Making Our Kind of Fireworks

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My husband and I have been empty nesters now for several months. Our kids have finished college and how moved out into their apartments. We have been enjoying ourselves hanging out with our neighbors playing cards, or having pool parties.

We talked and decided to host a fourth of July party. I sent out a text to invite everyone. There are four couples and a single guy that has been regularly getting together on Saturday nights. My husband and I are in our late forties. My name is Claire. I am tall and chubby with red hair, freckles, and big brown eyes. My breasts are a C cup and a little sagging from giving birth and age.

My husband Ed is the same height as I am and fit. He is very much into making sure that he stays in good shape with bicycling. He has brown hair, blue eyes, lots of body hair, and the most fantastic smile that gets him a lot of attention from other ladies. He is a flirt, but so am I and we have never taken it any further than flirting.

The neighbors to our right side are close to our age, Linda is short if she reaches five foot one, she’s lucky. She has long brown hair and brown eyes with a small body structure with small perky tits. Her husband Bill is the opposite; he is a big man well over six feet tall, broad shoulders, no body hair at all that you can see and a beer belly. He wears his hair in a brush cut and has blue eyes.

The neighbors on the left of us are younger in their late twenty’s earlier thirties. Kayla is of average height, skinny big chested with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is always flirty and very open to everyone. Her husband Charlie is about my height with dark hair and brown eyes. You can tell the Charlie works out with weights and has a nice patch of dark chest hair.

On the other side of Charlie and Kayla is Suzy and Dan who are in their late forty’s early fifites. Suzy is very petite, with dark hair and big brown eyes. She is very affectionate and flirty with everyone. She likes to wear loose, revealing clothes and she never wears shoes. Her husband Dan is a little shorter than I am, with gray hair and green eyes. You can tell that he takes care of his body and has gray chest hair.

The only single person in our group is Al; he is the oldest at sixty years old. He is very open and loves to laugh and have a good time. He is got a little belly on him, white hair and blue eyes. When I see Al without his shirt, he is covered all over his body in white fur.

The day of the party arrived, and I was in the house cooking when Ed came inside. He has been cleaning the pool and making sure everything is all set outside. We had told everyone to come over around seven to barbeque, swim, and have drinks before we set off the fireworks once it got dark.

I bent over, getting a pan out of the cupboard, and Ed came up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and started kissing my neck. I moaned and tried to straighten up, but Ed had me in a hold that I could not move. He moved his hands around to my breasts and started rubbing them through my shirt and bra, causing me to moan again.

Ed whispered in my ear, “Claire, I want to fuck you right now, right here in the kitchen!” He unfastened my shorts and pulled them down over my ass. His hold loosened, making it so I could move and get into a better position. I leaned over the counter, wiggling my ass at him.

I looked over my shoulder, smiling at him and told him, “Come on big boy. I want that beautiful cock of yours in my pussy now!”

Ed pulled his shorts down, so they were around his ankles, he reached under me rubbing my clit. I started moving my hips along with his hand; my quim began to get wet; he then pushed a finger inside my hole, hooking it forward to touch my g-spot. When I came on his hand, he pulled his fingers out and lined the head of his cock to my hole and shoved inside me.

We paused for a moment to get used to each other again. Ed started moving slowly at first, holding my hips, grinding his pelvis into my ass. God, he knows how to make me feel good. I am moaning and telling me to move faster.

Ed laughed and told me to be patient, causing me to groan. After a few more minutes, he started moving faster than harder that you could hear our skin slapping together. He continued this for another few minutes.

I had my head down on the counter breathing hard I was on the verge of a massive orgasm when Ed slapped me on the ass, causing me to jump. He kept pumping hard, and we both came together at the same time, groaning loudly together.

When we finished, Ed laid his head on my back, slowing his breathing before he pulled out of me. I looked up and saw Suzy and Kayla watching us. Their hands were inside their shorts, rubbing themselves. I gasped and moved quickly, and Ed asked what was wrong. All I could do was nod my head towards the sliding glass doors.

Ed pulled his shorts up quickly and went over to the door, as he opened it, he asked the ladies, “Did you enjoy the show?”

