Massage For Brother-In-Law


I hadn’t seen Tim, my brother in law, for the past couple of years. Because business was booming, I found myself traveling throughout the US quite much more than normal. With the arrival of summer, my wife and kids were off to visit relatives for a few weeks leaving me to my work and household” honey-do” projects. So it was an out-of-the-blue surprise when I heard from Tim. He was just calling to see what the heck was going on and to let me know if I got bored I could drop around his place and chug down a few beers and shoot the shit.

The weekend came and not having anything I really wanted to do, I gave Tim a call to see if he was still going to be around. Picking up beer and snacks on the way to my brother in law’s place, arriving at Tim’s house after an hour drive no one was answering the door. I sometimes envied him of his still being single with very few responsibilities and nobody to worry about except for himself. Going through the garage entrance as he told me to do if he didn’t answer the door, I put the beer in the refrigerator and wandered around the house looking for him. My yelling not getting his attention, I thought perhaps was out back doing yard work. Hearing water running in one of the rooms at the end of the hallway, I knew it had to be Tim. Turning the corner and stepping into the room, it didn’t take long to notice I had walked into the bathroom at which time I saw a pair of cutoffs, t-shirt, and briefs piled on the floor. Looking up and to the right, I suddenly became aware the water I heard running was the shower enclosed by a glass shower door – not a curtain. Looking in, I found Tim.

Because of the type of work he does, Tim is in good shape. With his back to me, I could see his legs are muscular, his buttocks tight, and his back powerful. As I could see Tim was about to turn around, I pulled back around the corner. I slowly moved forward and as expected, he was now facing me. Seeing Tim naked like this, my cock started to twitch. Here was my brother in law naked and me wanting to see his cock. As my eyes traveled over his body, his stomach was flat as it approached his crotch. The blond pubic hair started at his bellybutton and traveled down in a thin line to the base of his large cock.

Surrounding his cock and sac, he had lots of pubic hair but because of it being blond, it didn’t hide a thing. Even hanging between his legs, Tim’s flaccid cock had to be a good 5″. And his balls had to be good size as I could see both testicles below his cock. If his cock was that long now, I was certain he had to be at least ten inches with a hard-on. Moving around, the water running down his body, my eyes traveled from the base of his thick flaccid cock, along the shaft where I could make out veins along the side, and then to the knob of his cock that was at least two inches thick. I was trying to imagine how thick it would be when hard. As I was still looking over his naked body, I saw him reach up and turn the shower off. Before he caught me, I hurried out of the room and into the kitchen acting like I just got there.

Waiting for him to come out of the shower, I was still picturing Tim nude. Not letting him know I was there, he came around the corner toward the kitchen naked except for a towel he was carrying. Thinking I better act fast, I let him know I was there. Being caught by surprise, he threw the towel toward me and was ready to pounce on me but finally recognizing whom it was, he relaxed. But through his actions, Tim was now standing in the kitchen totally nude. I could feel myself getting aroused as he stood there nude in front of me. He could see I was checking him out – all over. Acting as though he was alone in the house, he went about his business. I could see the back of his upper legs and his buttocks were tight. Turning around, Tim leaned against the counter. All this time, I was moving my eyes back and forth from his eyes down to his dangling cock and back up to his eyes. Every so often, as he leaned against the counter, he would spread his legs apart slightly which would afford me the opportunity to see his testicles hanging underneath his long cock. Each time his cock moved, my eyes would follow it for a few seconds, and I would look up to see Tim watching me. He knew I was fascinated with the meat hanging between his legs.

Seeing Ankara escort Tim standing against the counter almost had me shooting my wad. Not wanting Tim to see my cock starting to harden, I sat down at the table. As we continued to talk, and as Tim was continuing to go about his business in the kitchen, I was following him with my eyes every step he took. As he was walking around the kitchen and keeping busy, out of the blue he started talking about massages he used to get and how much he used to pay for them but because he couldn’t afford them anymore his back was beginning to bother him. As we kept talking on that subject, he asked me if I knew anyone who gave massages because he was really hurting. My mind started to really wander now. Progressing slowly to make it seem it was my brother-in-law’s idea, I really didn’t comment. Again, Tim indicated anything close to a massage would help. Hearing this, I offered to give him a quick back rub if he thought it would help.

With Tim still facing me nude only a few feet from where I was sitting, I couldn’t believe I was going to actually touch his naked body. Tim stood there letting me look at his naked body all I wanted. As he continued to talk, I was busy staring at his hips, legs, and cock. He would shift sideways once in a while and I could see his cock from the side as it hung out from his pubic hair. Requesting his back rub, we proceeded down he hall to the main bedroom where he pulled back the blankets until just the bottom sheet was on the king size bed. Going into the walk-in closet, Tim returned handing me a jar of some king of scented oil. As he was getting on the bed, I sat on the edge and took off my shoes and socks.

