Lorna’s Pleasuring

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Lorna had reached the point of ‘enough is enough’. She was sitting on the bathroom stool with her body covered in sweat, not from the rather mediocre climax she had just given herself, but from the effort she had put into trying to enjoy the sex that her husband had just inflicted on her. Derek was a good husband but an abominable lover. He just could not comprehend that filling her cunt with spunk did not automatically generate satisfaction in her, and as far as he was concerned the whole purpose of sex was to simply bring him to climax. He was not intentionally selfish, but just downright ignorant on matters sexual and apparently unwilling or unable to learn any different.

Now, at age thirty-nine and having been married for just short of sixteen years, Lorna took the decision that she needed a little sexual pampering herself. How exactly she was going to do it she wasn’t sure, but she intended to find someone who would be prepared to give her satisfaction before considering their own. Yes, she agreed with her own conscience, it would be cheating on Derek, but he only had himself to blame and it was better than breaking up an otherwise good marriage. Ok, so that was a justification and she recognised it, but what the hell. She got up from the stool, flushed the toilet as camouflage and inspected herself in the bathroom mirror. She was not bad looking, even if she said so herself, her honey blonde hair was shoulder length and wavy, her features were just the right side of cute, and her lips were full and kissable. The only drawback she had, or believed that she had, was that she tended towards supermodel shape, with prominent hips, long slim legs and very small breasts. She was skinny and knew it. Even so, she was sure she could find a man somewhere who would have sex with her, and who would do it her way. What she was really looking for was a looking for a sex slave.

Her first stop along the highway to adultery (she accepted without qualms that what she was contemplating was adultery) was the internet. A night or two spent in quiet research directed her to adult-dating sites and had her heart hammering from excitement she realised she had found her goal. Another night or two spent hesitating and agonising under the pretence of phrasing a good advert, and she was ready to submit her profile.

Her advert was very simple. She described herself accurately as a very slim, tall, attractive thirty-something in need of satisfaction, and asked for a good-looking male in the age range twenty to forty-five who was prepared to let her call all the shots. She wrote that she wanted to “decide the order in which my bits are touched, and how it is done.’ There would be, she explained, little or no participation from her side, she was only interested in men who would do as they were told and who were interested in her satisfaction rather than their own. She then included a bikini photo that had been retouched to hide her face and sat back to await the results – if any.

If any! Her email postbag was massive! When she first logged back in she was shocked to find that apparently about half the male population of all the surrounding towns had written. Surely there weren’t that many potential slaves around.

She began the task of sorting the wheat from the chaff. First to go were all the replies without photographs on the grounds that if they weren’t prepared to be seen, then they probably had something to hide. Out too went all the replies that promised her that the size of their cocks would guarantee her satisfaction and have her begging for more without the need for pampering. Then she rejected all replies from more than fifty miles away, laughing at the stupidity of men replying from other countries. Replies from eminently unsuitable people went as well, including no less than seven lesbians and a man of seventy-one. She admired optimism, but not that much.

By the time she had done she was left with just a handful of suitable replies, all of which she believed would be worth following up. She wrote back to these men asking how they expected things to go.

The follow up replies were very enlightening, especially one. That one was from a tall, dark, twenty-three year old named Matt, who had written that he was available to ‘a lady who knows just what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it’. He had gone on to say that he was not what is normally thought of as a submissive, but loved being told what to do. His own pleasure was secondary as he gained much of his satisfaction from ‘the sight of a woman lost in orgasm.’ That, thought Lorna, is just what I need. The result was that just over a week later the two of them sat facing each other over coffee at a local café, chatting easily if a bit nervously.

“Yes, of course you can.” Said Matt, abruptly changing the subject during a rare break in the flow of conversation.

“Of course I can what?” Lorna looked suitably confused.

“Decide the order.”

“Order? Did you want illegal bahis another coffee?” She was obviously completely lost.

“Your advert!” Matt prompted smiling, then continuing when she still gazed at him perplexed. “The order for your bits!”

It still took a moment for the penny to drop, but then Lorna burst into laughter as she finally realised just what he was talking about.

