Loving Alex Storm Ch. 04

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Due to the numerous emails I have received in regards to continuing this story, I thought it best to do another one so here it is. I hope you like it and thank you again to everyone for their kind words of encouragement.


“What a wonderful world…” He sings happily.

I pounce on him as he enters the room, making him drop his bags whilst I devour his pretty mouth. My hands move frantically over his body, unbuttoning and unzipping as I go.

“Where have you been?”

“I…” He gasps, sentence unfinished as I drag his t-shirt over his head and bite at one of his dusky nipples.

“Seth, please…”

“Please what?” I taunt.

He gasps again when I push his boxers and jeans down his legs, revealing his arousal to me.

“Bed. Now. On your knees, hands on the headboard.”

I watch him go, impressed by his acquiescence.

“Mmmm, so very obedient.” I stalk towards him on the bed then nuzzle at his neck whilst stroking his back. Slowly I run my tongue down the line of his spine until I reach the small of his back. I nip at him playfully.

“You want me, Alex?”

“Uh huh.” He moans. “Touch me…”

“You giving me orders, baby?”

He shakes his head vehemently. “Please, Seth, please…”

“Well… soon as you asked so nicely…”

Immediately I grasp the taut globes of his arse and dive in, running my tongue down his crease. He bucks forward, grunting harshly.

“You like that?” I ask from between his cheeks.

“Yes, God yes.”

Sealing my mouth around his hole I circle it with my tongue, stroking his downy arse all the while. I revel in his taste, pushing my tongue deep and lashing at his walls. Enjoying his desperate moaning and writhing, I tongue him leisurely, moistening his chasm. When he’s suitably loose, wet and pliable, I sink two of my fingers into his arse. A pleasurable groan escapes him and his back arches sexily. Running a hand through his sandy hair, I grasp a handful and bring his head to my shoulder. I lick the curve of his ear and enjoy his hips thrusting back to meet my fingers, frequent whines slipping from between his lips.

“You want more, baby?”

He mewls out a “Please.”

“I didn’t hear that, baby.” I twist my fingers hard into him, rubbing at his sweet spot.

“I want more, Seth. Need more. Please…”

Removing my fingers from his hair, I reach into the dresser for the lube. Flipping the lid, I pour a liberal amount onto my straining erection. Panting, I guide myself to his opening and watch as the head is slowly engulfed. Simultaneously, we both moan.


He doesn’t answer, instead throwing back his hips and sheathing me completely with moist, searing heat. Exhaling a torturous groan, I try to bury myself deeper.

“You need this bad, don’t you, baby?”

He nods his head frantically, furiously tossing his hips back to meet mine. Wrapping an arm around his waist, I press him close to me whilst torturing his nipples with my other hand. His head jerks on my shoulder and I listen with reverent delight as pleas fall rapidly from his lips. I take long, languorous strokes into his arse, loving the way he yields to me. I ride him long and hard, pushing my hips, this way and that, finding his hot spot and increasing his desperate cries further. Feathering my fingers down his sensitive sides causes him to buck and shift beneath me, making me grind harder into his arse. Slowly, I run a hand to his slippery cock, teasing him lightly. He takes a hand off the headboard and attempts to get me to grip him harder. I cease my thrusting, taking my hand completely away from him and pinning his to the wall.

“Did I say you could touch yourself, Alex?”

“No, but…”

“But what, Alex?”

“I wanna come, Seth. Please let me come.”

His pleading ignites me further and without warning, I thrust hard into him, straight into his sweet spot. His head rolls again on my shoulder and he shudders against me. This time, I don’t let up, simply driving myself into him over and over again; feeling his muscles as they clutch and work at me, pushing me closer to orgasm. My hand works on his cock, an endless stream of precum coating it and I lift it to his face. Without prompting, I feel Alex’s tongue run over my fingers. Almost instantly I lose it. Planting my mouth on his throat, I growl and spasm against him; come spouting from my cock and filling his passage. Wanting to take him with me, I grind my deflating hard-on into his prostate and jack his cock. My efforts are rewarded when I feel his sphincter clinch down around me. My sensitive cock responds further by releasing a few more spurts of come and I suck harder at his throat. Alex continues to shudder against my chest, his muscles unwilling to release me. Eventually he calms and slumps onto me, breathing erratic, cock still jerking in my hand as he coats the headboard with his release. I kiss the spot on his neck where my mouth was latched onto, noticing the dark bruise ready to form there.

