Lonely Programmer Pt. 06

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The Brewery and the “Fish Tank”

Not much has gone on in the last few weeks. I got all my stitches out and I was given a clean bill of health. Sawyer and Rory found a nice sized office for rent in town large enough to expand the company. We now have two more programmers and two beta tester interns. It’s a huge relief to us all to have these interns. I was going cross-eyed writing code and then testing it right after. We split into two teams. Rory leads Rusty, a code jockey, and Ema, one of our interns. I have the pleasure to work with Jinx and John.

Rusty is pretty much a gift from the heavens. His output is keeping Rory and Ema busy all day long. Soon he’ll need a team all for himself. Rory would love the break, but she reluctantly admits that we shouldn’t expand too fast. Rusty looks like the average college movie extra. He’d fit in studying at the library or playing Frisbee at the quad. He had a full ride to a Georgian university for lacrosse. He was a starting Attack for four out out of his five years. He’s built like a runner with a weight lifting hobby. He stands at just over six feet and weighs around 185lbs. I can call him handsome, but he’s constantly got his mouth open. Don’t judge me. I’m being honest. He’s got a hard jaw and an intense stare. You can tell he’s onto something when his mouth shuts, he inches closer to his screen and a devilish peak appears at the corner of his mouth. Forty five minutes later, he’s finished what would have taken me prolly four hours to do. He’s awesome at linking animations and eliminating clipping. I just haven’t gotten any imagination from him yet. He’s also Jenn’s office crush and he has no idea.

Ema is insane. I mean that in the most positive professional way. No, really. I never see her working, but she always has her work done on time. She does literally nothing at work that doesn’t involve her phone, comes out regularly with the rest of us, and still has all her testing and reports done and even offers up ideas to correct issues she’s found. With work, school and play time, I’m not sure if she even sleeps. She attends the local community college and is closing out her degree in game development. She’s a born townie and fits the stereotype. She stands at 5’7″ and is 100% Beach Bunny material. She rocks huge, fake D cup breasts and certainly knows her way around a squat rack. She also sticks to hipster/gaming for wardrobe. She wears this Ms. Pacman tee that looks like she stole from a hobbit and matches it with a tennis skirt with Blinky embroidered just above the lower left hem. She’s also prone to add a splash of color to her hair, but isn’t as bold to shave her head like Rory. They’ve gotten really close working together and have so many common interests. They did come back from a three hour lunch with matching poke-ball bikini sets. Jenn managed to find a new suit, too, but it was pink and came with a collar bow tie and wrist cuffs. Did I mention the fluffy cotton tail and ears?

Jinx is another programmer we hired. She actually found us and demanded we hire her. After looking at her stuff, we felt that she would be a good fit. She’s a native Bostonian and is of Israeli and Italian descent. She’s just a bit younger than me at thirty one and never married or had children. She’s also an impossible 5′ 10″ and shaped like a ballerina. She has olive skin and Raven black hair with an honest silver streak framing the right side of her face. She has a large birthmark in her hair line and the hair never grew with any color in it. She admittedly dates people that will both “improve her social status and fuck me right”. She’ll buy any lady a drink that looks down, though. She hasn’t given up on love, but she’s more into her and her partner “loving the ‘Us'” rather than he and she loving each other. She’s ended relationships because he/she couldn’t make the relationship about the “Us”. Confused? She explains it better, believe me. She’s usually wearing either Sunday Brunch type clothes or “Yoga Casual” is what I like to call it. She also has a hair trigger bitch switch that we all enjoy as long as we’re not on the receiving end. Don’t EVER get her order wrong if you find yourself waiting our table. She’s doing pretty well and has been spending a lot of time with Nikki in and out of the office. They go to dance and yoga classes together. Nikki is getting more and more into it and even shows off her slimming tummy to me when ever she gets the chance. It only took her two weeks to drop ten pounds of her “Freshman Fifteen”. She admits it’s all because of Jinx’s help.

