Liyla and Serenity Ch. 01


Serenity came home from a long day of work. There were only two things on here mind; a bath, then bed. Serenity went into the room she shared with her roommate Liyla. Liyla was busy reading a book, so Serenity quickly gathered her night clothes and quietly exited the bedroom, making her way to the bath. Serenity stripped down as the tub filled. She paused for a moment to look at herself in the full length mirror, running her finders over her firm breasts and her taught waist. She sighed, and lowered herself into the tub, and let the steam envelop her. She closed her eyes and began to drift, when she felt someone watching her. Serenity opened her eyes, to find a very beautiful and naked Liyla standing over her. Serenity smiled to herself and felt a twinge in her womanhood. Liyla was beautiful and Serenity longed to taste her, to see if she was as sweet inside as she was out.

“May I join you?” Liyla asked quietly

“Sure” Serenity said

Serenity sat up and spread her legs so Liyla could get into the tub. Liyla sat between Serenity’s legs, placing her back on Serenity’s Bayan Escort breasts. Serenity’s breath quickened slightly. The two sat in the tub silent for a few minutes, Liyla started to run her fingers up and down Serenity’s leg, slowly and deliberately. Taking a chance, Serenity ran her fingers in a stretching motion down Liyla’s breasts and belly and onto her thighs, and back up resting on Liyla’s double D breasts. Serenity began to massage them, first lightly then more defined, with deep tissue massage. Liyla’s legs began to slowly open and she began to slowly pull on her labia. Making a V of her fingers and slowly opening and closing her labia, her breath began to quicken. Serenity smiled. She leaned down and whispered to Liyla

“I want to taste you, so bad, I can hardly stand it”

“So let’s go to the bedroom, where we have more room” Liyla said in a ragged, needing voice.

The two women got out of the tub, grabbing towels, headed to the bedroom, to the bed she and Liyla shared, Serenity gently grabbed Liyla’s waist, and pulled her down on top of her. As Liyla lay down on top of Serenity, she made a point to grind her pelvis into Serenity’s pussy.

“I have wanted to fuck you since I met you, I almost wish my cock was real, so I could feel a load shoot into you” Liyla said with an evil grin on her face.

Serenity got wet with that statement, she had no idea Liyla wanted her too. Serenity started to pull Liyla up to position her pussy over her face so she could get all of the juices that would flow, Liyla, scooting up, using deliberate moves to drag her mound all the way up Serenity’s body, stopping to grind her clit on Serenity’s nipple, and ride her tit, for a few seconds, placed her gash onto Serenity’s mouth.

Serenity wasted no time, in dragging her tongue up and down that velvety slit. She licked Liyla’s cunt as if it were ice cream; Every so often taking Liyla’s clit ring into her teeth and gently tugging on it, sending Liyla into a wave of moans. Liyla began to ride Serenity’s tongue as if it were a cock, while rubbing her pussy against Serenity’s lips. Liyla’s juices were flowing sweetly into Serenity’s mouth; she lapped away at them as if they were life’s nectar. Liyla began to get louder “Oh yes…oh yes…oh yeeeeeeeess, lover, oh fuck me with your tongue, oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh fuck meeeeeeeee”

Serenity flipped Liyla onto her back and dove between her legs so she could munch deeper on that delicious pussy and its juices. Liyla began to buck wildly, moaning and speaking. Serenity hungrily sucked and licked at Liyla’s mound. Liyla reached her climax and turned her body rigid as she came with unparalleled force, locking Serenity’s face into her pussy and wrapping her legs around Serenity’s head, driving her tongue as deeply as it would go, she ground her pussy onto Serenity’s tongue and rode it for dear life.

“Oh yes, right there, I’m cumming,” Liyla breathed.

The final bits of come squirted out of Liyla’s pussy into Serenity’s mouth, and she slowly started to calm down and release her legs, from around Serenity’s head.

Liyla sighed as Serenity came to lay on top of her, she put her arms around the beautiful woman, and said, “Thank you, I needed that, now, I am going to fuck you better than any man ever has.”

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