Marie Plus Three

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Big Tits

(This story was written with the inspiration and help of Marie.)


Marie smiled. Today was the first day warm enough to go swimming h in her new swimming pool and she was trying on her old bathing suit, She hadn’t had time yet to go look for anew one. She was smiling because her diet had worked– the bathing suit which and once fitted her tightly was now loose all over. The black one-piece was definitely destined for the trash. Maybe she’d even get a two-piece now.

Just before lunch time, she walked out onto the patio surrounding the pool and settled in to a chaise longue, feeling the warm sun on her skin. Now that school was out for the summer and she didn’t have to deal with kid’s problems every day (she was the a school psychologist), she wanted nothing more than to sit by the pool and read the books she hadn’t had time to, or think, or nap, or day dream… She heard the back door of the house next door bang, and then the sound of a basketball being dribbled by the garage.

“Adam?” she called.

Adam stepped through the bushes between the two yards. “Yes, Mrs. Sillsby,” he inquired.

“Adam, I just want to remind you that you’re welcome to use the pool anytime– this afternoon’s going to be hot. Don’t hesitate to come over if you want to.”

“Thanks Mrs. S., but a couple of my friends are coming over this afternoon. Maybe another time.”

“Well, they can come too– you know that no one else will be using it, so there’s plenty of room.”

“OK, maybe I will– yeah, that’s a good idea. Thanks.” And then he loped off.”

Such a nice boy, she thought. She had known Adam Henderson since “before he was born,” she liked to say, because she had been friends with her neighbor when she was pregnant. Not a boy anymore either. He had turned 18 last month, and his body was muscular and fit— her thought drifted away to muscular fit bodies…

After lunch, Marie went back out onto the patio, sat down again, and picked up the paperback she had left laying there. She had only read a few pages before she began to doze off and the book dropped out of her hand. She was aware of what was going on, but she was so comfortable that she didn’t want to move or or look at anything, she just wanted to sit there, getting tan and letting her mind drift.

She heard the door bang next door again and the voices of a couple of young guys– no doubt Adam and his friends. Sure enough, she heard them cross into her backyard and then Adam’s voice say, “Ssssh– she’s asleep – we’ll have to be real quiet.” She was awake, but she didn’t open her eyes. She heard them slip into the pool and some quiet laughter as they splashed around.

Inevitably the boys got louder as the minutes passed, and Marie looked out from under her eyelids, noting their strong young bodies and occasionally a glimpse of the front of their bathing suits. Nice, she thought. She also noticed that they would occasionally glance at her– for her age of 55 she had trim and fairly firm body with a nice bust and great legs, she’d been told– and she put one leg down on the ground next to the deck chair. That way, if they really wanted to, they could see between her legs. Nothing too obvious, just a little glimpse. They might like it. She surely would. She loved it when men gave her a second glance or even a longer appraising look. It made her feel so sexy.

Suddenly the boys in the pool fell silent. She peeked out of her almost closed eyes and saw all of them staring at her. Then she realized why. Because her bathing suit was so baggy it had ridden up and the crotch of it was wedged into her slit– her labia were clearly visible on either side of the black nylon… If she moved they would know that she was awake– if she didn’t move there were four young men gazing with open mouths at her cunt… The idea turned her on immediately– four men looking at her pussy. She felt so special and hot. The feeling overwhelmed her in a way she hadn’t expected. Her mind wouldn’t stop. She was starting to imagine them taking out their cocks…

She had to do something. She raised her arms, gave a big yawn, and closed her legs before opening her eyes. This gave the boys time to suddenly start up a loud conversation and turn away, splashing and horsing around. She got up from the chair, feeling her nipples begin to harden as she did so. She hurriedly went in the house. She went into the closest place– the laundry room and slipped her hand inside her bathing suit—God, it felt good to massage her pussy. Through the open window, she heard the boys talking quietly. As she continued to rub her rapidly moistening pussy she heard the babble of their voices:

“Was that what I think it was? Oh my God, did you see… Pink and hairy… Stick it in her… Cum all over… Fuck! … eat that…”

As listened to them talking about fucking her she slipped a finger inside her sopping cunt. Ahhh , so good. She slid it in and out, and in just a matter of seconds she was Ankara escort clamping her mouth shut and trying to keep her moans to a whisper as she came. She shuddered one last time and slowly drew her finger out of her hole, raising it to her lips. She licked it clean, adjusted her bathing suit, and walked back out onto the patio. The boys were gone. Too bad– she would have liked to see the bulges in there shorts after they had seen her pussy. Oh well, they’d be back – she was sure of it.

