Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 1

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I turned my riding mower and my heart raced a little. Trish, my drop dead gorgeous neighbor, was just going in our back door. She gave me a smile, a little wiggle of her fingers, and a provocative wiggle of her hips. Her shorts looked painted on, and her full breasts threatened to overflow the halter-top. Damn she was a sexy one!

I thought of her for the next thirty minutes as I ran the mower up and down the large lawn. Fantasies drifted through my mind. My wife Diane is a very beautiful and sexy lady, and I wasn’t going to risk a happy marriage to dally with the next-door neighbor, and Diane’s best friend. Trish was divorced, and as far as I knew, not dating anyone.

I started sneezing, and reached for a handkerchief in my pocket. Damn, I hadn’t brought one. I should have known better! The grass does that to me sometimes. I ran the mower around to the side of the house and got off. For some unknown reason, I left the motor running, something I never do. I went in the side door, and into the bedroom. As I stepped out I heard a cry of passion over the hum of the mower outside. I slipped down the hall and peeped around the dining room door. The sound had come from the kitchen.

My eyebrows shot up as I looked in, and there was Diane, splendidly naked, sitting on the counter, leaned back, thighs spread and Trish’s head buried in her crotch. I could just hear the liquid sounds as she tongued and lapped my beautiful wife’s pussy. Trish was naked and I could just see her beautiful breasts sway and bob as she moved. My first impulse was to walk in and demand a piece of the action. I could just stick it in Trish, and walk up. Shit, she had a beautiful, gorgeous, superb ass.

Diane was sobbing, and her lovely bare breasts were bobbing up and down. “Oh, God, Lover, eat me. I’m so hot, stick that wicked tongue deeper in my pussy. Yes, finger fuck me. Shit, you are going to kill me! Yes, like that, eat my pussy” I could see Diane’s arm move as she drove her fingers up in my wife’s juicy pussy. Then the proverbial light came on in my head. Hard as it was, I was, I turned and silently left the room.

Quietly, and quickly as I could, I went to the den and got the video camera. I went back and set it on the dining table and turned it on. I framed them, and used a napkin to scotch the camera to center them in the frame, then zoomed in to show all of them. I hit the button to put the microphone on the most sensitive setting. The little flashing recording light was on, and a dead giveaway in the dark room. I put another napkin over the recording light to hide it. They’d never see it unless they came into the room. I didn’t think they’d bother.

I took one last long, lustful look, and slipped out as Diane cried out, in that quavering moan I knew so well. She was right on the edge of an orgasm. I adjusted my boner as I climbed back on the mower, and headed back to work. It usually takes about two hours to mow my lawn and I guess Diane had counted on that. If I shut off the mower that would probably be her clue I was coming in. Damn, I’m glad I didn’t shut it off.

Thinking about what the two were doing didn’t help my mowing at all. I weaved all over the yard, my mind in the kitchen as Trish ate my wife, or my wife ate Trish. God, I’d love to see that. Hopefully I would, via the video camera.

I was almost finished when Diane flagged me from the door. She and Trish were going shopping. Her face was slightly flushed, but when she gave me a quick kiss I couldn’t smell Trish’s pussy juices on her. She smelled like clean soap. I guess she’d washed her face. Trish gave me a wave from inside. God, looking at her and knowing what they had just done, started my cock to rise again. I quickly turned and got back on the mower. I saw them leave, finished mowing, and rushed back to the house.

The camera was still where I left it, whirring softly. I took it in and slipped the tape into the VCR, rewound it, then my cock throbbing, pushed the play button. Damn, I’m good. The picture was perfect. Framed was Trish, her bobbing head between Diane’s spread thighs. The sensitive microphone picked up every sound.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! God you are killing me, Trish. Eat me, suck my clit. Ohhhhhh, yessss. Shit, I’m comeeeeiiiing Yesssss! Ohhhhhh!” Her cries were recorded perfectly, and her face was contorted by her passion. I unzipped and slid my cock out. It felt about to burst. They hugged and kissed after Diane finished her climax. They held on to each other for a while until Diane got her breath back. Diane hopped down and disappeared for a moment, then came back and they melted together.

“He’s still mowing. God, Lover, I want to eat your delicious pussy. Climb up here, I left it warm for you.” My beautiful wife said as she stepped back.

