Megan Part 3

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Megan: Yes Sir, I will be here….

Megan woke up with a start a dark black feeling in her stomach from the vivid dream she had just had. As she opened her eyes she smiled as she realised it was just a bad dream and it was all over now. She rolled onto her back and looked at her desk chair which had the short denim mini skirt draped over it and the events of the day before came crashing down and she realised that she wished she was still dreaming.

She thought back to how she had been innocently chatting online when she had started talking to a guy named Dominatus, he had seemed demanding but harmless, but after a mistake in which she gave over her email address Dominatus has been take to move her into a compromising position where he had her performing sexual acts on herself and unknowingly been filmed doing it. He has used this film to blackmail her into exposing herself to her creepy neighbour Mr Johnson and then orgasm in her bed while Dominatus watched her. Just before he let her go he had ordered her to stay home from school today and be online so he could continue “training” her.

Megan shuddered as the memories of the day before came crashing back down on her and she quickly jumped out of bed and just made it to the bathroom before she was violently sick into the toilet. She continued to dry heave due to there being little in her stomach from the night before, she had not been able to stomach food and had gone to bed way before her mother or brother had gotten in from their busy evenings.

“Ok you ok honey?” Megan looked up at her mum standing in the doorway, a concerned look across her face. Megan looked at her mother and knew she would grow up to look very similar, they both had deep blue eyes and dark brown hair, but her mother’s was chopped much shorter in a pixie like style, she had chosen to have it cut this way in the last few months. The cut had made her look much younger and she had received a lot more attention from men since she had had it done. Megan again wondered why her mother never dated and if she would ever get over her father dying in the car crash that had happened over 10 years ago. As Megan’s eyes ran down her mother’s body she again felt the envy at the curvy figure her mother had, heavy round D cup boobs pushing out her robe that was tightly tied around her toned stomach and clung tightly to her nice round ass, to result of many hours spent in the gym after work.

“I’m fine mum,” Megan replied slowly standing up, then remembering her orders from Dominatus she added “I just have a really sore tummy and feel a bit dizzy.” Her mum took her by the arm and lead her back to her bed and put her in it before tucking her in, she kissed her on the head before telling her “You better stay home from school sweety, I will bring you up some warm milk to settle you stomach and ring you at lunch time to check up on you, I will be late home again tonight I have a Yoga class and John is staying at a Terry’s tonight and tomorrow after their Saturday football game Terry is coming to stay here. Will you be alright on your own?”

Megan realised that she was relieved that they were going to both be gone for most of the day, whatever she had in store for her she didn’t want to have to explain any strange behaviour to her mum or brother so she tried to smile when she said “I will be fine mum, have a good day at work.” She pulled up the pink hearted cover over Megan’s body left her to sleep as she went to get John and herself ready for the day ahead.

As Megan opened her eyes for the second time that morning she had the door shut with a bang and then the car starting and leaving the driveway to take her family off to school and work. She stretched and realised she now had the house to herself for the whole day, she had butterflies in her stomach as well as still feeling sick, but in the back of her mind she was wondering if she would have another orgasm as intense as the one from the night before, probably the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She looked over at the clock and saw she had an hour before she had to be online, so she jumped out of bed and slowly peeled off the long t-shirt she wore to bed and the white cotton knickers she had put on after her ordeal the night before, which she realised with embarrassment was slightly damp.

When the water hit her body Megan just stood in the deluge of water for a minute, just letting the heat take away the sweat from the night. She slowly started to run soap into her body, running her hands methodically over her arms and stomach and legs, feeling herself tense and her nipples harden as she washed her breasts and finally feeling her legs go weak as she washed her bald pussy clean, again marvelling at the smooth feel of her freshly shaved pussy which no longer stung from the shave the day before. As she felt herself insert a finger into her pussy Dominatus’s words from the day before flashed through her head and she stopped immediately. He had told her she wasn’t allowed to make herself cum without his permission and while she knew it was crazy to stop because he would never know, she just had a sinking feeling that somehow he would be able to tell if she didn’t stop and her day would be a lot worse if she pissed him off.