Suzy reached up, pendik escort wrapping her arms around his neck and gave him a deep passionate French kiss. I could see that Ed tried to pull away but when Suzy got ahold of someone it was hard to fight her. I could see Ed looking at me, and I nodded at him, to let him know that it was ok. I could visibly see him relax and start kissing her back.

Kayla looked over at me, still standing behind the counter and smiled, “Claire, what I saw in here was very hot and sexy! Now I am going to have to go home and fuck Charlie before we come over for the party.”

I smiled at her and replied, “Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the show. I know that I did immensely.” We both started laughing, Ed and Suzy pulled apart laughing also.

I asked both the ladies, “So what brought you over in the first place?”

Suzy spoke up, “We wanted to see if you needed any help getting stuff together. But we can see that you have it well under control.” We all laughed again, and I told her that I did.

They left, and Ed came over, putting his arms around me and asked: “Are you okay that they were watching us?”

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “I was startled and upset at first, but then I got turned on that we caused them to touch themselves.”

Ed got a particular look in his eyes and asked me, “What would you think about others watching us having sex or us watching them?”

I am thrown back by the question we have never discussed anything like this; I paused for a few moments before I answered his question. “I think it would be exciting to do that with other couples it would be very sexy and a huge turn on.”

Ed hugged me closer and chuckled in my ear as he replied, “Your right it is a huge turn on, and I am hard again. Let’s go upstairs and screw again.” Ed grabbed my hand and led me to our room.

We both stripped naked and jumped on the bed, he climbed on top of me and made love to me for what seemed like forever. I came at least four times before he came inside me again. We got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean ourselves up. Once we were clean, we got dressed in our swimsuits and went back downstairs.

I finished in the kitchen, and Ed started the barbeque up, and everyone started showing up.

The party was in full swing, the drinks were flowing, and people were swimming. We were all laughing and having a good time. The food got done so we all sat at the patio table to eat. It was quiet at first than Suzy spoke up. She joked that the food got made with extra love.

Ed and Kayla spit out the drink they each just took, and I could feel my face turn beet red. Everyone else around the table was looking at us oddly. Finally, Al asked, “What the hell is going on with the four of you?”

Suzy looked around the table at everyone before she informed them, “Kayla, and I watched Claire and Ed fuck in the kitchen while the food was cooking.” I was so embarrassed that I could not look at anyone.

Kayla then told everyone, “It was sexy as hell, Suzy and I started rubbing our pussies watching them.”

Al laughed and said, “Damn, why couldn’t I have seen that I bet it was sexy. I know I would have gotten a hard-on.” I could hear the others all mumbling, and I swear I heard everyone agree with Al.

I looked over at Ed to see that he was a little red in the face. Also, he shook his head and replied to all the ribbing “Hell after the ladies left, I took Claire upstairs and fucked her again!” I kicked Ed under the table, making everyone laugh.

Suzy looked over at Ed and replied: “I would have taken both of you upstairs to fuck you.” That started all kinds of comments from everyone else. I looked up at Suzy and could tell that she was not joking.

After everyone got done eating, the ladies went into the kitchen to help me clean up. I am standing in front of the sink as Suzy came up behind me and started rubbing my ass. I jumped, turning around, causing her hand to go to my pussy. She stood there with a smirk and continued to rub me through my swim shorts.

Linda saw what Suzy was doing to me and walked over to us. She stood there watching for a minute then asked Suzy, “Is her pussy as nice as we think it is?” I was startled by the question, and Suzy smiled at me, nodding her head.

Kayla came over then putting her arms around Suzy, and I am leaning in to kiss me on the lips. I didn’t know what to do I have never been with a woman before and never really ever thought about it. She was persistent and would not stop, so I started kissing her back. I felt a hand on my breast squeezing it. I moaned from all the attention I am getting from the other ladies.

I was distracted, not realizing Suzy started moving her hand inside of my swim shorts. She started touching my pussy lips, spreading them with her fingers then flicking my clit with another finger.

I flung my head back in ecstasy; my swim top got pulled up then Linda and Kayla started maltepe escort sucking on my nipples. It felt amazing I could not make them stop even if I wanted them too. I moved my hands to the back of their heads to hold them in place on my boobs.

We all heard throats clearing, so we all jumped and looked over to see all the men standing just inside the sliding glass doors. I could tell by all of their trunks that they all had erections.