Trish’s body was gorgeous. I saw it naked for the first time. Her full rounded breasts thrust out with almost no sag. Her nipples were erect, jutting out, and her areolas were huge and puffy. I guessed they were at least three gaziantep escortlar inches across. I’d never seen any as beautiful. Diane moved between Thish’s legs as she spread them. Her mouth went to the enticing mounds and she sucked on a nipple.

“Oh, yeah, Baby, suck my tit. I love it when you do it. You know just how to suck it. Oh yeah, you are so good. I could almost cum when you do that. Yes, twist that other nipple. Harder. Yes! Like that. Pull it hard.” Trish moaned as Diane sucked one nipple and her fingers pulled and twisted the other. She pulled the nipple way out and I marveled how far she pulled it before it popped out from between her fingers. She grabbed it again and twisted and pulled it. I thought she would pull it off. Trish must like pain.

“Yes, Baby, bite it, bite it hard. Yes, now pull that other nipple. God, yes, it hurts so good. It goes straight to my pussy! Shit, shit, I’m going to cum. Finger me, finger fuck meeeee. Quick! Ohhhh, yes, Baby. Shit, Yesssss!” She cried out as she came, her head thrown back her face contorted by passion. Diane’s arm pistoned as she drove her fingers into her lover. It was too much for me and my wad jetted out all over my shirt. I came along with Trish’s image on the color TV.

Diane moved up and kissed Trish for a while, her hands fondling the beautiful breasts. I could see their tongues fencing and probing.

“I want to eat your pussy.” Diane said softly to Trish. “Turn over and lie face down. You have the most delicious pussy I have ever eaten. I want it now”

Trish rolled over and her large breasts flattened against the counter top. She wiggled her cute ass a little. “Is my pussy better than Joanne’s? Do you like to eat me better than your sister-in-law?” Trish asked.

My mouth dropped open. My wife had eaten my sister’s pussy? I couldn’t believe it. My sister is married and a beautiful woman. Could this be true? They did like each other a lot. Whoa, a whole lot! I had fantasized about my sister a lot when I was young. Still did!

“Her pussy is delicious, but you have the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever tasted. Maybe I can get her here some time, and you can eat her sweet pussy and see if she tastes better than my pussy.” My wife laughed. “She knows how to really eat my pussy too. Shit she’s good.”

“As good as me?” Trish laughed. “Say yes, and I’ll kick the shit out of you.”

Diane’s response was to give Trish’s exposed butt a hard slap that made her delightful ass jiggle and left a pink handprint. She bent forward and began to lick Trish’s ass. She started at the top and her tongue moved down. She parted the mounds and her face moved forward. I could tell she was licking Trish’s ass hole.

“Oh shit, yes, Lick my ass hole. That feels so good. Slip your tongue into me. Yes! Yes!” Trish moaned her voice slightly muffled as her head was turned away.

Diane licked her ass hole for a while then moved down. I wished the camera had been behind her. I couldn’t see her pussy, just Diane’s face buried between those luscious ass cheeks and thighs. Her tongue moved out and she moved her head back and forth to tongue fuck Trish. She has a long tongue and knows how to use it.

She used both hands to pull and rub Trish’s pussy. I could tell she was finger fucking as well as rubbing her lover’s pussy. My cock was at full erection again and I stroked it slowly. I had never seen anything as sexy. I guess knowing it was my wife and her drop dear gorgeous best friend made it so very sexy. It was better than any porno I’d ever seen.

Diane’s head moved in and out, up and down and her hands stroked and pushed her fingers deep into her friend. I could see her wrist rotate as it moved back and forth.

“Shit, yes, eat me, Baby. Yes, finger fuck the shit out of my pussy. You are the best, fuck me, eat me. Ohhhhhh! Yesssss!” she cried as she came. Diane’s hands flew as she fucked Trish’s pussy and sucked and licked her juices as she came.

My hand moved like lightning and I shot my wad for a second time. Shit I couldn’t believe how sexy this was. My cum soaked the front of my shirt and pants.

Trish’s climax lasted a long while and then finally she pushed Diane’s head away. “No more, Baby, no more. God, you are so good. You really know how to eat me.” She lay for several minutes, recuperating. My wife kissed her beautiful rounded ass, and stroked it, laying her cheek on it.

When Trish had regained her strength, she slid off the counter. The two kissed for a while. Diane went off camera for a moment, and then came back.

“He’s still at it. He’ll be out there another thirty minutes. Let’s take a quick shower. We both have pussy juice on our face and hands.” Diane said laughing as she kissed her lover.

