Meeting Donny


I was chatting with my very special friend one day and he told me that he had fantasized about me the night before and masturbated. So I told him I would like to get the story of his fantasy that involved me. I promised I would in return write one. It is my very first story and always wanted to do a sequel. I’m hoping to get around to it someday soon!

Please let me know your comments!

* * * * *

After almost a year of chatting and teasing each other, she really wanted to meet him. He’s so hot and sexy she just could not wait to finally be with him. She wanted to surprise him so she took arrangements to travel to his city. The day came where she left her hometown and flew down south to his country and she was very excited maybe a bit scared as she was going to be in a strange city, not knowing anyone but him and not really knowing him yet. She made it to her hotel and unpacked her stuff. Got online to see if he was on and as usually he was hiding.. so he contacted her. He had missed her since she hadn’t been online the past few days. She told him she had gone on a little trip and was away right now and was happy he was on because she had a surprise for him.

He asked her where she was and what was his surprise. She made up something and changed the subject. After a few minutes of chat, she told him she wanted him to do her a favour and go to this address and to the front desk of the hotel and there would be an envelop with his name on it!

He was a bit surprised but played along. Logged off and hopped into his car, he drove to the address she had given him wondering what would be in that envelop. He got to the hotel in record timing so curious and excited to find out what she had sent to him there.

He walked up to the front desk and gave his name out saying there should be something for him there. To his surprise, there really was something for him. Just like she said.. an envelop with his name on it and it had perfume to it. Her perfume he guessed.

He walked out of the hotel with the envelope and eagerly tore it open to see what she had written in there.

There was no note. All he found was a key. Puzzled, he looked at the key and looked back at the hotel door. Nah, he thought, she’s playing with me. But curiosity won over him over and he walked back to the hotel. He walked towards the elevator and pressed the button waiting impatiently wondering what was up there. The elevator could not come fast enough and he was getting very anxious. Elevator finally showed up and he entered and pressed the 15th floor button.

He finally made it to the hotel room and wondered if indeed the key would really work and what was inside. He pulled out the key from the envelope and tried to open the door. The key worked and he pushed the door slowly and walked in. The room was dark and smelled good. There were a few candlelights here and there. He kept on walking in. From the room entrance he could see out the window where the view was breathtaking as his eyes got accustomed to the darkness of the room.

And then he saw her lying in bed.

Sleeping or was she just pretending? His heart beating fast, was hers beating as fast? He couldn’t believe it. She was here. After all these months of teasing online he was finally going to be with her. He started to get undressed and approached the bed. She wasn’t moving and that side of the room was darker so he could not really see her face, her eyes. Were they closed? Opened? Was she watching him? Sinop Escort He got excited at the idea that she was probably pretending to sleep but was peeking out at him, looking at him getting undress. Was she as excited as he was? How long has she been planning this???? All these questions race thru his mind as he slowly approached the bed and took off his last piece of cloth.

He put a knee on the bed and pulled out his arm to gently touch her, caressing her thighs thru the covers He felt her shaking. She had been waiting for him and was highly aroused by his touch. He slowly pulled the blanket under where she was hiding from him. Letting him uncover her, unwrapped her like a Christmas gift. It felt like Christmas morning and Santa had brought the one gift he had been wishing for these past few months. She was totally naked under the sheets.

He got closer to her and felt her shivering from desire. He started to caress her legs, massaging them. His hands going up her butt, caressing them. He bends down slowly to kiss her ass cheeks, his hands caressing her hips, her waist. He kept on giving little kisses here and there from her thighs to her ass cheeks to her back, his hands slowly massaging her. He sat on behind her, his knees on each side of her hips, his cock growing and resting on her butt. He could not wait to enter her yet wanted to take his time and savour each seconds. Enjoying each precious seconds of her presence. His hands went up to her neck and continued to massage her, little kisses showering her, using his tongue as he went up her back. He could feel her hair on his hands. She had long silky dark hair and he just loved playing with it. She smelled good. He recognized the envelope’s perfume. He closed his eyes, smelling her, kissing her. Enjoying her.

He could sit there for hours just smelling her, kissing her. She started to moan, a very low shy moan. He felt his cock grow bigger. She felt it too.

She turned around to look at him and smiled at him. Not saying a word, her eyes shining with desire as she looked up at him. He was just as handsome as she knew he would be, just as sexy as his pics portrayed him. He bend down to kiss her, she embraced him, their lips touching for the first time. She moaned with desire, he moaned from hunger. Passion took over their souls and they forgot everything around them wanting only to feel each other, taste each other, forgetting where they were, almost forgetting who they were. Not wanting this ever to end. They had waited so long, wanted this for so long always hoping but never really believing it could come true. They kept kissing, their breathing accelerating as fast as their hands were touching each other’s body, her hands holding on to his face, touching his cheeks, down to his shoulders caressing his arms only to come back to his shoulders and moving down to his chest. His hands caressing her waist, going up to her huge breast, those he’s been longing to see and touch. Those she rarely would let him see online. How many times have he bugged her to flash her tits to him. How many times did he ask her to lower that cam? Too many for him to remember and she rarely gave in. Rarely gave herself online to him but now she was giving herself body and soul, letting him take her as he wished. She could not deny him anything anymore; she did not want to deny him anything. She felt his desire against her thighs. She moved her legs so she could open them up to feel him against her stomach, feel Sinop Escort Bayan his big cock growing near her pussy. He pulled his hand down between her legs to feel her. She was wet, very wet. She wanted him. She wanted him for so long and there she was finally having her wish, he was on her, touching her, kissing her. New sensations went thru her as she just let the moment seize her, hardly believing they were finally together.

