mode, looking to find a hot female to party with.

With that in mind, I started to look for Lisa, and found her already talking with some guy near the bar that had been set up for the party. He was tall, dark, and very athletic looking. I could tell he was really turned-on by Lisa, and I saw him eyeing her up and down. When they talked, I could also tell he was having an effect on her too, and could see her looking him over too.

After a while of watching them , she noticed me and came over to tell me she was having a blast! She said everyone was telling her how great she looked and that made her feel so good. She asked if I was enjoying myself, and I said absolutely. She said she was sorry she didn’t get back with me, but she had been introduced to this guy who was a professional baseball player who was in town, and escort ulus she got caught up with talking to him. I told her that was okay, and just wanted her to have a good time.

Noticing that there was a lot of people dancing in another area of the house, she asked if we could go in there. When we did, this other guy followed us there. Lisa kept looking around, noticing how every guy in the place was staring at her, and I could tell she was really excited by this. She asked if I minded how she was dressed, and I said hell no! I told her she looked so hot, and that I wouldn’t be surprised if every guy there who saw her wouldn’t love to fuck her brains out! She looked at me and told me I was being silly, but I could tell her mind was racing with thoughts of something when she said that.

Lisa was looking around the room when she noticed this other guy in there too. She asked if it would be okay if she danced with this guy, saying she had never met a pro athlete before and he seemed really nice. I said sure, and with that she practically ran over to get him. They got out there with everyone else and I noticed all the other men in there noticing her too. It was like we were all mesmerized by her. They danced to a couple of fast songs, then a slow one came on. I saw him put his arms around her, and she almost melted into them, putting hers around him and pulling him close. I could see them mouthing words to each other, then noticed his hands moving along her back, then down around her ass, rubbing over her and feeling how nice her ass was. I didn’t think I would like seeing something like this happen, but for some reason it kinda turned me on! I could tell it was getting Lisa going too, because she was grinding her hips into him, and letting her head roll back every now and then.

Bruce came up to me and asked how things were going, then noticed Lisa with this other guy. He told me I should keep an eye out for her, that this guy was a real ladies man, and had a reputation for getting just about any woman he wanted. I told him I was okay, and that I just wanted Lisa to have a good time. He told me he couldn’t get over how good she looked, and that she was the talk of the party. I asked what he meant, and he told me that there were a lot of guys there who had asked about her, and that they were interested. I said “really?” and he said “yes!”.

For some reason when I heard this, it got me to thinking about what it would be like to see her with another man. It seemed to turn me on thinking of it, and as I turned around to notice, Lisa and her friend had disappeared from the room. I asked Bruce if he’d seen her and he said no. I went to the bar, got a drink and decided to look around the house for her. I went from room to room, searching each for her , but with no luck. I went outside, in the back of the house, where Bruce had a beautiful pool and hot tub. I couldn’t see very well, since the lights weren’t on out there, but I heard sounds from the other side of the pool. I moved slowly around to one side, near some bushes that surrounded the pool, and got close enough to see Lisa and her friend on one of the chaise lounges by the pool. They were kissing and running their escort yenimahalle hands over each other. She was really moaning when he’d run his hands down and under her dress. I could tell she was really horny. He said something to her, and she got up, pulled her panties off and threw them aside! Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! She moved over to him and put her pussy right in his face, to which he immediately started to lick and nibble on. She was moaning really loud now, and told him if he kept that up much longer she would be cumming in no time. Within a few moments, that must have happened, because she started to buck really wild on his face and almost screamed when she came.

After that. she dropped to her knees, and proceeded to pull his pants off. When she did. I could hear her gasp at the sight of his cock. He must have been at least 10″, because even in the low light I could see it sticking up! She told him she’d never seen anything like it before, but had always wanted to see how a big dick felt. She got between his legs and started licking around his balls and the shaft. He told her that felt great and to suck him good. She didn’t wate any time okay, because she took his big dick in her mouth at that moment and I could see her head start bobbing up and down. I was so turned on watching her suck this guys cock, so I moved a little further in the bushes, pulled down my pants and started jerking off.

