Meeting You Ch. 1

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My hands were shaking I was so nervous, although part of me knew I shouldn’t have been. There was an element deep down inside of my belly which somehow “knew” I was headed towards one of the most wonderful days of my life.

I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t even know what you looked like let alone what you felt like in a physical form. I had spoken to you over the Internet, and we knew each other well enough to trust each other. But I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I had thought about it. I couldn’t not think about it. The possibility of being with you and talking to you, hearing your voice. Your hands hot and warm, almost heavy on my skin. Your mouth so soft and wet on mine. I have dreamt about kissing you, opening my mouth against yours so that your tongue would gently brush and lick across mine in a most sensual and wanting manner.

I started to think this, and could almost feel it on my mouth, when finally I felt a touch on my shoulder and when I turned around there stood a delightful stranger. Your eyes had a hidden glint of mischievousness in them, and your lips curling into a shy smile. I couldn’t believe someone like you could be shy, but then I was just as shy too. It felt exciting and I grew nervous again. I wondered if you could see the blush in my skin when we shook hands.

“I’m glad you turned up. I wasn’t sure you were going to…” You said.

“Why do you say that? You know I wanted to meet you.” I asked, a little confused.

“Yes, but… meeting someone… and… ‘being with someone’ are two different things.”

I smiled and held your hand longer than I perhaps should have.

“True.” I agreed.

“You still have an accent.” You smiled.

“I can’t get rid of it. It’s haunting me.”

“I think I like it.”

“Well, that’s something.”

“Would you like to sit down for a picnic? I bought some lunch in case you said yes.”

“Then, yes.”

I finally let go of your warm hand. The sensation of your fingers touching mine remained for a long time after.

We sat together exactly where we had met, well only a few meters away; eating and laughing in the extremely secluded area near the park. The entire place was empty and it was getting a little dark which gave us a shroud of privacy. Nowhere near sunset, but the air grew just a little bit cooler and the sky turned a dark blue.

I was so happy with the way things had turned out. You were intelligent and you made me laugh, and we had a lot more in common that I would have immediately assumed. Your presence was filled with a powerful essence of attraction and I found myself studying every inch of your body, every slight movement.

I watched your hands, let my eyes linger around your lap while you weren’t looking. I watched you eat, watching as your tongue lapped out lightly at your lip to gain a crumb of delicious dessert. I crossed my legs and let my skirt ride up a little higher for you. I wanted your eyes on my cebeci escort body, wanted them hungry for every little curve of my flesh; my knee, my ankle.

My body tingled when your eyes rested on my legs for a long while. I crossed them again for you, making sure you caught a glimpse of my inner thigh a little bit. You looked deep into my eyes and I wondered what you were thinking.

“Lunch was great.” I said, my voice cracking into a shy whisper.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

I crept over to you where you sat, kneeling in front of you on the rug.

Your trousers stretched tightly over your groin and I could see the large mound there. Your cock seemed huge to my little eyes,. and I could even see the outline of it as it was bent over onto itself. I felt my throat tighten in anticipation, but I was still unsure of what you wanted.

I played lightly with your knees, teasing them and dancing my fingertips across them. You looked down at me and reached out to stroke my hair.

“What else do you have?” I asked with a playful smile.

“What else do you want?” You replied.

I parted your knees ever so slightly and slid between them. I reached out and hugged you, pressing my body up against yours. Your knees were up either side of my body and I could feel your cock hardening against my belly as I deliberately moved up against you again, wriggling a little. I heard your breathing quicken as you felt my aching breasts pressing into you and caressing accidentally.

I kissed your shirt, running kisses down your top and then began to unbutton it, revealing your stomach and your chest. I ran my hands up and down your torso. You could feel my fingers tickling around your nipples, and then my hands reached around your waist and I leaned in to hug you again.

You were so warm and nice to hold, so protective. I couldn’t stop wanting to be near you. I closed my eyes and rested my cheek on your stomach. I whispered something which you barely made sense of.

“Hmmm,” You agreed with a hush.

I whispered words which only you and I could understand, words we’d exchanged in our letters. I moved my mouth around your bellybutton, leading kisses down to your lap.

I rested my head in your lap and began to stroke your trapped cock with my cheek. I heard you groan with the name I called you. I felt your cock twitching up against my chin and your hands suddenly on my head, fingers through my hair. I kept moving my face up and down over the huge bulge in your pants, then finally reached up to undo them so that I could come face to face with what I had dreamt of for so long.

I reached into your warm lap and gently pulled your cock and balls out of their prison. Your prick sprang out to meet my breath. It was bigger than I had imagined, or expected, and perhaps the size even worried me a little.

I grabbed your hand and led it to my breast. I let you slide my shirt off over my head cebeci escort bayan so that I sat before you in my bra. I could feel the cool air on my skin. My breasts were bigger than you imagined and you began to stroke my shoulders, running your palms down to my nipples and pressing hard through the lacy material. I took my bra off for you, wanted you to maul my breasts harder, and you did. You massaged my nipples, almost bruising my breasts, the way I wanted.