She was surprised at how turned on she had become when realizing that the boys were looking at her pussy. She was surprised at how quickly and strongly she had cum when fingering herself and listening to their voices. But most of all she was surprised at the decision she had come to– that she would expose herself to these four boys over the summer – and fuck each one of them.

She was right– they were back the next day. They were no doubt hoping to get a glimpse of her exposed pussy again. Well, not today. At least not yet. She walked over to the edge of the pool and bent from the waist to splash some water on her face and shoulders. Because her suit was so loose , she was sure they could see much more than just her cleavage– they could probably see all the way down to her navel. She went back to her chair and sat down with one foot on the ground on each side of it. That way they would be able to see between her legs. She made sure her suit was stretched tight across her vulva– she wanted them to see the outline of her cunt. She closed her eyes and dozed off. Her sexual arousal was warming her more than the sun was.

When she walked back in the house, she made sure her bathing suit was wedged in her ass crack– she wanted to show the boys all of her charms, including her sweet ass. Again, she stopped in the laundry room, listening to their quiet voices as they talked about what they had seen: ” big knockers” “stick my tongue in that,” “suck those titties.” She smiled as she rubbed her pussy– she would masturbate tonight with the sound of those boys’ lustful voices in her ears.

She continued every day and the boys caught on to the game very quickly: She would discreetly expose her body to them, but no one would mention it. The four young men were happy to look at her and she felt incredibly sexy and desirable. She would sit on the edge of the pool and dangle her feet in the water as she gave them an open view of her crotch, or lean over to scoop water on her face, making sure they could see the delectable snowballs of her breasts. And each day she would stand buy the open window and listen to them as they talked about what they’d like to do to her. It made her tingle when she heard them talk about fucking her .

She was listening to them talk again and was getting g very aroused by hearing Adam say he’d like to cum all over her tits, when she heard Liam’s voice: “I’d ram that piece of ass until she split in half!” She didn’t like being called a piece of ass. She didn’t like rude boys. Or maybe she did. Maybe she wanted to be split in half.

She decided to fuck Chocko first. He was the shyest– the one who looked away most quickly when she flashed herself. It gave her a feeling of pleasure to imagine his reaction when she offered her body to the young virgin. The next day, after greeting the boys out by the pool, she came inside and got the three-step step ladder out of the hall closet and put it in her room under the closet shelf. Then she leaned out her bedroom window and called down: “Chocko, can you come up here and help me a for just a minute?”

“Sure, Mrs. Sillsby, be right there,” he called up.

As she waited for him to get there, she adjusted her suit the way she wanted it. Not much she could do about the top without taking her arms out of the straps, but she pulled it up in back to give a generous view of her ass, and she also pulled it up tight into her crotch so her pussy hair was was visible. She heard him coming down the hall. He stuck his head around the door.

“Chocko, I’ve got to get a box that’s up on the shelf there and I want you to help me.”

“OK …” And he started towards the closet.

Thinking at lightning speed she said, “Oh no, there are several boxes up there and I know which one I want. I want you to holds me.”

“Oh, OK.”

She carefully stepped up to the platform at the top of the ladder, despite the yellow warning sticker glued to it. “Can you hold my legs?” She felt his hands on her calves and enjoyed the warm tingling feeling. The slight feeling of sexual arousal that she had from thinking about Chocko coming up to her room was increased as he touched her. The ladder was short– less than a meter high– and her ass was at the level of his face. She could sense his eyes taking in the smooth and rounded globes of her sexy bum. She leaned for ward to search for the the box she wanted and “accidentally” pushed her ass into his face. “Oops,” she giggled.

She turned around Ankara escort bayan slowly so now her mound was directly in front of his mouth. If she had been hoping for him to lean forward and kiss her mons, she was disappointed. She put a hand on his shoulder and stepped slowly down to the ground. She was standing so close to him that her breasts were only centimeters from his chest. She looked into his eyes and she hoped that he could see the lust burning there.