John is…in serious trouble. He looks, talks and acts like a cowboy and has the chops to back it up. He’s a total nerd, though. He goes on and on about his favorite sports teams and how awesome they are and will provide memorized statistics to back it up. He is what I’d imagine if The Big Bang Theory suddenly cast Zach Efron as the new geek on the show. He gets flowers and candy and home cooked meals being sent to him from various admirers in town. He’s going güvenilir bahis to drown in pussy if he’s not careful. The pot might be calling the kettle, but as smart as he is, I still have 15 years more life experience and wisdom. Especially when it comes to women. His first night out with us at the Pontoon, he swore he was falling in love with the girl over by the bar. Abby. Becca’s sister. If you don’t know Becca, she’s my crazy ex that tried to trap me with another dude’s baby and then tried to have me killed and then kill me herself. I squashed that budding romance right away. I didn’t get to know Abby too well while dating her sister, but I felt safer turning down the blow job she offered while Big Sis sat in jail for my attempted murder only two days after the fact. He wanted to prove me wrong about Abby, but I told him no connections to Becca were welcome in my company. He also thought it was cool I turned down head from such a hot little number. Abby is actually really cute and sweet looking, but she dresses too revealing and inherited her foul mouth from her sister. John actually grew up in W. Virginia and was a Mensa kid. His parents were killed in a drunk driving accident when he was 16 and was just starting his Sophomore year in college. He emancipated himself a year later and went on to graduate at the top of his class. At 19, he’s already fully employed and is happily taking his time finishing up his Masters. His age makes him less appealing to the ladies in the office, though. We did originally hire him as a Tester, but he’s been showing us some really impressive work. He’s content where he’s at knowing he can pretty much go anywhere. Playing video games at the beach seems like a great hook for working here for me. Rusty would have to watch his back, if he and John worked at another company somewhere else.

We just shipped our first completed game as a team and morale was through the roof. Jenn was busy looking for a fun place to celebrate on Friday, which just happened to be Ema’s 21st birthday. There was still a lot of work to be done around the office before then. We had four full days of DLC and Updates for two of my prior games. Hey. It’s Tuesday! I know what day it is! After Friday, we’d be back to developing new games and running at our own pace. The party and the change of direction, for a little while, was heavy in the office. Everyone wanted to wrap up this week, early if possible. Lunch ran short for everyone today. I was beside myself with how smoothly things were going.

“No, Ma… Look… Yeah, but… It’s my first headache in a week. It’s nothing to worry about… Ibuprofen… No… The prescription was for a week’s worth and that lasted almost two… Yeah… Who is?!. Erin’s pregnant?.. Oh, so we’re happy about it?.. Cool… Um, a little cloudy, but… I’m not an umbrella kind of guy, Ma. Ha ha, yeah, right. They’re not made of sugar, a little water won’t kill them… Well, let one of the other guys in the office be the gentleman… I assure you, Mom, you raised me. You can’t deny me, I’m a millionaire now… Ha! Jamie and I DO agree on some things! Oops, hold on a sec.” I said, looking up at Nikki as she walked to my desk with business on her face.

“Mail, this morning’s progress report, and your two o’clock appointment is ready for you.” Nikki said.

“Alright, Mom, duty calls… Yeah it’s Nikki… My Mom says ‘Hi.’… Love you, too… I will… K, bye.”

“You and your brother are rotten, you know that?”

“Oh, come on! She loves it! Where do you think we get it from?!” I replied.

“About your two o’clock…”

“I have a two o’clock?”

“Yes, Alex. I’ll send him in.” Nikki said walking over to Rusty’s desk.

It’s not like we have a waiting area or a conference room. We’re all in the same room. The back is just a kitchenette and an honest full bathroom with a locker room behind it. Where was my appointment hiding?

Rusty was my two o’clock. He’s had a pet project for some time and was ready to share his work. There were storyboards and production notes, but his tablet held the real prize. He actually had a coded demo of a game he has been working on. I was assaulted with a beautiful dance of color and movement as soon as Randy fired up the demo. I was looking at a fish bowl. A fish bowl app. I wasn’t too impressed yet, but there were a dozen icons to tap on that opened new mini windows and activated seamless animations. It wasn’t a fish bowl. It was a tiny Atlantis in a fish bowl! Little Merfolk darting around, completing tasks or training or building stuff. It wasn’t an original idea, but it had a fresh, new spin on it. I was impressed.

After looking into where he was and what he was doing and what ideas he still needed to incorporate, I decided that we needed to help him finish this and publish it. I assured him that this was his game, but he was gonna need to publish it under my company, Axel. He’d have full control of design and progress. This game was really going to put him on the türkçe bahis map. He wasn’t going to have to worry about money for a while, either. My first game was about half as good when I sold it. He can thank me later for letting him learn from my mistakes. James is owed a “thank you”, too. From us both.