“You dikmen escort bayan can’t just ambush me like that when I come in the door, Seth, I could have been with someone.”

I laugh into his neck and hug him tighter to me.

“I just gave you great sex and you give me a lecture. I hardly think that’s fair.”

He elbows me lightly in the ribs and I feel ripples of laughter flow through his body.

“Life aint fair, Seth Tyler.” He jests, turning his head and kissing me softly. “But you’re right, that was great sex.”

Seeing him exposed, shyness abandoned, a sudden idea forms in my head.

“I’m taking you to Heaven.”

He smiles mischievously. “I thought you just did.”

I smile back at him and roll my eyes with mock-exasperation.

“I’m talking about the club, Einstein.”

I release him, taking his hand to lead him to the bathroom, making a mental note to clean the headboard once we’re finished.

“Tomorrow’s Friday and I wanna watch you dance and move those enticing hips of yours.” I grin, roguishly. “To music specifically and not just our feral grunts.”

“Seth, I can’t… I mean… I’m not…”

I push him into the shower and turn on the water, its warmth soothing and cleansing as I kneel at his feet.

“You’ll be fine. Trust me.”

And with that I devour his cock. He moans and pushes against my face, all thoughts of protest forgotten.

Hmmm. Much better.


Damn he’s fine.

It’s Friday night and I’m watching Alex wriggle into a pair of tight dark blue jeans. He’s already managed to make me drool with the white t-shirt he has on, moulding itself perfectly to the hard ridges of his stomach and chest.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go out.” I tease. “You’ve already turned me on just by getting dressed.”

He blushes and drops his head, blonde hair falling adorably over his forehead.

Too cute. “Come on, let’s go or I’ll be forced to jump you right now.”

Catching the tube is the usual nightmare and before we make it to our station at Charing Cross, my foot has been stepped on twice, Alex has been shoved and we’ve both had to endure the sweet smell of body odour. We’re distinctly relieved when we finally do make it, hot footing it up the escalators and into the night air.

Gaining entrance to the club is relatively easy with the minor exception of an overzealous security guard who is way to touchy-feely for my liking. Alex is nervous and tense watching the masses of people dance and grind together, so I make a beeline towards the bar. I order rum & coke and Vodka with red bull for Alex. We swallow down our drinks and I move to the dance floor, taking a slightly reluctant Alex with me.

I sway my body to the music, enjoying the beat as it courses through me. Alex is still reluctant to dance so I accost the woman walking around selling shots and buy three. I give two to Alex and take the remaining one for myself. I advise him to close his eyes and feel the music; let it guide him. After an hour or so and another Vodka red bull, he loosens slowly and dancing with him becomes another mind blowing experience. He grinds his hips wickedly against mine, pushing them towards me then pulling away quickly when he feels me push myself closer. I watch his face, eyes closed, moist lips parted but quirked in a small smile.

“Tease.” I whisper into his ear.

The smile transforms into a grin and he manoeuvres himself around, now grinding his arse into my front. He throws his hips back seductively against mine, grinding slowly, laughing at me when my breathing quickens and stutters as a result. I wrap an arm around his waist, gratified by our shared movement, our hips moving against each other, lost to the music.

“What happened to Mr. Shy and Uncomfortable?”

He moves a hand and grasps the back of my neck, turning his face to mine, another smile playing about his lips.

“Music and alcohol got him.”

I grin and push my mouth onto his; moaning as his exceptionally talented hips and tongue drive me to distraction. He pulls away from me, wagging his finger at me in mock-warning.

“Uh uh. You said we came to watch me dance.”

I frown in confusion until he clambers onto the runway-like stage in the middle of the club and proceeds again to surprise me, this time provoking my jaw to drop. In his slightly buzzed state, Alex manages to set the club ablaze. Mesmerised, I watch his hips sway to the throb of the music. One of his hands reaches just under the top of his jeans and he opens his eyes, fixing his jade gaze on me before beckoning me with the index finger of his other hand. The strobe lighting flashes against him brilliantly. Usher’s, This aint sex starts playing and ignoring everyone, I walk towards him entranced, the enticing movement of his hands and hips luring me as well as the music.