Jumping up and walking over to the dresser, he took out a pair of thong briefs that he handing to me as he went back and got on the bed laying on his stomach. Looking at the thong, I knew they would be a size or two too small to fit me. The thong looked like it was made for a kid. Going into the side bathroom, I took off all my clothes and slipped into the thong. Just as I thought, the thong was a few sizes too small but I could wear them. Looking in the mirror, I could practically see the entire outline of my cock and balls pushed against the material. If my cock got hard, the head would be sticking out somewhere. Pubic hair surrounding my cock and balls was already sticking out. I was almost as naked as my brother-in-law. Getting my courage, I opened the door and walked back into the bedroom wearing only a pair of thongs. Seeing Tim lying on his stomach totally naked, made me nervous.

Before rubbing oil into my hands, I asked him if he needed a towel or anything. Tim’s response – “I don’t think so. You’ve gotten a good look at everything I’ve got.” Tim rose up a bit as he moved and I could see his beautiful cock hanging below his belly. In order to get to his back from above, I crawled up on the bed beside him positioning myself next to his naked body. Kneeling in order to reach his back, I leaned over and made first contact with his back as I started to rub the oil into his shoulders, back, and neck muscles. Slowly massaging the oil into his muscles, he turned his head so he was now looking toward my side of the bed. Gently working my hands down his back, he was really starting to relax. As my hands went lower down his back, my eyes went to his buttocks appearing to be tightly muscled. I stopped my hands from going any lower and concentrated on that area. Every once is a while, I would lean slightly to my right so I could see the view between Tim’s legs and buttocks getting a good look at the crease of his ass. My right leg was resting against his left naked thigh as my hands were continuing to massage his back.

Putting more oil on my hands, and seeing that Tim was enjoying the rubdown, I tempted fate and moved down to his ankles and brought my hands down on his calve muscles and slowly began rubbing the oil into his skin. He didn’t move at all. Moving my hands up his legs to the back of his knees he still hadn’t made any movement so I proceeded higher until my hands were resting on the back of his thighs. As I was massaging his thighs, I eased myself between his slightly spread ankles and was now positioned between his legs. In this position, because his legs and thighs were now spread, I Ankara escort bayan had a good view of his testicles lying on the bed between his thighs and buttocks. My hands moved gently upward until they were just below his buttock cheeks. Not knowing if I should stop of not, I placed each of my oiled covered hands on his hips and slowly massaged the oil into his hips. Every once in a while I could see Tim twitch as my fingers touched his pelvic area. Seeing Tim’s ass crack directly in front of me, only inches from my own cock got me breathing hard. Before I knew it, I could feel my cock beginning to stir. It wasn’t long before my cock was semi-erect in the confines of the tiny thong I was wearing. Wanting to drive my cock into Tim’s ass, I decided I had better get up. Crawling over his legs and standing next to the bed, I requested he roll over on his back so I could finish the massage.

As Tim rolled over on his back, his arms were stretched over his head. Climbing up and kneeling next to Tim on the bed, I applied oil to my palms and slowly worked my hands into his shoulders and upper chest. As Tim soon had his eyes closed and was just about sleeping, I had the opportunity to check Tim out from head to foot. Tim’s cock was semi-erect and laying to one side. Moving my hands slowly down his chest, I was now rubbing oil into his stomach muscles. When I went low enough where my fingers were now brushing his soft blond pubic hair above his crotch, I removed my hands and moved myself lower so I was now at the area of his knees. Putting more oil into my palms, I began massaging his upper legs just above his knees that were quite muscular. Moving my hands slowly upwards, my hands and fingers were only inches from Tim’s testicles. With Tim’s eyes closed and his head leaning to the side, I was completely engrossed with his semi-hard cock, tight testicles, and blond pubic hair surrounding his cock. With my hands now massaging oil into his hips and lower belly and down to his thighs and then again up his hips and belly and so forth, I could see Tim starting to stir a little because of the closeness of my hands to his cock and testicles. I could see Tim’s cock shifting by itself and now laying flat against his stomach. I was now watching Tim’s cock expanding in length and thickness. I continued to massage his upper thighs slightly brushing my fingers so I touched his testicles once in a while. Looking up at Tim’s face, he was now looking back at me wide awake. Here was my brother-in-law staring back at me and him with an erection. His cock had to be at least eleven to twelve inches long and five to six inches thick. With his elongated cock laying flat against his stomach, the head of his cock was now touching his belly button. I couldn’t believe the size of his cock.