You seemed to know instinctively what it was I needed and wanted and you played with my breasts as I played with your balls. I cupped my hand underneath them and lifted them up to my lips. They were the first thing my mouth touched. You could feel my tongue licking your huge balls all around. I tried to get them into my mouth and it hurt my jaw, my lips stretching too wide. I sucked on one at a time, then slurped them out of my mouth and sat back.

I leaned back on my hands and slid out of my skirt. You saw the G-string panties I had on underneath and I wriggled around on the rug, taking pleasure in the sight of you sitting there, your huge cock folded out from your pants, your fingers kneading the ground beneath you, anxious for something to touch. You stared at me as I moved around before you on the rug, giving you a show to remember. I wiggled my ass at you and you could see through the string on the panties that my pussy was wet and swollen for you. You reached out to try to touch me but I pulled away and giggled mischievously.

I pulled your pants down a little further, so they were around your knees.

I sat on your lap gently, facing you. My legs were on either side of you now, and you looked down between them to get a glimpse of my pussy. You slid your finger down under the material of my panties and found my hot pussy lips. I felt your finger begin to play in my throbbing cunt. I moaned and leaned into your mouth to kiss you.

Finally we kissed. It felt so good as I felt your lips open against mine; your large, slippery tongue sliding around mine. I touched your neck, pulling you closer in toward me. I still felt your finger rubbing up inside my pussy, playing and teasing my clit so that I was squirming under your touch. Your tongue licked my mouth and I felt it push deeply into my throat, kissing me passionately.

I slowly pulled away and slid down the entire length of your body. I wanted my lips around something far more substantial than your tongue. My face came close to your cock again, and I looked at it to study it in detail. I didn’t want to forget how it looked, what it smelled like, how it felt. It was hot against my cheek as I pressed my lips against the head lightly. I kissed it once, beginning to feel a deepening hunger inside for your cock.

I wanted the entire length inside my mouth, fucking my throat.

I began to suckle lightly and then slurp my tongue and lips over the head, coming down on your cock escort cebeci easily and slowly. It stretched the sides of my mouth until my cheeks stung, and I felt your prick pressing up against the back of my little throat. I rolled my tongue under it and began to suckle again.

You moaned and pressed your hand into the back of my head, your hips moving in an upward stroke to match the rhythm I began. My head bobbed up and down slowly at first, then as I built up a faster beat, my mouth worked on your cock eagerly. My fingers massaged and kneaded your balls, clutching and pressing them lightly.

I wanted you to cum deep in my mouth, to fill my throat with your seed and let me drink you down until my thirst was satisfied. I milked your cock hungrily, sucking and eating as it throbbed in my mouth. You laid back on the rug and closed your eyes, your hand reaching out still to press on the back of my head. You couldn’t sit up straight, as my mouth created sensations on your dick which sent your body thudding into ecstasy. You tried to lift your hips off the ground, fucking upwards into my face. You gripped my hair, quickening the pulsing movement of my head on your groin.

I could taste your pre-cum on my tongue and worked it around your cock, licking all over up and down the shaft as I devoured your fat prick in my warm throat. You felt the wetness sliding over your entire length and the cool air like a kiss on the base when I consumed the head. Then the warmth of my silky tongue when I rode down hard with my mouth on your prick.

You couldn’t take much more, I felt your balls hardening in my grip as you bucked up into my face. My motions grew more and more hungry as I swallowed you further down into my throat. You felt my tongue gagging from your size as I gulped and pounded your cock slick and wet, thirsty to drain you dry.

I moaned as I felt the swelling of cum inside your dick. You stifled the groan from your throat and finally let your cock explode in my mouth. I felt your entire body seize up as I gorged myself, swallowing hard and gulping down your hot white juice. You heard me moan, felt the vibration of it against the base of your cock.

You bucked again and again as cum shot from your cock into my mouth, filling my cheeks and throat with the tangy fluid. I felt your hands gripping my head harder and you came again. As you came, I licked it off the tip of your sensitive cock. It spurted with seed which I licked up again, and drained the head dry.

You couldn’t move, simply lay back on the ground as I sent quivering shudders of pleasure through your entire body. You shook and jerked as with each lick I sent you further into a beautiful agony.

Then I let you go with one final kiss to your pubic hair. A light, ticklish kiss. I sat up and lay down beside you, pressing my naked breasts into your chest. You hugged me closer to you and kept me warm from the rising chill in the air.

“You’re my little girl.” You informed me. I agreed with you silently, willingly, with a gentle kiss on your cheek. We didn’t speak, for the longest time. I took pleasure in laying there with you, feeling your warmth, feeling the comfort between us. I took pleasure in being your little girl.

To Be Continued…

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