It’s just you and me

He gyrates his hips further, eyes hooded at half- mast, watching me watching him. Baby elvankent escort bayan I can’t wait to get you up in my room Baby just let me go and set up the mood

He turns now, hips still swinging and pouts at me over his shoulder. A shudder runs through me and I feel my heartbeat quicken. I’m gon’ do you up and I’m gon’ do you down I’m gonna have that body baby floating all around And all you gotta do is get close to me

Finally, I reach him, groaning my relief when I come into contact with the fervent heat of him. Craving more of his flesh, I push my hand to accompany the one currently occupied in the top of his jeans. We move together, our bodies melded and I bask in him; uninhibited, gorgeous, mine.

This is love this is real this is how you make me feel

A soft moan escapes him and I lick lightly at his ear.

“I’ve never seen you like this before.” I husk.

“Do you like it?” He pants, shivering as I nip at his earlobe.

I thrust my arousal against his arse.

“You tell me.”

His head falls against my shoulder.


“Hmmm?” I mumble, moving my tongue to his neck.

“Take me home.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Practically dragging him from the club, I abandon plans to catch a night bus, instead hailing a taxi and mauling Alex for the entirety of the journey home. The driver does a fine job of pretending he’s not too bothered that we’re teetering dangerously on the edge of fucking each other into a stupor on his backseat. I pay the driver, tipping him with a wink then follow Alex into our building. No sooner do we make it to our room, I’ve pushed him onto my bed and practically ripped his jeans off. Almost immediately, I’m gorging myself on his cock, tasting where my fingers were so close earlier.


He tangles his fingers in my dark mane, pulling and tugging. I continue sucking him into the hot, wet heat of my mouth, running my tongue under the sensitive head. An agonised groan leaves his lips and I pull off him.

“Shirt off.”

I watch amused as he frantically levers it over his head.

“Stroke your nipples while I touch you.”

He does so moaning and writhing in pleasure. I run my tongue over the head of his cock again, teasing the sensitive veins and exploring his ridges before making my way downwards and attacking his crevice with my tongue. I can feel my cock throbbing desperately within the confines of my jeans and I grunt when Alex brushes his foot against me. He hears and continues torturing me, all the while watching me while he plays with his nipples. I growl and rapidly remove my own clothes, lunging at him again. I nose his fingers away and roughly seize his rosy buds between my teeth. Biting lightly, his body bows beneath me and I feel my cock leak some more. His legs fall apart beneath me in invitation so I stroke the copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from me and spread it over my cock. Taking my mouth from his now swollen buds, I dart my tongue out to lick the seam of his lips before mashing our mouths together and plunging into his heat. I swallow his impassioned scream and move in and out of his tightness. I tongue the previous mark of my lust on his neck and rise to my knees. Grasping under his arse, I move him on and off my cock, pulling almost all the way out before breaching him again.

“Alex, Alex, Alex…” I chant continuously.

He thrusts his hips, meeting mine repeatedly, our movements jerky and desperate. His guardian muscles clutch and squeeze at me, stroking my cock whilst his hands alternate between rubbing at my thighs and pinching his nipples. I fight against closing my eyes, instead fascinated with the view of a splayed and wanton Alex taking the length of me within his lean, taut body. His eyes are glazed and dilated, breath coming in sharp utterances as I increase my speed and fuck him harder. Unable to resist the sweet cherry of his lips, I lean down and claim them. I run my tongue past his full lips and he responds to me without resistance, opening and allowing my tongue entrance. I tease his tongue into my mouth, pulling his head to me harder and I deepen both my kiss and my thrusts. Dropping down onto him, I spread his legs further and he wraps them tightly around me, feet pressing into my arse to push me deeper. I can feel his cock on my stomach, hard and leaking. I reach between us and grasp him.

“You nearly there, baby?” I gasp out.

He nods wildly.


I place his hand on his cock for him to continue then hook his knees over my arms. I meter out a frenzied pace, always ensuring that I pass over his prostate. I keep up this feverish rhythm, sweat pouring off me onto him until he brutally clamps down on me. I hear him cry out loudly and heat coats my stomach. In answer, my body tenses almost painfully as he pushes me hard into oblivion and I spill myself deep within him. I collapse to the side of him, both of us heaving air into our lungs. I nuzzle into his emek escort bayan sweaty neck and stroke his side. He quivers slightly and sighs.

“We need to go out dancing more often.” He voices. “That was mind-blowing.”