Once she was out of the shower and had finished drying herself Megan then had a dilemma about what to wear güvenilir bahis for today. On the one had she could dress very conservatively in protest of the blackmail that Dominatus was subjecting her to, however he would probably just make her change into something slutty anyway, so she could just dress slutty to begin with, but would this just encourage him to then make a point of making what she was wearing even more revealing. She stood in front of the mirror for a while, not knowing what to do and just staring at her shaven pussy, which she actually thought looked a lot better without hair, when she realised she only had 5 minutes to sort herself out, so she quickly just grabbed the clothes at the top of her draws which turned out to be a pair of grey jogging trousers and black and pink Paramore t-shirt. She just threw them on not even thinking about underwear and logged onto the msn just in time for the 9am deadline. She was greeted by an instant message

Dominatus: Good morning my sweet virgin princess, how did you sleep, did you dream about me

Megan: No I didn’t I dream you were dead you sick fuck

As soon as she hit send she wished she could take it back, but she just hated being controlled like this so much, she shivered as she waited for the reply

Dominatus: Now now Megan, calm yourself down or tomorrow I’ll be greeting you with my not so sweet violated slut who could only dream of being a virgin!

Megan sat wide eyed staring at the screen as she realised for the first time that she would most likely be made to have sex for the first time and knew that she would probably do it just to stop her being humiliated infront of everyone, she felt tears running down her cheeks again when the next message appeared

Dominatus: Stop crying Megan it makes you look ugly. You have made a very poor effort with your appearance as it is, don’t make it worse with red eyes

She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and stared down the webcam lens with anger

Dominatus: You should try taking after you mother, now that’s a lady who really does look after her body, I bet she has the tightest ass my cock has ever felt, hmmm maybe later

Megan wondered for a second how he knew what her mum even looked like, but then realised her laptop had been on all night and he had probably been able to see through it all the time, she shuddered when the image of her mum being violated in her ass appeared in her head but she tried not to give him the satisfaction of seeing a reaction. Instead she replied

Megan: What do you want?

Dominatus: Well from now on I expect you to make an effort before we speak, the next time you turn up looking like a drowned rat I will punish you severely, but for now you can go change into a bikini for me, a two piece as its nice and sunny today.

Megan glanced over at the window not even realising it was a nice day and then sighed and got up to go through her draws. It had been a few years since she had been on holiday anywhere hot and the only bikini she had was a bit small and tight for her, but she knew no excuses would get her out of it, so just squeezed into it as best she could. She look at herself in the mirror before sitting back down with her latop and could see that the top half of the bikini clung to her breasts tightly showing off her hard nipples and the bottoms were so small the from behind you could see the top of her ass poking out over the top and the bottoms were wedged into her pussy and ass giving her a very prominent camel toe.

Megan: Ok I did what you wanted

Dominatus: Very nice Megan, that really suits you, now onto your punishment

Megan panicked and got angry, not knowing what she had done to deserve a punishment

Megan: But I did what you asked! That’s not fair!

Dominatus: I told you, you turned up looking like shit so you will be punished, I can make it a lot worse though if you’re going to argue with me

She leant back in the chair and just stared at the webcam with her bottom lip unconsciously pushing out, a sad but angry look of resignation on her face. Not realising this also made her boobs push right out from her chest giving her tormentor a great view of her small hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her top

Dominatus: Right you’re going to go outside and take a towel with you and lay down in your back garden and do a little sunbathing while we chat, is that to much to ask?

Megan frowned trying to work out how this was a punishment, then smiled a little as she typed

Megan: I can do that for you Sir

She got up and grabbed a towel and sunscreen on the way down the stairs and then went out into the back garden before putting down the towel and laptop and laying on her front to type

Megan: Ok so now what, I just lay here all day, want me to get a nice tan or something?

Dominatus: Actually I was thinking that Mr Johnson might like to watch you sunbath, if what you say about your neighbour is true I think if you look over your shoulder you might just find him looking at you right now

Her body tensed when she saw Mr Johnsons name and she hesitantly looked over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of him in his bedroom window, just before he ducked behind the curtain. She felt her cheeks heat up and her face redden as she realised that she was türkçe bahis quite exposed in this old bikini. She reached back to try and pull the bottoms up over her ass crack, but instead all she managed to do was expose more of her lips as the bottoms were pushed inbetween them, but with her legs closed no one else would know.

