Married Straight Guy Risks It


I knew this was the only way I could go through with it. As I stepped into the unlocked hotel room, I could still feel the shudders of fear, and excitement, race through my body.

The hotel room was empty, just the way He said it would be. I closed the door, and fought the urge to lock it. That was harder than I thought… one flick of that little knob, and nothing would happen this afternoon. But, I didn’t. That wasn’t why I was here. I wasn’t here to be safe.

I looked at myself in the mirror over the dresser. I had to admit, I’m not bad looking… a 6’2” and a solid 200 pounds, I turned a lot of Heads. My muscular body was shown off pretty well by the tight jeans and t-shirt I was wearing, but it was about to be shown off a lot better. Taking a deep breath, I began to strip.

I had to keep pushing my sandy brown hair out of my eyes, as I slid the jeans down and kicked them off, then the t-shirt and my underwear. Naked, I was almost ashamed at the semi-hardness of my cock… it was eight inches, when it was fully erect, and I had no idea if I would get that way, today. I went into the bathroom, and took a shower.

There was another thrill to this… naked, in the shower, I had no idea if someone was coming into the hotel room… if HE was coming in. But, as I soaped myself up, paying special attention to my cock, balls, and ass, the thrill just kept building. I was glad that my shower wasn’t interrupted… and maybe a little disappointed, too.

I dried myself off, thoroughly, put on some deodorant, and lay on the bed. Naked, exposed to the room… anyone who opened that door would find me just like this.

I had the timing right… because it was only a few minutes before He came into the room. God, He was big… bigger than I’d imagined, when we had talked on the Internet. He was wearing a jogging suit and a ski mask… the way we’d arranged it.

He didn’t say a word. Neither did I. He just closed the door, and brought the duffel bag He’d carried in over to the bed. He opened it, and pulled out a roll of duct tape.

I had a moment… a moment where I could have stopped it. A moment where I could have spoken, and ruined the whole thing… and stayed safe. I didn’t use it.

The first strip of duct tape went over my eyes. I Heard movement, and the shuffling of clothes. He was stripping, after He blindfolded me. He didn’t have to wear the mask, any more… nor anything else. I couldn’t identify Him, at all, now.

I felt His weight come down on the bed, next to me, and He rolled me onto my stomach. I didn’t resist… I wasn’t there to resist. He crossed my wrists behind my back, and then I Heard the ripping of more duct tape, and my wrists were bound together. I knew, instinctively, that it was going to hurt like fuck when the tape came off… but I didn’t care. That pain would be the least of my worries, soon.

I was rolled back onto my bound arms, and I Heard His breathing become more ragged… more excited. The fear and the excitement were fighting in me, too… I was getting hard. Harder than I’d been in a while. Harder than my wife made me.

I was about to have my first gay Ankara escort sex, and there was nothing I could do about it.

He spread my legs apart, and I could feel His weight come down between my knees. His strong hands were under my thighs, then, lifting my knees up, and spreading my legs any more. Then, I felt Him get closer, and felt His hot breath on my hard cock, and I twitched.

The first touch of a man’s mouth to my cock made me moan out loud, as He licked the very tip of me. My hips instinctively thrust upwards, a little, but His mouth pulled back… allowing me only that tiny contact with the tip of His tongue. His tongue slowly circled my glans, and flicked up and over the cleft, and I moaned. He knew just what to do… like I knew He would. He flickered His tongue tip in my piss-hole, and I moaned again, Helpless to do anything but lie there, and let Him lick me.

His tongue traveled up and down the underside of my hard eight inches, licking the main vein softly, and gently. My hips started to thrust up and down, I couldn’t control them. It had been a VERY long time since I’d gotten Head, and this was so different… I was being licked by someone who understood what a cock needs.

Every so often, His cheeks would brush my thighs, or my scrotum, and I’d feel a rough, sand-papery scrape… His beard stubble. It was a reminder of the masculinity of the person giving me Head, and it only made me harder.

Then, His lips were kissing the tip of my cock, and splaying out, as He sucked the Head into His mouth. The hot wetness of His mouth almost made me cum, right there, but then His hand was at the base of my cock, and His thumb was pressing in, right at the base, on the underside… holding back my cum. I moaned even louder, but He just Held it back, His tongue circling my cockhead as He Held it in His mouth.

Slowly, He began to bob His Head up and down, taking a little more of me into His mouth on each downward thrust. He set up a sweet, hot fucking rhythm, and before long, He was taking it all the way in. I could Hear Him gagging a little as my cockhead punched into His throat, but His motion and rhythm didn’t change… He was fucking my cock with His mouth, and I was loving it.

His thumb still pressed into the base of my cock… I couldn’t cum if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to, yet. There was so much more for me to experience!

There was no way to tell how long He sucked my dick… it felt like forever, but I couldn’t see a clock, or the light from around the curtains. His saliva ran down my cock, and around my balls, dripping into my ass crack, as He licked and slurped at my hard member. He moaned Himself, around my cock, as He sucked me, and that made it even better.

Then, as He took the Head of my cock into His throat, again and again, I felt one of His big, meaty fingers probing the skin under my ballsack. The mouth on my cock felt so good, that this was just another stimulation.

Then, the finger found my anus, and began to push in. Lubricated liberally by the saliva between my cheeks, the tip of His finger penetrated my virgin ass easily.

And Ankara escort bayan it HURT. Oh, FUCK it hurt… so much, that I lifted my hips off the bed (gagging Him with my cock) and said “NO… Please!”