“Sounds good. We can have one more cum in the shower. I love to feel your wet, slick body against mine. I’ll eat you again, Baby.” Trish laughed as the moved across the kitchen away from the camera.

“And I’ll eat your pu——” the sound of Diane’s voice trailed off as they moved toward the bathroom.

Damn, I was shot! I took the video and stashed it away. How would I use it?

I stood in the shower, the hot water streaming down my body. My hand slid down and stoked my cock. Despite cuming twice in the last few minutes it swelled again. Back off guy. Save it for later. Seeing my wife and her best friend making love had made my day. Getting it all on videotape was even better. Shit, I would never have dreamed it!

Then finding out my wife had made love to my sister too! That was something else. Growing up, I had lusted after my sister. Two years older than I am, I watched her grow from a skinny brat who bugged me a lot, to a budding young woman. I’d seen her naked several times, and pounded my pud later fantasizing about her. The vision of her cone shaped breasts and the curly brown hair between her legs would send me over the top

Over the years I’d dreamed any number of times that we were making love. And now I find out my married sister and my wife were lovers! Damn, it boggled my mind. I showered, threw my cum soaked clothes in the washer, and when Diane got home pretended as if nothing had happened. Trish came in for a few minutes, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her firm round tits, covered by the halter-top. Her nipples tented the cloth, and I wondered if Diane had played with them on the way home. Her shorts rode up in her crotch, and my cock grew uncomfortably hard in my pants. When she turned to leave, the vision of her firm ass with my wife’s face buried in it almost made me cum in my pants. Shit!

After dinner Diane was in a romantic mood. So was I! My cock twitched at the lightest touch or thought of the two together. We had several drinks and I tried to give her a little more than she usually drank. I succeeded, and she was soon giggling and more than a little drunk. I put a special porn video on and we got comfortable on the big couch.

It didn’t take long till we were both naked and she was sucking on my cock. I played with her pussy while her hot mouth slid up and down my cock. Her pussy was dripping. She keeps in trimmed close the sides shaved smooth, a small triangle of soft blonde hair at the top of her beautiful slit. I moved her around and slipped my tongue in to her drenched pussy.

God, she tasted good. I really love to eat her. When she is really excited, her pussy almost flows. I tongued and sucked her pussy while the porn video played on. I had specifically chosen this one. Out of the corner of my eye I watched for the right moment. She lay so she could see the screen clearly. Two very lovely women began to make love. These women weren’t just acting. I had seen it several times, and they truly loved to eat each other.

I could see Diane’s eyes riveted to the screen. I backed off a little and slid two, then three fingers inside her, feeling for her g-spot. I licked her clit lightly. Her moans told me my attentions to her pussy were the right ones.

I looked up at her. She licked her lips, and they glistened as she watched the two on the screen make passionately love. “Baby, don’t those two look like they are really into eating each other?” She nodded. “Did you ever think you’d like to have a woman make love to you?” She looked down at me, eyes slightly glazed from passion and the booze. “I’ve heard that almost every woman wonders what it would be like to have another woman make love to them.” She nodded.

“Yes, I’ve wondered.” She said softly.

“Ever make love to another women?” I asked, my fingers stroking her g-spot.

“No.” Then a long pause. “Would you like it if I did?” She asked.

“I guess it’s every man’s dream and fantasy to watch two women make love. That’s why every porno film has two women making it. Yes, I’d really like to see you make love to another women. You know who?” I asked. She shook her head. I licked her pussy again, flicking the underside of her hard clit. “Well, take a wild guess, and what drop dead gorgeous woman that doesn’t live far from here.”

Her eyes fixed on me and a dreamy smile came on her face. “God.” I said. “I’d love to see Trish with her beautiful lips right here, her tongue flicking your hot clit like this. Her fingers buried deep inside you. I’d love to see you kiss her pussy, and bury your face in her hot pussy. Imagine how sweet her hot wet pussy would taste, sweet, salty and she’d have her tongue inside you, tasting your dripping cunt. Trish’s lips sucking the pussy juice out of you.” I said between licking her cunt, and finger fucking her.

She closed her eyes and her body bowed upward. Her firm breasts jumped and swayed as she threshed from side to side. That quavering moan came from her throat and her pussy clamped down on my fingers. I sucked her clit hard, flicking my tongue as fast as I could.