Dominatus: Time to work on your tan and I HATE tan lines, so untie your bikini top and take it off

Megan’s eyes widened and she shook her head as she started to realise what Dominatus had in mind

Dominatus: I was going to just make you lose the top but I have to punish you now you hesitated, take off the bottoms too, I want you naked in the next minute or I will make you suffer even more

She felt as if she was going to be sick, but slowly reached back and untied her top before letter it fall in front of her raised chest. Her nipples hardened immediately in the cool air. She hated how this made it look she was horny and tried not to think about what Dominatus was probably doing while watching her. She then reached back and slowly pulled the bottoms over her round ass, however as she pulled them down she felt the fabric of the bottoms pulling out of her lips and because her legs were tightly together they rubbed hard against her clit, making her gasp out loud. As she finally got them down and off her ankles without showing to much of herself to Doninatus or Mr Johnson she felt the cool air on her pussy and realised she was slightly moist. Confused and angry with herself for responding she laid flat on her stomach with her legs tight together and looked defiantly into the screen

Dominatus: Now I want you to rub sunscreen into every inch of your body, but whatever you are rubbing had to be facing the sky

Megan realised that now her neighbour was going to see her in all her glory, the first guy to see her in real life would be that slimy sicko. She knew it wouldn’t work, but tried to follow Dominatus’s instructions but maintain her dignity, she got into sitting position with her back to Mr Johnsons house and then after putting sunscreen on her face she slowly started rubbing it into her face and neck. Immediately she heard her messenger buzz and looked down

Dominatus: You know I’m not going to let you get away with cheating Megan, I’m adding one punishment to your account for that one….now make sure your facing nice Mr Johnson so he can enjoy the show

Knowing she had no choice Megan closed her eyes and slowly moved around so she was facing her house and allowing her neighbour a clear view of her body. She reached up and continued to run in the sunscreen on her neck before adding more cream to her hand and slowly rubbing over her shoulders and chest. She took a deep breath before slowly rubbing the cream into her breasts, running her fingers over her hard nipples, feeling electricity shooting through then and down to her stomach, making her moist pussy wet once again.

Coming back to her senses Megan realised she had been rubbing her nipples was more than was necessary and moved her hands down to her stomach and opened her eyes to look for the sunscreen. As her eyes opened they looked into the window and saw her neighbour with her trousers down slowly wanking his cock while looking right at her, as he saw her open her eyes he smiled at her and start moving his hand up and down his cock more quickly. Megan’s cheeks flashed bright red and she felt revolted that he would do that so openly, she reached down for the sun screen trying to get this humiliation over and done with and quickly started rubbing more cream into her feet and slowly up her legs, making sure they were tightly closed

She had finally covered most of her body with sun tan lotion and all that was left was her back, bum and pussy. Her back was going to be tough to do and she couldn’t think of an easy way to do it, so that only really left her pussy. She knew she was wet now, no hiding that from herself, if she had been in her room she would have had no problem playing with her pussy, but she just hated performing for that slimy sicko nextdoor. She felt sad as she slowly spread her legs out wide, positioning herself so her neighbour could see and poured lotion over her wet bald pussy. She then started rubbing the cream the cream onto it, loving how smooth she was and how easy her fingers moved between her lips and over her sensitive clit. She couldn’t keep in a deep moan when her finger went inside of her pussy, right then she didn’t care who was watching she just pushed another finger along side the first, stretching her virgin pussy and started to finger herself.

Just as she felt herself on the verge of an orgasm she was brought back to reality by a voice she hated. “need a want there Megan?” She jump and covered herself after being startled. “What do you want Mr Johnson,” she said quietly, looking over at him leaning over the fence between their gardens. “I’m more worried about what you want Megan, want me to come over and finish off putting cream on you?” Megan then did something she was sure she wouldn’t have done if she wasn’t so horny, but at the time it seemed like a good way to do as Dominatus said without having to tell him she couldn’t reach her back. She layed down on her front and said “If you could put some cream on my back I would really appreciate it, but that’s all I güvenilir bahis siteleri need, just my back ok?” Mr Johnson’s smile split his face as he quickly jumped over the fence as fast as he could and straddles Megan’s lovely ass before grabbing the sunscreen.”Just my back!” Megan reiterated as she felt Mr Johnsons hardon push into her ass through his jeans. “Don’t worry Megan you just lie there any enjoy,” he said before pouring a large amount of lotion on her back and starting to massage it in.