Asking Tim if he wanted me to continue, I took hold of his erection in one oily hand and slowly stroked the thick shaft. I couldn’t wrap my fingers completely around the shaft because of the thickness of his cock. My other hand cupped his testicles and gently massaged his sac. While jacking him off, I would rub my thumb over the tip of his cock so the pre-cum leaking out of the tip would mix with the oil. Doing this for about five minutes, I could see Tim wasn’t going to last much longer before he would shoot his load so I stopped. Without Tim having to say a work, I took hold of his engorged cock, leaned over, and lowered my wet lips to the tip of his cock and licked the knob with my tongue. Running my tongue along the outside of Tim’s cock, up and down his shaft, his granite cock was now shiny with my saliva. Lowering my face, I tongued each of his testicles and very gently rolled them around in my warm mouth. Returning my lips to his pulsing cock, I placed my lips around the head of his cock and lowered my mouth.

Feeling the ridge of Tim’s cock head pop between my lips, I slowly lowered my tightened lips along his shaft until his entire twelve inches of hard-on was in my mouth and throat. Moving up and down on his hard meat, I was now giving Tim a blowjob. As I was sucking his cock, I would squeeze his testicles forcing more cock deeper into my throat. Tim was now doing all the work, I just kept my head still and Tim moved his hips up and down so he was actually fucking my mouth. As Tim held my head in his hands, I Escort Ankara felt a small amount of semen leak from his cock into my mouth. Tightening my lips, I could feel his cock jerk suddenly and that’s when I felt the first good amount of Tim’s cum spurt into my virgin mouth. Spurt after spurt shot into my mouth and I swallowing as fast as I could to keep from gagging. Tim’s cum still leaked out of my mouth as his cock withdrew and inserted each time. The knob of Tim’s cock was now being forced into the entrance of my throat as he pumped his cock harder into my mouth. Looking at his cock each time he withdrew, I could see his sticky white cream covering the shaft of his cock going into my mouth.

About ten minutes later, Tim finally pulled his softening cock from my mouth and lay back content. Looking up at me, Tim could see me licking his semen off my lips. Tim rolled over onto his stomach at the same time spreading his legs open. Standing beside the bed, I pulled off my thong so I was standing naked beside Tim. Lowering myself on the bed and getting between Tim’s legs, I forced his legs apart. Seeing no objection, I moved my knees up further between Tim’s legs and forced open his thighs so I was now able to see the puckered ring of his taut muscled ass. Slowly rubbing oil onto my cock that was now fully erect, I placed my hands on Tim’s ass cheeks and slowly separated the crack as I slowly placed the knob of my cock at the entrance of Tim’s rectum. Applying pressure, I felt the head of my cock slip through the very tight opening and slowly slid the oiled shaft of my cock into his ass until my seven inches of hard meat found a home. I was now fucking my brother-in-law’s ass and could feel myself getting ready to empty my thick cream into his ass. I could hear Tim gasp as I shot my first load. I kept depositing warm cum into Tim’s ass until I became light-headed. My gism was dragged out of Tim’s ass each time I withdrew just to reinsert my cock in his now well lubricated brown glory hole. As I pulled out completely, Tim rolled over on his back.

Lying on top of Tim, we slopped tongues. I could feel Tim’s cock beginning to grow knowing he would want me to suck his cock again. As I rubbed my crotch against his pelvis, I lowered my hand between our sweat-covered bodies to find he had another hard-on.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, Tim got off the bed and was now standing before me. Seeing Tim standing there with another erection, and his cum-filled testicles hanging below, I couldn’t believe he was that hard in such a short period of time. Sliding off the bed, I was now on my knees in front of Tim. He took a step forward and was now about a foot from me. Putting his hands on top of my head, “Now that you are on your knees in front of me, open your mouth.”

Opening my mouth, and looking up at his face, I felt the knob of his cock entering my mouth. Slowly, I could feel Tim sliding more of his huge cock into my mouth until I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. Tim slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was between my lips and then slid his cock back into my mouth. As he started to fuck my mouth, we were looking at each other.

“God this feels good fucking your mouth while you are on your knees,” Tim moaned. While he was continuing to fuck my mouth, I put my hands on his naked hips to steady myself. Somewhere along the line, Tim had stopped the motion of his hips fucking my mouth and I took over the action by moving my head up and down his cock. Tightening my lips as I slid them up and down the shaft of his 12″ cock, I could feel his cock twitch and jerk. After three minutes of this, I felt him deposit a load of hot semen in my mouth. Without me swallowing, he could feel the warm cream sloshing against his shaft with each thrust. “Oh god that feels good – you really know how to suck a cock.”

As Tim continued to shoot load after load of white creamy cum into my mouth, I finally had to swallow a large load. Pulling Tim’s cock from my mouth, I leaned my head back slightly and pulled Tim’s cock so his cock head was pointed at my mouth so the next spurt shot into my mouth. Tim could now actually see his white cream coming out of his cock and going into my mouth. With him still watching, he could see me swallow his cum. “God this is good. Before you get dressed, I want to take some pictures of you” was Tim’s only comment.

Before leaving Tim’s house that day, we did down a fair number of beers and I promised he could invite his friends from the gym to join us the next time.

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