Lust for the Bust Pt. 02

Big Tits

The morning sun woke me up and I slowly stretched out and realized Cheryl wasn’t there. Gone for “Coffee” with the girls. I didn’t care. I had the most amazing sexual night with her mom and a potential new girlfriend with Kelly. I stretched and had a big yawn.

A gentle knock on the door. “Come in!” I said.

Kelly walked in looking drop dead gorgeous and as usual. Geez she gets more beautiful every day I thought. She was wearing her pajamas with a thin t-shirt with a teddy bear on it. It ballooned her breasts about a foot in front of her beautifully thick body. Her long blonde hair was messy but even without makeup she looked incredible. I started getting hard.

“Cheryl’s gone for coffee; I see.” She said emphasizing air quotes.

“Yeah…” I said.

“You OK?”

“I’m fine actually” I said and smiled.

“You sure? You don’t want a morning cuddle?” she offered.

I wasn’t about to pass that up. “I would love that I said.”

She climbed into bed with me. I was so excited and happy as I felt our relationship build. “It’s just you and me here, in this bed!” she said.

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her giant bosom. I was so horny as I was enveloped in her massive tits. I was hard and it was too soon to make a move I thought, but if she did, I wouldn’t object. Her arms rested on my chest. “Wow your heart is beating so fast!” she said.

“Well it’s not every day a beautiful woman jumps into bed with you.” I said flirtatiously.

“You’re not too bad yourself handsome.” She replied.

The atmosphere was so electric and my cock throbbed and pulsed uncontrollably. My stomach felt like it had butterflies in it. I spun around so I was facing her. She looked deep into my eyes and we shared our first kiss. Deep, passionate and gentle. It was beautiful and sexy.

“I’m starting to fall for you even more.” Kelly said.

“And me you, Kelly!”‘ I replied.

“This is so wrong, like fucked up isn’t it? Cheryl is out fucking some guy, I’m in bed with you, her boyfriend…And we just shared out first kiss.”

“Well, maybe it will be weird at first but I just have a feeling this is the start of something amazing.” I said truthfully.

“Me too, it’s like you read my mind. We need to mark our first kiss.” She said sweetly.

“OK? I replied.”

She popped out her phone from between her massive breasts. We both started laughing. “I won’t lie that’s hot.” I said.

“Play your cards right and you never know.” She winked at me. “These could be yours!”

We took a few selfie shots, a little cheesy but fun and a cool way to mark our first kiss. “Here, let me send you the best ones.”

She sent me some. They were basically just boobs in the photo and you could make out only part of my face and I said so. “Yeah, I know, there’s no hiding them. Oh, and they’re natural before you ask. Most people think they’re fake.”

“No, I know, I mean I felt them on my back, they felt so squishy and firm. I know what fake boobs feel like and these felt nothing like that.”

“Hahahaha, do you now? Anyway, I am excited about where this can go, but let’s take it a little slow…I mean not too slow but I know myself if I get worked up, we will have sex and I will hate myself, have regrets. I’m just worried about ruining this…what we are starting to have. Does this make sense?”

“Of course. And I agree it’s better to wait. Get to know each other a bit more right?”

“Exactly!” said Kelly. “I knew you would understand.” She pulled in for another long smooch and although my cock was so hard, I resisted getting too heavy with the kissing. Her arms wrapped around me squashing her enormous breasts into my chest. Her tits were easily wider than her waist and her ass was just so big, round and firm. It took all my willpower to not go further but I didn’t want to mess it up either.

“Alright I’m going for a shower. See you later?” she said.

“Ahhhh, don’t tease me Kel! Sure, I will see you soon.” I said.

After she left, my heart leapt just thinking about the start of what could be something special. It was early days but I felt something I haven’t felt in years with a woman. Just then my phone vibrated.

It was my mom.

Mom: Hi Pete, how is it meeting the parents? Hope not too bad. I’m fine this side, just did a bit of gardening. It’s so hot here, had a swim. Is it hot there too?

Me: Hi mom, it’s been great thanks. They are really nice people. Yes, very hot here, had a swim yesterday and will probably do later again today.

Mom: That’s great news. So happy for you. How is Cheryl?

Pete: Um…not too good mom. I secretly found out she is cheating on me with some old boyfriend here.

I told her the whole story of how Kelly showed me screenshots of her phone.

Mom: That’s awful, that horrid woman! I never really liked her. I knew she wasn’t the one. How are you feeling? Must be awful trapped there. Have you confronted her?