Mr Johnson took his time with Megan and because he stayed on her shoulders so long and was really good as massaging in the cream she slowly loosened up and relaxed as her touched her, when his hands moved down the first time she flinched and tensed up again, but when he only moved them to the middle of her back and again took his time there she soon relaxed again, feeling embarrassed that she had flinched when he was doing such a good job. His hands now moved to her lower back but this time she fought not the flinch and again he took a long time rubbing in the cream and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her muscles being worked. When she felt more lotion hitting her ass she jumped a bit and started to look around, but then remembered that she still hadn’t done her ass yet and that was all that was left to do, so didn’t say anything as he started to rub it in, especially as he only worked around the top of her ass and round her hips.

She was just thinking about telling him she was all done when she felt a large amount of lotion being poured along her ass crack and as she yelped in surprise she felt his fingers pushing between her ass cheeks and him rubbing his finger up and down her asshole. “MR JOHNSON, I SAID JUST MY BACK!!!” Megan cried out as she felt his finger pushing into her ass. He push his hand onto her back to hold her down “Megan just lie still I need to make sure you don’t burn. He now had all of his slippery finger in her ass, and as Megan wriggled to try and get up she only ended up moving the finger in and out of her ass. “Please stop, please stop,” she begged him as she felt her knees pushing between her legs to opening her up so her could slide a finger into her pussy and ass at the same time. Megan grunted as the finger was forced into her pussy and she felt tears running down her cheeks as she was held down. “Mr Johnson NO!” she wriggled harder, trying to move him and even though his hands slipped on her skin he just leant down so his whole body was on her and whispered in her ear “I know you want this Megan, don’t fight it, you have been teasing me all morning.” As Megan opened her mouth to reply she felt him move slightly and then the sound of his zip, she really started to struggle then when she felt his hard cock up rubbing between her ass cheeks. “I’ve wanted this for so long my sweet Megan,” he breathed in her ear, his breath making her feel sick, “no, no, no, no” she kept repeating as she felt him grinding into her ass cheeks while reaching around to punch her nipples hard. She carried on trying to fight him, then felt him move his weight off of her and began to hope. Then she felt his cock rubbing up and down her wet pussy likes and she began to sob “Please, I’m a virgin,” she said as she felt the head of his cock just on the entrance to her pussy. Against all odds this seemed to work, he moved his cock from her pussy and said “Ok Megan, I will wait for you to ask me to take that virginity.” Megan smiled and moved to get up, but was pushed back down hard, she looked over her shoulder and saw pure lush in her neighbours eyes as he wanked his cock quickly, then she saw him aim it down and lean forward before she felt pressure on her asshole. “NOOOOOOOO!” she screamed, as she tensed up her ass, “So tight, so tight,” she heard him mutter as he painfully managed to get the head past her anal ring. She tensed harder and all of a sudden she felt a shuddering onto of her and warm liquid flood into her ass , he had just came trying to get into her ass. She sighed as she felt him pull out and felt the cum running down and over her pussy. He kissed her neck and thanked her, “Don’t tell anyone about this Megan, our little secret” he said before pulling up his jeans and jumping back over the fence. Megan just lay there with cum on her body for the first time and cried.

She heard the buzz on her laptop and looked up with red wet eyes and wiggled the touch pad so that the screensaver would stop, then she read the message and felt her tears coming harder

Dominatus: Quite a show little Megan and you did it all yourself, I’m impressed, quite the little slut you are, I have it all on camera too if you want to watch it back some time. Now I think you were about to cum earlier when your neighbour interrupted you, I think you deserve a reward so you may carry on now. Make sure your spread legs are facing him

She moved slightly and opened her legs as she moved her hand under her body and starting rubbing her clit. She felt the still hot cum run over her fingers as she played and she couldn’t help but rub it in as she got horny. She read the screen as she played with her wet pussy

Dominatus: Well it looks like you are ready to lose your virginity anyway, you truly are my slut now

With tears running down her eyes Megan felt a spasm in her stomach and then closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure of her first orgasm that day. After a few minutes she looked up with a sad look on her face and typed

Megan: Can I please go in and get a shower now sir?

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