Al was the first to speak up, saying, “Hell ladies why hide in the house? Come on outside, so we all can share.”

I reached for my clothes to put them back in place, but Suzy grabbed my hand to stop me. “Claire, you are too beautiful not to flaunt what you have don’t hide it!” I have always been self-conscious of my body, but the ladies did not give me a choice. They pulled my top entirely off, and Suzy stepped on the crotch of my shorts, making them go down to my ankles, and I stepped out of them.

I could hear groans from all the men in the room. I lifted my head and looked at each person in the room and announced: “Why am the only one naked?”

Before I knew it, everyone else started stripping off their clothes, and I led everyone outside. Al caught up to me, grabbing my hand, leading me to the chaise lounge chair. I laid down on it while he got down in front of me.

I looked at Ed to see his reaction; he had an erection smiling at me. Al asked Ed, “Do you mind if I fuck the shit out of your wife?”

Ed looked at me for a moment before answering Al, “Go for it, I do believe she will enjoy that a lot.” I smiled back at Ed. Al spread my legs wide open, exposing my wet trimmed pussy, I reached down and opened my lips with my fingers smiling at Al.

Al groaned as he leaned in and started licking my pussy, I sucked in my breath, not realizing how turned on I was from all the attention. Al inserted a finger into my pussy hole while flicking his tongue on my clit; I ran my fingers in his hair, holding his head in place so he wouldn’t stop. I came all over his tongue and lips.

Al licked me clean then adjusted the chair, so I was laying down flat, then he got on his knees between my legs. His cock is rock hard surrounded by gray pubic hair; I can see pre-cum on the tip of his dick.

Al grabs my legs, pulling me down further on the chair, lining his cock up to my twat and slowly pushes in until he is entirely inside me. He pauses for us to get used to each other. I will be the first to admit it feels wrong but good having a strange cock inside me. I have been with Ed for almost thirty years and have never been with anyone other than him.

After a minute Al started moving in and out of me, I moved my hips along with him it feels so good. His cock has a huge mushroom top head that I can feel rubbing along my inner walls. I grab ahold of Al’s arms to hang on have we picked up the pace, Al had his eyes closed enjoying the feeling and sensations we are giving to each other.

Al reached down rubbing circles on my clit, making me orgasm; then he asks me, “Fuck Claire, I am going to cum where do you want it?”

I moved my hands to his face making him look me in the eyes as I respond to his question, “Fill my pussy up full Al!” I pulled his head down to me; we kissed hard and deep while he kept thrusting hard. I could feel when he started to come. It got hot and wet. Once he got done, ejaculating Al fell on top of me, breathing hard.

Al looked up at me with a smile and informed me, “I have wanted to fuck you for a long time.”

I laughed and replied, “I hope I lived up to your expectations?”

Al got a satisfied look in his eye as he answered me, “More than you will ever know.” We smiled at each other and then we heard noises so we look over at the rest of the party and there was an orgy going on, around us.

Patio furniture cushions got thrown on the concrete Suzy is laying on her back with Charlie between her legs, Ed on left and Bill on her right. She is getting fucked hard by Charlie, she’s sucking on Ed’s cock, and her hand is around Bill’s.

On another cushion, Linda is riding Dan reverse cowgirl hopping up and down hard on his cock. I looked around not seeing Kayla at first then I see her on another cushion fingering her pussy furiously and pinching her nipples.

Al pulled out of me completely, and we both sat up on the chair to watch everyone else. I am already wet from Al filling me with his cum, but watching all the sex going around me I am getting hot and bothered again.

Kayla noticed that Al and I were watching, she got up on her hands and knees crawling over to us. Once she got to me, she put her hands on my legs, spreading them apart. She positioned herself between my legs, leaned in, and started licking my pussy.

I sucked in my breath from her tongue due to my cunt being very sensitive from just getting fucked hard by Al. Kayla took her tongue, driving it into my hole, cleaning out Al’s cum. I got completely turned on kartal escort that I grabbed her head, pushing it into me as I came squirting all over her face.

Al got behind Kayla lined his dick up to her pussy and pushed hard inside her that her head bumped my belly. He started fucking her as she kept eating me out. My god, I have never felt anything like this I came again on her tongue.