It didn’t matter. Once the duct tape was over my eyes, there was no stopping it. He continued to push that big, thick finger into my ass as He blew me. I moaned and begged and pleaded with Him… “Stop it! Please! Oh, fuck… I don’t want it any more! Stop! Don’t!” But it only made Him thrust His finger in harder.

He was finger-fucking my tight, inexperienced asshole with the same rhythm that He was sucking my cock with, and even though the pain in my ass softened me a little, the Head was still the most amazing blowjob I’d ever had. I was trying to lift my ass off His finger, my Heels digging into the bed, when He found my prostate.

“Oh, FUCK,” I cried, as He touched that gland inside me. It still hurt, having His finger buried in my ass, but this THROBBING pleasure raced throughout my whole body, centered right there, up my tight ass. My pulse POUNDED in my cock, as He sucked me… and suddenly, the Head was ten times as intense.

He took that opportunity to force a second finger in my ass. I screamed.

It seemed to go on and on… it was probably only minutes, but it felt like the anal assault went on for hours, as He probed my ass, and tickled my prostate, over and over again. His thumb at the base of my cock Held off my orgasm the whole time, no matter how good His mouth felt, no matter how much better the prostate massage made it feel.

His Head bobbed up and down on me faster, and faster, but I couldn’t cum… and my balls started to ache… the pain in them merging with the pain from my stretched asshole, causing a dull ache that somehow only made me want to cum more.

Then, His fingers slid out of me, and His mouth left my cock.

I thrust my hips hard, trying to get any stimulation at all for my poor, tormented dick… just a few more minutes, just a good hard suck, and I’d cum… Hell, if He tickled my prostate again, I’d cum… but there was nothing… nothing but His deep voice, chuckling.

Then I felt His weight shift closer, and I knew what was coming. I was terrified.

“NO,” I said, as His big hands lifted my thighs, pressing my knees to my chest. “I changed my mind… I don’t want you to do this. Please… just stop, ok?”

Then something was pressing at my stretched anus, and my GOD, could that have been the Head of His cock? It felt so big… so hard…

And then it was THRUSTING into me, stretching me far more than the fingers had, my assaulted anal ring offering not nearly enough resistance, and I screamed again. It didn’t matter… no one around Here would Hear me, or care if they did.

He was groaning with the effort of cramming His massive dick up my ass, leaning all His weight and strength into it. I began to cry, the tears trapped in my duct-tape blindfold. I think I cried out for my mother… I’m not sure exactly what all I said, at that point. It hurt like fuck.

Then, His cockhead brushed over my prostate, and my cock, which had Escort Ankara stayed hard through the whole assault, THROBBED. I gasped, and He laughed.

That’s when He pulled out everything but the Head of it, and RAMMED it all back into my abused hole. It filled me, it cramped me, it stretched me, it felt like it tore me, and it hit my prostate all at the same time. I didn’t know whether to scream or cum… but I screamed.

He started fucking me, then… pounding my poor asshole with His big, hard cock as He Held my thighs down to my chest. I begged for Him to stop, but He didn’t… not for a moment. He never hesitated, never slowed… in fact, every time I said “No!” He only fucked me faster… harder… deeper. He raped the Hell out of me, for a GOOD long time; just like we’d discussed it.

Just as I was cursing God for letting me ask for this, He reached down, grabbed my cock, and gave it one, good, hard tug.

That was all it took. I screamed again… screamed like a woman, as the prostate stimulation and the touch on my cock brought me to a shattering orgasm, my cum spewing out in thick ropes. He groaned, at the same time, and His thrusting slowed, and His cock spasmed up my ass. I could feel the hot, sticky cum squirting out of my asshole around His cock… He’d cum in me. He shot His cum in me, unprotected, filling me… just like we’d discussed it.

He pulled on my cock a few times, milking it expertly, until every drop of cum was drained from my balls, even as He thrust His cock into me a few more times, letting my tortured, raped, spasming rectum milk Him.

He pulled His cock out of me, and my legs dropped down to the bed. It was over… and my mind was still dazed. The pain, and the pleasure, were SO intense in my mind… and with the blindfold, I had lost all track of time and identity.

The next step was for Him to shower, get dressed, put the mask back on, take my blindfold off, and leave. That’s what was supposed to happen.

But it didn’t. I opened my mouth… I started to speak… and He forced something into my mouth. It was probably my underwear, but I could hardly recognize it by taste alone. He duct-taped it in place, gagging me very effectively. I tried to sit up on the bed, and He forced me back down.

I had had my first man sex… but it wasn’t my last. I lost track of the number of times He fucked me. He got on the phone, and called friends. A lot of friends.

I think, maybe, a dozen guys or so came to the hotel room, that weekend. I was fucked hard, without gentleness or mercy, for two days… I only know because I got there on Friday afternoon, and it was Sunday when everyone left. They fucked my ass, they fucked my mouth, they made me jerk them off, they rubbed their cocks all over my body, and came on every inch of me.

There was no going to the police… I couldn’t identify anyone, and I had, after all, asked for this. At least part of it. The first part.

He hasn’t been back online since the gang rape. I don’t know what I’d say to Him, even if I did see Him again. Would I curse Him for tearing my asshole open, and making me spend a few days in the hospital, getting it fixed? Or would I thank Him for the intense orgasm I get, jacking off in the shower, thinking of those big cocks, raping me?

Would I ask Him to do it all over again?

Maybe it’s best that He’s not around.

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