Me: I guess so, but I’m actually fine. I don’t want to cause a confrontation in her artemisbet yeni giriş parents’ house. To tell you the truth, I mean I shouldn’t tell you but I have been getting along with her sister. Mom, I kissed her!

Mom: That’s so exciting. Oh to be young! Is she nice, tell me about her! Handsome son like mine would definitely find someone especially so quickly.

Me: You’re not old, you’re 46. 😊

Mom: Thanks Pete! So, tell me the juicy details. You know I live alone and there is no gossip here.

Pete: Well, she’s like really beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, I dunno what else to say.

Mom: Do you have a pic? I want to see the girl that captured my son’s heart.

Pete: I do but they are a bit revealing. Not sure if I should send them.

Mom: So what I’m a woman, it’s fine. Come on send them!

Pete: OK, fine.

My heart was racing, I don’t know why but I had never been this open with my mom. I guess I just wanted to tell someone about Kelly. I sent a few photos we just took.

Mom: Oh my…she is beautiful and busty, wow. That cleavage! Those breasts are MASSIVE! I didn’t know you were a breast man.

This was odd, my mom talking like this. It weirdly made me excited. I was already hard from Kelly’s kiss and hug. It was exciting to talk to my mom like this. I don’t know why.

Me: Ha, yes I guess she is and I never knew I was until I met her.

Mom: Well most guys like big boobs, but these are bigger than big. I bet you like that? 😉

I don’t know why, I was so comfortable with mom, but I just carried on typing. I was just hoping she wouldn’t get upset if I was being too rude.

Me: Mom! Yes they are like really big, her mom is too, I guess it runs in the family.

Mom: Oh so you were perving at her mom? You have a MILF fantasy too?

Me: Her mom is pretty and you can’t hide those things. They are bigger than her whole torso, wider and fuller too.

Mom: Wow sounds like heaven for a man then. You know…I haven’t told many people this but I have very big breasts. I was always quite busty but when breastfeeding my boobs ballooned to a massive size, it was unbearable on my back so as soon as you finished breast feeding, they continued growing.

I was quite excited at the openness of my mom talking about her boobs. I was feeling quite bold. I can’t believe I never noticed this about mom.

Me: So how big were you?

Mom: Typing…

Longest few minutes of my life.

Mom: Like bra size? That’s quite bold of you to ask, don’t you think? 😊

Me: Well we being open and I just sent you a picture of Kelly. 😊

Mom: OK fine, so I went from a 32LL cup while breastfeeding to my current size.

Me: Wow that’s huge mom. Sorry if you don’t mind me saying.

Mom: No, it’s fine. I’m sure you like to hear that. They were your fathers’ favourite two things. We used them a lot, you know in the bedroom. I guess like father like son.

I played innocent and continued to ask.

Me: So what size are you now? What things in the bedroom?

Mom: Typing…

My heart continued to race, my cock was hard and I was so horny from this dirty talk.

Mom: Wouldn’t you like to know! 😉 Well I was a 32LL and now I’m a 36R cup.

Me: Mom, that’s INCREDIBLE, I mean wow, I didn’t know you were so big, I just thought you were a bit chubby. LOL!

Mom: No, all boobs, not much fat. I guess big boobs just run in the family. My mom had them and my sister too, your aunt. Not quite as big but still massive.

Me: So how did you manage to hide them? I never noticed them.

Mom: Well you’re not supposed to notice them silly! I wear baggy clothing, minimizer bras and use clever tricks to try hide them. I mean they are not for others to see.

Me: You didn’t answer my question, what things did you do in the bedroom?

Mom: Oh I guess you have an incredibly buxom girl to deal with, maybe she will like the same things I do, I know you will. I might as well tell you.

Mom: Typing…

I couldn’t wait, my legs felt weak. I don’t know why but my horniness was getting out of control. I lay on the bed, dropped my pants and stroked my cock with some cream I found in the bed side table. I didn’t care if this was my mom. My head was spinning.

I continued to wait for her response while I stroked with one hand.

Mom: Don’t tell anyone this, I mean we shouldn’t be speaking about this. I love to titfuck. Having a big penis between my massive boobs really turns me on and men love it. Sorry I know it’s graphic but I love it. Have you ever done it?

Me: Sounds so hot mom, I won’t lie. I imagine it feels really good to put a big penis between massive soft boobs. I have done it once before only.

Mom: It does for both of us, not all busty women like it but I do. To tell you the truth I can orgasm just from titfucking. Oh my god, how am I telling you these things? LOL!

I was stroking my cock and I could feel I was close. I was moaning. I know it was my mom but it was so hot to talk about artemisbet giriş these things.