“Ok, I get it, stop waffling and talk about what we’re here for, yes?”

“Well, I was trying to be diplomatic.” Matt was still smiling.

“Do you think we should get together? I mean, could you stand being with an older woman?” Lorna’s face had taken a suddenly serious look.

“So thirty-nine is old is it? I must tell my sixty-three year old grandma that, I don’t think she realises just how ancient she is!”

“Forty in a month’s time, and don’t be so sarcastic. I used to think forty was very old when I was your age.”

“Sorry, Lorna, but it just sounds so ridiculous when a woman looking like you do refers to herself as old, I’ve seen that bikini pic, remember? You aren’t old, and yes I most surely could stand being with you, as you so delicately put it. You look good enough to eat — and I will if you tell me to!”

“You’re still being sarcastic, but I appreciate the compliment, for which I promise I was not fishing!” Lorna realised that, for all he might submit to sexual instruction Matt was certainly not a doormat!

“Alright, so where do you want to set the limits?” Lorna got down to business.

“Well, so long as you don’t ask me to do anything unnatural, particularly painful, or illegal, I don’t really have limits.” Matt replied. “But I will add that if you try to take advantage or degrade me, I’ll simply get up and go!”

“Ah, so we’re using my place, are we, well so long as I know?”

“Now who’s being sarcastic? Sorry Lorna, I’d just taken it for granted that you’d feel happier in your own surroundings.”

“Sorry Matt, I would be, but it can’t be done, my husband might object!”

“Ahh! Yep, I can see that, sorry again. Ok, my place it is then! So that leaves when?”

After a little more banter and consulting of diaries a date was set and the pair drank up and went their separate ways, each happily and rightly convinced that they had found a partner to whom they could relate and with whom they could be completely open. They parted feeling the excitement of anticipation.


On the appointed day and at the appointed time (well – actually three minutes early!) Lorna knocked on Matt’s door, her anticipatory smile still in place. The door opened and Matt ushered her inside, leading the way to the living room where coffee was already brewed and waiting.

For a little while they drank coffee and made small talk, but that was really because neither one was sure just how to proceed! Eventually Matt took the bull by the horns.

“No second thoughts about what we’re going to do, then?” He asked her.

“Oh yes, and third and fourth, and I’ll readily admit to still being nervous! So please don’t wait too long or I’ll chicken out!” Lorna’s face wore an almost pleading look.

Matt put his cup down. “Right, let’s go through to the bedroom, and don’t forget that once we’re there it’s up to you, ‘cos I won’t do anything unless you tell me to!”

Lorna placed her own cup down on the table and gratefully followed him to a tastefully decorated modern looking bedroom, complete with mirrored wardrobe doors and soft lighting. She stood at the side of the double divan bed gazing about her and appreciating her surroundings, then she took a deep breath while she still had the nerve, turned to the waiting man and issued her first instruction.

“Undress me please.”

“Where would you like me to start?” Matt asked.

Lorna shook her head. “No, I don’t want you to speak. Don’t say anything. If you’re not sure about something just do what you think I meant and if you’re wrong I’ll tell you, but don’t say anything. In any case your interpretations might be nicer than what I intended. Ok? Now, undress me completely, but silently.”

Matt nodded and came forward to begin unbuttoning her white silk blouse. He intended that Lorna should get the absolute maximum of pleasure from the time they had together, for it was through her pleasure that he received his own, and so he was extremely gentle. In fact he didn’t just undress her, he caressed her as each item was removed, before folding it neatly and placed it on a bedroom chair. Holding the lapels of her opened blouse he trailed his fingers across her shoulders as he pushed it gently away, lowering her skirt was an opportunity to caress her outer legs. Her bra involved gently stroking her arms as it came away from her breasts and her briefs gave him the chance to touch her stomach and the tops of her thighs. All the time Lorna stood with her eyes closed and a peaceful smile playing over her lips.

“Thank illegal bahis siteleri you.” Lorna lowered herself gently onto the bed, lying on top of the duvet with her hands interlaced behind her head and her legs slightly apart, feeling strangely unselfconscious and blissfully in control. “Now undress yourself.”