She pulled away, screaming at Al “Fuck me harder! I am cumming!” Her fingers dug into my thighs when she had her orgasm. Al kept thrusting in and out of her holding her hips. I heard some other sexual scream around me. I looked to see that Linda and Dan were cumming together.

Suzy is now riding Ed’s hard six-inch thick cock leaning over him with her tits in his face to suck on; Charlie is in Suzy’s ass. I can tell that Ed and Charlie have a good rhythm together. Bill is standing over them, watching stroking his cock.

I noticed that Bill’s cock is not very big; it looks like it is only about four inches fully hard. That surprised me considering how big of a man he is in general. I noticed that he is watching Charlie and not Suzy.

Al looked over to where I was looking and saw Bill also; Al hollered at Bill to come over to us while he is still fucking Kayla. Bill walked over to us standing next to Al, who then grabbed Bill’s cock, bringing him closer then started sucking Bill’s cock.

Suzy yelled out, “That’s right, Al sucks that little cock!” Al’s head is bobbing up and down on Bill’s cock as his hips are thrusting into Kayla. Bill grabbed Al’s head and started fucking his mouth grunting as he came in Al’s mouth. Al swallowed all of the cum and then thrust hard into Kayla and orgasmed.

Suzy screamed as she had a massive orgasm with the two men. Linda is now sucking Dan’s cock clean. Kayla moved away from me and went over to Suzy who is now laying on her back again. I can see the cum leaking out of her. Kayla and Suzy got into a Sixty-nine position licking each other’s pussies clean.

Dan moved Linda off of him and walked over to me as Charlie went over to Linda. Linda started sucking Charlie’s cock, which is thick. I believe he has the fattest cock here not overly long, but the girth makes up for it.

Dan leans down and starts kissing me deep and hard. I started stroking his cock with my hand; it felt good. My fingertips didn’t quite touch when I had ahold of his cock. I would say it is about seven inches long. Dan instructed me to get on my hands and knees.

As Dan is getting on the chair behind me, I look over again, and I see Ed’s cock is in Kayla ass while she is still eating out Suzy. Al is over with Charlie and Linda, who is sucking both of them. Linda is sitting on Bill’s face as he is eating the other man’s cum out of her pussy. Dan Slid his cock slowly into my pussy, moaning, “Claire, you don’t know how long I have wanted to fuck you.”

I looked back at him, surprised by his statement. All I could say was, “Really? Al said the same thing to me.”

As Dan is pushing in and out of me, he replies, “My god Claire you are beautiful! Suzy and I have wanted to fuck both you and Ed, but we did not know how you would react. So, we just fantasied about you both.” I was amazed at his confession; I have never thought about having sex with the neighbors before tonight.

While Dan is thrusting into my pussy, he spits on my ass; I could feel his finger on puckered starfish. Dan asks me, “Do you like anal sex, Claire?”

I am pushing back against him and respond, “God, yes! Please fuck my ass!”

Dan inserted his finger into my ass, moving it in and out then I felt two fingers. He pulled out of my pussy, and I could feel the head of his cock at my asshole. Dan slowly pushes inside me until I can feel his pelvis against my ass. He paused for a minute until I shift back to let him know that I am ready for him to fuck me.

Dan held my hips as he slowly pulled out, then back in, over and over. I could feel his balls hitting my pussy; I reached under me to start rubbing my clit. I had an orgasm which made it feel like my ass loosened up more for Dan. He is grunting behind me as he starts thrusting harder until he came inside me and filled my rectum full of his cream.

Dan pulled out of me, and I could feel my ass gaping, causing the cum to leak out. I laid down on the chair, exhausted. I have never been fucked so much in the same day I can’t believe how much I’ve come this evening between Ed and the neighbors.

I rolled onto my side, and Dan laid behind me, spooning me. We were laying there watching over the rest of the group. Everyone is laying around exhausted and spent.

It was getting dark, and while we were laying there, the neighborhood started letting off fireworks. We all gathered closer together to watch the show.

I laughed and stated, “Hell, we just made the best kind of fireworks!” Everyone laughed and agreed with me.

The ladies went inside to clean the cum off, and out of us, then we all went for a late-night swim. Each couple was in the pool holding each other when Al spoke up, “I hope we can all do this again? I know I enjoyed myself this evening.”

We all laughed and agreed that we would be doing this again and soon.

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