Mom: I’m sure you don’t want to hear more about this. Perhaps I should go?

Me: No it’s fine mom, it’s good we keep talking about these things.

Mom: OK. I bet you will enjoy putting your penis between those boobs, they are gigantic! LOL! It helps to have a longer penis so she can suck it too. Sorry if I’m being too graphic.

Me: No, it’s OK mom 😊 like I said it’s useful information and FYI I’m good down there.

Mom: Hahah all men brag and exaggerate about their size.

Me: I’m serious! 😊

Mom: Well Mr…how big is it?

I can’t believe my own mother asked me how big my cock is! I continued stroking my cock, using the cream, it felt incredible to talk like this too. I continued typing with one hand, my heart beating heavily and quickly.

Me: Well since you told me how big you are, I guess it’s only fair right? 😉

Mom: Stop procrastinating. Tell me already. Lol!

Me: 9 inches

Mom: Typing…

Oh my fuck, I can’t believe I told my mom that. This didn’t feel wrong and it was so hot.

Mom: OH MY! THAT’S HUGE! Much bigger than your short-dicked father.

Me: Really? I wouldn’t know.

Mom: Yes, lucky you, getting to please a woman with a massive tool like that, lol. I hope you don’t mind me saying.

Me: Of course not mom, it’s a compliment.

Mom: Oh shit, I’ve got to be somewhere in 15 minutes. I hope you don’t mind me talking like this with you, you know frankly.

Me: It’s ok mom, it was good to be open.

Mom: Ok, bye darling, enjoy Kelly and I won’t disturb you again, I know you’ll be having fun with her…if you get my drift.

Me: I do mom, lol. See ya!

That was hot, I thought. A dirty, frank talk with my mom. I was so horny and no one around, I had to jerk off quickly. Just then, my phone beeped.

It was Chelsea!

It was a message asking if I’m awake. I replied I was. She said she was coming into the room! That was risky.

Suddenly the door opened quickly and Chelsea swooped in and shut the door and locked it behind her.

“I don’t think anyone saw me…hahaha, this is so naughty! Creeping around.” She said.

“Hey!” I replied.

“Look, I had an incredible night last night. I feel incredible when I’m with you, but there is just one thing that’s bothering me.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m not just all tits, I have a giant firm bum too.”

And with that, she stripped off her clothes, and climbed onto the bed.

“My, my, my, hard already!”

“Yeah…” I said excitedly

She pulled the covers back and in one swoop took my cock in her mouth. Sucking vigorously, yet with passion in her eyes she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth.

“Ahhhhh…so good!” I moaned. She must have tasted the hand lotion I was rubbing on myself but it didn’t seem to both her.

She swirled her tongue around the base of my cock and licked it all the way up to the head and then bobbed her head, deep throating me. I felt my cock being swallowed and journey through the hot tightness of her throat.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned with her mouth full of cock. My girlfriends mom sucking me off in our bed. How much hotter could it get, I thought. I was about to find out.

She reluctantly let go of my cock, pulled off her dress and lay on her tummy.

“Last night you fucked my tits, today you’re going to slide between my big, beautiful bum.”

I was like putty in her hands. Her huge ass towered above her slim waist. It looked firm and heavy, round and yet supple and soft at the same time, with each cheek jiggling independently of the other one. There was a bit of cellulite on her bum and upper thighs but this just added to the natural look of her very hot ass.

Her dark crack cleavage looked inviting. I couldn’t wait so I straddled her and dropped my stiff dick between her bum. Her ass was so big that if I lifted my legs off the bed, I would be floating with my cock buried between her cheeks.

I straddled her ass a bit more to get a better grip and dropped my cock on top of her crack and pushed my cock gently down and it sunk in between her ass. I dropped my cock deep into her ass and I groaned as I finally reached her tight asshole. I could feel it on my shaft. My cock sunk easily down from the lubed-up blowjob I had.

This was a holiday of firsts as now I was about to have an incredible ass job. I grabbed onto her shoulders and slowly slid my cock in and out of her ass crack. The cheeks jiggled and massaged my member, enjoying the softness surrounding my cock. Add to that her tight asshole rubbing against my cock was immensely erotic.

“Ahhhhh, that’s it Pete! Let my ass take you to heaven!”

I pulled myself forward using my hands on her shoulders, my thighs surrounding her bum. I squeezed my thighs pushing her jiggly fleshy globes massage my cock harder.

“Sooo good, Chelsea!” I yelled!