She exploded. Her juices gushed out around my fingers and she screamed out her ecstasy. Her hips bucked and thrust. I reached up and caught one nipple and rolled it hard between my fingers knowing it really set her off. Eyes closed she screamed over and over. “Oh, God, yes, Trish, eat my pussy, finger fuck me. Fuck me. Eat me, Lover. Eat me Trish.” Her body went wild, her pussy clamping down almost painfully on my fingers.

When she had calmed down, we lay kissing. I fondled her breasts, slightly damp from her orgasm. I licked her breasts and tasted the salty sweat.

“You bastard! You did that on purpose. You got me really hot and brought Trish’s name into this. You fucker!” Smiling, she slapping me playfully.

“Well, it worked. You were lost there for a moment, Trish’s lips sucking you, Trish finger fucking you. You can’t deny you wanted it. You wanted her to fuck and suck you.” I said smiling. I bent and kissed her lips softly. Her tongue slid out and fenced with mine.

She pulled back a little and looked me straight in the eye. “You’d really like to see her eat me, fuck me. You wouldn’t get jealous?”

“Are you kidding, that’s every man’s fantasy, to see two gorgeous sexy women eating each other. I’d let you cut three inches off my cock to see that.” I said taking my cock, now hard from eating her and talking about Trish, and shaking it.

“Only three inches?” she laughed. She bent forward and took my cock and slid her talented mouth down over it. Her tongue moved over the head, and her fingers stroked it and moved down to fondle my balls. She slid her mouth down and down, I felt her throat muscles loosen as she slid further down. God she was tight. She moved up and down, letting her throat accommodate my long thick cock. She had learned early in our marriage to deep throat me. It was my turn to moan as she fucked me with her mouth.

I had a lot of staying power tonight as I’d already cum twice. She hummed and the vibrations felt wonderful. I let her suck me for a while, and then pulled back.

“Baby, I want to fuck that wonderful pussy of yours.” I slid around till we were in a 69, and began to eat her still wet pussy again. It didn’t take long till we were both ready. I turned her around and got behind her. She raised her gorgeous ass up for me.

I bent forward and licked her pussy, then did something I didn’t usually do, I slid my tongue up and ran it around and around her neat brown ass hole. She gasped. I pushed my tongue into her musky hole and heard her gasp. I pulled back and took my cock and ran it up and down her slick pussy. I centered it and slowly plunged all the way in. God, her hot pussy felt good as I slid into her. It was like liquid fire surrounding my cock. She gasped as my cock hit her cervix, and I felt the firm knot of it against the head. I wiggled my hips making it press around against her cervix.

“Oh, shit. That feels soooo good Baby. You fill me up. I love your thick cock deep inside me. Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me.” She crooned.

I slid in and out of her tight pussy. She pushed back meeting each stroke. I reached around and took one of her firm globes in each hand and squeezed. Her back muscles rippled under her skin as she moved with me. My hips slapped against her firm ass. She moaned her approval.

“Would you like Trish under you? You two doing a 69, your face buried in her hot pussy, licking her hot juices? Her face under you, licking your hard clit, sucking it, while my cock slid in and out coated with your pussy juices? God, I’ll bet she could drive you wild sucking and licking your clit as I fucked you. Would you like that, Baby?” I asked as my cock pounded hard inside her. I shifted slightly and my cock pressed against her g-spot, riding high like she liked it. She screamed out as she came. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my thrusting cock, milking it.

“On shit, oh God, yes. I’d love to have her under me. Oh fuck me Baby. Eat my clit Trish. Ohhhhhh. God, yes. Fuckkkkkk!” She screamed.

I thrust hard, and my cock swelled to bursting, and shot my load deep into her now drenched pussy. My climax seemed to go on and on, as did hers. Even after I had shot my load my cock stayed hard. I thrust again and again till she had another climax. Gasping for breath, we both fell to our sides, and lay exhausted. I kissed her neck and stroked her body, non-sexually. We finally got up and staggered to the bathroom. We took a shower together and fell in bed. We went to sleep almost immediately.

We were sitting eating breakfast. This was Saturday, and we didn’t have anything planned. Diane eyed me in a peculiar manner. “Do you know you are a bastard?” She said evenly.

“Yes, I’ve been told that by several very well educated people in high places, men and women. It really comes as no surprise to me.” I laughed. She was playing with me.

“You really are! You got me drunk and watching two women fucking and brought Trish into this. What the hell is going on, you Fucker?” She said seriously.

“Hey, I just wanted to see what you would do, and say.” I said.

“Like hell! I know you too well. What the fuck is going on?” She said looking me square in the eye. She had me. She knows me all too well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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