After about 10 minutes of this, I heard him tell her he didn’t want to cum just yet and he wanted to give her the best fuck of her life! With that she stood up and removed her dress. She told him to lie back on the chaise, then straddled him. She slowly lowered herself on his big tool, drawing her breath in and moaning with each inch that went inside her. I couldn’t believe she was taking this big cock, without it hurting, but she must have really like it, because she was getting louder as it went deeper! Once he was fully inside her, she started moving up and down, faster and faster. She was really moaning now, and knowing how she acts when she cums, I could tell she was, over and over!

He told her he wanted to change positions and told her to get on the chaise, on her knees. She did, and he proceeded to slide his giant cock into her from behind, He did this slowly, so she could feel his size and hardness. When he was completely inside her he just stopped and kept it there for a moment. She started begging him to fuck her and fuck her hard! With that said, he started to! I mean, he was ramming it into her! I could hear her ass slapping against his hips, and she was screaming with pleasure. He kept fucking her this way until he yelled out “I’m gonna fill you up now, bitch!”. He must have cum for 2 minutes because he kept jerking and moaning for that long. She was cumming with him, telling him to keep filling her as much as he could. They collapsed on the chaise and rested for a moment, then he said he wanted to go back in for a drink. He got up and went inside, and when he did, I noticed that there were a few guys at the door who had watched the show like I had.

When the guy who had just fucked Lisa went in, the 3 of them came escort eryaman out and went over to Lisa. They must have startled her because she gasped and tried to grab her dress to cover up. One of the guys beat her to it, and said she’d have to take care of them before she could get her dress back. She looked at them and said she’d never had more than one guy at a time before. They kinda laughed at this and told her this was her big chance! This startled me when I heard it, but I was rock hard with the thought of her servicing these 3 men. She told them to take their clothes off, and stand in front of her. She got on her knees and proceeded to suck each of their dicks! She wasn’t trying to get them off though. I would notice her suck on one until he was about ready to, then she’d move to the next. She said she wanted each one to be really hard, then told them she had always wanted to try one in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in her mouth, all at the same time! When she said this, I came at once, squirting all over the bush I was hiding in!

She told one guy to lay on the chaise, then climbed on top of him, letting his hard dick slide fully in her. Then another came up behind her, wet his cock with saliva, and slowly pushed his hard dick in her ass! I could tell she was loving this, squealing at first, then moaning her approval. While these 2 were sliding their dicks inside her 2 holes, the third guy walked around and put his cock in her mouth. Wow, what a sight, Lisa taking on 3 guys at once! They had a pretty good rythym going each getting full insertion in 3 different spots, and she was handling them like a pro!

After what seemed about 20 minutes, they all started moaning and grunting in unison, and each guy told her they were gonna cum. She yelled “give it all to me guys!”, and they all came at the same time! I noticed the guy getting a blow job fill her mouth so full, she couldn’t hold it all and could see some dripping out the sides of her mouth. The other two were filling her ass and pussy up as well, with each moaning loudly as they did.

When all were finished, she told them to stand back up in front of her, so she could lick each one’s cock clean! What a sight!

They all got dressed and went inside, and I pulled my pants back up, and followed, without them seeing me. I walked to the bar,got a drink, then looked around to see where Lisa was. She was coming out of one of the bathrooms, and noticed me at the bar. She walked up and asked if I was having a good time. I said yes, and asked her in return. She said it was the best party she had ever been to, not knowing what I meant. I asked if asked if she was getting tired and wanted to go home. She said yes, and with that we left. When we got in the car, I asked if she was missing anything. She said she didn’t think so, and then I pulled her panties out of my pants pocket. She was shocked and asked how I found them. I told her how I saw everything that happened and she was so embarrased. She started to apologize when I told her it was okay, and that I was really turned on by her performance. I asked if she minded me liking it, and she said no, that she had always wondered how I would mind her being with another guy. I told her I had fantasized about her doing it, and was afraid to bring it up to her. She laughed and said if I was okay with it, she’d be more than willing to do it again.

Since I liked it so much , and she looked so sexy doing it, I think I’ll plan a trip out of town for the next adventure!

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