This new game discovery really changed the direction of the office that day. Nothing truly productive was done for our other projects. We all took turns playing or asking questions. Rory and Ema were already taking notes and asking questions. The game was going to be a smash hit and we all knew it. Rusty still wasn’t sure, but he warmed up towards the end of the day.

“Is this really happening?” He asked me.

“Yeah. Don’t blink for a while. Things take off rather quickly from here. You’re gonna do great.” I replied.

Jenn had already scored us reservations for the grand opening of the newest microbrewery in town, “Rogues’ Gallery”. We were supposed to go as a team to relax and get to know each other better, but now we’re celebrating, as well. Everyone was excited about the new game and couldn’t wait to get started on it. The week ended smoothly and everyone cleared their plates in order to jump right into Rusty’s game.

Nikki walked over to me on Friday morning with my daily briefing as well as plans for that evening. Rory had already calculated the minimum percentage required to profit from Rusty’s game. She projected that Rusty could obtain over 60% of the profits, after production and distribution, and we could take a pretty bountiful profit as well. She also mentioned that Jenn finished the company logo. After our quick morning meeting, I asked Jenn over to my desk.

“Hey Alex! Did you need anything?” She said beaming.

“I wanna take a look at the logo, if you don’t mind. I hear it’s finished.” I said.

“It was finished-finished a couple of days ago, but with Rusty’s game coming along, I was inspired to change it up some.” She said, suddenly a little nervous.

“Hmm… Let’s have a look.” I replied.

I had already approved her original design and was quite interested to see the changes. I was looking at her paint program on her tablet. I’m really impressed with how well she took to the digital art medium. I used to watch her doodle on napkins while on the phone at the hotel, but she’s really getting into it. Her talent fits right in around here, for sure.

The original design was a simple naked axle on wheels from an automobile, sitting in the white sand and Sea Oat grass of the Alabama Coast. We subtly enjoyed the misspelling of my name and “rolled” with it. The sketch was finished and she was just cleaning it up and coloring it in since the last time I looked into it. Now, I’m again looking at an old sketch with minor changes. The axle was now heavily oxidized, and a beach towel corner peeked in from the left side of the picture, covering some of the sand. A trident was also stabbed into the grass behind the axle. It was pretty sweet. I wasn’t a fan of her changes, per se, but customizing our logo with each game felt like a great idea. This would be the Axel logo for Rusty’s game and each game from here on out, we will change the logo based on who worked on it and what influences weighed heavily in the production.

“This is great. I see what you did there with the rust. Nice move. I wanna see this finished by next Friday. We are going to adjust the original logo for each game. Well done!” I said.

“Well… I was thinking about something a little different, too. How hard will it be to animate the logo screen in the game? I thought maybe the axle could roll off into the water or something.” She replied, half pondering to herself.

“That’s doable… I can work on that while you keep this ship afloat, yeah? Please clean up that logo a bit. I want Rusty to see it tonight. He’s gonna be floored.” I said smiling wide at her.

“Thanks, Alex. I knew you’d like it! Do you really think Rusty will go for it?” She asked.

“Do you remember how overwhelmed I was when I realized that this company was real and happening? He’s going to be in a similar bubble for a while. He needs us all to have his back and keep him sane. You ladies definitely drive me nuts, but you kept me focused. Now, we can do that for Rusty.” I said honestly.

“Okay, perfect!” She said spinning on her heels, stepping towards her desk. “Oh! The brewery said that we can’t bring Ema’s cake, so we will need to have it here in the office before we go out.” She added, turning back as she spoke.

“Not a problem. Schedule the limo an hour before our reservations. We can pre-game here with cake and junk, yeah? We can take the long way to the restaurant.” I said.

Jenn walked off without saying a word, but had a visible bounce in her step.

“Did he just say ‘limo’?” Sawyer said.

Jenn replied, but I wasn’t able to make out the rest of their conversation.