With some embarrassment he said, “Mrs. Sillsby, I know what you’re trying to do, and I… Well, I mean… If I could…” Finally he managed to mumble, “I’m gay.” He took a step backwards.

Her face froze for a moment, then she began to laugh. She saw the look on his face and she said, “No, no, I’m not laughing at you, it’s just that the situation is funny– don’t you think so? And don’t worry– I won’t tell the others.”

And Chocko began to chuckle. ” I guess it is– here you are, trying to get me into bed and I’m not interested at all…”

They continues to chuckle as Chocko walked towards the door. “Did you really need that box?” he said, nodding at the shoe box in her hands.

“I don’t even know what’s in it,” she laughed.

“By the way,” said Chocko, “you’ve got a great ass. If you were a man…”

Marie sat down on the bed and opened the box. There were some photos of her from 20 years ago or more. She looked good– but then she thought, as she saw herself in the mirror, she looked almost as good today. She hoped Brad would think so– because she had almost decided that he was the next lucky boy to receive her sexual attention.

The following day she was in the laundry room again after having flashed her pussy briefly at the boys as she sat in the chair. She was thinking of the boys’ reactions as she exposed herself to them. She was listening too, and things got very quiet for a moment. Then the boys’ voices burst out: “You didn’t!” “No way!,” “Holy shit!” Then she heard Liam’s voice again– “Yeah, you just ask for a private room and she’ll follow you there, then– badda-bing-badda-bang!”

So, the lout had fucked a whore in a strip club– well, he was definitely at the bottom of the list. That afternoon, as she sat by the pool, Adam said, “Hey Mrs. S., you look hot out there– why don’t you get in the pool with us– we don’t mind.” Then, realizing what he had said, he tried to correct himself– “I means it’ so hot…”

“I know what you mean,” she said. “Just a slip of the tongue.” And she stuck her tongue out at him. She felt a familiar tickle in her cunt as she saw how embarrassed he was at her lascivious behavior. She was in the mood to be adventurous– even wanton, so she went to the edge of the pool and slipped in. The cool water made her nipples harden instantly, and she was sure the boys noticed.

The guys had been playing Keep Away with a plastic ball. “Will you let an old lady play?” asked Marie with a smile.

“If there were any old ladies here, we would,” said Brad, “but you can join in , if you want.”

She joined Adam and Liam in the middle, jumping around and trying to catch the ball. As she and Adam both tried to catch a wildly thrown ball, they got tangled up and went under the water. As they were re-surfacing, she felt Adam’s hands slide over her tits. Adam didn’t give any sign, but she was sure it was deliberate. The idea of being groped by these young studs turned her on.

She decided to try again and take a more active part. She crashed into Brad, knocking him down, and when they were under the water , she reached out and quickly stroked his cock. It wasn’t erect, but still she felt deliciously naughty as he got a surprised look on his face. They continued to play, and eventually Marie and Liam went under at the same time. As they thrashed under the water, she felt Liam swim between her legs and stand up with her on his shoulders. Laughing, he tipped her gently off, but not before running his hands down her thighs. She was tingling again– the pressure of Liam’s head against her crotch had increased her excitement.

She went over to the side of the pool to climb out and Brad put his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the edge. His hands on her hips felt delicious, and she smiled at him. “Tomorrow you’re going to do more than just put your hands on my hips,” she thought. She went in the house and tried to decide whether to masturbate or get on with the things she had to do. She decided to wait: there would be plenty of time tonight with her imagination– and her dildo.


The next day she didn’t put on her bathing suit. Instead she dressed carefully: First she put some light make-up. Then, a pair of silk stockings with a garter belt, making sure to bend one clip a little so it wouldn’t hold the stocking properly. Then black lacy panties over the garter belt, and a matching , low-cut bra. A modest blouse and a dark blue skirt that came just above her knees, and strappy high heeled Escort Ankara sandals. Finally, just a touch of perfume and some earrings.

She waited until she heard the boys splashing in the pool then she leaned out her bedroom window again, and called, “Brad, can you come here for a minute?”

“Be right there, Mrs. S.,” he called back.