She grabbed around his shoulders going up to behind his head as she kept on kissing him with all the passion of the past few months, opening her legs further and wrapping her legs around his. Her hands caressed his back down to his butt, feeling his firm sexy butt and grabbed them, pulling him near her, trying to get closer to him. She wanted to feel him fill her. She wanted him; she needed him inside her now. She had waited long enough. He felt her need, felt her desire, guessed her thoughts and slowly started to enter her. She let out a scream of pleasure as she felt the tip of his cock touching her vagina, slowly teasing her. Not wanting to give it to her just yet but make her want him even more. He wanted her to beg for him to fuck her. He wanted her to scream his name. He had waited just as long as she had and he was making her want him even more now. He was getting back at her for teasing him so much online, not giving in to him when he needed her, not showing herself to him when he desired her so much.

Her moaning got louder, her legs tighter. He smiled.. biting her lips as he kept on kissing her, teasing her still. She started to wiggle her hips, trying to push herself closer to him so she would feel him enter her more. He let her do so. He let her push him inside her holding back some so she would not feel him totally yet. He backed out a bit only to push himself in one strong stroke and enter her fully. She let out another scream, almost from pain as she felt his big long think cock tear her pussy opened, her legs wrapping strongly around his hips, wanting to feel him, all of him. He gently fucked her at first, giving big long slow strokes as she moaned and moaned, her eyes closed, enjoying him. Her lips were still kissing his, she was breathless, so was he.

He started to increase the speed of his strokes. Slowly increasing the pace of his hips as he felt the urge to fill her and feel her around his cock. She felt good and so wet. He could hear the slurping sounds of her wet pussy and it was driving him to fuck her even more. Faster, stronger strokes, almost ready to cum but he was not ready yet. He wanted this to last longer, last until she begged him to stop. He remembered their numerous conversations. He stopped and pulled her over so she would turn around, pushing her on her hands and knees. He got on his knees and started to fuck her doggie style. He remembered her preference. He knew she would love this as he entered her again. She let out another scream, incoherent words whispered in the pillows, which he could not make out but guessed the words “fuck” and “me”. He thought he heard the word ass. He knew that was another favourite of hers but didn’t want to go there just yet. She needed to feel him enter her pussy from behind. Feel all of him inside her. He grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to him as he moved back and forth inside her. He could hear her moan louder and louder, her hands grasping the sheets, her head buried in the pillow.

Sweat was starting to form at his forehead, his Escort Sinop concentration focused on the pleasure he was giving her, the pleasure he was having. He let go of one hip to slap her ass. She screamed in pain, moaning from pleasure. He smacked her again. The sound of his slap turned them on more and more. He felt her pussy get wetter as he slapped her again. She let out another scream. He bent slightly over and with his other hand, leaving her hip, grabbed her hair and pulled back. Her head tilted back, her moaning grew heavier. He was holding her hair back with one hand and smacking her ass with the other while his cock was pulling in and out of her wet pussy. He bent closer to her, his mouth near her ears whispering to her how long he had been waiting for this, how long he had want this.

Whispering to her how good she felt, how good her pussy felt around his cock, how much he wanted to just cum inside her, asking her if she wanted him to cum yet. She shyly answered “yes” but he did not listen to her. He was not ready yet. He wanted more. He wanted her to scream again, to moan and scream, to beg him to fuck her again and again. He wanted her to beg him to cum inside her.

He stopped fucking her, looking down at his cock inside her pussy, her dripping pussy. He pulled out and aimed at her ass. Knowing how much she enjoyed anal, he got his cock close to her anus and slowly entered her, very slowly at first, watching her reaction, she let out a slight moan and grabbed the pillow closer to her. He let his cock enter her ass slowly not wanting to hurt her. He stopped and backed out a little bit, slowly just to push his cock back in slowly. He slowly entered her until he saw all of his cock disappear inside her. He stayed in that position for a few seconds not wanting to move, letting her anus adjust to his cock, getting used to his size, waiting for her to start moving and giving him the signal she was ready for him to start fucking her silly. He could not wait to ram her hard almost brutally but knew he had to wait for her to be ready, to feel ready or it would be over before it started. She started wiggling and moaning. He felt her hips move slowly back and forth on his cock and then he knew. He knew she was ready and wanted this just as much as he did. He grabbed her hips, slowly moving his cock in and out of her ass. Slowly at first, enjoying the tightness of her ass around his cock. Feeling her sweet ass on his cock. He could feel the explosion inside of him but hold back, not now, not yet. She needed to get more pleasure; he needed it too. She needed to forget everything around them except for the feeling him inside her. He wanted her to scream so loud he’d exploded at the sound of her screams.

He started to move faster has her breathing pace got heavier. She was moaning louder and louder letting out little screams as he sometimes gave a stronger stroke. He moved faster and faster, giving harder strokes here and there enjoying her moaning and screaming, not wanting this to end. It felt just too good to end but he knew he could not hold off much longer. He felt the pleasure inside him build up as he heard her moan louder and louder. He could not control the urge inside him anymore. He wanted this to last longer but the pleasure of her tight ass around his cock was too much for him to hold back anymore and he let himself cum inside her, fill her. He screamed out her name, still holding her hips, letting the pleasure fill him, fill her. He bent over to kiss her shoulder, letting himself fall on her back, sliding to her side, holding her, his cock still inside of her. They both fell asleep as he held on tight to her, his cock slowly slipping out of her ass, dripping.. as the sun was starting to come up and warm the room to rock them to sleep.

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