Matt was eager for fun and tempted just to tear his clothes off as quickly as possible, but he took his time to let Lorna settle. He didn’t quite do a striptease, but he certainly put on something of a performance before placing his own discarded clothes neatly on another bedroom chair and turning to Lorna for his next instruction.

Lorna had watched Matt disrobe with growing interest, he was well built and toned, if rather hirsute for Lorna’s taste, his cock was circumcised, and of average length but large in girth. All in all, she liked what she saw and was ready to enjoy his efforts as her ‘body slave’ for the afternoon.

“I want you to come over and caress me, run your hands all over me, softly and slowly. Take your time and touch me anywhere and everywhere you want to, anywhere except my pussy that is – I’m saving that for a bit. Now come on, make me tingle.”

Matt walked quietly to the side of the bed and sat down alongside Lorna, and then leaning on one elbow, he began to ‘feather touch’ her with the fingertips of his free hand. He started at the side of her neck and very gently stroked her skin, scarcely touching her as his fingers glided slowly down her neck and under her chin, tracing along her jawline to go back to her ear and start again. Lorna sighed with pleasure and relaxed.

Gradually he enlarged the areas of Lorna’s body that his fingers moved across, wandering from her neck to her cheeks, her ears, along her nose and just barely touching her parted lips, always moving slowly, softly and tenderly, his fingers roaming then across her shoulders, skittering on butterfly wings across her armpits and along her arms to where her hands were still tucked behind her head. All his movements were gentle and languid as his fingers tiptoed across her skin, sometimes hardly making contact.

Lorna’s breathing deepened under these attentions, reacting to his unexpectedly gentle touch with heightening arousal. She abandoned herself to a depth of stimulation that she had never before experienced and to its overwhelming pleasure. Even though she knew that it was she who controlled the session, she was rapidly entering a state of rapture where she felt Matt could do anything he wished with her, just so long as he didn’t stop. Now she knew precisely what was meant when people spoke of being in heaven.

Matt in the meantime continued to trace languid crossings of her head and arms, but now instead of crossing her body via random wanderings over her neck and shoulders, he had turned his hand over and trailed the back of his fingers beneath her bosom then hooking them and completing the return journey by drawing his nails over the peaks of her breasts, dragging at her nipples as he went. This had brought a small reaction from Lorna, just a little gasp, no more than a sudden catching of her breath, but enough for him to know he was on the right track. He repeated a similar action a number of times, circling the aureole before scratching lightly at the nipple, listening to her little gasps and moans before returning to gentle wanderings of his fingertips.

Again he enlarged his play area, now roaming from her earlobes down almost to her bikini line where his fingertips nearly, but not quite, touched the beginnings of her pubic hair. Sometimes he skated in an almost direct line down the centre of her body, and sometimes he meandered around her neck, arms, breasts and sides to end the journey by following the crease of her hips, but always veering off just before reaching Lorna’s pubic mound.

He shuffled down the bed a little to give himself more scope. He could still reach and play around her neck and upper body, but now he could also reach her legs and could include her thighs in his fingertip wanderings. He worked in a variable figure of eight, still crossing her breasts and nipples, but then running down the side of her body to her hip before crossing her stomach, moving so gently that her skin reacted of its own accord, rippling and twitching under his fingers even though he was far from tickling her. Lorna moaned softly as his fingers continued to her other hip and down the top of her thigh as far as her knee. Then he crossed to her other leg and ran zigzagging back to her hip on that side, being careful to make sure that his zigzag threatened to include her pussy, but always turned away just in time. He continued this soft movement for a while, sometimes describing a simple circle around her body, sometimes crossing in the figure of eight. She wriggled slightly and sighed with contentment.

By now Lorna was in a state of high arousal, Matt watched her back stiffen as his fingers traced their path across canlı bahis siteleri her breasts or down the front of her stomach from navel to pubis before wandering onto her thighs, never quite straying onto her bush. Sometimes he used his fingers and sometimes his nails, but with never more than the lightest of touches. He listened to her ragged breathing and her little whimpers and watched as she began to roll her head from side to side with her eyes clamped tightly shut. Apart from these little moans of pleasure Lorna had made no sound throughout all of this, but now she spoke, her voice tight and jerky as if she was nearly too randy to speak.