She waited until she heard him coming down the hall and then raised her skirt above the top of her stocking and fiddled with the bent clip. “Brad, I can’t get this clip to hold– do you think you could get it?”

Brad looked very bashful and surprised. “Uh, maybe , ” he said. But her made no move. “Well come here, then”, said Marie, “you can’t do it from over there.” Brad slowly approached her and she turned a bit so he could see the inside of her nylon-covered thigh. He reached down and fumbled with the clip, trying desperately not to touch her leg or any other part of her body.

“This isn’t working , Brad– maybe it will be easier if I sit on the bed. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it, but instead of sitting, she leaned back, pulling her skirt up so Brad could see the clip and the top of the stocking– and very single inch of other leg as well as her panty-covered pussy. “C’mon, what are you waiting for?” she said in her sexiest voice, full of invitation.

Brad seemed to be in a trance. He walked over to her, leaned slowly over her, and again , tried to get the clip fixed. He couldn’t do it because he couldn’t see it— he was staring at her panties, stretched tight over her mound and across her pussy. His hand touched her stocking and he jerked it back without taking his eyes off her snatch.

“It’s OK, Brad, you can touch me if you need to– if you want to. In fact, I’d like you to touch me.” Marie noticed the big bulge in the front of his swimming suit. “Brad, please touch me– like this.” And she took his hand and guided it slowly to her now tingling mound. “Like this.” She placed his hand on her panties and moved it up and down, making sure she rubbed it over her love hole. God, she was so excited! Her panties were already wet.

Brad finally came out of his trance and started to rub her panties of his own accord, rubbing her nylon-covered leg with his other hand. “Oh, yesssss,” Marie groaned, “Oh God yes, rub me, Brad!”

While Brad was letting his hands roam over her panties and legs, Marie unbuttoned her blouse. She pushed it back off her shoulders. She didn’t waste time with her bra clasp– she just pulled the flimsy, lacy bra down over her breasts, exposing them so she could get her fingers on her nipples. She pinched them , sending a jolt of ecstasy through her body, causing her to thrust her hips upwards off the bed. “Here, take these,” she commanded Brad as she cupped her tits. Brad, who was only to happy to oblige. He reached towards her aching boobs, but Marie said “no– with your mouth!”

He started to lick and kiss her hardened nipples, and she took another step towards orgasm. She pulled his face into her heaving chest and held him there. It was clear from how rough he was that Brad wasn’t used to licking a woman’s breasts, but Marie liked it rough. “Suck me hard,” she gasped. She wished that he had more mouths so he could stick his tongue in her pussy at the same time because she was on fire there now.

She released Brad’s head and her hands went to the waistband of her panties which she pulled down as far as she could. She pushed Brad’s face away from her tits and she pushed her self up with her arms so she was sitting and pulled her panties off. She reached forward, grabbed Brad’s swimming trunks and yanked them down so they fell to his ankles. There was his cock, stiff and straight.

She looked at his hard-on waiting there, and she lay back again, spreading her legs, and saying, “fuck me hard!” That’s when it happened. Brad’s cock began to jerk and spray a load of hot cum over her knees and thighs. She quickly grabbed the jumping cock got her hands coated with his spunk, but after a few seconds it was clear that he wasn’t going to be putting that into anyone’s cunt.

His cock deflated quickly, but that wasn’t going to stop her. She needed to cum. “Get down on your knees and lick me,” she groaned, as she rubbed her sticky hands over her sensitive breasts. Again, it was clear that he had never done this before, but the feeling she got from having an 18-year-old virgin touch her panties and suck her nipples had brought her close to the edge. With his inexperienced tongue sliding over her clit and poking her honey-hole, she exploded rather quickly herself. She locked her silky legs against his sides, ground her thrusting snatch into his face, and let out a moan of pleasure. She shuddered for a long time, smearing Brad’s face with her pussy juice, and whimpering with pleasure.

At last she stopped and pushed Brad’s face back from her snatch. “Did you like that—did you like having a woman cum all over your face? Did you enjoy the taste of pussy?” All Brad could do was nod his head. “He seemed stunned again. “Next time, you’re gong to stick your cock here”– and she touched her pussy and spread it open– “before you cum. You’re going to fill me up. Now– go.”

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