Work dragged on until lunch time. We were finished güvenilir bahis siteleri with the weekly assignments and decided to Beta test a game a friend of Rory’s was working on. Rory still owed and retained favors from California. We agreed it looked like fun and a nice way to relax before dinner. It was an interactive trivia game with a virtual board game and avatars you got to move around it. Of course the game was sexual in nature. It felt like a mix of Trivial Pursuit and Truth or Dare. The “Dare” mechanic was still not ready for Alpha testing, we were stuck on the trivia and “Truth Challenges”. The joints were rolled and passed and champagne was poured. The original team already knew a lot about each other, so we mostly focused on the newest four in the office. Rusty nearly choked on his toke when Jenn openly admitted she wished the “Dare Challenges” were ready for Beta because she had some good ones for him. We all had a pretty good laugh at that. I didn’t fail to see Ema knocked from her thoughts when we all laughed at Rusty’s expense. I also didn’t fail to see her fondling her left nipple a little while she thought. She blushed a little and pulled her hand away when she saw me watching her. She didn’t look at me without turning red for the rest of the night. Rusty also couldn’t stop looking in Jenn’s direction, either.

We all made it a habit to bring clothes with us when we knew we would be going out after work. We often had dinner or drinks and it was just easier to change at the office. The locker rooms both had two shower stalls. One locker room was for the original team and the other was for the new group. Originally, this office was a gym and then a karate dojo before that and God knows what before even then. The showers were a huge convenience for us all and I’m sure the ladies saw the sexual advantages, as well. The ladies and I would often shower at the same time. Nikki was really turned on by watching me work and would promptly turn our shower into sexy fun time. Rory seldom joined in because things were going well with Mitch. He never asked her to change her look for him, but she wears a seamless light brown wig when she’s around his family or at work-related functions. He invited her to the Mayor’s house last week. Going to the Mayor’s house sounds like a big deal, which it is, but it’s quite easy for the arresting officers of two attempted murderers in a small Gulf City. She bought the wig secretly, just for occasions involving Mitch. The trip to the Mayor’s house was the Wig’s debut. She openly admitted that he forcefully fucked her in the wig before the cook-out with the Mayor and the first thing he did when they got home was take the wig off and fuck her twice as hard. Mitch surely isn’t wasting any of his potential. Rory has been really happy here with us and with Mitch. She really only joins in when Mitch is working long hours. She’d often have an orgasm or two on my cock then let Nikki or Sawyer finish me off. Sometimes, she’d just watch and play with herself and help with Nikki’s after care when she needed it.

Nikki, Sawyer and I climbed into one of the shower stalls on our side of the locker room. I could tell Nikki was wound up from the game. She was touching and stroking me while Sawyer worked on lathering us both up. She aided in washing Nikki’s hair whole she stroked my cock with soapy hands. After Sawyer was satisfied with our cleanliness, she scooted us aside and started lathering up her own hair.

Jenn had taken Ema into the other stall. They were sharing a friendly conversation while they both showered. This was Ema’s first time in our shower and really didn’t know much about my special relationship with the ladies. Rory had decided to join their side to avoid temptation. Things were starting to get hot and heavy between Nikki and I. Sawyer would audibly giggle when Nikki’s Li’l voice started speaking. She took this as a cue to talk to Nikki in her maternal voice she has become accustomed to using when Nikki is moved into that mindset. My cock was buried in her pussy and I had her hands against the wall, half bent over.

“Oh, Nikki, I wish you could see your pretty little clean asshole. It looks so inviting, huh, Alex?” Sawyer said.

“It’s so dirty. Pwease don’t look at it, pwease…” Nikki replied, suddenly sounding even younger and more desperate and embarrassed.

“You’re gettin’ cleaned up in the shower! You can’t be dirty while bein’ clean, silly.” She said in response.

“Are you looking at my dirty hole, Daddy?” Nikki asked.

“That’s a gorgeous asshole, Sweetie. I’d love to fuck you in it and make you cum. Does that sound dirty? Do you think my cock making you cum like a good li’l girl is dirty?” I said.

“No, Daddy! Your cock isn’t dirty! My hole is!” Nikki said.

“Now you listen here, Missy,” Sawyer added. “Alex’s cock isn’t goin’ to get dirty ‘cuz your ass ain’t dirty. Let your Daddy fuck that ass and I’ll let you make me cum with your mouth, okay?”

“I want to make Daddy cum with my dirty ass and eat your pussy, Mah- Sawyer.” Nikki half mumbled. We didn’t miss the subtle slip of the tongue, but we didn’t linger on it either. Sawyer was cupping my ass while Nikki was repositioning my cock to her asshole.

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