I thrust back and forth, feeling my balls slap against artemisbet güvenilirmi her ass. I went slower, then faster as I thrust hard and with purpose. I felt her cheeks give way and open as I drove my cock between her bum. My cock was completely enveloped between her bum and couldn’t even poke out the other side, her ass was so massive, yet full and firm.

“Fuck it harder Pete!” She screamed.

I didn’t care who heard us, it was too good. I kept thrusting into the deep cleavage until my balls were finally at breaking point. They boiled, I felt the feeling in my stomach, my legs went rigid and were lifted off the bed. I was almost completely off the bed now, pulling onto her shoulders.

“Gonna cum! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….FUCKING SHIT” I screamed as her ass starting milking me. My first spurt blasted through her cleavage onto the back of her neck and that’s all I remember as my eyes rolled back into my head as I jerked and thrust between her gyrating ass emptying my cock. Her cheeks continued to bounce around, milk and massage my exploding cock.

“Fuck you cumming hard! It’s all over my back!”

Eventually the last few drops trickled out. I stayed inside her forbidden depths of her ass as I caught by breath. I realized my body was still rigid and was being held in place by her bum, my cock still throbbing.

It was one of the most pleasurable experiences I had ever had.

Just then we heard the front door close and I quickly hopped of Chelsea and without a word, she quickly got dressed and slipped out the room. I hopped in the shower and waited as I assumed Cheryl was home.

“Pete! I’m back…fuck this place stinks, open a window for fucks sake.”

“I’m just in the shower.” I called back. What a bitch I thought but it bought me pleasure to know I had just cum all over her mom’s huge bum just minutes before.

“K, I’m going outside for a smoke!” she said.

I finished the shower, my heart still racing from Kelly, her mom and talking to my mom. It was mesmerizing but I needed to get on with my day. In a way I felt guilty about fooling around with Kelly and her mom. I think I needed to tell Chelsea to stop so I could focus on mine and Kelly’s relationship.

Should I tell Kelly or Chelsea first. No, I needed to chat to Chelsea first about our affair. I went outside but couldn’t find Chelsea anywhere. I was just walking back to the room when Kelly pulled me aside quickly and snogged me really hard. Which was risky as we were in the passage and anyone could have seen. Her massive tits trying to burst out of her huge low-cut top.

“Hey Handsome! Listen, we need to talk, quick.”

“Um…OK?” I said.

We went into the bathroom and she locked the door. “I have a confession!” she said. “The other night I couldn’t sleep so I went onto the patio for some fresh air and I noticed the light of the garden shed was on.”

Oh fuck, busted, I knew where this was going! I was caught and there was nothing I could do about it. I gulped.

“I saw what you were doing to my mom.” Her face turned a bit red, she was getting pissed I thought. She continued. “You like fucking my mom’s huge boobs? Titfucking an older woman?”

“Ah…Um…No, I mean…”

“Look, it’s actually really hot.” She said.

“What!” I shouted a bit too loudly.

“I saw you enjoying it, you were obviously in bliss. It’s hot! But what is hotter is that I confronted mom before I told you and I told her about us and she has agreed to let us be, but asked if you could love her just one more time like the other night.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t look so shocked, well not until I tell you the best part. We’re going to have a threesome. We’re going to pleasure you until you beg for release…tonight, in the same shed. You’re going to love it! A threesome with 2 massively stacked women to please you all night. How’s that sound?”

I swallowed again. “G…Good!” I stuttered.

“Well awesome then, we’re meeting at 1am, a bit later to not arouse suspicion. We’ll see you there! Oh, and if you want something to look forward to, my tits are bigger than mom’s. Yeah they’re 32 QQ. And with that, she snogged me again, unlocked the door and quickly slipped out.

What the fuck just happened I thought. My legs were weak, my head clouded. I sat down on the toilet and took a breath. This was impossible but so hot, I couldn’t believe it. Tonight, I was going to possibly make love to a mom and daughter. 32QQ tits! HEAVEN!

The rest of the day, including dinner was a bit of a blur as I feigned interest in some boring conversation between Cheryl and her dad. I was more focused on Chelsea rubbing my feet under the table with hers. And Kelly “accidentally” bumping into me while clearing the plates.

My cock was constantly hard and I was so horny, I didn’t know what or even how to think clearly. 1am couldn’t have come sooner.

Soon after dinner, Cheryl said she was tired and looked at me to hint that we should go to bed. I wanted to save my energy for later so I agreed to have an early night. I got into bed, still nervous and shaking a bit for the anticipation of what would happen later.

Cheryl turned over towards me. “Feeling frisky?” she asked. I could barely stand to be in the same bed as her.

“No, not at all, I’m really tired Cheryl.”

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