“Christ Almighty, that is so good. Whatever you do don’t stop, but you can touch my pussy now as well, if you wish.” As she spoke Lorna moved her legs a little further apart, as if to confirm her request. Yes, Matt did wish to touch her pussy, in fact he wanted to dive right in, but he contented himself with simply including it in his fingertip wanderings. Now, as his fingers stroked upwards on the inside of her thigh, he just allowed them to take the direct route to her stomach, caressing her pussy as they went. As his fingers traced their way up the length of her pussy Matt hooked them slightly so as to catch on her very erect little clitoris as they passed, bringing a little gasp from Lorna each time. She opened her legs even more to accommodate him, bending her knees to raise her thighs from the bed.

Matt now had full access to her pussy, and on his next circuit he took advantage of it, dipping just slightly into Lorna’s very wet vagina before using two fingers to trace out the margins of her labia while a third touched her clit. This time, instead of passing straight on to stroke her belly Matt lingered on her pussy, caressing it several times up and down with the tips of three fingers. Now when he did finally move on Lorna’s hips instinctively rose from the bed as if mourning his passing. He had not yet entered her properly, and her legs opened a little further, as if in invitation.

He repeated his teasing of Lorna’s pussy each time his hand made its circuit of her body, never rushing, never taking a shortcut, always making her wait until at last his fingertips were back, peeking into her vagina, stroking her clit and caressing the sides of her pussy. Eventually she could take it no longer.

“Suck my tit.” There was choking urgency in Lorna’s voice – a ‘for God’s sake do it now’ quality that betrayed her closeness to cumming. “And finger me – hard.”

Matt shifted position quickly to lie by her side, drawing her nipple into his mouth and sucking hard, hard enough to leave a mark on normal body skin and hard enough to give Lorna a jolt of pure pleasure. Then, reaching down, he slid two fingers straight into her, immediately plunging rapidly and deeply in and out of her vagina. Almost instantly Lorna reacted, the mouth on her nipple and the fingers inside her, combining with her already heightened arousal to act as the trigger for her orgasm

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Lorna cried out as she erupted into climax, her hips jerking in response to the explosions within her. Her arms, which had been serenely resting behind her head, were thrown wildly outwards as she grabbed instinctively for handfuls of duvet, arching her back and straining her tightening muscles as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming her ecstasy and fought to prevent her convulsing body from throwing the mouth from her breast and pushing the fingers from her tunnel. On and on went her climax, waves of pure pleasure rolling through her until she began to believe it would never end until she passed out from pure joy.

When finally it was over and Lorna had gasped out a frantic ‘stop’, they both lay together in a sweating, panting, sagging tableau, Matt resting from his efforts and wondering what would be required of him next, and Lorna lying spent and limp beside him. She lay with her arms thrown out and her legs still wide open, and her chest heaving as she tried to regain control. Neither of them spoke and for a little while the only sound was that of laboured breathing.

Eventually Lorna regained her equilibrium and a semblance of composure, straightening her legs and putting her hands back behind her head.

“Wow!” She said finally, then… “Well I guess that’ll do for starters.”

Matt looked at her in disbelief, until she laughed and he caught on to the mock sarcasm.

“Thanks, that really was something special.” She was still panting slightly.

They lay quietly for a few minutes longer, Matt men unable to begin anything according to the rules, and Lorna needing the time to recover from what had been the biggest orgasm of her life so far. That orgasm alone, she decided to herself, had made the day worthwhile, and it was not over yet.

When she was ready Lorna spoke again to restart the fun. “Matt, I want you to go down on me, please. Lick my cunt out.”

Just when her pussy had become her cunt Lorna wasn’t sure, but the basic language fitted the way she felt. Two things she was sure of, that she was feeling hot and earthy, and that she was glad she’d met with Matt.

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