Melanie and Maureen Ch. 2


Note: This is the continuation of the story that began in “Melanie and Maureen, Ch. 1.” I appreciate all feedback, especially when it is aimed at making me a better storyteller. I have a whole week to narrate, so keep your eyes out for many more chapters of this saga.

When I got off the phone with my wife, telling her that the twins’ soccer camp was cancelled but that we had decided to stay in Pennsylvania for the week anyways, I could not help but smile. There are all sorts of smiles, but the most satisfying is the one where you know you’re about to fuck the brains out of two beautiful young women…even if they were your twin daughters.

Melanie and Maureen looked so beautiful asleep. They had so many orgasms the previous night that they were exhausted. This was actually good for me, too. Not only had I come too many times last night, but I realized that I was hung over from the wine from last night. I softly kissed the twins and went back to sleep myself.

When they woke up at 11 a.m. (as you’ll see more and more, they do a lot of things together), they seemed so peaceful. I had woken up again a few minutes before they did. I was too astonished by what happened last night that I just grabbed a seat and watched them for a few minutes.

“Good morning, Daddy,” one of them said. I couldn’t tell which one it was, since they looked exactly alike without bursa eskort bayan clothes. We all stood up and I hugged and kissed them both.

“Good morning, my angels. The coast is clear; we have the whole week to ourselves. What shall we do?”

“Daddy, do you remember what we told you last night? About you running away with just the two of us?”

I hadn’t thought of it until one of them asked me about it. Now that it was mentioned, it came back to me.

“Yes, I remember.” They both looked at me with inquisitive faces, expecting an answer right then. “And you have the whole week to help me decide.”

With that, they both moaned a groggy morning sound and kissed me on the cheek. “Melanie and I”–finally, I could tell them apart!–“were hoping you’d consider it. We put a lot of time into activities to help you see things our way.” While Maureen was talking, Melanie was nibbling at my ear, making my dick start to swell.

I pulled Melanie in close to me and we embraced for a warm kiss. Maureen stopped with my ears, hugged me from behind, and started kissing the back of neck. They both helped me out of my boxers and guided me to the bed (again).

They instructed me to lay down flat on my back, which I did. Melanie then got on all fours directly in front of me and took my prick into her mouth. Oh, how beautiful is the initial warmth bursa otele gelen eskort bayan of a beautiful young mouth when it encompasses your penis! She alternated between kissing the head and just completely engulfing my member.

As I was soon to discover many more times, the best part of fucking twins is that just when you are so consumed by one, the other one enters the picture. While I was enjoying the blow job, Maureen climbed in bed right beside me. And then she sat on my face.

“Daddy, eat my pussy out! EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME!!!!”

She stood up just enough so that I wouldn’t suffocate. I hungrily lapped out her pussy, like a cat lapping at its bowl of milk. She was singing high-pitched wailings of pleasure as I enjoyed the taste of her sex.

Between eating Maureen and getting blown by Melanie, I’m surprised I didn’t come within seconds. Maybe I was so drained from last night that it took a while for my weapon to reload. So the three of us enjoyed several minutes of ecstacy together. Although I couldn’t see them, I kept fondling Maureen’s nuble breasts. I heard Melanie whimpering with pleasure; I assumed she was fingering herself. How could two recent virgins seem so natural at performing various sexual acts?

I felt the cum boiling up inside me. Melanie sounded lost in what she was bursa eve gelen escort doing, but also sensed that I was going to lose it soon; she started deep-throating me when my body began to tense. And Maureen was yelling at the top of her lungs as I continued to flick and rub her nipples.

I think all three of us came at once. I’m not sure because I myself totally lost it when I shot my load. I remember Maureen coming all over my face about the time I came; I don’t know whether it was her or Melanie (or both) whom I heard wailing as our collective orgasm exploded.

It is said that a man is most honest after he’s ejaculated. With that in mind, I thought to myself about my two new lovers. Melanie and Maureen snuggled up to me, content to simply be close to me.

Can I keep this up? I lost count of how many times I came last night, and we were already off to a good start this morning. These two beauties are young enough to be my daugh–oh, yeah…nevermind. Can I keep up with them? They aren’t even in the prime of their lives; mine seemed to have passed me a couple years ago.

“Daddy, what are you thinking about?”

The question brought me back from deep thought.

“I am thinking about our futures. I love you two like nothing else. But I’m not sure I can keep up with you two youngsters for a whole week, let alone beyond.”

They both cooed like girls do when they hear an honest compliment that makes their hearts melt. They both kissed my lips at the same time; upon breaking the kiss, they stared at each other.

“Well Daddy, while you’re recovering, you can always watch Mel and me enjoy each other!”

Were we ever going to leave the hotel room?

To be continued…

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