“Well, it was only fair considering the show you put on for me tonight.”

A blush creeps up his neck and I laugh.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Alex. It was by far the hottest experiences of my life.”

I pull him closer and murmur into his ear, “Though next time, I want a private show. Just you, me, the music and definitely no clothes.”

He quivers again at the thought and I snuggle closer to him, yawning as sleep fogs my brain.

“Night baby, love you.”

He rolls to face me, eyes already closed.

“Love you too.”


“I want you to meet, Damon. We’ve been dating for weeks and you still haven’t met any of my friends.”

He shakes his head in amusement.

“Too much time in this room perhaps?”

He raises an eyebrow at me and I look to the ceiling, feigning innocence.

“We go to classes…” I say, mock-defensively.

“You mean we go to classes which are compulsory then you drag me off to have your wicked way.”

“Well… when you put it that way, of course it sounds bad.” I pretend to pout.

He grins at my pretence.

“He has a free hour, same as us, so we’re going to lunch.”

“Why do we have to go out to eat, when I can do that right here?” I leer.

“Uh uh. We are going out to lunch today and you are gonna meet my friend.”

“Fine.” I grumble.

We suffer through another English class. Well, I say “we”, I mean I suffer through another English class and breathe a sigh of relief when the hour’s up, grabbing my stuff and high-tailing it out of the room. I wait at a safe distance until I see Alex then we make our way to meet his friend. Stepping into Starbucks, Alex signals to a boy sitting on one of the couches. He stands up with a grin and beckons us over.

“Long time no see, Mr Storm.”

“Well you know. Work and such…” He turns to me. “This is Seth.”

The blonde gives me a smile which doesn’t quite reach his eyes and offers me his hand.

“Damon.” He informs me. “It’s nice to finally meet the one responsible for taking up so much of Alex’s time.”

Was that a note of bitterness I detected?

I shake his hand and try not to laugh too condescendingly. I ask Alex if he wants anything then go and stand in the queue to order. Whilst there, I watch Damon. He’s not an unattractive boy standing at around the same height as Alex, with slightly darker blonde hair and full lips. The most attractive- or in my case disturbing- thing about him are his eyes. They’re a brilliant blue which I notice sparkle and dance when he focuses them on Alex but which pierce and scrutinise when he looks at me. I decide almost immediately that I don’t like him. Ordering two signature Hot Chocolate’s with cream, I collect them and return to the couch.


“You’re welcome.”

I manage to focus on their conversation, Damon telling some story of how he and Alex went skinny dipping when they were drunk. Trying to act unaffected doesn’t work as a frown darkens my forehead. I notice a slight smile of triumph from him as he notes my discomfort.

Damon my arse. I think viciously. Fucking Demon is more like it.

Despite me simmering with severe dislike and animosity, I pretend to like him for Alex’s sake, laughing and smiling in all the right places. I learn that he and Alex have been friends since college and whilst Alex decided to take English Literature at University, Damon chose History instead. They meet occasionally because Alex takes a module in History so is in the same class.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t come with us.”

I arch an eyebrow at this. “Couldn’t go where?”

“In a couple of weeks, the History department is taking its students to Pompeii in Italy for five days but there were only enough spaces for those taking the course in its entirety so I can’t go.” Alex says, disappointedly.

“That sucks.” I sympathise.

“We would have had so much fun as well.” Damon sighs. “Oh, and speaking of bad news, Jack and I have decided to go our separate ways.” Damon reveals, looking every bit the wounded party. I just barely manage to stifle a snort of condescension.

Not surprising, the way you drool over Alex. Pathetic.

I sit there and attempt to make noises that convey comfort whilst Alex, being the sweetheart he is, is all sympathy and commiseration. He hugs Damon comfortingly and I’m treated to a lascivious wink over his shoulder by the Demon. I narrow my eyes and mouth a ‘fuck you’ at him.

I definitely hate him now.

I endure maybe an hour or more of his company, listening to him wittering on and on about how he and Alex did this and how he and Alex did that. And just when I think I’m on the verge of losing my mind, the Demon reluctantly informs us that he has to get going. I sigh internally with relief.

“It was nice meeting you, Seth.”

“Likewise.” I force out.

“We should do this again.”

Over my dead body. Actually, Scratch that. Over your dead body, preferably mangled and bloody.

I watch his departing back, scowling. Alex turns to me, beaming happily.

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